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How to accept online payments on your website

Plan or system on your website, you could be losing out.

On a lot of money, Now people could just come to your site, sign up for your service and pay You if they think it’s a good fit, So that’s why it’s really Important to have this on the site, If you’re an eCommerce business You most likely have a shop, But if you don’t have a shop, you definitely need to get that set up. So you can start selling your eCommerce business And I think, most importantly, you need to have the ability To offer subscription payments So if somebody wants to come, Pay you one time, that’s great And most software out there allows this, But it’s really hard to find a software.

That allows you to accept subscription payments. So that’s what I’r going to show you today how to set that up and How to get that going? So how can you accept credit Card payments on your site, So you always need some sort of software. To put in the site, so somebody can go in there and fill out Their credit card info Now there’s different things: Like Shopify WordPress Ecwid, where it already has that shop built in right, where they have the Credit card system in there, but you also need something to be Able to accept the credit card So there’s a couple of options: For that that are our favorite, We use Stripe and then there’s Also Square Now, with a Stripe, you can offer the credit card form to go.

On your site and allow them to fill out the credit card info Stripe also Allows for subscription payments, Unlike Square square, only lasts For those one time payments which a lot of people are used to Because they see it in restaurants and different stores like that Now, if you want to accept Paypal payments on your site: you can simply put a PayPal widget there. If you have a PayPal business account, you can get a code from Them put it in your site, and people can make a purchase with their Credit card or their PayPal account, But that’s the issue They Can’t pay with the credit card And the main issue that I think that is negative about PayPal is when They choose to accept or pay with PayPal on your website.

It’s going to navigate Them and take them away from your site, bring them to the PayPal page. And it just looks confusing: It doesn’t look clean, It’s not pretty. It just looks like a confusing PayPal. Link And most likely they’ll exit out And then when they exit out they’re Still not going to be on your site, They’re going to be on the PayPal Site So, with the credit card payments you want to be able to Integrate with those softwares So sign up for a Stripe account They’re completely three With that Stripe account Now it’ll integrate, So you can’t technically can’t Put Stripe in your website, So it’s a process right into your website.

You need a platform to accept the payment. Then you need Stripe and then you need To connect it to your bank account So what’s the software should I use We use a software called SamCart, they call it the pretty checkout process. So if you’ve ever been at any of Our checkout pages on our site, you maybe have noticed that it’s a nice Form that integrates in our websites, You never have to leave our site, you go to pricing and then you go to the Plan you want and then it gives you all the information on the right and The payment form on the left – All you have to do – is fill out your name Email and your credit card details or just click a button if You’d rather pay with PayPal, So that makes it really easy.

Samcart is free for up to 14 days and Then they have different plans for where you’re at in your business. So I will include a link below this Article for you to check out SamCart And then put that in your site. So now How do you integrate it with your site, So you sign up for an Account with SamCart, which is what we highly recommend, because It offers the one-time payment and the subscription payment It’s really hard to find a good Software out there that supports that, Then they transfer it right.

To your Stripe or PayPal, which then goes right into your bank, So After you’ve created a SamCart account, they call it the easy checkout Page or the pretty checkout page, All you do is simply click two or three Buttons and you’ve got a checkout form and then there’s a link. You just click that link and put That right into your website, So really easy to do really simple. Process, So that’s what you want to do: Create the product in SamCart.

Get that Link and then go put it in the website, So I spoke about subscription. And reaccurring payments A lot of companies out there are very Strict about this, because there’s a lot of scammers and things out, There that just don’t aren’t credible or people set up Subscriptions and then not allow people to cancel them. So if you Decide to go with SamCart, you can offer any type. Of subscription you want, You can offer a one Time, payment like we do, we offer a one time payment for the Website and then a lower monthly payment, that’s recurring for the Hosting So as an example, our websites are between 2 to 5,000.

You Pay that up front and then our hosting is between 100 and 500 and You just automatically roll Into that, after 30 days, So what about your business? What are you able to sell upfront and Then offer a monthly payment going forward for the clients. Now it also allows You to do add ons and upsells, which are very important So as an Example, if you buy a website from us you’re going to get your hosting and All you have to do is click one button.

If you want to add our Seo and blog service, so we will automatically give you a 50 % Discount, if you decide to have us, write your blogs and do your SEO for you. When you’re buying the website from us, So this allows you to get 50 % off but then allows us to add an add on Or an upsell to your order, so we can continue serving you and Building up your business Now, if you don’t have an eCommerce business, you may not be sure what an Abandoned cart feature is, but what it is is when you go to a Website and you fill out your information like you’re interested in a Product and then you get busy, you change your mind and you leave.

They can send you an abandoned, cart. Email that says: wait where’d! You go Come back to our website. You Forgot to finish checking out Many of you have probably Already experienced this, but this is a key feature to Have for any type of business, not just an eCommerce business? But also a service business, You want to be able to see what customers Have been to your checkout pages, started filling out the Information and then left So with SamCart it’ll show you exactly Who that person is and it’ll allow you to integrate with email providers? To follow up with them, So you don’t have to do it manually, You can either do it manually or You can even do it automatically, So if they leave that cart page, you can follow up with Them and see what happened Now.

One big thing for us is Offering different payment plans, Maybe your customers, don’t Want to pay everything upfront, Maybe they want to pay over time or They want to split those payments up. So as an example, our website service is $ 3,000 or you can Do a split payment of $ 1,650 to split that into two different payments. If you Don’t have all of that money up front, you can split it. So what About your customers, Would they prefer a split payment? Why Not offer the both For our hosting plans, we offer both.

You can pay up front and you’ll get two Months for free or you can do a payment option, that’s monthly! So what’s nice is being able to offer Those different plans will increase your sales increase, your revenue And make your customers happy help you get more customers Last, but Not least is that follow up system, So this is going to be integrated. With MailChimp Constant Contact, whatever service that you use out there, We want to get that integrated with Your SamCart plan and on your website So now when anyone fills Out a form on your site, we want them going to your email, Provider Anyone makes a purchase, we want them going to your email provider.

And if anyone does an abandoned cart, we want them going there That way, everyone’s at one place and we Want it all automated, so you don’t have to do anything manually, So this Is something that we help with If you need help getting the setup, make sure you let me know, and Please check out that SamCart link see if it’s a good fit for you, I’m giving you a 14 day trial. Based on my partnership with them So check it out and you’ll See how awesome it is, You can even go check out our plans and Pricing to see what that looks like So thanks again for reading, I appreciate It and I’ll talk to you guys soon, Thanks


By Jimmy Dagger

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