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How my song hit 100k plays on SoundCloud!! (Vlog)

Your boy lay back look welcome back to my blog make sure you hit that subscribe button. Oh I said I went going flog but um. I got ta close out this year with this type of vlog man. My song hit a hundred thousand plays on soundcloud today, which is December 26. 2017. The first time one of my songs, everyone SoundCloud, hit a hundred thousand plays, and I just wanted to share that with y’all.

I know we still building this blog and stuff like that, but let’s go ahead and get into this man. So this is my soundcloud. That’s me, Laidback, dear far, you can search me. Follow me all that good stuff, but this song right here see this song right here here a hundred thousand plays man boom. You can see it right there, a hundred thousand of loaded. Five months ago, the first song ever on my page, a hundred thousand plays – and you see, only got a hundred and nineteen way followers.

So for me to get a hundred thousand plays those people were sharing it and possibly SoundCloud looked out for me with the algorithm. I was probably one of the first people to upload a remix to that scissor record broken clocks. You know what I mean so, like I said I wasn’t going to flow. I was going to close out the year with that one vlog, but this is a monumental moment in my career, my music career.

You know I’m saying I’m going to tell you a little quick story behind it too. So I uploaded this freestyle to um the weekend by scissor and don’t it was doing numbers it was doing got like 11,000 plays and less than a month. My page never seen that much activity before saddle cloud got on me boom, snatched it down. So I was late. Ah I’m going to make another freestyle the same artist and it’s going to do more plays so what happened? I did it to the broken clocks, joint and next thing.

I know I started seeing the numbers go crazy, but I was not expecting 100,000 plays on this song, but I appreciate everybody that listened to the song and I’m going to leave the song link in the description below. So if you want to check out the song you wan na follow me, you know I’m saying go ahead and do that and at this point in time I was dropping a freestyle every week on soundcloud, so it was building up traffic with people.

Just you know listening and different songs. I was trying different songs to do better than others, but it was just a thing that I did so just make sure. If you want to check out the song, the song is going to be linked down below make sure you hit that subscribe button, like I said before, I wanted to end with just one vlog, but this is too much of a monumental moment in my career. In my music career – and I appreciate the people that listen – and I appreciate the people – that’s going to actually go.

Listen to it now hit that subscribe button. It should boy lay back. You already know what it is. A


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