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How To Set Up A New Stripe Account To Accept Credit Card Payments Fast

So stick around. It’s coming right now, yo. What is up Zachary bad pass here. Former drug addict spent over five years of my life in prison turned underdog entrepreneur and the proven wrong prodigy and iTunes Top 200 podcast host. What is up welcome back to the blog? This is your first time here and you want the best tips on how to turbocharge your business with lead generation and customer acquisition, the subscribe button and tap the bell notifications.

That way, you don’t miss anything with that out the way we’re getting right dive into easily. How to easily set up a new stripe account so that you can accept credit card payments, whether you’re selling a product online or you’re selling a course uh even a program, a coaching program. It doesn’t matter you can easily accept payments online, so you don’t have to worry about all that. You don’t have to necessarily get you a merchant account.

You don’t have to just use PayPal, you can dress it up. Nice and this works really well and click funnels. As well so with that with that being said, let’s head to the computer, let me show you how to do this. I just set up straight we’re going to go to stripe comm. Obviously, once we get here, then we’re going to select create account. A lot of this is self-explanatory. We’re going to use my gmail account because that’s where I sign up the things that I don’t really need right boom create a password select.

I am NOT a robot and we are good to go so we’re going to click, click, create stripe account and then that’s going to load up, and then it’s going to bring us to this page. Alright. Now, once you create your account, you’re going to be you’re going to come into here and you’re going to need to activate your account so they’re going to send you a verification email which I have over here, we’re just going to verify all right confirm: email boom.

Anybody set the enter password again, not a robot, and we are verified. Now we can set up our bank account payments and all that good stuff. So now that we’re verified, let’s set up our way to accept payments, so we’re going to click on payments boom. Then we’re going to go down to settings once we’re here in settings, we’re going to click activate and we are activated, then what you’ll want to do after you get here, you get to click, activate it underneath settings, then you’re going to want to fill out all This information, I’m not going to actually sit here and do it because it would just be a big time, waster you’re, going to put in obviously what they ask here in these forms, your social security number or your employer identification number that’s optional, your business website and So on and so on, and you just fill this out correctly and then you enter in your bank.

What I would do is enter in the routing number of your bank and your in your bank information in here, which is a routing number, the account number and then confirm the account number. And then you submit the application, and once you do that, once you submit the application, it comes back and you’re good. Then you are good to take payments. It’s as simple as that. I hope this article was very helpful and now you can hook this up to your clickfunnels and start accepting payments directly through click bonus and make life a whole heck of a lot easier for you and start building up that bank account all right.

Was that helpful? If so, let me know in the comments below if it was really easy to implement if this tutorial suck. I definitely let me know in the comments below and tell me why it sucks. So I know I can get better in the future, so I don’t keep putting on sucky articles because nobody wants to put out sucky stuff and if you enjoyed this article, if it was helpful, give it a thumbs up. If it wasn’t give me a thumbs down that feedback is greatly appreciated.

Lets me know how I can improve in the future and yeah. If you want to check out a baller playlist, this stripe works really well and clickfunnels. It’s easy to integrate once you set it up. Just like I showed you it’s easy in a great in clickfunnels matter of fact, you can check out the playlist it’s like somewhere. I think it’s like that way. I might be there but that playlist right there click funnels.

I have so many tutorial articles, I’m showing you how to mark like a boss inside of their check that out and if you haven’t already subscribed to this blog and you want the best tips on how to turbocharged your lead generation in customer acquisition. It’s a subscribe button tap the Bell notifications. That way, you don’t miss anything and I’m going to see you on the next article until then check out some of these articles going to throw at you right now bring them dollars in the fireman.

My name is Zachary.


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