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Google Pay API Explained

However, online conversion is still a big problem. Long checkout forms often lead to frustration, especially as customers increasingly turn to their mobile devices for various ecommerce activities. It’s no surprise that 69 % of users today drop out of the checkout process before the purchase has been completed. With Google pay API, we want to help you make your checkout experience easier, allowing users to pay with many forms of payments stored in their Google account, including credit and debit cards, whether your customers are shopping at a physical store or online in your apps or websites.

Today, there are hundreds of millions of payment methods. Billing and shipping addresses saved to Google accounts. Users have stored this information when making purchases on apps like the Play, Store, YouTube or shopping the web using Chrome. We call them ready to pay users. Google pay API enables you to call up their information in a secure way and allow your customers to checkout with the click of a button.

Having customers who are just a tap away from performing a financial transaction is not only convenient, but also sets the merchants up to take on smart technologies such as Google, home or other connected devices. Preparing your app for voice powered transactions. The Google pay API can be implemented in just under a week and it works with your existing payments processing stack making this integration really simple.

There are also no additional charges added to your standard processor fees, we’ve partnered with many leading gateways and processors around the world with more coming soon, checkout gqo, slash, pay, slash, processors for the updated list. Now, let’s have a quick look at how the google pay api works. Once the user clicks on the google pay button, the google pay api initiates a request to Google servers.

With this request, your app passes the name of your processor. Among other parameters, Google uses the processors public key to encrypt the response and sends a chargeable payment. Token back to you for use with your processor. Now that the processor has the payment information, it can use it the same way as if it came from the users input directly. So, to summarize, with Google pay API hundreds of millions of customers around the world who save their payment information with Google, can now pay on your apps or websites.

With the click of a button, your customers, payment data is end-to-end encrypted from Google’s servers to your payment. Processor, this means Google pay simplifies how you handle this. Otherwise sensitive data customers can check out using any device or platform. The integration of the API is simple and can be completed in just a few days check out the article Google pay API implementation demo to learn more.

You can find additional useful resources in the article description below which can help you to further optimize your e-commerce experience and find more information on how we are continuously committed to adding new payment credentials, loyalty, programs and more for the convenience of your users. Google pay a better way to pay by Google. You


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How to Accept Credit Cards on Website – Stripe Payment Gateway Setup WooCommerce WordPress Websites

Now I have two thoughts. You have to create an e-commerce website now this in this article I’ll show you how you can accept the payment on your own website, because if earlier we were using PayPal in PayPal, what happens is when the user or the customer wants to make payment? They have to go to PayPal to make the payment, but today I’ll show you how you can accept payment on your own website.

Okay, so the user can make payment through credit card or debit card on your own website. They don’t have to go to some third party website. First, let’s understand the difference and let’s use this website as a demo. App. Sorry, if you don’t know how to create this ecommerce website, if you are interested in how to create a ecommerce website from scratch you very easily, then there is a link given in the article description below you can follow that link.

I have thought you know in detail, for, for there is a four hour long tutorial you can read that tutorial. You’ll learn everything from scratch: how to create an e-commerce website. Okay, now let me go to the shop page. So, let’s add some product in our card. For example, suppose you want to add this thing this helmet? How are this and click on Add to Cart now, as you can see, we have something in add in our cart.

So let’s click on View cart. So this is the product in our cart. Now, if you want to make payment, what do you do? You click on proceed to checkout and we have this PayPal option over here. So now, let’s see this is the website on which we are nitro, dot, Nisha, calm, and when we want to make payment through PayPal, we select PayPal. We click on proceed to PayPal. Now, as you can see, it has redirected me to paypal.

Com not on my website. Even if I want to make payment through credit card or debit card, I will have to use PayPal. Ok, now I don’t say: PayPal is bad or something like that. Paypal is really really amazing. I personally use it, but the thing is now: oh, this thing doesn’t work. Ok, if you’re creating our e-commerce website, you should you have some better option. That is what I am showing you today.

Ok now, this is what happens when you use PayPal. Now, let’s come back, let’s come back again now, instead of PayPal, you can use stripe okay. Now, when you use stripe, as you can see, if we have the credit card details over here, the user can put in that credit card or debit card details over here. Okay, this is just demo card. Okay, so don’t use this card and they can put all this information over here and click on place order.

Okay, it is taking some time, it is analyzing it. As you can see. Thank you. Your order has been received, so we, the user or the you have already received an order. Okay, the the customer didn’t have to go to some third party website to make the payment now today I’ll show you how you can set up this thing so to do so. Come back to your dashboard now to use this thing first, we need a plug-in called stripe.

So, from the left hand side you will see this plugins how our plugins and click on add new. Now, in the search plug-in the stripe in stripe as STR IPE now, when you do, when you do so, you get many different plugins called stripe. Now the one which you have to install is this one: Moo commerce, stripe payment gateway by mu commerce. Ok, it has got around 300,000 active installs, so this is the one that you have to install so here, you’ll get one button like this install now.

Click on that Install Now button then activate this plug-in. Okay, once you activate this plug-in from the left hand, side how our commerce and click on settings now click on checkout. Now you should see one more option over here called stripe like this one. Here we have stripe. Click on stripe now make sure you take mark this enable stripe and in the title we have credit card or stripe. Now we don’t want this title.

We will just use credit card or debit card. Ok, ok, pay with your credit card wire stripe. So again, we don’t need good, while stripe just type in pay with your credit card or debit card. Now I have enabled test mode because I don’t want to make any real payment. So if you, let me show you how to set this thing. First, go to strike calm and make a free account. It is really easy and very simple to create an account.

I have already done that. As you can see, I have made one hundred and fifty dollars sale. This is obviously test sale. So what I’ll do now? I will go to developers and under developers you have API keys. Now, I’m at present. As I said you I’m using the test mode, I’m not using the live mode. That’s why I am getting this thing over here. So when I click on this, I have publishable key and secret key so copy.

This publishable key from here come back to your website and paste it over here, after that, we have secret key copied from here and paste it over here. Okay, now, after that, I don’t have to do anything, just click on Save Changes and once your website is life, make sure you first activate your account. Okay, how you do that, however, this and click on this link, which says activate to your account and follow the process? Okay, this is only for you know when you are in the production stages and you still want to check whether everything is working, fine or not, but when your website is live, first, activate your account.

I am doing this because I don’t want to make any real payment. Okay, I just want to show you guys so once you do so, you will have this option. Let’s come back, okay, okay, we don’t have anything because we have made a successful payment. Let’s try again, let’s try this. Let’s add this thing to cart. Let’s add this product as well, so we have two products in our cart. Let’s cut this thing when I hover this, as you can see, we have two products.

Let’s click on checkout now, as you can see, it doesn’t say stripe. Now it is saying credit card or debit card. Now we can just enter your debit card details. In fact, this is just a demo card number. You can use this card number. 4. 4. 4. All this for 2 and after that, you can put any month expiry date any month and any year and any CVC number and click on place order. Ok, the order amount was 2834, as you can see over here.

As you can see the total among 2834 pumps, the order is made. We have all these details over here now when you come back to this website and go to your home page. As you can see, my balance has now gone to $ 4,000 and I can see that we have made six successful payments and if you want to see this thing in detail, you can click on developers and click on events. Now you can see the successful payment was made for two thousand eight hundred and thirty four dollars.

Okay, so this is how we accept debit card and credit card payment on your website. I hope this short tutorial was helpful for you guys if it was helpful, then make sure you subscribe to my blog and also click on that Pelican, so that you don’t miss any future articles. If you have any doubt any queries, any questions for me leave them in the comment section below thanks a lot for reading guys see you soon.


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How To Set Up A New Stripe Account To Accept Credit Card Payments Fast

So stick around. It’s coming right now, yo. What is up Zachary bad pass here. Former drug addict spent over five years of my life in prison turned underdog entrepreneur and the proven wrong prodigy and iTunes Top 200 podcast host. What is up welcome back to the blog? This is your first time here and you want the best tips on how to turbocharge your business with lead generation and customer acquisition, the subscribe button and tap the bell notifications.

That way, you don’t miss anything with that out the way we’re getting right dive into easily. How to easily set up a new stripe account so that you can accept credit card payments, whether you’re selling a product online or you’re selling a course uh even a program, a coaching program. It doesn’t matter you can easily accept payments online, so you don’t have to worry about all that. You don’t have to necessarily get you a merchant account.

You don’t have to just use PayPal, you can dress it up. Nice and this works really well and click funnels. As well so with that with that being said, let’s head to the computer, let me show you how to do this. I just set up straight we’re going to go to stripe comm. Obviously, once we get here, then we’re going to select create account. A lot of this is self-explanatory. We’re going to use my gmail account because that’s where I sign up the things that I don’t really need right boom create a password select.

I am NOT a robot and we are good to go so we’re going to click, click, create stripe account and then that’s going to load up, and then it’s going to bring us to this page. Alright. Now, once you create your account, you’re going to be you’re going to come into here and you’re going to need to activate your account so they’re going to send you a verification email which I have over here, we’re just going to verify all right confirm: email boom.

Anybody set the enter password again, not a robot, and we are verified. Now we can set up our bank account payments and all that good stuff. So now that we’re verified, let’s set up our way to accept payments, so we’re going to click on payments boom. Then we’re going to go down to settings once we’re here in settings, we’re going to click activate and we are activated, then what you’ll want to do after you get here, you get to click, activate it underneath settings, then you’re going to want to fill out all This information, I’m not going to actually sit here and do it because it would just be a big time, waster you’re, going to put in obviously what they ask here in these forms, your social security number or your employer identification number that’s optional, your business website and So on and so on, and you just fill this out correctly and then you enter in your bank.

What I would do is enter in the routing number of your bank and your in your bank information in here, which is a routing number, the account number and then confirm the account number. And then you submit the application, and once you do that, once you submit the application, it comes back and you’re good. Then you are good to take payments. It’s as simple as that. I hope this article was very helpful and now you can hook this up to your clickfunnels and start accepting payments directly through click bonus and make life a whole heck of a lot easier for you and start building up that bank account all right.

Was that helpful? If so, let me know in the comments below if it was really easy to implement if this tutorial suck. I definitely let me know in the comments below and tell me why it sucks. So I know I can get better in the future, so I don’t keep putting on sucky articles because nobody wants to put out sucky stuff and if you enjoyed this article, if it was helpful, give it a thumbs up. If it wasn’t give me a thumbs down that feedback is greatly appreciated.

Lets me know how I can improve in the future and yeah. If you want to check out a baller playlist, this stripe works really well and clickfunnels. It’s easy to integrate once you set it up. Just like I showed you it’s easy in a great in clickfunnels matter of fact, you can check out the playlist it’s like somewhere. I think it’s like that way. I might be there but that playlist right there click funnels.

I have so many tutorial articles, I’m showing you how to mark like a boss inside of their check that out and if you haven’t already subscribed to this blog and you want the best tips on how to turbocharged your lead generation in customer acquisition. It’s a subscribe button tap the Bell notifications. That way, you don’t miss anything and I’m going to see you on the next article until then check out some of these articles going to throw at you right now bring them dollars in the fireman.

My name is Zachary.


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Google Pay API Implementation Demo (Web)

Google Pay For your e-commerce website in four simple steps Load, the Google Pay API, JavaScript library, determine readiness to pay. Add the Google Pay button, create a PaymentDataRequest object: ♪ (, music, ) ♪. First, you add the script tag to your site. As soon as the script is loaded. You will construct the PaymentsClient object by passing it to an environment field TEST or PRODUCTION For the TEST environment.

You don’t need to register with Google. You can play with the API yourself. And integrate into your site In this case we do show users’ real data. However, whenever they make a selection We will return you a fake token If you are working with one Of the supported processors, we will return you a token which you can use in their TEST environment. Remember your real card details are never used when in environment TEST, but you must add at least one chargeable card to your Google account before you proceed Once you complete.

The integration And you are ready to handle real payments, come and register with us. Through our self-service portal and then flip the environment to PRODUCTION, You can apply for production access. On g.Co/pay/sign-up, Now that you have Your PaymentsClient constructed the first API you will call is is ReadyToPay With is ReadyToPay. You can determine whether the user Has a valid payment method on file and is on a supported browser.

The Google Pay API Supports all major browsers, including Safari, Opera, Firefox, Chrome, UC, Browser and soon Microsoft Edge At Google. We focus On optimizing for conversion, so, if is ReadyToPay returns false, we highly recommend that you do not render The Google Pay button Now that you know that the user Is ready to make a payment? You will call our second API createButton. We recommend that you use this API To ensure the Google Pay branding is used correctly per our latest guidelines In the future.

We will also Automatically translate the button text based on the user’s location. Once you add the button to your site, And the user clicks on the button, you will call the loadPaymentData To open up the payment sheet, You can construct The paymentDataRequest object, which is a set of payments configurations, Used for this particular transaction, You can specify and request The following information: in addition to the payment credentials, email phone number Shipping address billing address.

We recommend that you collect As little information as necessary to prevent users from typing Additional information which might not be stored, In their accounts, One more point to call out in this object is the payment request. Tokenization parameters: Google, encrypts information, About a shopper’s selected card for secure processing, By a merchant’s gateway or directly on a merchant’s, secured servers Be sure to check your processor’s Integration guidelines to find out what they need: To finalize the payment Now that you’ve constructed The request object: you will pass it to loadPaymentData, an async call which will open Our payment sheet, Once the user, makes a selection, we will return to you a paymentData object which consists of metadata About the user’s selection, It also includes the payment token, which you can use.

To complete the transaction, Now you can send The final production-ready app to Google for a final test: Google tests, the apps with real cards And informs you if everything is correct, The app is then cleared to launch. You can find additional information. In our developer, documentation on g.Co/pay/api Don’t miss any future articles. About Google Pay, Chrome and Web and subscribe to the Google Chrome Developers blog If you’re reading on a mobile tap the little bell to receive New upload notifications See you soon: ♪ ( music ends ) ♪,