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Making Music a Social Experience: SoundCloud’s Thom Cummings at SHARE Beirut [Wamda TV]

How are you I’m great? Thank you. I just came off stage so kind of in a host speech, exhilarating hi awesome. I enjoyed your talk, yeah just to touch up on some of the elements from that talk. Why is sound a different medium than any of the others that we consume? I think it’s it’s an easier medium to create.

You just have one button you can put on in the background. It doesn’t disrupt the scene and you have captured everything that’s going on around you. It’s also easier to consume as well. You can listen to audio whilst you’re doing other things and that’s something that you don’t necessarily have with with a lot of other media and then finally, it’s it’s just an emotionally powerful media type that the connection that you get with sound.

It really touches your your heart and your head in a way that you know other other media doesn’t do a lot of the time. So also what are some of the interesting ways that you’re creating conversations on soundcloud about sound itself yeah. So one of the most interesting things we do is take a sound and turn it into a visual object. We create a wave form of the sound itself and that really allows people to be social and interacted start a conversation around a specific point.

If it’s a lecture, maybe an interesting thing that you learn and you want to start discussing around or maybe it’s a piece of music and you really appreciate the segment there, so people are really creative in the ways that they use that device and it creates, creates A spark of collaboration on our platform – and you see entrepreneurs using this. You know musicians, artists, peoples using this to kind of promote their brand yeah.

I mean most musicians today, our entrepreneurs so having a release tool for them. That’s either free or affordable, depending on how they want to use it. It’s it’s one of the most important things that you can put in your toolkit as a musician or also as a amateur podcaster. We’ve seen a lot of people creating creating news articles and content on soundcloud. That’s a that’s another great emerging way of civilians being able to take to take journalism into their hands and create something outside of the pre-existing system.

Absolutely and finally, also what are some interesting? Apps that people are building on the soundcloud api, have you seen that space grow in the past year? Yeah? Absolutely our api? Is it’s a wonderful place, so you have a huge amount of diversity. Some of my favorite apps would be there’s a fantastic journalism, app for creating and editing content on the move called Hindenburg and a lot of a lot of people in the in the industry using that and using the Soundcloud integration there.

Then it goes from from that scale. We have a lot of them. Major music digital workstations are using soundcloud apples, GarageBand posts to SoundCloud, which is which is fantastic addition for us, and it goes from that all the way down to the very simple beat making apps that you get on on your iPhone or your Android that you can Just create something in 60 seconds and then put it online and it’s it’s fun.

Ok, so we span the spectrum of fun to very kind of serious professional, very cool, and I also just think it’s cool that you’re creating an archive of sound. You know to last so yeah. We look forward to seeing the applications of that yeah. I think we have to start capturing the history now. Otherwise we will be missing out on all of this kind of historic times, thanks so much for chatting with mom go


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