Online Marketing

The 3 Stages of a Good YouTube Marketing

That’s what we’re going To go over in this lesson, The 3 Stages Of A Good Video. The Hook is the first part of the article, It’s short and sweet, and it Just captures the attention of the viewer, Then you roll into the Next phase of the article, which is called The Content or the body That is where you’re going To continue to build up the problem as well as provide the answer During the body or the Content section of your article, you need to reiterate the question: maybe agitate it a little further Then over deliver on providing the answer that solves the issue of whatever it is that they’re facing And then, when you get done, With that body of content, bring it to a close You know the closing, which we call the Call-To-Action, That is where you’re going To restate the answer to the problem and then tell Your viewer, what you want them to do next, That’s the Call-To-Action.

That is the stages of a good article. You have a hook, then you Have the body of content and then end it with a Closing or a call to action, ( electronic rock music, ) (, whispering ) Subscribe.

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