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OFF Page SEO Checklist 2020 To Drive Traffic Rank & Position – (SEO Course Part 4)

So, basically, in off page, we have to create the links and doing the link building for our website. For a particular keyword and off page SEO is divided in and link building strategy is divided in multiples method. So, first of all, I will show you the list of the off page SEO strategy and explain you how we will go this process. So, first of all, we have to create a social networking. Sites means we have to create the social accounts, who are popular social networking sites for the particular domain and company, and we will link to them.

That is very common. I think you are aware about of this, like we have to create the Facebook accounts and link the page or profile Twitter and LinkedIn YouTube. So these are the social networking site which we have to create the account for particular domain and we have to link them. Apart from this, we have to regularly share their website URL on the social media with the view of contents, so that will be generate the social links.

So this is the very common tasks and very popular everyone is doing that without having the knowledge, but this is the part of the of page, so we have to give the social links, and the second point is popular and high PR bookmarking websites. So what is bookmarking book ma acting like we have to create profiles on different different websites and giving our main websites URL as a our profile? I will show you the complete list, also in the next slide, for each section of the domain, like you will get the high PR bookmarking website list, so you can create that.

And the third point is the forum submissions. So I hope you are aware about the forum where people are discussing about that product service and everything. So there we have to create the account. I will show you practically and we have to create the account, make the profile fill the profile completely, and we have to answer the forum and asking the questions so, most probably in forum, we have to create signature.

Maximum forums, allow the signature in the signature. We have to create our website Li, so few products and link them to our page and block submissions. La is the next ops point, so in block submission also, we have to link our website and pages URL for the particular plot submissions. We have to write some content and post there and the next option is question and answering website for backlinks.

That is also the similar of page strategy all are about the creating the backlink. Keep the link choose to your main website. So in question answer you may ask the questions and you may give the answer for any other questions, so people will read and during this they will be visit on your website and the Cora is one of the most famous question answering website. I hope you aware about this, and the second next option is article sharing sites.

So if you having a small article or any article related to that particular website informations, so you can submit in YouTube we move in motions and many other sites. I will show you the list and similar to the article image sharing sites. Also, you can share the image from your website and give the links and last and important option is guest posting in off page SEO. Guest posting play very important role and what is exactly the guest post? You have to search out some sites which accept the guest post and you write an article and submit their most, probably if they like the article, they will accept it and that article publish to their website and in the article there will be certain conditions they if They allow you to link back to your website, so these are the process for the off page SEO and we will do this practically one by one and next I will show you the social bookmark site.

So these are the twitter, facebook, linkedin pinterest instagram. So you have to create the account and you have to link back this to your website. So in this our example, we already have been clients already having the facebook accounts and we have linked account through the icon on their website, so it will become as a one back claim and the numbers you are seeing here. It is the domain Authority and page eight page Authority, so these are the simple I think you may be aware, and you have the experience about this.

The second is popular and highly P. Pagerank bookmarking website so ready stumble, pond dig, slash, dot, dig go and there is a lot of list and you have to search out in on Google form or less. Then you will we find on our blog. Also, it is family digital commute in the high PR website list. You can copy this by stopping this article, you can copy, is URL and you can use it and you can create the profile.

I will show you manually this one also and the forum submission these. Are few forum which is very popular, you can create the account and you can find firm related to your website. In our example, this is the pipes and industrial pipe fittings website, so we have to visit on that similar kind of forum. We have to create their account and we have to participate some questions and answers and we have to link back with the answer on our website.

This is the blog submission. You can write down this blog list and there is a lot of other blog also. So you can do similar work on your websites. These are from famous question on sting website. Yahoo answer: calm, answer back calm, Cora, flirted and see how these are very famous and most visitor oriented website where millions of visitors are visiting and irritating your answer you may find there will be millions of websites.

These are the few example of our for the article purpose. There are millions of website you have to search about the question-answering website on the google, so you will getting a list, and these are few platform which allowed to share the article. Like view tube is very famous, and you have heard about is be more get me and vine hulu break and tell emotions, so you have to create some article, clients don’t have, and you don’t have so you just pick few photographs pictures make a slideshow as if You do, and you can share this article and in this article platform you create the profile and fill complete details, including the website.

You are only so. This link will get back to your website as it battling, and these are few image sharing website. So you can share some images and link back to this image to your website and create the profile so friend. This is the end of our article or slideshow. Sorry, this is not the end article. This is the end of the slideshow, and now I will manually show you how to create profile on different differents the website.

So friend, this is the website and you can see there the Facebook link I have not added. That is the hash it is showing on the URL bar, but we have put it the icon. So, first of that, what we have to do, we have to create some social bookmarking and we have to visit their website, create one profile on the social bookmarking. I will show you the live website example, so guys we have open that decode form, and here we are Katie.

We are going to sign up and we will create one profile and we have to link this profile to our website, so they are having some plants. There we are going to with free one and three in they are saying that no ads with ads and 500 cloud bookmarking and 100 web page and PDF highlights hundreds, so they are giving their information. So we don’t need anything. We have to just go and sign up so here we have to create the username and most probably we are giving a user name of our company and I will utilize my own email id, but I will suggest you you create a new email ID for your Clients so every time on each client, you have to create the same new email id and we have created this account and let’s see what they are giving us okay.

So we have to verify our account. We have opened the Gmail and click on the verification link. So the mail is already coming in our inbox. We have to activate account click on this link, so we have to do the next well says we have to fill all our information like they have given. There is a lot of thing, so first we have to go our profile public library settings most probably it is in the profile.

So this is the username password Facebook we can link, so they are not giving the option to add link like small profile and the website link. So what we have to try? Okay, that is also not possible. We can instead of the facebook URL. We can link our website, so that is also not possible public library. Okay, so we have to write something here like we have to create the list of PDF note 8 and mark, so we can bookmark here our particular page.

We have open this page and we have copy. We have paste here and keep the descriptions. If we need and tag we can create the group. So we are not doing anything. We just paste the URL and the title is automatically come. We can give the description from the website if we want, and we are just adding this as a URL. So this is item our publish and now we can see that this URL by opening this particular URL in con gente.

So you can see that this is the social bookmark and back link which is created here by this name. Whenever someone, if you can see on the bottom of our screen bottom of our screen, when we are putting the mouse, the URL HTTP our domain and /y PVC pipe fitting, so someone is clicking, then the website will open. So it is called the back link by this way. We can create multiple backlinks, so this works right open and this is successfully linked.

Now we will see that the type of battling, whether it is follow in to follow nofollow and dofollow, and this you can see that by clicking on des by taking the mouse and to the inspect element and through this element, we can see that this is the Follow link is the do follow back link means the google will read and follow this link. Particularly this will choose your website and increase the ranking the similar way.

We have to create multiples website profile and in this profile we have to add our details, company details or if it is, allow the bookmark. So we have to add this bookmark URL, and this will become one backlink of your website, so guys this task. You have to do regularly on particular product wise and if we added this particular web URL, so we also can edit it. But this not allowing me so we have to give particular its taking particular information, all information from our page, so we have to edit the title if we edit the title so this information it’s become a particular link, so we have to create the link, for particular Keywords so guys stay tuned with us and we will show you the other steps and then our next step is to analyze our website, in which position we have reach.

So if you have any questions and any confusion, so you can contact us by comments, and you can follow me on this. Thank you for reading this article have a nice day. God bless you


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