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Google Analytics New Dashboard Overview

You’ll have to look through the admin and select the site.

You can select all the different sites up here. Okay, so just go through it, it’s good! This is a lot more of a visual type tool now with the new dashboard that Google’s released probably dumbing it down a little bit for the everyday user, which is probably a smart thing for Google to do so. Anyway, it’s basically giving you a snapshot of the behavior of your website over the past 14. You can get you can do it from daily to 90 days, where you can create your own preset ranges of dates of time, so this basically, this first panel tells you how many users you’ve had in the last 28 days.

Nukid you can upper 290. How many sessions, so that’s how many different sessions from those users, the bounce rate, bounce rate is it depends on what sort of site you have. The bounce rates are usually one page views or less so one page views and that’s it. So that’s how many people go to your site and then just look over the front page without going further and it’s usually fairly high a good website.

I mean this is not to say that this is a good thing, but most websites, even the best of them. 40 to 50 percent and depends on industry, and it also depends what you display a page and when. If you display all your updates on your homepage, then maybe that is not a reason for people to delt dive deeper from on most occasions and what’s the average duration 42 seconds, you know that’s not very long, but anyway, that will change.

If I changed it to seven seven days to 28 as ninety days, it’s all the old changes now this is the time of day now in your Google Analytics in the admin section, you’ve got to make sure they’ve got the right time zone set, but and then Then this will be valid data, so this shows, when most people view the website now this websites in Australia. So this will be recorded for Sydney time so you’ll see that it gets.

It gets data in the evenings in the afternoon, and you know by the time everyone gets to work. It’s usually a little bit quieter, okay, and then it tells you what active you should have got on the site right at that time. Here is the sources, the traffic, organic referral, social media? Other you get also your acquisition reports. You can also dive deeper into those and learn more in this plenty of articles on YouTube.

You know if you wanted to get more information on acquisitions or audience overview is how to build. The audience overview in Google. Analytics would be a thing in searching in YouTube, and then you would then you would change the dates for that. You want to get rid of results in YouTube to the last year, so you want to get the latest version of analytics and that’s how you search for everything online through YouTube or through through Google search.

I always if I’m searching to something in particular information on something I always go into the tools that tells me more information here anytime past year, the same as on Google on Google on YouTube as well as Google search. I always do that. It’s just a habit. You get into and it makes a big difference because who wants to get information? That’s all with information changing so rapidly, and then you get to your referrals.

You know it depends what industry you’re in and where you get most your traffic from and then from the country I mean obviously from Australia is going to get most of their viewership from Australia. But I know for as an example, she gets quite from all over the world and active users how that’s trending over a period of Thailand, and you can look into the active user report. I’r not going to go deep right into it on how to build goals and values, and all that sort of stuff and conversions, that’s something you can search for online and you can test and then see how that goes.

And then this tells you up here, tells you okay, it’s always the week is always harder percent. That tells you how many people returned, how many people are returning from those and then by the devices. As you can see today, you know three or four years ago mobile was twenty to thirty percent. Now it’s fifty percent and that’s why all of our websites work on mobile phones as well and tablets are still fairly low, and then it gives you the most popular pages over that period of time.

You can also create pages report. You can also customize your dashboard on what other things you’d like to see on there and there’s also some also some pre-built dashboards. So it’s all about recognizing and understanding your user behavior, and then you use this in concert with the Google search console, which gives you some deeper understanding of where your appearing in search results, what keywords or that sort of stuff.

So there I thought I’d just share a little bit of an overview of the new Google Analytics home dashboard, that’s available now for all users. Thank you and have a good day.


By Jimmy Dagger

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