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Do I own the Copyright to my blog?

What, if you voluntarily guest blog for a big website to improve your career? Do you own the copyright to those blogs? Hopefully this article will point you in the right direction in under 3 minutes. You think I can do it. My name is Katrina and I’m from new media rights, we’re a non-profit legal clinic that helps consumers, entrepreneurs and other creative people understand legal issues.

If you’re an employee with a salary and a desk at an office and all that stuff, then you most likely don’t own the copyright to the blog’s that you write, especially if you are hired specifically to write blogs for them. If you’re a freelancer who works at home on your own time, who gets paid per article you’re, probably an independent contractor, this means you probably own, the blog’s you write, but not so fast.

You might be under contract that limits or completely removes your copyright interest to the blog posts you write practically. This means that if you sign a contract like this, you couldn’t just compile all of your posts into a book one day and sell it without everyone. Else’s permission: let’s assume that you signed in an agreement in order to figure out, if you own your posts or not, you should figure out what type of agreement it is.

Generally, it’s one of three number one: it could be an assignment agreement. An assignment agreement usually means you give up all of your rights to the work forever and ever and ever and number two. It could be a license agreement. A license agreement limits your rights, but doesn’t take them all away. For example, your employer could be allowed to republish your work, but you can publish it in other places.

Number three: it could be an employment agreement. An employment agreement dictates the terms of your employment. Sometimes, in addition to telling you all the things you can and can’t do, while at work, they contain assignment clauses or license clauses that you should look for also if it is a valid employment agreement that means you’re most likely an employee. Therefore you probably don’t own. Your blogs, anyway, this is all a simplification.

So if you have a contract in place, you may want to see a lawyer who can figure out just what rights you do have to work. We can do that for you for free at new media rights, but for us to help people like you and keep making these informative articles. We need donations, you can donate on our YouTube blog or at new media rights org. If you’d, like whitshire, like you to happy blogging,

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