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What we want to do in this section is actually get specific and look at specific strategies to attract backings website. I’r really the best way and the best place to start that whole process is look at what’s already working and look at your competitors that are ranking on the first page of Google, understand their link portfolio and then really replicate that at a minimum.

That’s going to put you on equal footing with them and then, if you implement some specific SEO campaigns, it’s going to put you right above them. So this is a really foundational exercise that you’re going to go through. I think it’s going to really help. You understand how they’re getting these backlinks and then that’s going to give you a ton of ideas in terms of how you can replicate them uneven, build on them great.

So the first step in this process is, we need to get the top 10 search results for your particular keywords. So this really goes back to our keyword, research, part of the course, and you will have selected the keyword that you want to target based on the criteria. We just goes there. So, let’s just imagine that it was drones was the key word that I’d picked and what we can see here is the Moz bar that gives us information on the on-page optimization, which we looked at before p domain authority and page authority.

Now what we really want to look at is using the same tool, look at the backlinks profile, so you can see for this side ranking number one. It’s got 4560 links number two. We’ve got 263 links a 27 X, 52 55, and so you can see that there’s a huge amount of links here for the top 10 results. That’s great, because it gives us a huge amount of op tune in in terms of and replicating those links. So now that we’ve got the top ten results, what we want to really do now is get all the backlinks so on the Mars bar.

What we can just do is click on this link button here and it’s going to open up a tool called open site Explorer, which again is a tool made by moss, and this is really fantastic, because it gives you an almost complete overview of all the sites That are linking to that web page. So, as you can see, there is a total of and 4560 links coming from 1374 different domains. So, as you can see, there’s a pretty long list of links here and you can even go a grenadier night and see the huge amount of links.

So, let’s just have a look at the first one on the list here and if you can remember, what’s also important to determine, is and the page Authority and the domain authority of the page. That’s linking back to the site because its authority sites that I’ve hired page in domain authority that are really going to give a lot of power to the link. So this is a fantastic link. Right here comes from Time magazine, hugely authoritative site and, let’s just have addy look at the actual link here to get a sense of what it is.

So, as we can see, it said within the content itself, which is fantastic reference as a sort of citation as we’ve seen before, and it is a follow link because we’re using our little and nofollow tool and it’s as normal. So this is really fantastic and I think this gives you a sense of maybe what’s possible in terms of your link. Building campaigns great so another back link checking to we can use is called H, reps and essentially this could give us an inside to other links, because each of these tools individually scan the internet to try and find the links to the side.

So it’s going to check a couple of different ones. Just get a sense of all the links, plus all of these tools give slightly different perspectives in terms of additional information they offer. Some charts here on HH reps are very good, so it’s good to have a look at the mall and get a couple of different perspectives. Let’s just click into links, then, for this side, and so you can see that there is a list of links here as well.

They don’t give you as many unless you you sign up, but it can be good, especially in terms of some of the more visuals, and this can be a very good tool grade. So the third and final backlink checker tool that I want us to have a look at is called majestic SEO. So again you can use this, for free and – and all you need to do is again paste in the URL and we’re going to get a big list of backings as well against some other information, quite a good presentation about anchor text.

If you remember it’s important that there’s a good distribution in terms of the anchor text that points back to your site in order for it to look natural, we can click on backlinks here. Well, they’re asking you for a register for a free account, but I want to now, but they do have quite a good list of backlinks as well, plus some other additional information that so that was really step to finding all the backlinks.

Now, step 3 is really creating a list of all those backings. Quite so now that you’ve got the backings. What you really want to do is start analyzing them and really well. Firstly, actually what you want to do is maybe copy all the links into in excel. As many as you can, then you want to start analyzing them and really the best way to do that is through the links, and you can use scene of the mods power to go to determine the authority if their follow no follow links etc.

Using the nofollow Chrome extension and generally getting a sense of how difficult would it be to replicate something like that. So something like the Martha Stewart, King, fantastic idea, but obviously that takes a lot more planning and strategy, whereas other types inning for many guest blogs and slideshares. Things like that, they can be done quicker. So rest of the process, then really is to make a list analyze and then start replicating those things.

So I think this process is just fantastic for kicking off the whole brainstorming and even getting some easy lay links and then really planning your six months edge. In terms of your SEO campaigns, you


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