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Today’s article is really special for me today. Also I’m going to share my screen with you, because already by the title, you have idea that what I am going to talk about, it’s all about Instagram. Most of the people, they say that you have to do this kind of stuff. You have to do these things. Then you will win at Instagram. You will have a huge number of follow ups, but do you seriously thinks that do they things matter for you? Have you tested them? I mean I’m running Instagram my since last year, I am, I have been growing over 10,000 followers or the over the last six months.

Only if I can do that, then anyone can do that. It’s not a big thing, but I have tested a lot of things as you are my audience that I have tested many things on you, whether it’s my stories, whether it’s my podcast, whether it is different type of tweets or whether it’s different type of quantity, post Or whether it’s my personal pink thing that everything that was a tasting point of view to understand how actually Instagram was so right now at this stage, I have got a clear idea that at least I have clear data that how you should look at the sternum Or what type of matrix you should look at the Instagram, because lot of articles are available there? They will tell you that you have to do this thing.

Go. Do this thing have a higher rate of engagement and you will have get everything you want. You will grow your follower or Knight, but this is not something that really matters. There are some metrics that you have to lose. There are different types of content you have to put. You have to test a lot of things type personally, for my all, the international clients I work specifically, there are some clients they wanted to grow their Instagram, so I consult them.

I help them to grow their their Instagram, so I’ve been testing a lot of things. So today’s article is all about the Instagram. How I have been doing everything that Lyndell passed a 6 month, the the actual metrics you should look at, then you can decide when you have to post or the venue how to put a different type of content. So you will get a clear idea about it. So we are not going to waste any more of time.

It’s just like summarization of whatever I did in the last over the year. So you will get an idea that basic idea that what matter you should look at how you should should be posting. How often should be posting, how you trigger that emotion, all these things, some a turn like whether it’s psychology, obviously I also play with the psychology of people, psychology or cycle objects larger of the audience actually.

So, ultimately, unless we trigger that emotion, we cannot get them to your profiles or get them to follow them, get them to follow you. So when you have to do it, you have to look at the matrix whether how much were account reach as to the audience people. So ultimately, what happens when you post something it shows to the five to ten percent of your audience if they like on the engage on their post, then that it goes to their explore, plays explore place to the story places then they’re, showing to start showing to Your hashtag and different I come so I’m not going into deep into it.

Obviously I have but deep knowledge about it. That’s why I work with the international clients and I have been getting a good result for it, so I’m going to show you a basic matrix that you should look at if that, no one, no one, maybe you will see this all type of content. The first time – but I really want to share this because I have seen like whether it’s my books around France or book reader friends, they have been struggling a lot of to get ultimately follows base or growing their blog.

So this is what I’m going to share it, so we are not going to waste any more time, will directly go into the my screen and have a look at it from that. I am really talking we are talking about so I have created some like. I have out of that 200 L. 200 post. I have selected this much for this only post, because I cannot make the article more longer. Even I don’t want to make it more longer more than 20 20 minutes.

So I had chosen some of the examples that I tested and I wanted to show you that the results – that’s pretty horrible, so let let me just start so. This is the first image where I posted about to myself in the few few weeks. Back about the I went on a trade, can I post on this image? You can see that the like, where around 500 likes. So this is what I really wanted to talk about, so the interaction where only 10 when the profile visit our spend the disk or is quite less because that was not that that was a good pic, but that won’t like that’s what is not something that will Went viral so even out of that 27 people we’re not for wearing following me, but you can see that even if the vh is 500, I got that out of nine zero zero and I converted 22 into follows like if you, if you have a business account, You can have all the metrics, you can look at it see.

The impression is 1000 around you in the from home from hash tag every step. This is pretty normal post. It’s not something that big or huge enough, but this is just a basic where I posted about myself and when I was talking about myself. The second, because this I posted about the podcast they’re like we’re fairly low, because obviously forecast is not something that big enough. So I don’t think that most of the people will understand it, but the matrix, even the matrix, is really really low.

You can see that 22 profile receives when the one website click out of that pose to eat you to quite beginner climb into 1000 peoples. Out of that 30 percent, where in following me, but out of that I converted into two followers now you can see the different type of content. What works? What not! But here the hashtag rage is good, very good, see next one. This is the trending post like if you have see you have seen this post a lot of time about the LinkedIn Facebook Instagram tinder, so the even the like is quite good enough, but this is what I wanted to show see that profile visit.

I got out of this from the hashtag or the film is 19, the post, which around 1000 people out of that 47 people weren’t following me, but see this number 10 followers I caught out of this 10 followers, and the reach is quite good. Impression is quite good, but I got 10 followers. I mean this is how I able to scale my everything like when I, when I test two different types of graphics when I tried to test trending post.

So this is what I look at. I got out of it only 10 followers, so it’s a good either post, trending top, which is always to go with the trend, and you can get a lot of followers. This is the latest post. I mean you have seen the books. You should read in the the fairly good likes, but see this. There were only system interaction ports to reach a very low, even the it out of that 8 % where in following, because most of the people have saved this post.

Out of my, like my followers, but seek this number out of that, I got like this. Screenshot is within the one or two are after posted. I pick so after that, even like in less than 24 hours. This is something I want to talk about. Like I got all those 27, I mean that’s a good number to look at it out of when I post something. So this is another post where I posted a caption, really really good caption.

If you have not seen that caption go and read that caption, so you will understand so fairly good likes got it. The post went good and out of this like from the hashtag, it was 500, but I got 19 follows 90, follows 21 profile visit and out of that 22 website collects I mean that’s a good. If you are converting a product, if you’re selling something, then you should type your own picture, or you should talk about your something that is more important for the audience by this.

You will get a lot of following this. This something like will straight a long back. Something I came across funny because I wanted to test how a maim or how a humour posed to works on the Instagram, and this works really good. I mean this is my first trial when I did at that time. So at that time I fellow follower count was very low. I guess I I was around only five to six thousand photos. I guess if I’m not wrong, but the follows out of that likes.

I get value, but look at these numbers. This poll – I I took this screen sorter at that time, so I can see you I can you can see the results you created it quite low, also but out of the 32 percent where in following but see look at the followers I got out of that Because everyone shared that post that went viral like ultimately that post went viral for me and I’ll this is the desert. I got out of that only post.

If I go into insights, I caught profile visit 1700. Around put, I got follows out of that. Converted. 172. I mean if you make something shareable content. If you make something that people love, if you make something that people can relate to, then you get a huge number, here’s something or dear future. This is something I returned a long time back. I don’t know my second or third year of my college, about talking about the few, how I look at my future wife.

So this is also went viral. You can see that the likes are pretty high, see these numbers, I mean literally. I got shocked up to show up for this thing this this supposed to after this post. I deceived around 7,000 profile visits. I mean if you write something good. If you write something relatable ten, you get a lot of things like see this number. I got two values: it’s seven thousand and that’s a pretty huge as compared to all the things and out of that I converted 72, the obviously it’s not dyed, but this is how I able to grow my icon.

So this is the latest post about the book review, so I am targeting every other factor like how book review post works, how were humor post walls, so we are talking about everything. This is a book review where I post Raider inside of the book everything you want to know about the book and why this book is important, see this. This is a quite low. After, like less than three hours I took this picture.

I just took the screenshot so profile visited, I got only 19th, but the followers I got converted into two and reach, and you can say the impression I mean you can go with the your own post also. So this is something I really wanted to talk about when you look at this matrix. This is the real matrix. You should take consideration when you are doing something posting now. You have a better idea that what kind of post you should do I mean now.

You have a clear idea what you can do with this: what type of content you should post on Instagram? How you should you can target your audience so hope you find this helpful, because this is the real matrix I see when I am growing the profile. Obviously, the other matrix are how many sales are there. How many shares are there how many hashtag is used and all other things? I will talk about that later.

If you want that topic, put comment in the description that you wanted. You want more details about that. How I look at it? How I, how I see so it’s not only about Instagram, I destroyed LinkedIn, I tested Facebook. I tested everything. Even I tested run running ads also, so this is something I came across that I have shared only like four. I insist it post on you, but I do have a lot of case studies that I can go on and on on and on, but you’ll get bored.

So I don’t want it. So this is some of the metrics that you should look when you’re making something. So that’s all for I guess today’s article, you hope you have enjoyed this


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