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“Greedy Influencers” – Why The Integrity Of Your Brand Is At Risk

I don’t give a shit how rich you are, how much subscribers, how much money you have. I think, a lot of the times. The way you ultimately treat people speak so much more powerfully versus all that shit. Okay, guys! Is it just me, or is it getting hot in here, because we’re about to roast some of your favorite influencers, get it no hey guys.

Welcome to my blog. My name is Jane and if you’re new here, what’s up I’m 18 year old entrepreneur and today’s topic is actually requested by you – guys. A lot of people, maybe you’re, reading, create content online and I think the biggest thing we’re always curious about is how to grow. But also how to make a business out of it and we’ve seen so many people become really successful. On this platform, we’ve seen youtubers make millions of dollars from making articles selling their brands merch you get it, and I think so often we forget to think about brand integrity, which is why today, I’m going to answer your guys has 3 top questions about how to Build a sustainable business but keep your brand check.

So, if you guys wouldn’t know more and we’re about to expose some of your favorite people, I’m just keep on reading, I recommend actually grabbing a snack if you’re reading this. This article is better when you’re consuming not only information but a what a food of some choice so grab a snack. If you were, if you haven’t already hey Jade you’re super cool and I’ve been reading, you a lot lately. Thank you.

I am an inspiring fashion. Influencer and I follow a lot of successful bloggers in my knees, how do you engage a more mature audience that is more likely to wash than just be silent woo? This is a really really good question like I don’t even know how to properly answer it. So, let’s see what I pull up, madam ass, okay, so for anyone doesn’t know, what’s going on, I like to use the Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus approach right.

These Disney stars, at least when I grew up, were everything to me. I don’t know why, but these Disney stars, whatever they did, I fangirl over. I will talk to my mom I’ll comment on their post. When I was younger, I would read a show every single time but, as I grew older, more shit happened. I got busier and now I’m less fan girlie. So this question is tailored to people who maybe are at the point where their audience isn’t at a fan, girlie mode because they’re so much more mature.

I guess the question I’m always personally curious is how would you create an engaging fanbase if your audience isn’t at that age point? So, if you’re someone who’s curious about that, this is what I have to say. You think about it. There’s a certain age point where, yes, your audience matures they’re less active because their attention is spread out when you grow up, I mean I’m only 18 years old, but I can tell you you: when you grow up, you get more work, you think about money.

There’s a lot more stressful things that you keep about so your time and attention for entertainment is getting a lot less, so your attention is, however, so fleeting. If you really want to engage with a more mature audience, you need to be able to solve their problem. I think the biggest thing that a lot of fashion influencers do is, I would say, I’m not I’m going to roast anyone, but you know it’s kinda, like a tick, tock er, a tick talker is someone who probably makes a lip-synch article you’ve definitely seen.

Okay. If you haven’t seen one your life, I know one of the famous ones is like Lauren, gray, right and Lauren gray. You know you read a cool little article, then you just like it and you swipe away and that’s the end because you’re not there she’s not really solving any problems, she’s just dancing with her belly button open right, okay, Mona! I want to make a quick disclaimer and also say that if you’re someone who tells stories or is a movie maker that entertains people that’s also solving people’s problem, humor and laughter is solving someone’s needs, because when we are busy at work, you know we want to Relieve stress so don’t be limited to and I think, solving a problem as thinking you have to be like an informative value teacher.

You can also tell stories and add humor just make sure you’re adding value to someone’s life, whether it’s humor education or motivation. I have a whole article about adding value. If you want to read the article I’ll link it below on ways, you can do it without feeling overwhelmed to answer this question properly. Just try to stray away from tik-tok type of content and focus on value based giving, for example, story times a lot of personal advice.

Q & A is going into your audience and seeing them asking them. What are you currently facing? If you don’t know, ask there’s fucking 7 million features on your Instagram stories to do Q & A and polls. So you know what your market is facing and I think my educated, our self and what’s going on you’re able to create engagement because true engagement when we can older it’s just conversations right. It’s less of this like yeah.

Like I love you, it’s a two-way street. My biggest advice, if you are trying to engage someone, the older, is to create conversations and the best way to start conversation is by solving the problem and asking. How can I help you how’s? That made sense, I don’t know. I do think it’s interesting, though, because I don’t think there’s anything wrong with tic tucker’s and we love Lauren gray, all right.

So the second question is: I’m a fashion, blogger too, and I want to collaborate with well known world brands. It’s important that I concentrate on a specific location, for instance, if i’ma from Russia. Is it better for me to write in a Russian audience or gather in English? Do big brands give a shit about location, I’m struggling what language to decide from? Firstly, you understand why you want to work with big brands, because one, it’s typically a nightmare, because big brands typically don’t even reach out to most people.

They have influencer marketing agencies, so you’re just going to deal with the middleman, which aka means they’re just going to take more money from you. So just ask yourself: why do you want to work with big brands if it’s, because you genuinely believe in Nike or because you like, genuine, like this brand, like that’s another story, but sometimes I feel like a lot of people just want to work a big brand.

So they can feel cool, but you need to know why, because it will bite you in the ass and sometimes like you eat to where you want to go. For example, there was a big company that wanted to work with me, and I thought it was great because I felt cooler it’s a corporate big company and I remember it was actually fucking horrible, because there were so much they were so slow like to make a Decision they have to go through their HR for Ventura, CEO and then they inter came back to me and be like hey Jade.

Sorry, we don’t have the budget for this project. What I’m trying to say is know why one you want to work with Vikram. The second step is chase request, my language, the answer is typically, if you are working with a big brand, you need to know where their audience comes from and who their customer is. If you want to work with Nike right and you feel like there’s biggest problem, is they can’t reach the Russian market, then speak and Russian, because you’re going to connect your audience better? It’s like this.

The reason why I you have to understand what brands you want to work with is because we want you want to help them essentially spread. The word right so by default. Ask yourself: does this brand struggle reaching this demographic? I think a lot of influencers are competing because they don’t feel like they’re special, but if you do speak a language you can leverage it. It would definitely double down on your language because it just makes you stand out and it’s a tricky conversation right.

Some brands. Only one english-speaking customers, so it depends you have to do a research, I would say all right guys, it’s getting hot huh and if your support enjoyed this article, please give this article a like and subscribe on this blog. We talk about social media growth, starting a business, and I am here for you because I genuinely have a passion for helping. You guys destroy your brand and hopefully you know give you some big sister advice or big brother advice, but yeah make sure you guys, like this article and subscribe if you haven’t already okay.

So the third and last question is by far the most important. I don’t think you need anything else, but this piece of information. Okay, so this question is also from seventh Lana. You could you guys quick, really good, really, good questions? She asks. No one really talks about ethics and values of a brand. Can a brand turn you down because they don’t want to be associated with you also, vice versa.

Can I turn down people if I don’t believe in their product, so I think this can be solved and towards brand integrity. If you want to work with a brand – and you know matched what they need and also on the other and find brands that you actually resonate with, we have to stop taking short-term decisions. I don’t give a shit how rich you are, how much subscribers, how much money you have. I think, a lot of the times.

The way you ultimately treat people speak so much more powerfully versus all that shit. I can give you so many examples. Okay, there is a you know, famous case right now: there’s a youtuber called Britney Donna Fitness, Instagram fitness influencer, accused of scamming clients across the country. Britney dawn took their money for fitness plans and then never delivered, and now many of them are taking those complaints.

She had a scandal about scamming her own audience. You know we’ve heard about maybe that Jacqueline Hill scandal we have to stop thinking so short term. I mean we asked we need to make money, get our coin cyst. But how is this affecting your brand long term and this long term really mean like stop thinking in three-month cycles of like what can I hit this quarter but think about what do I want to hit in five years? Because when you think about five year, visions and again going back to the initial conversation like when you know your, why why you work with a brand? Why you do something you think longer term? Which means you know what you stand for.

So what brand comes up to you say? Hey mr. John, I want to work with you I’ll pay, you ten grand. Will you do it, but you know deep down that this will long-term collide with your morals, which is maybe not selling a product. It’s a scam! You’re going to turn it down and by doing that, you’re going to save time, but not only that your own brand and value which is going to keep you longer term, because your audience will trust you.

I think so often we trade and Trust for short-term benefits and integrity is all about doing the right thing when no one is reading. So, if you’re, someone who is still confused on how to keep brand integrity, here’s my three tips. You just need to know it’s really simple step, one if you’re trying to keep your brand integrity step. One is to know your. Why know what you want like? What do you stand for? Ask yourself out? What do you stand for? If you don’t know, you’re going to make short-term shit you’re going to shortcut your way into success, you’re going to buy followers, I’ve done that you’re going to take deals that you don’t really actually believe in I’ve done that you’re going to make brands change you for Who you are because you want the money I’ve done.

That example, I can give you a story time at the very end of this article, if you want to hear actually personal situation to me, step two find brands that have your. Why, if your, why is to stay ethical or save – I don’t know beautiful in your own skin, don’t take a detox product like a fitness, tea cuz! It’s going to collide with your audience right, so find brands with a similar. Why it’s very simple: if they don’t have an about Us page about how they source their ingredients and you or someone who’s ethical, your problems shown to that bring them actually.

In one instance, there was this company that basically does Instagram growth automation and they were going to pay me. I think two grand for a article just mentioning their name and I post hundreds of years on this blog. But I remember my whole. Why is to build a brand long-term and don’t use shortcuts and there? Why is to make shortcuts? I said no, because I Baloo that you would collide with what I believed in and therefore break so many of my audience’s trust and also my own morals and ethics.

Again, brand integrity, so I guess step three is like you heard: you need to connect your Y with their Y and, if that’s a yes, you should be good to go into that deal and taking that money, because it’s an exchange of saying true to your core And building a company off of good ethics. I know this is may be basic information, but I feel like step so important if you haven’t spent 10 minutes just like sipping your tea and thinking about your wife.

Please please do that today. I don’t give a shit if you are, you know scrolling on YouTube. We’re really fuckin stressed out just sit down and ask yourself why? What is your, why what do you stand for? It will save you so much more time and build trust all right guys. I want to quickly shut it to the current winner. Do you wan na be the next homeowner just corn, below your questions? Your thoughts? Do you agree with me with brand integrity? How do you guys stay true, and let me know if you have any stories of other influencers that have fucked up and maybe we can learn from alright guys.

I love you guys so much domination. Thank you for reading. I will see you guys in the episode. 2 of the startup, if you don’t know what the startup is, I invite you to my youtube series, which is my story of how I grew my business. What I’m doing – and I hope you enjoy – if you don’t, if you haven’t seen any episodes I’ll link a playlist below I invite you to join and be a part of the domination alright guys.

I love you so much guys. The next one tag me on instagram follow me, love you please,

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I went from 0 to 19.5K Instagram followers in one year (and lost 2K the next year)

I reached nineteen point, five thousand followers. How I did that is. I will show you in this article and I will show you as well how I lost 1,500 to 2,000 followers in the next year. So a bit of a big story on why I started posting interior content on Instagram.

I was just moved into a new city. I was hating my job I was born. I was creatively unfulfilled. I decided to pick a more creative hobby, something to more tickle my creative brain, and so, if I outlet outside of work, I wouldn’t buy the username talking spaces don’t go, it was also the URL to my blog and I posted my first picture. It was the last picture I snapped off my previous home engaged it. I will put it on the screen somewhere over here or here.

I kind of discovered this whole community of Interior related content on Instagram, and I started interacting with people that were inside that community. As well little by little, I started getting a few followers. I think it took me about a month to get 200 followers like good, a person with low self-esteem inside this eco sphere of likes and hearts and positive reinforcement. And so obviously I got addicted to it.

And I started to spend more and more time on it and I started to be more analyze: posts of butters and hashtags day used and which compositions they used, which colors they used, how they edited their photos. And here there I started to take tips and tricks from them, and this is where my first really great tip comes in because you can use, for example, hashtag interior design for pictures like I posted or home decor.

But it’s way more effective to go with more specific hashtags. So for me that was a small spaces squad. A studio apartment eclectic decor. This is why I have to try every day this one has grown. It loves right now so surely, but steadily. I started to create a few sets of hashtags for different kind of pictures that I would use with a lot of retailers and specific hashtags. Another thing that really accelerated my growth was using stories and there are a few ways to use stories and I think here consistency is key.

So, basically never should you have an empty stories that it’s not clickable and what you are going to share. It’s basically up to you, because it’s a more rough of the curve, something you just want to share something you just want to show and what really helped me back then was to share other people’s pictures tagging them in it and also not just throwing it out There also not saying it’s a shot-for-shot, because that can really feel canoing if someone comes to you like, please show me out, but really putting something in it like, for example, someone shares my picture and they say something really specific about it.

There’s more chance. I will share it in my stories again or I will check out your accounts to see what you’re sharing and what your aesthetic is like. What I also did was create my own hashtag, so my username was talking, spaces don’t go, and I created the hashtag talking spaces because every Friday I would use stories to shout out people that use that hashtag share the best of what they had to show.

So what that does it creates kind of a community community around you you’re, not only part of the community, if you’re doing it like that, because you’re also in the middle of it, so people started to use the hashtag and also make sure to follow me because, If they don’t follow me, they will think maybe he’s not going to share it. If I don’t follow him, another great tip – and I did this really early on and it really paid off – was interacting and following with Meghan and blogs and compilation accounts like comes.

Let’s share pictures from different accounts because that’s a really great way to get access to and greater audience every time it got shared there. It meant a great influx of new followers because they discovered me, so you really have to see what’s your niche and you have to interact with magazines in that area. It’s really good to see similar accounts to you and who they follow and who they are getting followed by and that’s a way to see what kind of niche you fit into and that’s a great way to see what kind of hashtags would work for you.

It’s great to see what kind of people will be interesting in following you as well, and it’s really a great idea to interact with those kind of accounts. Not only because it’s interesting to you this because clearly they have similar interest to you, but because the company they share and the huge person is shared, it has a kind of Overland. My memory was full and we’re cutting up and the framing is worse.

But, let’s get back so slowly but steady, I was reaching 500 followers and I was noticing there. It’s people that were just starting out with Instagram accounts we’re starting to follow me because they saw me as a bit more of an established name in the community and what’s really important here, is that those people they they want to be understood. They want to communicate. They want to be friendly to people, and what I saw a lot was account said were the were a bit more established.

There was not coming back on smaller accounts; they would not like back on smaller accounts and I think, that’s really stupid to do because we’re all human beings. Why would you not answer someone if they’re saying something nice to you on your picture, so I would suggest comments back everyone, that’s coming from your picture and if it’s something that you’re not really sure what to comment back just heart, the comments or just reply with An emoji something nice.

If you notice someone that’s commenting like on every picture. You post it’s nice to just check out Derek comments, and maybe it’s something you want to follow as well. So if coming back get to know the people behind defeats answer your PMS only the nice ones, not the dirty ones and the flirty ones and the kind of weird ones you get and be open and real with what you post, because I noticed we’re more diff.

The pictures that were, hopefully Photoshop kind of turned me off and also people deaf in their captions, were like really high and mighty and know-it-all about what they shared like. They knew everything about interior design. If someone was acting like that, it started to turn me off, and I really didn’t like this, so I should just be open and real, but just stay humble just you’re, just another Instagram account you’re, not some big shot because she reached a lot of followers.

Stay. Humble so I think this is where my account started to stand up, because I was sharing pictures in a really mundane way. I shared pictures where you saw the messiyah my home. I shared pictures with a trash bag on the background or a really messy bed, or something like that, and because the other side of, like the big community of Instagram, was basically, I saw people that took pictures and they photoshopped away plug outlets and they photoshopped away.

The line of the ceilings make it look bigger and because my pictures were more relatable and real. I think that did a lot of good for my former bassist well in the moment that I was shared by a lot of magazines and blogs and compilation accounts. It took me quickly into I think 6,000 followers, but quickly after that, I started to really get close to like the magical and amazing 10k like this might be a real tip or something you say, like obviously yeah, but be a nice person, because I saw a Lot of people just being assholes on the Instagram, and I saw a lot of people also feeling self-important that they, for example, commented on a few blogs or magazine accounts and that they were commenting.

When am I going to get shared or why are you not noticing me? Instagram is a big place. It’s not easy to get noticed, so it’s not that they personally have something against you. If they don’t notice you, but it’s just not happening yet, and people ask. Will get dismissed? Ok, let’s zoom out a second for all the tips. I’ve given so far, it’s a precursor to death. It’s important that your content is interesting.

It’s visually pleasing your captions are relatable or funny, or they give something to the people. A lot of people share like really complaining stuff like today, I had to go to the grocery store and someone cut me up and I felt so angry I’m not looking for negativity on my feet. So why would I follow it an account that dust is like on the regulator? Also, a good thing is that your content has to be recognizable.

People have to see a picture. You post, and you have to instantly know that. Oh this is this. In this person’s picture, but on the flip side of death, if you’re posting really the same picture on and on and on again like it doesn’t matter if you’ve taken a different picture. But if the content of the picture is basically the same, people will get bored and I see a lot of accounts right now. That kind of got big because they had like a really pretty dining room and they kind of latch on together.

And they hang on to death right now, they’re still sharing the same picture or the same setup and they’re not getting the likes anymore, because people have seen it like all the people that want to see it have discovered it by now, and it’s not news anymore. Above all, the other tips like interacting with people sharing interesting content being open, honest and relatable and don’t or captions using stories.

I think the main thing that plays into your growth on Instagram is consistency and it’s consistency in posting and it’s consistency in how much you interact with the app if you’re, finding a sustainable amount of time. You can do, for example, you post every day and you spend an X amount of time every day on the app interacting with content. That’s the main way to really get growth, because Instagram will see that you are pumping out interesting content on a consistent basis and it will take you seriously and besides that people will know if they see a picture of you and they see exactly one day later.

Another picture of you and exactly a day later another picture of you. They will know that they’re getting their fix on a daily basis and it will go check for you. So, even if the algorithm isn’t in your favor, they will know today there will be a new picture or a new article or something only is instagram page and i’m going to check it out. Another great tip is to know your niche and you have to play into it and that’s both in how you share your content and how you use your hashtags, but also to me as an interior Instagrammer.

It meant. I changed that my interior, more not only for my followers, also because I like to, but it kind of showed me what my people liked, and that was a reflection of what I like and all like minded people. I saw their trends coming on and I changed my interior to reflect that. So I was noticing my accountant was mainly interesting to people who are looking for tiny living things, drifting and vintage interior and our big-city living.

And I was noticing that a bit of an overlap to that where it was the urban jungle trend or how you would call, and that’s why I started to play more into dance. I had a lot of plants in my home already. I was just not using the hashtag — jungle and house pens make me happy and all the more specific hashtags for that niche. So I started to branch out from one age to another, not letting the first one guy out but just building upon it and that’s also really important.

You don’t go from one thing to one thing completely different: you have to stay in your own lane. Basically, but you are allowed to branch out a bit so back, then I don’t know if it’s still a trend, but back then it was really popular to participate in common spots, and this is basically a group chat with people on Instagram, where, as soon as you’re Posting you will notify the group chat and they will all go to your picture and they will like and comment on it, and this is basically to kind of fully augur if M that you’re getting a lot of interaction on your picture from the get-go, I was Offered to participate loads of times – and I never get this which later on, I think, is a good thing, because Instagram has really statements about comment balls and how they are cracking down on it.

But to me it just felt like it felt inauthentic, and it’s really also. I didn’t have the time to every time. Someone commented in a group chat to directly go to the photo and directly comment something. So I didn’t do that and I think it’s for the better, because there are some accounts. I know that have participated in comment. Boats. That’s right now are falling off big time. They still have great interaction in comments, but there are apps to see what your authentic engagement and it’s really awful for those people, because it’s really easy to see what comes from a common boss or you have those apps that you can copy-paste the same reaction to Different photos and it’s really obvious to see the same comments from the same people on every photo in the same kind of community community.

So I was doing amazing. It was November of 2018 and I think I was around 18 and a half thousand followers. And in November I started to really step up my game and I was posting a blog post every day I called it La Femme, but this also was great for my growth because more content, it was interesting content. If I say so myself, it meant more followers and at the end of November, are somewhere in mid December.

I think I reached 19 thousand followers and that’s when stuff started to go down, because I picked something that was not sustainable because consistency is key on Instagram and I was posting so much which I couldn’t keep up, because I literally I was working a full-time job. I was posting every day on Instagram I was posting a blog post. Every day I tried to have a social life sighs that it was way too much to do so after November.

I stopped it obviously, and I started to post list on Instagram, because basically it was just burned out. This instantly led to a decrease in new followers. I was not losing yet, but my growth was fluttering quickly. Another thing that greatly influenced my drop in followers. I think is that my interior changed and it changed quite drastically. All of a sudden, because in December I painted my wall black and until then my niche was the more lies wide with vintage accents plain bluffing, vintage laughing home in an old house.

And if you see that you throw in a black wall, it doesn’t mesh well and also later on. I was moving and I was moving to a new bill tome and that’s the opposite of what people like about my account. Because people start following me, because I had like a really nice old home, with beautiful ceilings and beautiful large windows and high ceilings. And I moved to a place that was way more healthy for me to live in and I loved it so much more, but visually it’s less interesting.

It’s really a basic flat that I’m living in right now. Also, I changed up my interior style, then again, because I started to have more modern furniture that wasn’t up pretty thrifted or something I don’t know why? Because right now, I’m back back to basics again with only thrifted furniture, but I changed it up and two followers that follow you, because of one reason that means that they are not interested in your content anymore, so this ring had started dropping quite rapidly.

I think, basically, I put myself so deep into my niche that, as my interests were changing and my style was changing and I myself was changing. It felt inauthentic to the people following me because they never saw me sharing something about it, because I was just only sharing what I thought people wanted see. People were uninterested in the things I shared, and so they smash to death and full of button.

No hard feelings, I do exactly the same if I follow someone and they are changing up their content big-time and it’s not interesting to me. Why would I follow along? Another thing I suspect, influenced my drop in followers were poorly designed unrelated sir posts, and on top of that I was disclosing that stuff was gifted or paid promotion or PR product or it was a PR offence, but other people in the mainly Dutch interior community they’re, Not disclosing anything about sponsorship and if they do, they really hide it deep into their hashtag.

So people will not see it so it looked like I was doing all of these sponsored posts and they were doing nothing and I really stood out because of it, and I was also taking and that’s really stupid, because I didn’t really get money for it or I didn’t really get something I wanted, but it’s just if people reach out to me and they wanted to work with me, I was really excited to most of them in the beginning.

I said yes – and I said yes without really looking into the brands that wanted to work with me and I think that’s really bad, because a sponsorship is not a two-way street you’re, not working with only the company and the influencer. Followers are really a big part of it, and I didn’t look into this and that’s really bad. I think I think that really influenced my dropping followers, the most in the end, so I was kind of lost with what I wanted to share on Instagram and I made the conscious decision to just stop caring about followers and just start posting.

Whatever I felt like – and I think that really did a lot to me in a positive way, because I started to see what I like to post and also by trying out stuff, I noticed that it wasn’t for me. So, on top of that, I changed my username from talking spaces co2, just my first name with a lot more art in it to make it more personal and to really share that image of the content creator. I was at first and through really sharing whatever I felt like, and I think it was mainly the period between February and basically tail two months ago, like November of 2019, I just shared whatever I like, and I still most followers logically, but it really showed me What I like to share so flashback to now I’m right now, as I think seventeen point, four thousand followers which is growth again, I think at my lowest point.

I was at seventeen points, one that wasn’t forest and I really want to share how gets happening because it’s a three full explanation. First of all, I started to get more interested again in what I share it. Second of all, I refrain my consistency because right now I’m posting at twice a week instead of every day, and I think Instagram is getting the hang of it now. Obviously, my growth is less than when I posted every day, but it’s better than when I posted every day, while hating my content and while not interacting with anyone, and I also reframed my expectations, because in the heyday of my like Instagram journey, if a picture didn’t Get to thousands likes, it was a field picture.

It was not doing great and right now, if my picture has above 200 likes that’s great to me. That means 200 people looked at it and they were interested enough to like it, and I think it’s as well. If everyone on the platform gets less interaction right now, and I’m not sure how that happens, but it’s great to know because that reframes your expectation from it and it reframes what success means. Instagram is basically mirroring what you do.

So if you put a lot of time and effort into it and your content is obvious – obviously interesting fish easing if you’ve put a lot of effort into it, you get more out of it. So that’s how you reach 19,000 followers in one year and then losing 2,000 followers in the next year. I hope this was interesting to you and I hope you got something out of it if you’re looking to grow an Instagram audience or if you struggle with an existing Instagram accounts that doesn’t really like go as good as it did.

It’s not that much that it’s! I think really life hacks to grow on Instagram. It’s just really insight on how to my knowledge into my experience, the Instagram platform works. Also. I want to add that in no way, I’m claiming to really know a lot about the algorithm or that I’m really knowledgeable about social media marketing or SEO, or something like that, because if people say that it annoys me a lot and that’s also why I kind Of debate it’s about filming this article, I don’t want to sound like an oil or something like this.

I just wanted to share my story because people that say they know a lot about the algorithm or give tips and tricks about it. Not even to people at Instagram headquarters know how the algorithm works. It’s a self learning machine, it’s way more complex than if you do X, then you get Y. So I think it’s really insane that a lot of people do. I have this business about how to trick the algorithm or something it doesn’t work like that.

So I hope this doesn’t come up as know-it-all or preachy or patronizing. I just hope my story, maybe was fun to listen to or give some insights into how your Instagram experience is. Also, something I want to add is that, above all the tips that I shared or all the things that I did, that I shared there’s a lot of luck into it, a lot of times, it’s being at the right place at the right time. I had no influence is over whether or not an accountant was checking me out or whether or not one of those magazines was going to share my home.

It was all up to luck, but you can kind of play into luck by being there and by trying to go after things you want to have so basically, it’s mostly about luck and all the earth tips are just supporting it’s too dead. So thank you for reading and thank you for following along also here on YouTube. I had a lot of fun working on this article and now I have a lot of fun getting into the editing and the filming site of making YouTube articles.

So if you have tips and tricks on that, let me know down below and also if you have tips and tricks about growing your Instagram audience, leave them also down below for me and for others to read. Also, my Instagram is linked down below. If you want to check out that I’m not just talking out of my ass about all of this, it’s real! I really did that. It’s not that interesting! Basically, but you can check it out down below.

I swear is a good time over there. So I’ll see you next week and till then stay cool. I don’t have a sign-off, so it’s basically see you next week. Bye


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I’ll. Keep this real. Today, Yeah yeah Yeah. Let’s pull up phone Cuz this time we need to be on our phones. Well, we’re going to talk a little. The topic of this one is going to be. How do you get instagram subscribers Honestly we’re doing this article, because we know this gets a lot of clicks, But we can also help you guys out ones.

A lot. We’ve learned a lot from this whole process. Yeah I mean you have your subscriber count is. Is I think it’s awesome, I think anything over 10 K, because on your Instagram story You can have people swipe up. You know Feature So anything over 10 K to me. I think, is awesome. I think that’s a solid amount of yeah followers Yeah. So the first goal for Instagram is to get to 10,000 followers and I would say, make that a goal make that a goal because, Like you said this wipe up feature, It makes you look a little bit more official because people go ooh.

Oh, you can swipe up on your page like they get aroused from it. Sometimes I can’t do that or or also Treat yourself like a business Yeah. I was going to go. Take a facebook Go to Facebook, make a page who cares if they follow it or not, Link that to your Instagram and now you can see your analytics what you need to see, because you need to see Who’s reading it from where it was clicking on it. How many people are saving these photos? The traffic sources, all these different things, which we can break that down? We can literally break down the Impressions and everything if you guys want in another article.

Just let us not leave a comment down below We’re going to try to hit as many points as we can Yeah, but so it shows audience information, activity, information, content, information and then between there It’ll tell you from what cities. What days, how many people are getting impression, reach and all those different things? You need Facebook to see that information that will also allow you to promote a photo.

What do you think about promoting photos? What is it’s a two-sided thing? I instr is pushing more people to do it because, obviously you have to pay for it So, but I don’t think it’s effective Whatsoever. If you got a article on your Instagram, let’s say right and the content is compelling content. So let’s say If I have a bunch of sneakerhead followers: That’s my demographic! If I have the hottest sneaker out there Super early and and within that from one to seven Second mark.

If I have a article, if it’s, if I grab people’s attention, Then it’s perfect to promote that right. But if it’s just a regular, oh I’m just deciding to post randomly today, I just want to spend the extra little. Is it just kind of like that? It’s not bad If you’re just putting it out there just to put it out there, It’s not worth it whatsoever, it falls into. The no body cares category 100 % and I will swipe as soon as I see promote on your Profile or whatever photo pops up.

I’m swiping it as soon as possible because the more you click in post, then you get more advertisers on your page, Which you don’t want. However, times it was on your feet like one. I don’t, but I do now because I analyze all this stuff now, But before I’m saying as a regular user, you wouldn’t walk. You know how have you ever noticed? You get like a post, a post and it’s like three days old You’re like Jesus Christ, and then you look and it’s like advertisement post advertisement post advertisement You’re like breath, Wan na see more advertisers name posts Yeah.

So how do we get into that Mix? That is the next question. How do we get seen? How do we get those likes? What it was some of this algorithm that they speak, So the Machine I was so Is Decide which your niche is going to be on instantly like food. Do you make food? Do you like sneakers, are the model? Are your photographer Figure out what your lane is going to be and try to stay within that Lane as best as possible? So then you have subcategories outside of.

If you like sneakers, Do you sale sneakers or do you just take photos of sneakers or are you a restorer? These subcategories Are really important, because people will know exactly why they’re following you right, so that allows for you to get on the popular page. You know what I’m saying It allows for you to create hashtags that allow your content to be seen by more people, So, like I always say, treat yourself like a business.

They allow you to have five Instagram accounts on your page and you don’t have to worry about signing in they just pop up. I don’t know if you can see it. It’ll show the five instagrams right here on the page Right, So you get to have five active instagrams going. I have six instagrams, I have to sign in and out for one of them and I want to start two more. But what I do personally have a personal Instagram.

We got a business Instagram. Then we have the YouTube Instagram. Then I have a hair Instagram for women’s hair. Then I have a clothing Instagram for women’s clothing and then I have an Instagram for men’s or not Man’s, but football cleats and just dope cleats itself. So I can target each thing, all the stuff that I’m interested in all the demographics, the camera toaster. Okay, we’re all on camera, but I can target all those things and not put it all on the same feed.

So now I’m attacking and each category instead of trying to confuse my followers or what are you person dog? Did I come for this or dare come for that Yeah most people, I wouldn’t say most, but a lot of people make fake accounts. Most people have a personal account that they post and maybe they just add Friends and family and then they’ll have an account. That is more to the public and what they want, the public to see right and then some people just has they have the trash account that they’re common in dump stuff under popular pages well, instead of using the trash account for commenting Without posting, I actually use That to let’s say, repost popular content right, one of the more popular Instagrams that I follow would be pipe piece.

Let’s say right: they don’t so they use anything. No, they they literally, they just repost, really popular content. Yet, from other really big pages, You can do the same thing and you’ll gain a small following in a little growing a bit row Before you know it. You have a couple thousand followers and hey. Let’s say you want to create your own personal public page off of that following, but that doesn’t guarantee that the followers that you have accumulated Will like the material that right now posting since you switched account, But that’s a great way to gain followers.

And then, if you want to switch that and make that your personal account, you can do that too. Yeah, that’s definitely a great option. I mean yeah, taking other people’s content, basically and creating a page around that in that niche of the market. Just make sure you give them whoever you got the photo from give them their credit tag them in the photo. Okay or in the comments or whatever so say, hey.

You know, still shouting the mouth to say: Hey. I got the picture from this person, but re posting it and it’s on my page and Like what I do with the football cleats. I haven’t taken any of those photos on that page, but photos get thousands of likes Because I’m just reposting dope stuff that I’ve seen you can almost treat it like a gallery. You can just start a page, and it’s just like that’s what I did instead of having photos in my phone, I just saved them, always always saving.

I’m like I might as well take all these dope photos and make an Instagram with it smart and let it grow. So that’s what I did with the football cleats when it was just kind of like Album for myself that be like all hey. If you want to join it, look at the stuff I like come on right got a coffee page. I got a Fitness page like whatever you’re into go for it. It doesn’t hurt, There’s going to be a million pages out there, Possibly doing the same thing.

You’re doing but hey just continue to post and the more consistent You are the more following new great Yo game. So always always look to get better, always look to push yourself to get better. I think that’s a very important thing. Post dope content Try to get better each and every time try to get more creative use. The inspiration from other creators. That’s always a good option. Yeah find a way to set yourself apart in your industry, but still be unique in yourself.

At the same time, We get politically correct So Yeah You can act, a fool on Instagram. You know you can go to six nine route, you go to soldier boy You’re out and you can just post the craziest stuff that you can think of. Yeah Well create Great, not just post Yeah great the most crazy. What but I was right. I wouldn’t recommend that you create No, you repost, don’t create just repost it, but you can go that route.

You can act, fool I mean. That’s that always works Always be safe, Always be safe. I never put anybody nacho, So you know I’m not recommending right. Don’t ever put nobody else at danger, Like don’t do that stuff. That is not no don’t be doing that stupid. Um But yeah other than that man, I mean there’s a lot of ways that I can say Other than that there’s like a million in one ways, But I know one of the quicker ways to get following would be following.

Follow We definitely Yes, okay! So if you start the page, yes Follow up follow you start the page expect like a ten percent conversion will say: ten percent sometimes is Laura. It all depends on 100 people you get. Ten people will follow You back, so they have a new rule. Now, If you follow too many people, they’ll stop you and block you from that. So you can’t follow too many people at once, but just all you got Instagram and follow people throughout the day.

30 people here 50 people there. Whatever you get to a number that you want in follower account and then well, people that are following you hit that number and then unfollow everybody, and now you have an account with 5,000 followers 10,000 for 15,000 photos whatever it may be, and then start really honing. In on the content that you’re creating and people value followers by the way, and if you have built content most times That will follow you back But see, the thing is: is when People get dope pages that follow them will read to see.

If that page will unfollow, so they definitely It’s a game for sure and they definitely will unfollow if you unfollow, so Your followers will fluctuate. I haven’t done that in a long time, and we actually don’t know if I should say this on camera Kathy I’ll use. The back and it’s probably been like 3 years now. I used a bot that, like auto light stuff and auto, commented on stuff, Oh yeah, like throughout the night.

It’s commenting on hundreds of pages and people are seeing my comment going straight to my page. You either liking a photo or Going and subscribing or follow them up. I was like yeah, Oh Yeah, I don’t know if they have like BOTS and stuff that do that stuff anymore. I don’t know if you guys want to know more about that leave a comment down below I’m trying to think of what else don’t ever under value yourself and your creation is in your content.

We both got me coming up with some stupid stuff, though Yeah. Let’s be honest, There’s a lot of dumb stuff on his Small percentage of stuff that I actually enjoyed with an axe. That’s like really, don’t you think about it And when you think about it, The explore page is is amazing, because if I saw all the dumb stuff that is posted on a daily basis offering I’ll go crazy, like before, I used to think that the explore page Was just literally for, like 10 % of the Highest followed, instagrams and I’ll just keep seeing the same people over and over, but you know what Wasn’t bringing good stuff You know.

I’m saying it enough, like is definitely more curate. You know, and you can go by car, So check that stuff out also, if you’re, if you’re hosting yeah yeah Yeah. That is well So make sure your hashtagging. If For the micro groups, whatever you are, If this food and then you cook food, your chef then make sure your hash tagging all the popular hashtags on them from the highest Followed chef. If they use hash tag, They usually don’t anymore because they be too popping.

This, when you look at the hash tag, to look at the hash tags that are actually Active, click on the hashtag and see how many posts are coming in Kind of per day or every you’ll see if you click on it and keep refreshing it You’ll notice. More post, more post, more post, But if you click on it refresh it the next day and it looks damn they’re the same, the hash tag is dating Yeah, don’t use that hash tag, use the hash tag, that’s actually active done and you kind of want to Middle to your hash tag is Ridiculous, where it’s populating by the second.

So once you repost, you literally all the way, thousands of posts down its to I Middle tier, where you’re going to be able to own like, like a hundred to five hundred thousand uses Yeah. I would I would say around there, because then you have hash tags with millions right and they’re getting thousands per minute right. So you want to make sure that you get a hash tag where you going to be populated on the page at a decent line.

There’s so many things we could talk about histogram. We hope that this helps, if anything be original, be SL. If you use other content, just do it towards what you love be passionate about it. That’s what I can say, as you continue to grow, treat people the right way. Do it the right way, all the troll pages Control me, Yeah, hat AC e, underscore la see. Each row me DJ, go ham, underscore sneaker going to say spammy, You just troll, I’m! Finally, off the top of the head, This is cool.

We’ve been one, take breaking it by the way, all night, Long more articles coming soon to a camera. You use our jaw like comment, share, subscribe, See y’all, mother,


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how to increase Instagram followers in 2020 | easy way to grow Instagram | 10k followers

Today’s article is really special for me today. Also I’m going to share my screen with you, because already by the title, you have idea that what I am going to talk about, it’s all about Instagram. Most of the people, they say that you have to do this kind of stuff. You have to do these things. Then you will win at Instagram. You will have a huge number of follow ups, but do you seriously thinks that do they things matter for you? Have you tested them? I mean I’m running Instagram my since last year, I am, I have been growing over 10,000 followers or the over the last six months.

Only if I can do that, then anyone can do that. It’s not a big thing, but I have tested a lot of things as you are my audience that I have tested many things on you, whether it’s my stories, whether it’s my podcast, whether it is different type of tweets or whether it’s different type of quantity, post Or whether it’s my personal pink thing that everything that was a tasting point of view to understand how actually Instagram was so right now at this stage, I have got a clear idea that at least I have clear data that how you should look at the sternum Or what type of matrix you should look at the Instagram, because lot of articles are available there? They will tell you that you have to do this thing.

Go. Do this thing have a higher rate of engagement and you will have get everything you want. You will grow your follower or Knight, but this is not something that really matters. There are some metrics that you have to lose. There are different types of content you have to put. You have to test a lot of things type personally, for my all, the international clients I work specifically, there are some clients they wanted to grow their Instagram, so I consult them.

I help them to grow their their Instagram, so I’ve been testing a lot of things. So today’s article is all about the Instagram. How I have been doing everything that Lyndell passed a 6 month, the the actual metrics you should look at, then you can decide when you have to post or the venue how to put a different type of content. So you will get a clear idea about it. So we are not going to waste any more of time.

It’s just like summarization of whatever I did in the last over the year. So you will get an idea that basic idea that what matter you should look at how you should should be posting. How often should be posting, how you trigger that emotion, all these things, some a turn like whether it’s psychology, obviously I also play with the psychology of people, psychology or cycle objects larger of the audience actually.

So, ultimately, unless we trigger that emotion, we cannot get them to your profiles or get them to follow them, get them to follow you. So when you have to do it, you have to look at the matrix whether how much were account reach as to the audience people. So ultimately, what happens when you post something it shows to the five to ten percent of your audience if they like on the engage on their post, then that it goes to their explore, plays explore place to the story places then they’re, showing to start showing to Your hashtag and different I come so I’m not going into deep into it.

Obviously I have but deep knowledge about it. That’s why I work with the international clients and I have been getting a good result for it, so I’m going to show you a basic matrix that you should look at if that, no one, no one, maybe you will see this all type of content. The first time – but I really want to share this because I have seen like whether it’s my books around France or book reader friends, they have been struggling a lot of to get ultimately follows base or growing their blog.

So this is what I’m going to share it, so we are not going to waste any more time, will directly go into the my screen and have a look at it from that. I am really talking we are talking about so I have created some like. I have out of that 200 L. 200 post. I have selected this much for this only post, because I cannot make the article more longer. Even I don’t want to make it more longer more than 20 20 minutes.

So I had chosen some of the examples that I tested and I wanted to show you that the results – that’s pretty horrible, so let let me just start so. This is the first image where I posted about to myself in the few few weeks. Back about the I went on a trade, can I post on this image? You can see that the like, where around 500 likes. So this is what I really wanted to talk about, so the interaction where only 10 when the profile visit our spend the disk or is quite less because that was not that that was a good pic, but that won’t like that’s what is not something that will Went viral so even out of that 27 people we’re not for wearing following me, but you can see that even if the vh is 500, I got that out of nine zero zero and I converted 22 into follows like if you, if you have a business account, You can have all the metrics, you can look at it see.

The impression is 1000 around you in the from home from hash tag every step. This is pretty normal post. It’s not something that big or huge enough, but this is just a basic where I posted about myself and when I was talking about myself. The second, because this I posted about the podcast they’re like we’re fairly low, because obviously forecast is not something that big enough. So I don’t think that most of the people will understand it, but the matrix, even the matrix, is really really low.

You can see that 22 profile receives when the one website click out of that pose to eat you to quite beginner climb into 1000 peoples. Out of that 30 percent, where in following me, but out of that I converted into two followers now you can see the different type of content. What works? What not! But here the hashtag rage is good, very good, see next one. This is the trending post like if you have see you have seen this post a lot of time about the LinkedIn Facebook Instagram tinder, so the even the like is quite good enough, but this is what I wanted to show see that profile visit.

I got out of this from the hashtag or the film is 19, the post, which around 1000 people out of that 47 people weren’t following me, but see this number 10 followers I caught out of this 10 followers, and the reach is quite good. Impression is quite good, but I got 10 followers. I mean this is how I able to scale my everything like when I, when I test two different types of graphics when I tried to test trending post.

So this is what I look at. I got out of it only 10 followers, so it’s a good either post, trending top, which is always to go with the trend, and you can get a lot of followers. This is the latest post. I mean you have seen the books. You should read in the the fairly good likes, but see this. There were only system interaction ports to reach a very low, even the it out of that 8 % where in following, because most of the people have saved this post.

Out of my, like my followers, but seek this number out of that, I got like this. Screenshot is within the one or two are after posted. I pick so after that, even like in less than 24 hours. This is something I want to talk about. Like I got all those 27, I mean that’s a good number to look at it out of when I post something. So this is another post where I posted a caption, really really good caption.

If you have not seen that caption go and read that caption, so you will understand so fairly good likes got it. The post went good and out of this like from the hashtag, it was 500, but I got 19 follows 90, follows 21 profile visit and out of that 22 website collects I mean that’s a good. If you are converting a product, if you’re selling something, then you should type your own picture, or you should talk about your something that is more important for the audience by this.

You will get a lot of following this. This something like will straight a long back. Something I came across funny because I wanted to test how a maim or how a humour posed to works on the Instagram, and this works really good. I mean this is my first trial when I did at that time. So at that time I fellow follower count was very low. I guess I I was around only five to six thousand photos. I guess if I’m not wrong, but the follows out of that likes.

I get value, but look at these numbers. This poll – I I took this screen sorter at that time, so I can see you I can you can see the results you created it quite low, also but out of the 32 percent where in following but see look at the followers I got out of that Because everyone shared that post that went viral like ultimately that post went viral for me and I’ll this is the desert. I got out of that only post.

If I go into insights, I caught profile visit 1700. Around put, I got follows out of that. Converted. 172. I mean if you make something shareable content. If you make something that people love, if you make something that people can relate to, then you get a huge number, here’s something or dear future. This is something I returned a long time back. I don’t know my second or third year of my college, about talking about the few, how I look at my future wife.

So this is also went viral. You can see that the likes are pretty high, see these numbers, I mean literally. I got shocked up to show up for this thing this this supposed to after this post. I deceived around 7,000 profile visits. I mean if you write something good. If you write something relatable ten, you get a lot of things like see this number. I got two values: it’s seven thousand and that’s a pretty huge as compared to all the things and out of that I converted 72, the obviously it’s not dyed, but this is how I able to grow my icon.

So this is the latest post about the book review, so I am targeting every other factor like how book review post works, how were humor post walls, so we are talking about everything. This is a book review where I post Raider inside of the book everything you want to know about the book and why this book is important, see this. This is a quite low. After, like less than three hours I took this picture.

I just took the screenshot so profile visited, I got only 19th, but the followers I got converted into two and reach, and you can say the impression I mean you can go with the your own post also. So this is something I really wanted to talk about when you look at this matrix. This is the real matrix. You should take consideration when you are doing something posting now. You have a better idea that what kind of post you should do I mean now.

You have a clear idea what you can do with this: what type of content you should post on Instagram? How you should you can target your audience so hope you find this helpful, because this is the real matrix I see when I am growing the profile. Obviously, the other matrix are how many sales are there. How many shares are there how many hashtag is used and all other things? I will talk about that later.

If you want that topic, put comment in the description that you wanted. You want more details about that. How I look at it? How I, how I see so it’s not only about Instagram, I destroyed LinkedIn, I tested Facebook. I tested everything. Even I tested run running ads also, so this is something I came across that I have shared only like four. I insist it post on you, but I do have a lot of case studies that I can go on and on on and on, but you’ll get bored.

So I don’t want it. So this is some of the metrics that you should look when you’re making something. So that’s all for I guess today’s article, you hope you have enjoyed this


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I know that some of you might be wondering how do these celebrities or insta famous people get so many followers there’s different types of methods, of course, but there’s one method that I want to talk to about talk to you guys about today. That is for sure to work all the time now some people don’t prove of this method and some do, but for myself as a business, I approve this is buying Instagram followers essentially, but this is completely legit they’ve been in the industry for a long time.

The way it works is that it you pay and then they send it to you instantly right when you’re in business. Let’s say if some of you might be frowning upon buying Instagram followers buying views buying likes or whatever it may be. Let’s say you have an Instagram business page right and you only have 100 followers and your competition. Your rival has an Instagram page that has like 50k followers. People are going to be more inclined to buy and do business with person has 50k followers, because it at least looks like there’s a lot of people that support that business already.

So with that in mind, let me talk to you guys about be followers. They are a company that helps by it helps you with Instagram views. Instagram likes Instagram followers, you just the process is really simple. All you got ta do is go on the website. I’m going to put the link right here, be followers calm and once you go on there the page is right here. You guys to see it all right. Let me see there you go so you go on there and there’s a couple options.

There’s 500 followers for 895 thousand followers for 1495, 2500 fallouts for $ 25. I mean that’s 100 followers per dollar. That’s a great deal right there. You can go up to 100k followers for $ 549. Today, I’m going to show you guys the process of how to order these followers and how long it takes for it to show up into your phone to show you guys that it’s really quick, and so what I’m going to do today is buy the twenty five Hundred followers one for $ 25, so what you do is you go and buy? Now click buy enough for that, and then it’s in your cart.

Now, after that, you just go ahead and click proceed to checkout and then you go ahead and put your information in and you got ta. Let me know you instagram, using it so gmail.Com putting an e mail and then go ahead and put your Instagram username and then, after that you can pay with PayPal or whatever so then go ahead, proceed to PayPal, pay that information and then BAM right now. Currently, only have a thousand 14 followers see right there and now, after purchasing this, you guys will see in a few minutes it would jump up at twenty-five hundred followers.

So I should be at around three thousand five hundred and fourteen followers. After this a few moments. Late I’ll guys supposed to be 3514 followers right guys, it came within less than like five minutes like I ain’t banned or nothing like look at this 4320 followers. 4320 followers us three thousand three hundred, then six more followers in within five minutes for 25 bucks. I am not complaining at all highly recommend, be followers calm, like I said again, I’m sitting in Linkous be fallers.

Calm go to the link. If you don’t believe so yourself, you get what you pay for, if not more than what you pay for so no complaints. There shout out to be followers calm. You guys are the best. If you guys, like my article, please click like click subscribe comment down below know what you guys think until next time, guys


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Create Great Instagram Content (and other Instagram Tips)

It is the reason why people are going to be interested in you. What’s up everybody, Rickey crew here, welcome back to my blog. So today I want to talk about Instagram content and how to create Instagram content. That’s going to create that engagement that you want with your followers and not only that but bring you more followers. When people visit your Instagram profile, you want them to see the best possible content, so they’ve become interested in whatever it is that you’re doing and decide to follow you, the content that you, post on your page, is going to be the foundation of your growth.

If you don’t have good content, you’re not going to grow as fast, if you don’t have a good content, people are going to be as interested in what you’re doing now. Once you have a great content distribution in place, you still have a lot of work to get to the places that you want to be you can’t just post content, just hope for the best. Okay, we still have to engage with our followers. We still have to do the things that we need to do in order to grow, but, like I said that foundation is going to be your content.

So let me tell you the story about my Instagram account and my journey through getting it to the point that it is now and creating the kind of content that I have now and where I see it going in the future. I started out creating my own content, just posting. I was just throwing stuff out there just trying to see what works. What doesn’t work? You know what creates engagement, how Instagram even works period.

You know in the beginning, you don’t even realize how these platforms, work and they’re all so different, and so you just have to play around with them at first and kind of see what direction you want to go and then, once you see an opening boom go For it and start creating that content, so I was creating my own content. I was just kind of posting pictures and then I went to to create quotes on the pictures where I just used a dummy Photoshop.

For that, then I started doing articles where I put the words on top and I do captions. I used Adobe Premiere Pro to create that content and I was just going and going and going and what I realized was after doing this, for so long on my own was that it takes so much time work effort, creativity to create this original content. Let me tell you right now: it Richard content. Original content is king.

It is the reason why people are going to follow you. It is the reason why people are going to be interested in you. It’s because you have original content, not generic content, not you know. Reposting of content they want to see original. They want to see something that they’ve never seen before. That’s what wins on social media! That’s what wins in marketing period is original content stuff that no one has ever seen before and that’s what you should be posting on.

Your Instagram profile is original content. Okay focus around who you are focused around your philosophies, focus around what you’re trying to accomplish. Also, I think you should be posting at least once a day, if not more, but at least once for sure every single day. Okay and you need to pose for several reasons: okay, when you’re posting every day, it shows your clients and your followers that you’re consistent that you’re dependable that you’re working right.

It shows them that you’re a hard worker you’re here to stay you’re, not going anywhere and you’re there to help them okay, so the consistent posting helps them realize who you are as a person? Okay. So that’s really really big. Also, when you’re posting that much and you’re reading the the engagement you’re reading the algorithms, you can kind of see when changes are made and you’re able to take advantage of those changes as they happen.

Okay, whereas if you see that there’s more organic reach here, like Instagram stories or if you see this or that you can make a change in what you’re doing and boom start taking advantage of it like right now at the time of this article, they just made Where it’s a GTV can also be in your actual post right, it can be on your actual profile, not just on IG TV. You can actually post it to your profile as a post, okay, so, and that has really 10 extra views right.

If you just post a article on your post, a regular article, you’re getting X and then, if you post it as an IG TV on your profile, you’re getting 10 X right now, so it’s a really really good way to get some extra exposure and if you’re, Not posting every day, if you’re not reading other people’s posts and how everything’s working, then you don’t realize this because you’re, not the game, you got to get in the game, so I want you to be in the game.

Want you to post everyday! I want you to be reading so that you take advantage of these little changes. The little algorithmic changes that happen periodically. Now, what I started doing is I started being mindful about what I’m posting versus what I’m putting in my stories, and I have to understand that those are two bit really two different platforms. Okay, sometimes when I’m posting my stories, I don’t want to post.

So I’m sometimes sucked out of post. I don’t want to put in my stories it’s two different platforms within the same platform so understand this, realize it and use it to your advantage. The stories are created to show people. Another side of you right is to kind of show them what’s going on through your day, what you got going on, what you’re thinking about so on and so forth, okay and to document to document what’s happening? Okay, so so that’s really big, because people can see what you’re posting and they can see your posts forever.

However, your story only lasts for 24 hours, and that gives them a glimpse. An inside look at your life, so I need you to make at least one or more posts per day, and I also want you to create five or more stories per day through your day. What’s going on and how you’re doing how you’re doing it and so on and so forth, and when you get up over 10,000 followers, you you have you get the swipe up feature on your stories where you can add links to your stories to go to your Youtube or go to your website or go to whatever you want.

You can have swipe up feature there now, if you have less than 10,000 followers, you can still do the swipe up feature. If you promote your story, this is a feature that Instagram came out with. Maybe two months ago, three months ago, or so, which is very interesting as you create your stories after you’ve created them, you can go back to your story and you hit those three little buttons at the bottom right and there’s another pop-up menu and one of those Options is promote, you hit the promote and you can promote that story in other people’s stories.

Okay, and you can have the swipe up feature to a link. Okay, so even if you have less than 10,000 followers, you can still do swipe up. If you pay to put that story in front of other people, okay – and you can pick the people – it goes in front of it – be a local audience – that’s geographical! You know to you or you can create people that have certain interests so on and so forth. You can even create an audience.

That’s like your current audience, your current followers, okay, which is what I suggest if you’re you know, depending on what kind of business you’re in you’ll kind of decide that, but you can still do swipe up if you pay and you can, you can only do you Know you could do something like a dollar day if you want as little as that. If that’s what you want or you can do more, you can do as much as you want, but I’m killing it right now with Instagram story ads.

So I know I gave you a lot of different things in this article, a lot of different ideas, I’m just kind of just let it all out stuff that I’ve learned. You know here recently and along the way. But if you look at my Instagram account, you see the content. What I had to do, because it was taking so much time to build and create this content. Is I basically just handed it over to a company called high key agency now high key agency, I’ve been working with them for maybe six months now, they’re, incredible, okay, they’re, creating all my Instagram content now so there’s a link in the description now, where you can Just click there and then you can have a call with Luke and Heike agency, who is who I work with and they can start creating your Instagram content for you and right now I have maybe 30 articles right, IG TV articles that are set up perfectly to Go as a post right and then transfer over to IG TV that are ready for me to post right and I’m not going to post all those in one day or even a month.

I’m posting a article every other day, I’m posting a still shot with a quote picture every other day, so I’m doing a article one day, a picture. The next article one day picture the next and then sometimes I’ll, throw an extra post in there. If I have something else, I want to post about or what-have-you so anyway, just check out my account. Let me know what you think in the comments Heike agency is the way to go.

Let them handle all the creation. They’ll build it around. Your philosophies around your business around what you have going on it’s to the point now, where we’d only have to communicate right. They know exactly the message I’m trying to get across. I send them a piece of raw content and then they transfer it into this incredible piece of content that I can now post on Instagram and also post them on Facebook.

So you I’m using this across all the different platforms and it’s working out very very nicely, and I just wanted to share that with you and all the other Nuggets I shared with you, there’s anything in the world. I could do for you please. Let me know smash the heck out of that like button for me, leave me a comment and we’ll talk to you soon.

Content is King! Bloggers are the best! Add more content to your digital world!


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Free Instagram Followers Hack ✅ How to get Free Instagram Followers for Android & iOS 2019 part10

What were you to podalic? A article snake, finicky, Instagram, P HS at Jeff for lower case a ballon? The friends Archie is articleing me up to you. He bought an evil. Onkeyup Instagram P each other chip, a lowercase, a ballast octo with the fruit me up Co baton, you alone for up, is veno cop Cora, taking a few Gaurav article for added a converse of yoga Khao Beach me rules all day, pinky friends here the article also A tree capital is a hard day for our article cop for a day, Giga meronym arrow heat of the grow technical rajamma is through curtain, Prince Agora, mera blog Pagnotta.

Please, like current comment, current and sailor career in please subscribe canal, nebula IE. We do start those two Instagram followers Veronica liminal could escape semi-clean. Today the objects linked by clicker of a tapas interface without Java jamia Pollyanna chato Tony Khosla, Joe Instagram follower dis links about their Muslim Khomeini applicable mark Monsieur get a Huey. To sum up, could you segment about that? I starting making these links up to 500 followers milling it.

So it’s a pitch levitus women have to whatever they get 300 follower milk. It is the 500 million soy sauce. Maybe 300 misako patches an idea there. So those of all over media, those two is Masonic – think it near a follower. Militant widows top coat in so tacky adore Tac Toe follower of Chrisman really angry. Today, kiddo stood over link a woman, a clip of madness, co-curricular q Ito, whose link are Meadows Instagram tools.

Today, kilo Sturgis emails link, but click karoonga who’s made. You say, bitch lee link, maybe after the interface at at IKEA Gary’s, I got ta grease me. No time to stay up a login, so of course, implica connect risky of Santa those two click and then pick up. Katie Chi use an endoscope or up kata-kata pass, whether those two up a pedal, then after they came in a play, use and aldea or password, are low.

Today, kiddo store that leg, erotica, simply login Cardin a or log impact click and they grab those take interface. Open, Oh God, joking up a couch eat burger, ing those two top my bowdabra ego mottos to yoga and I get off corners, but we can also click connect. Rad only have the clicker over top, where it’s a bakery on a toast of be a coger to have a push time like a cup or those thing operator, interface of all login hood, I got when I operate Kelly’s.

I got ta grab a snake or get a haircut or interface. I would log in a yoga. The olives are vehicle easier. The kiddos to interface happened. Your tower login were choked up taking out the exact a of a sin like 15 self, all over 500. Oh stop the exert herself all over 500, a pyramid of course, implicit, economist and fall over 500 feet clicks and what does the click and negative add up going up air up Kaiser soccer pitch leave? Are we have me a Kurata username? Then I take you to borrow it when username Dell or fit-up cookin, f-fine, use and impact leap, though stuff Click & nigga up cuz him play up a limit like night.

It may be happen limit either taking up a 500 limit t tamanna 500 Lydia well lick nigga Val up. I start some missin per click car. Then I to take a look so to 500 follower of Americana. Me hang up those two McCoy bataki hose up toe cap. Second time is Mulligan co-wrote a smelly meet commode. A hundred order. 200 was a top up and opera here, Emmett you to stop quandary to be milling at the boat buddy buddy.

I get rpms of a fake. We do believe I’m at the stop of 500 emailing photos to a hit Instagram if follower, but I’ll make a trick. Those tomato mid Kentucky up Quesada yogi those photos to assume anymore toothpick, but I don’t kill income and Apple description. But the idea of the accept the humanik act up cool trick. What a today, those to the acceptor b5 fall over or but show em what you mean to catch our soap in jello to the key.

I’m a up company in second i’ma call me talk about that. I’m communicating a follower! I know some time with a purchase for over a million, so women lay those ova me. Let the coastal images take it. Oh so much 100, our follow our Millah way and opposite capitalist. Oh yeah hard during a passive hundred soccer that windows tomodea hundred super follow our Millah way. You do stamina, be ten kt20 happy merit mclubbe, toaster 10k tom in dictum, ten capitalist, ohh musica primal inside my upcoming, but a donkey mature overall kidnap follow our Millah.

Today. Kills to audience retention me the costume, oj XO by a seaman lost American context of a azzaman X sub, I, as a follower, moody, Happy Meals, okay, just a data server down the car and me up a policy problem at th taupe KO XO. My a similar was at time with 400 Millsaps today. To destroy a hit. Is article me a trick? Those to do three, you two were up egg wa’ta’ala can be, could be fake. We don’t a human at all the store to store, I hope copies.

We talk about architect, lazier get a girl could be the person able to freeze like correct common can and certain thanks for reading.


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These are my top, I want to say top 5 ways doing this on top of the head. I should have know before that. Whatever I got 5 ways on how to make Instagram follow this year, so independence, she was able to use people using automation.

Sykes people use follow for follow all that stuff. The autumn exercise, don’t work, no more, don’t try to do it. You will give in like Instagram, has cracked down so heavily on the automation is ridiculous. So I wouldn’t don’t even do it, you can’t do it once you try to do it. You’ll get a message by in from Instagram I’ll post it somewhere. I guess I’ll post it right here, maybe right here yeah, you will get that message, I’m saying to change your password and you give that site.

You sign it to the site again, who knows what the hell’s going to happen? Evil bank account. So definitely I’m going to do that. We’re going to talk about get into followers organically and I was able to get a lot of followers organically. Throughout the last two and a half years, I’ve been on my music stuff and wrapping this up. So the first thing hashtags my hashtags – still work well here in 2020.

I think with the Instagram algorithm. They don’t want to see a lot of hashtags bunched up. There is a little hack you can get away with. You can use the comment sections or when you put in your hashtags, make them make a little paragraph and have different hashtags in the paragraph. I have the hashtags be technically be keywords, say I’m going to post about a new article say: hey, I’m a Baltimore rapper.

Maybe you hashtag Baltimore rapper, I’m a Baltimore rapper that just made this new music article, hashtag music, article, bobble and so on and so forth juice. Things like that and you can still put as much hashtag cuz you can just does one ey have a lot of hashtags. I’m not even you want to make make your uh in clean. You can go and comment hashtags and maybe even do a couple of comments. You know just the spread of hashtags out this integrators.

Don’t want to see a bunch of hashtags back-to-back-to-back-to-back. That’s one day you just got ta, keep in mind, not saying it won’t push your content out, but Instagram been just sold straight. So you never know number two ain’t got ta engage with other people. This is a social media. Hence the word social engage with people like their post DM. I wan na. Don’t spam just have conversations um you just just going people post.

That’s in your niche like say: if you’re, if you’re a music artist go to a music artists pace, I go to like Riley riches page and don’t just go to his follows: go to the the post and see who’s engaging and maybe start a conversation saying: hey Um, I don’t know somebody pull say I love this song, maybe your posts – yeah Ronnie, rich guy. Oh I love over. Every song about Obama can start a conversation.

This does take a little time. Let’s take a little effort. You know you can go 2 hours a day, just put 2 hours a day. I mean maybe like at lunch. Break me when you get home you’re chilling, you only phone all the time any. Why not just go ahead and try to you know maximize the time you have your phone this by people up. This is just organic, follows and then eventually you’ll get people following you engaging you or you can, even in the conversation say, hey, go, find my page you’re going to talk some more about something like that’s.

Pretty cool number three way is stories now I’ve noticed this lately, if you’re getting this. If you’re reading this article, I’m making this article and I’m going to give my phone real, quick, I wan na making this article during a corona virus epidemic and everything right now and a great way you can use this stay home. So you see my phone right here. Let me see if it’ll focus alright, so there’s a little break, but you see this little stay home when you go and make a story right and this – and this also will give you more engagement on your story.

But when you go into the story right now, you can, let’s say let’s just take a random picture and you go into your story and you go to your sticker right here and there is a stay-home sticker. Let’s see if I close it again, I’m so bad with a cameraman you know anyway. You’ll see you go to stick is like the first one, and then the state home will push your you’ll basically be in a stay home thing. Now, mostly of followers will see it, but I’ve noticed lately that I’ll put like a question or something and a lot of people will say hey I saw you want to explore page and my my content is being pushed out to the explore page.

So utilized story. Man, especially for engagement, like most people, look at source. I I just learn to go to the stories now and just scroll through the stories and just see what’s going on, then yes, utilize your stories. Man, like I said, I begin a lot of followers, because it’s basically pushing my stories and I’m getting impressions outside of my followers, which is great, and then you can take advantage of that.

Just uh it’s putting up stories and put up something really interesting. That could possibly potentially go viral. The right people see it so yeah man, you a lot of stories now. Another fourth way to gain followers on Instagram is get shoutouts man. You didn’t get shout outs, like I said, being social, maybe you know somebody and each they got the same amount of followers or even more you can pay for a shower.

You can just go to someone’s page that has a million followers. A lot of people only charge like fifty two hundred dollars for a shout-out like I just got one of my articles on this guy’s page. I want the school’s who it is, but I just got one of my articles as a story post, but for 50 dollars. He has 1.5 million followers and it’s a swipe up. Poster swipe up is to the to the strings of my song and I’m looking to see what that dude, even so, 1.

5 million less. Let’s do the numbers, like 1.5 million foul, I would say well what, if only you know, 10 % of his 1.5 million followers see that post right so 1.5 million 5 times – let’s say let’s say 1 %. I was even like 30, a 1.5 million followers, Tom’s 1 %, its 15,000 people. That could potentially see my song right and, let’s just say, 1 % of the 1,500 swipe up, so only 1 % of 50. How to swipe up that’s 150 people that could potentially follow me.

You know, that’s for just $ 50, look think about it and you can buy followers for $ 50, but that’s not real engaging 150 people. That’s 180 people that can engage with your content. I’d actually like you in content, more than likely, they do it, they actually swiped up and followed you or they swiped up a stream. My song and found my Instagram through Spotify or something so yeah. That’s definitely one great way.

It’s just paid for habit on it. Like if you’re going to spend money, spend it on people that have legit followers and that will shout you out and even do a Charlotte say: hey go follow this page, you make crazy amount of followers as well. I’m actually about to do. Am I just going a crazy Instagram influences spree? That’s what I’m calling and number five! No it’s cliche, but just make great content put out the best pictures.

I just did a photo shoot with my guy and I’m about to put out these photos and you’ll just make great put great content I’ll put high-definition article high-definition photos send your photos out, there’s so many pages um, not just in influences. I got millions of followers, but there’s pages that will post your pic if it’s great quality like you know, for me, I can go to our hair up your locs. I can go to a page that has $ 100 and followers for people who are dreadlocks and there’s some pages that have posted me for no choice.

I just set up my picture. They posted my picture and I gained followers so and then I and more than likely those pages you’ll get you’ll, get on a explore page and ban it. It blows up so fast, so yeah the bet say just put out the best patients you can possible. I like to say I’m just learning that now, even after all this time, I try to put the best photos I’ll hit the best get some professional. If you don’t know nobody that takes professional pictures, um get a friend like you can the enemy nurse stuff on the iPhone.

Nowadays you can take crazy pictures or you can do a photo shoot and you probably mean it to pay that much. You know you can probably do like fifty dollars for two hours or something like this problem is that’s willing to to take fifty off you to shoot some photos for a couple hours like you know those ways that’ll get to do that so other than that guys. Peace out, I hope you got some value, make sure you call me subscribe and like the article, please like the article at the very least, but if you got any value, please comment subscribe other than a purse.


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How did I get 30,000 REAL Instagram followers in 90 days? #askjadeshow

A lot of you said more followers more likes and more comments. Now, listen. I’ve been there in 2018, I actually started with 1,000 Instagram followers, and all he wanted to do was just hit 10,000 followers, so I could get that swipe up features. Anyone else been there not even a year later I have over 30,000 followers.

These aren’t fake. These are block people. I just want to show you guys how I achieved my goals and how you can probably going to do if you want to know, is keep on reading. Hey guys. Welcome to the ask Jake show where I answer any of your deepest questions. Today’s a special day cuz, I’m headed to an event, basically I’m here in Los Angeles, for a meet-up, I’m speaking at one of my friends workshops called girls hit, stop.

Obviously I’m late to my own event. Again, we are kind of starting we’re, basically starting in five minutes. So I’ll see you guys there new to my blog. My name is Jade. I am a 17 year old entrepreneurs and helps brands and influencers grow on social media. But I just realized, as I was walking, how much my goals have changed over the years: no joke you guys it literally went from getting an A in high school.

It lets me get a thousand Instagram for all reason why I say this: it’s because sometimes we have milestones of achieving leads, achieving marketing numbers and dollars. So I’m going to explain all that at the end, the article seriously do not miss anything, I’m giving away something that shouldn’t be free, but it is free for you guys to the love you. So I guess that’s the real question we’re going to find out.

How do you set the right goal and how do you actually achieve it? I might even ask some of you guys what your goals were. I think I found it. This is stuffing, which is amazing entrepreneur, and I was amazing domination, member Lobby Stephanie, and she asked me hey what do I do when I want to start my beauty brand, but I don’t feel like I’m ready yeah for your beauty brand, how far you into it? Okay, to give some context, this is Stephanie’s product.

It’s a microfiber blender to remove your makeup. That’s pretty sick! It’s like a beauty butter, but Stephanie feels like she can’t post and sell her product because she doesn’t have a content creator, not to me. This is what I said. You know what you know, how they would make it helped a lot. I don’t think you need to hire anyone for content. Do you have an iPhone okay, yeah? It seems like okay. So basically, this is a little inside my app costs.

A lot of money to build it still isn’t fully built it. I don’t know why it closed in the article, but it’s like 250,000 dollars. Obviously I hear that for my developers and I’m like okay and I was thinking – okay, I’m going to wait till next year to put out something – maybe that’s where I was thinking. I decided like fuck that I’m going to do it. I don’t give a shit. This is going to be building the background, but simultaneously I will build something right now.

I can do myself that is low ticket, it doesn’t cost me anything and I will stop making excuses because it was her. There’s a wait. Will you wake up? It hurts you. Just to think you’re putting us on the back burner, you just need to get one sale. Just literally one sale, DM someone or an influencer give me an L via all the product. It will help you. It will give you so much ease and I don’t think you need someone to edit content right now.

I think it’s just focus on one sale without a website. Little use Instagram, as your blog summarize. I just told something I think, you’re making your goals way too. Big, it’s so intimidating when you can’t chunk it down. My biggest thing and hat is when you’re setting goals and objectives make sure you follow. Okay, our objective key results. What is that you say so in AD? I need a period you want to ask yourself: what do I want to achieve? That’s your objective.

Your key results are the measurement of the success of your project. You want to launch a beauty brand successfully and that’s the objective may be your key results are sent. One part to an influencer make sales and begin to start making content on your iPhone. A lot of you guys think that you can’t achieve your goal when really you’re not giving yourself enough time. So when you say what can I do in 90 days, it gives you enough time to really think about what you want to do and it’s super efficient.

So another girl autumn actually asked me a question about what do you do when you feel like your followers and engagement goes down and there’s some times when you get a spike, but then they unfollow and then they go back down and then you get more followers And then they all unfollow, I think we’ve all been there. So here’s the catch I asked autumn. Why was it going down? Okay? This is what I had to say.

Take a look at your data. This Instagram bullshit is not some magical, wizard. Okay, it’s pretty practical! You look at your data. Did people unfollowed because I didn’t engage with them? I didn’t comment back. I didn’t DM them and maybe you can ask yourself: is it maybe the holiday season where people are taking a break they’re not using their phone as much? That could be a valid reason, so take a look at your Instagram analytics and see if there’s a dip, maybe I have to send out another post saying.

Thank you so much for engaging with my content. One of the biggest hacks I recommend you to do is if you literally feel like you’re, not achieving your goals, go back to where you feel like you were the most highest performing or where you got the most likes, or you got the most engagement and start Engaging with those people to bring them back, did he Belov it the program? Do you have a referral program for it? I know, okay, what I would do, how much of the product your audience is like people who are into health within australia.

Christmas is coming up. I think one thing to spike sales is always seasons like if the reason why it scales are dropping is because you’re not initiating those time sensitive things so see Christmas coming up by one. If you have my program, you get thirty dollars if you’re for a friend and you get it’s three dollars like something like that. Do you have like email leads of them? Yes and a blast yeah like some of their own photos, go to your old people.

Who comment comment on their photos? Follow them back it’s as simple as just going back to the people who cared about you in the beginning, and we engaging with so long story short while you’re setting your goals and achieving them make sure you look at your data and keep your track of your Progress you know something I wanted to share was this, but I love waking up every day and having something to do, and I realized some people out there.

Sometimes don’t have that seriously. Even when I was in high school by the way I dropped out of high school and it was scary – you had to understand I’m only 17 years old, but every single time when I was in high school or whether I was working right now. I woke up with a to-do list. It made me so happy and I just can’t imagine waking up one day and not having a book of things to do. I want to ask you guys: do you have a to-do list and at the end of day, do you know your purpose? Because purpose is the one thing that motivates you forever and ever nothing can take that away from you.

It’s a sense of feeling that hey there’s something greater beyond just me. Now. That’s super deep and super sappy, but literally like imagine one day you had nothing to do it. Would that be fun. I feel like you’re just eat and read Netflix, but then I don’t even have a netbook see. I don’t even know what to dip and to close this off. It’s just don’t be burnt out when you’re sitting goals. I think you have to understand: keep it in a 90-day time frame, you’re being too hard on yourself, you could get burnt out bay, so this is my book.

It’s by moleskin. Please give me a brand deal and this notebook is my to-do list, but it’s just more than that, because you ever wake up. You have a lot of things to do, but you don’t know why it matters. It gets really scary because someone nasha told me because anyone like yes theory or does anyone know that blog? Yes, okay, yes, theory, it’s a YouTube blog, those stupid shit like jumping out of airplanes.

It’s like Jake Paul before more mature people, and they were saying that there was a point where they were burnt out. Now I don’t think burnt out is something where you’re tired and there’s a lot things to do, because if you really love something you can go through that tiredness, I think tired burnt out is the tiredness plus lack of clarity. And if you don’t know why you’re doing what you’re doing that’s pronounced? So that’s why it’s prevent that, because I’ve been there after my dad has that burnout right mom, like like it’s like, looks like burnt out a lot like something where you just like.

Okay, I’m tired it’s like sometimes physically. You can’t work for three. How long mean how many years you know work for few years couldn’t work and it’s scary, my dad was burnt out for a few years after his company it had fallen. I’m not saying he’s a vegetable but like, let’s just say it’s really hard to see your family kind of go through burnt out, and I really want to prevent this family online to not go through that either.

So just make sure and remember three things: set objectives and key results. Every single 90 day period, second track your progress and make sure when you feel like you’re, not achieving it, go back to your data and just see why and don’t give up and, lastly, minimize burnt out by knowing your purpose just believe you guys can work through Long hours nights, you guys don’t need to sleep, well sleep, but you know what I’m saying like I feel like.

If you love what you’re doing so much, you won’t have a problem working hard on it. The problem is, if you don’t know your, why so it’d be on objective and key results? No your mission, no, your purpose. The reason why I pick up my notebook is beyond just me: it’s beyond just doing things off a to-do list. It’s because I want to make Instagram articles and posts, because I want to inspire others and help people with their own lives.

So when you can find that connection, you start to work at lightning speed. Your business grows. That’s literally how I went from 1 to 30 thousand followers. I cared more about the people than myself. I engage every single time and I sent 90-day goals to make sure I’m achieving everything Wow by the way guys I almost forgot. I actually have a Instagram growth playlist for free again, I don’t people think I like what their credit card for this like.

No I’d only want you to do is be successful, so go check out below it’s literally a collection of all the fucking articles. I’ve made about Instagram growth, there’s so many and it’s not the bullshit like follow and follow like it’s. The real psychology of how people grow online so go check it out, it’ll be linked below. You can read it after this article, of course. So, let’s say: you’re a small business owner: okay, you have a brand online and you sell socks.

Your mission is to sell amazing socks that make people move. Your 90-day objective might be to sell a million dollars of socks. Now your key results are maybe to get a hundred thousand Instagram followers and then to convert that into a ten thousand email leads, I’m actually going to show you how I generated. Ten thousand messenger leads using chat BOTS, and this is a never before thing. I’m doing.

I typically actually I don’t know why this is for free training, but I’m doing this all on face book life. If you want to join the free live training, all I got ta do is check the link below and I’m going to show you how I do this for my clients, all the brands and I work with anyway so guys that was today’s article now just keep In mind today’s event was amazing. I was able to meet so many of you guys that are so amazing and just hugging you and talking to you about your social media goals is so motivating and I just wan na, let you know if it worked for you.

I would literally have no mission. My mission is to help you guys so like without you I’ll just be in the corner. All sad, so thank you so much for being here now. I understand that YouTube and Instagram might be a lonely job. You might not have a lot of people who support you, but there are people on this platform right now that are doing the same thing: you’re doing and they’re just family, we clean it on the internet called the domination that got your back.

So if you like this article and you have it already, this article a thumbs up, okay and hit that subscribe button, I’ve had so many people that came up to me and just said. Thank you so much for this community. It just means so much to me that you’re literally like right now on this moment in the comments replying to each other talking and making DM group chats like it’s amazing. So I love you guys so much I’ll catch.

You guys in the next one shout out to the comic winner, this post, to be beat to the next step. This you wouldn’t be the next winner. All I’m going to do is comment below and network in the comments literally shirt just like chatting and I’ll get you guys in the next one. Goodbye

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How To Get Instagram Followers To Convert Into Sales On Autopilot (3 Fastest Ways To Do It)

These three strategies are for you. Welcome to this article, I’m very excited you made it here. My name is Vince Reed and in this article I’m going to be sharing with you how to get Instagram followers to convert into sales on complete autopilot, I’m going to be sharing with you the three fastest ways to do it.

If you implement these three methods, you will get results, you will get followers who essentially will convert into leads and enter sales. Now, for those of you who are really ambitious and you want to get results ten times faster, I have a special bonus for you that I’m going to share with you at the end, which is going to teach you how to supercharge the three strategies that I’m Going to be teaching you in this article now for those of you who have no idea who I am my name is Vince Reed, I’m the founder of several marketing companies.

My company Internet traffic factory, consists of my digital advertising agency set up my ads. My marketing company, I leaders, which hosts all of my marketing courses and products and my live event – company Internet traffic live. We have an annual event each and every year where people come from all over the world to learn the latest lead generation and marketing strategies. I’m also the author of the book internet traffic and leads so make sure you get your copy on Amazon.

Now, for those of you who are basically here, you want to know how to get Instagram followers and you want to know how to convert those followers into sales on autopilot. I’m going to be sharing that with you in this article, but I want you to understand why I decided to make this article. You see, I see so many people they get caught up in pretty much the hype of social media and they want to get quote-unquote instagram famous right now.

I know a lot of people that have literally hundreds of thousands of followers and they’re, not making any money. So if all you care about is just getting famous on, Instagram then keep doing what you’re doing, but if you want to make money on Instagram, this is definitely the article for you. I want to make sure you stay focused and you don’t fall victim to the trap that I see a lot of my students who come to me after basically failing on Instagram saying: oh, I don’t have all these followers.

They don’t like my content. They don’t become leads and they never buy my products. Why is that happening? So that’s why I’m making this article so make sure you take lots of notes all right, so let’s go ahead and dive right into it now. The first thing you want to do is you want to run ads on social media on all platforms. You know, to be honest, you want to be running ads, but specifically on Instagram.

You want to be running ads and I like to run article ads because one you can make your article ads one minute long and it captures the attention of your followers. Now I actually made a article that teaches you how to run article ads on Instagram. So I’m going to put up a little link that you can click on to basically read that article that goes and more depth specifically on article ads, but I want you to do article ads because one it’s a minute long.

You can capture and engage your audience and obviously you know there’s no other distractions on Instagram. So, for example, if someone’s reading your content on, let’s say Facebook or another platform, typically other things are popping up and there’s a lot of distractions where it’s on Instagram. The only place they can see your content is through the Instagram app. Most people aren’t reading it on a desktop computer, so you can gather the information a lot better and essentially the attention of the end user, which is your follower.

The second thing you want to start doing is running stories and story ads on Instagram, so I also did a article that teaches you how to actually do stories on Instagram and run ads inside of stories. Okay. This is another way to basically be in front of people on Instagram, specifically your followers and get them to become basically a follower and then obviously a lead and then obviously, at that point, convert them into a buyer and into a sale.

So you want to be running article ads that are a minute long and then you want to be running story ads that are essentially 15 seconds. Long and again, I have a article that I’m going to link right now that you could click on that, teaches you how to actually run ads inside of stories now, the third part and probably the most important aspect of the entire training. I’m sharing with you right now is to understand that you want to be targeting your engaged followers, alright, so the third step, in terms of when you’re reading the ads, what most people do is they focus basically solely on targeting cold traffic and cold traffic? Are people who have no idea who you are the people that have the best success of the people that are targeting their followers? So, for example, okay, you’re, probably on you, know, YouTube and different social media sites looking for ways to get more followers right, so you’re, using all these strategies, you’re doing all these things to get more followers just to get more followers or what’s the purpose of the Follower to get them to become a leader in an opposite about your products, all right, so what you want to be doing is with your article ads and with your story ads.

You want to be targeting those individuals who are already following your page, because you’re doing so much work to basically get them as a follower in the first place. So the question is: how do you actually do it well, the way you do it is by setting up custom audiences now again in both articles clips that I made basically teaching you how to do article ads and how to do story is I teach you how To basically do that, but one thing I did not show you how to do is to create custom audiences and that’s what I want to teach you to do now.

Now, what is a custom audience a custom audience is basically you being able to gather information of anybody. That’s engaged with your page on Instagram or any of your articles and then advertise to those individuals again. So essentially, if you’ve ever clicked on an ad or read the article before, and then you keep seeing that person everywhere, that you go okay, that person is retargeting, you they’re remarketing, you and they’re doing it by setting up custom audiences now custom audiences are set up Inside of actually Facebook ads that are run on Instagram or actually created inside of Facebook, Facebook owns Instagram.

So the way that you do it is you create a custom audience and you do that by setting it up inside of your ads manager, so you’re going to click on ads manager, then you’re going to click on the audience, tab you’re going to see a tab. It looks just like this and you’re simply going to click on the custom audience button. Alright. Now, when you come to the custom audience button, you’re going to come to a page that looks like this, it’s going to give you several options: customer fire website, traffic, app activity, offline activity and you’re going to see a little tab that says engagement and, as you Can see, it says, create a list of people who engage with your content on Facebook or Instagram alright, and this is where we’re going to live.

This is how we’re going to get those individuals who are connecting with us on Instagram to basically become a lead and then obviously to buy your products and services. So when you click on that button, it’s going to take you to this page where it says. Basically, you know: what do you want to do to basic with the audience you want to set up a article audience, a lead form, a full screen, experience Facebook page and you can see down there.

It says Instagram business profile, so this is where you’re going to live you’re going to click on this button, as you can see, underneath that it says critter list of people who have interacted with your Instagram business profile right. So when you click on that it’ll take you to this page now. What you’re going to do is you’re going to select your Instagram handles, you can see. Mine is venturi, live so again.

If you’re reading this make sure you follow me on Instagram. As you can see below, you have the ability to create an audience in a variety of different ways, so you can set up an audience of anyone. Who’s visited your business profile, people who have engaged with any post or add people who sent a message to your business profile and people who saved any post or ad. As you can see on the top everyone who’s engaged with your business, so they don’t basically be taking everything, that’s happened and putting it into one audience and allowing you to continue to advertise to those individuals again and again and again, all right now.

What you’re doing is you’re setting this up so now you’re marketing, to what I like to say: warm traffic, a warm audience, people that already know who you are alright. So this is how you set up the audience. So once you set up this audience, it’ll be a saved audience. So then, when you go to setup your ad, which, by the way, if you readed my article and teaching you how to run ads on Instagram, okay, you basically will use this custom audience.

As a group in which you’re targeting for your next or your future ads, if that makes sense alright, so you basically would be targeting individuals who are actually engaging with your page. So now all of the strategies you’re using to gain followers and to get people to connect with you on Instagram. Now you can go back in and market specifically to those individuals, and this is why it is important to build a big follower list on on social media, but it’s even more important for you to be advertising directly to them.

Alright. So if you’re getting value, do me a favor, be sure to LIKE comment and if you’re reading this on youtube be sure to subscribe to this page release all types of content. Just like this, I’m going to be going to a special bonus, because I want to teach you how to supercharge everything that I’m sharing with you right now. Now here’s the deal in the comment area comment. Let me know if you got valuing more importantly comment.

Let me know if you have any questions or any other topics on marketing or advertising, and I definitely take those notes down and I make future articles. So if you have a question any type of marketing tactic or strategy, that’s where you can basically comment below I’ll check that out and make sure to make a future article for you there alright now in terms of converting your followers into leads it into sales.

You want to give away something of value for free all right, so free giveaways are way for you to basically convert people who are following you into leads all right and what you want to do. You want to run again those ads targeting your followers. You want to give away something for free, so let me give you some tips to 10x. Your results all right, it’s all about the pre frame, all right. So, for example, what I highly encourage you to do is go back and read all of my articles that I’ve made about Instagram.

It will basically bring all of this together together, so the pre frame is basically when you’re putting out content. What is the kind of content that you’re putting out on your Instagram page? It should be pre framing the additional offer that you’re going to offer them. So, for example, you know what I like to do is just provide content like you’re. Looking at right now give you value, and then I can mark it a different free giveaway that allows you to get more information on a specific topic, so let’s say you’re basically doing something in the jewelry space like you make jewelry and you sell it on Amazon.

Alright, so what you’d want to do is maybe make make several articles of like where you get the material, and you know you know how you do it right and how you actually make the jewelry. Those would be the pre frame article, so that would be the kind of content I’ll be basically shooting pictures of the jewelry and I’d be putting it out on Instagram right. So then turn that would be how I’m pre framing my audience.

Alright. So what I want to do is I want to make sure my giveaway as immediate value, so the ad that I would run when I’m targeting my engaged audience would be basically showing them how I basically make this jewelry and turning it into a business, and I’m Going to give you my ten point checklist of turning it into a business, so, for example, the pre frame would be images and pictures and content about the jewelry or what it is that I’m doing, and then the giveaway could be how I turn this jewelry or How I make it and turn it into a business? Here’s my ten point checklist all right.

So that’s how I can turn those followers who are following my page into actual subscribers, and this is how it would be immediate value now. What you want to always do is over deliver. I see a lot of people, they just want to get someone’s email address and they give very little information or value in return. You have to understand your email address or someone giving you their email address. Is them giving you you know their personal information and if you don’t believe me, just go outside and walk up to a stranger and ask them for their email address? Okay, it’s definitely something personal.

So, if you’re going to ask someone for their email address, make sure you’re giving them a ton of value in return. The last thing I would tell you this is a tip is to speak to one person, especially if you’re remarketing to your engaged audience and what I mean by that is try not to speak generalities if you notice, I’m speaking directly to you right, I’m talking to One person and that’s whoever is reading this article.

Okay, I see some people they go. You know they make it as if they’re talking they’re thousands of people and it doesn’t feel personal so when – and this is specifically on the advertising side. So, for example, let’s say that I was giving you a free giveaway on the whole jewelry thing and how to turn your jewelry, what you’re making in terms of jewelry into a business, I would say, hey what’s going on first, I want to commend you on.

You know engaging with my page and reading all of my content in terms of the jewelry that I make and that’s why I wanted to make this free free offer for you and share with you how I actually turn my jewelry into a business all right. So again, thank you so much for taking action and reading my stuff, but if you want to go ahead and click on the link in the description or visit http://www.Howtouseashoppingcart.

Com/kickstart FACA saan. So if you want all of my courses and basically want me to mentor, you definitely check the link in the description and if you want more free bonus content, I’m sure there’s links on this article or in the links in the description of this article as well. To go dive deeper into Instagram and other social media platforms. I hope you got a ton of value, be sure to LIKE comment and share and I’ll see you on the next article.

Take care