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These are my top, I want to say top 5 ways doing this on top of the head. I should have know before that. Whatever I got 5 ways on how to make Instagram follow this year, so independence, she was able to use people using automation.

Sykes people use follow for follow all that stuff. The autumn exercise, don’t work, no more, don’t try to do it. You will give in like Instagram, has cracked down so heavily on the automation is ridiculous. So I wouldn’t don’t even do it, you can’t do it once you try to do it. You’ll get a message by in from Instagram I’ll post it somewhere. I guess I’ll post it right here, maybe right here yeah, you will get that message, I’m saying to change your password and you give that site.

You sign it to the site again, who knows what the hell’s going to happen? Evil bank account. So definitely I’m going to do that. We’re going to talk about get into followers organically and I was able to get a lot of followers organically. Throughout the last two and a half years, I’ve been on my music stuff and wrapping this up. So the first thing hashtags my hashtags – still work well here in 2020.

I think with the Instagram algorithm. They don’t want to see a lot of hashtags bunched up. There is a little hack you can get away with. You can use the comment sections or when you put in your hashtags, make them make a little paragraph and have different hashtags in the paragraph. I have the hashtags be technically be keywords, say I’m going to post about a new article say: hey, I’m a Baltimore rapper.

Maybe you hashtag Baltimore rapper, I’m a Baltimore rapper that just made this new music article, hashtag music, article, bobble and so on and so forth juice. Things like that and you can still put as much hashtag cuz you can just does one ey have a lot of hashtags. I’m not even you want to make make your uh in clean. You can go and comment hashtags and maybe even do a couple of comments. You know just the spread of hashtags out this integrators.

Don’t want to see a bunch of hashtags back-to-back-to-back-to-back. That’s one day you just got ta, keep in mind, not saying it won’t push your content out, but Instagram been just sold straight. So you never know number two ain’t got ta engage with other people. This is a social media. Hence the word social engage with people like their post DM. I wan na. Don’t spam just have conversations um you just just going people post.

That’s in your niche like say: if you’re, if you’re a music artist go to a music artists pace, I go to like Riley riches page and don’t just go to his follows: go to the the post and see who’s engaging and maybe start a conversation saying: hey Um, I don’t know somebody pull say I love this song, maybe your posts – yeah Ronnie, rich guy. Oh I love over. Every song about Obama can start a conversation.

This does take a little time. Let’s take a little effort. You know you can go 2 hours a day, just put 2 hours a day. I mean maybe like at lunch. Break me when you get home you’re chilling, you only phone all the time any. Why not just go ahead and try to you know maximize the time you have your phone this by people up. This is just organic, follows and then eventually you’ll get people following you engaging you or you can, even in the conversation say, hey, go, find my page you’re going to talk some more about something like that’s.

Pretty cool number three way is stories now I’ve noticed this lately, if you’re getting this. If you’re reading this article, I’m making this article and I’m going to give my phone real, quick, I wan na making this article during a corona virus epidemic and everything right now and a great way you can use this stay home. So you see my phone right here. Let me see if it’ll focus alright, so there’s a little break, but you see this little stay home when you go and make a story right and this – and this also will give you more engagement on your story.

But when you go into the story right now, you can, let’s say let’s just take a random picture and you go into your story and you go to your sticker right here and there is a stay-home sticker. Let’s see if I close it again, I’m so bad with a cameraman you know anyway. You’ll see you go to stick is like the first one, and then the state home will push your you’ll basically be in a stay home thing. Now, mostly of followers will see it, but I’ve noticed lately that I’ll put like a question or something and a lot of people will say hey I saw you want to explore page and my my content is being pushed out to the explore page.

So utilized story. Man, especially for engagement, like most people, look at source. I I just learn to go to the stories now and just scroll through the stories and just see what’s going on, then yes, utilize your stories. Man, like I said, I begin a lot of followers, because it’s basically pushing my stories and I’m getting impressions outside of my followers, which is great, and then you can take advantage of that.

Just uh it’s putting up stories and put up something really interesting. That could possibly potentially go viral. The right people see it so yeah man, you a lot of stories now. Another fourth way to gain followers on Instagram is get shoutouts man. You didn’t get shout outs, like I said, being social, maybe you know somebody and each they got the same amount of followers or even more you can pay for a shower.

You can just go to someone’s page that has a million followers. A lot of people only charge like fifty two hundred dollars for a shout-out like I just got one of my articles on this guy’s page. I want the school’s who it is, but I just got one of my articles as a story post, but for 50 dollars. He has 1.5 million followers and it’s a swipe up. Poster swipe up is to the to the strings of my song and I’m looking to see what that dude, even so, 1.

5 million less. Let’s do the numbers, like 1.5 million foul, I would say well what, if only you know, 10 % of his 1.5 million followers see that post right so 1.5 million 5 times – let’s say let’s say 1 %. I was even like 30, a 1.5 million followers, Tom’s 1 %, its 15,000 people. That could potentially see my song right and, let’s just say, 1 % of the 1,500 swipe up, so only 1 % of 50. How to swipe up that’s 150 people that could potentially follow me.

You know, that’s for just $ 50, look think about it and you can buy followers for $ 50, but that’s not real engaging 150 people. That’s 180 people that can engage with your content. I’d actually like you in content, more than likely, they do it, they actually swiped up and followed you or they swiped up a stream. My song and found my Instagram through Spotify or something so yeah. That’s definitely one great way.

It’s just paid for habit on it. Like if you’re going to spend money, spend it on people that have legit followers and that will shout you out and even do a Charlotte say: hey go follow this page, you make crazy amount of followers as well. I’m actually about to do. Am I just going a crazy Instagram influences spree? That’s what I’m calling and number five! No it’s cliche, but just make great content put out the best pictures.

I just did a photo shoot with my guy and I’m about to put out these photos and you’ll just make great put great content I’ll put high-definition article high-definition photos send your photos out, there’s so many pages um, not just in influences. I got millions of followers, but there’s pages that will post your pic if it’s great quality like you know, for me, I can go to our hair up your locs. I can go to a page that has $ 100 and followers for people who are dreadlocks and there’s some pages that have posted me for no choice.

I just set up my picture. They posted my picture and I gained followers so and then I and more than likely those pages you’ll get you’ll, get on a explore page and ban it. It blows up so fast, so yeah the bet say just put out the best patients you can possible. I like to say I’m just learning that now, even after all this time, I try to put the best photos I’ll hit the best get some professional. If you don’t know nobody that takes professional pictures, um get a friend like you can the enemy nurse stuff on the iPhone.

Nowadays you can take crazy pictures or you can do a photo shoot and you probably mean it to pay that much. You know you can probably do like fifty dollars for two hours or something like this problem is that’s willing to to take fifty off you to shoot some photos for a couple hours like you know those ways that’ll get to do that so other than that guys. Peace out, I hope you got some value, make sure you call me subscribe and like the article, please like the article at the very least, but if you got any value, please comment subscribe other than a purse.


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Here with Eric Ellis jr. Comment in this article, I’m going to show you how to freakin get real freaking followers and the fastest most legitimate way in 2008. Teen stay freakin tuned, alright guys so we’re actually behind my Instagram as we speak. If you look here now, first and foremost, step step number one is you need to leverage hashtags right now, just to show you my most recent photos are always use hashtags.

So we look on the best way is using the hashtags on the second comment, so you’re going to notice hold on. Let me go on one of my last here we go so I have so many freaking comments on here, but hashtags right, so travel traveling, travelers, traveler Explorer exploring Explorer. So while my leveraging hashtags simply because I want a specific group of people to actually reach me, so people are interested in travel or entrepreneurship business.

Everything of that nature they’re going to find me because that’s what I’m showing well that’s what type of hashtags I’m using right. So you want to leverage the right type, hashtags very targeted at hashtag. So what is your? I need to know your avatar? What is your ideal follower? What type of content you produce? Because, depending on what type of content you produce, you want that type of person following you, because they’re going to be more likely to engage with your following and if they engage with your content, then the more engagement that you get with your content, you’re also going To go ahead and get more following right in point where it’s easy now, if you’re looking at this photo, it has 765 likes right.

Yes, 50 comments: why? Because I’m simply leveraging right, hashtags and I’m getting people to actually look at my photos right and basically, you always want to use all 30 all 30. There’s no reason not to use all 30 and you want to make sure they’re specifically targeted if you’re trying to help them love us. Do fitness hashtags if you’re trying to do entrepreneurship, do entrepreneurship means hashtags right.

So with that being said next step, step number two is engaging with a specific number of people daily. Now, there’s two ways right: I’m going to teach you the organic way and I’m going to teach you the hack of the way right. So the organic way is simply by right about to go on somebody’s page, like somebody who I’m following, oh like Gary Vee right. What I can do is, I can tap one of this pieces of content go to who’s following him, and then people who are following him right.

If I’m in soccer ship, I can simply tap their uh, their Instagram right and I can start engaging with their content. Like liking their photos, I’m not going to like any photos right now, because I don’t know if I’m like too many, so I don’t want to get cuz. You Instagram loves the amount of people you can engage with pretty because they’re good and think is it as spammy, but we like people’s stuff and then, if you comment nice things now, if you’re going to.

If you look at one of my photos, you’re going to notice a lot of people doing this right thumbs up the wolf himself, you see great shot thanks for following a happy face right now. What I want to currently recommend is you people who would be most likely like them on counts that are like yours but way bigger. You go to their account. You see who’s engaging with their content, because that means they’re real people, real followers, and then you simply go.

You simply go to their account and you drop a nice comment on their last picture, because people who come across that picture will see who comments it. They’ll visit your profile and if you haven’t good content, they’ll drop a follow and also that person, even if they’re, not following you. If you drop a nice comment on their photos, they’ll be more likely to actually follow you because you complimented them right.

Even if you’re not following them as long as you have good content right, they’ll follow you back and also um the chi-chi-chi code right. The way to do it is with Instagram engagement groups. You can simply go to something called reddit comm and you can search for Instagram engagement groups and within the Instagram engagement groups. You can simply at 12 o’clock, everybody posts, everybody likes your photos, so it’s going to boost your engagement.

So, instead of getting let’s say on average I was getting 500 likes. My average pose might get 700 likes now because I’m more people that I can get the more engaging me to get on your post, it’s actually going to start showing up on the explore page. So if you was to click right here, the explore pages, this page right here right. So, if you’re more likely to show and display on peoples page that aren’t following you simply by I’m getting more people engaged, because if a lot of people are engaging with your content, you’ll show up on that that explore page so leveraging Instagram engagement groups.

Also, you can do commenting engagement groups, it’s literally a telegram group where at a certain point in time everybody pulls that one time in exchange for you liking their photos. They’ll like yours back. So if 200 people are within that round, then you’ll get an additional 200 likes. So imagine of your average photos getting 50 likes. What would happen if it was a boost up to 100 or 150 likes right, so leveraging Instagram engagement groups, so I stated before it number 2 is simply by engaging with people on a daily, and what I would do is a set amount of people right pick To comment on 50 people’s per day and like 3, each of their photos, 50 people per day right, make it a part of your daily method of operation simply by liking, maybe a certain amount of people as per day like 20, 50 100 right because more people, You engage with more people are going to come across your profile.

What you guys to look at something at the top of mine that says 2349 profile visits in the last 7 days right, the more visits you get to your profile. If they see a bit of content, they’re going to follow it, so when you it, the way you get visitors to your profile is simply by engaging with people right and the way I can look at this is because I have a business profile. I can see visitors and track data and everything that nature right and that’s not least, step number three, so step number one was leveraging hashtag step number two was liking, commenting on people’s posts and leveraging Instagram occasional groups simply by engaging with more people you’re going to Go ahead and get more profile visits more followers, and, last but not least, some people might like it.

Some people might not. I don’t care. You read this article, because what if I was, are going to teach you how to get more followers right now. Somebody who’s like me, I’m into entrepreneurship. So if you’re an entrepreneurship or if you’re into fitness, somebody with a much bigger and count, you simply go to their profile right. You pick a piece of their content. You look at so ninety three thousand people active.

What I would do is, if you look here following following following right, but all of these blue I’m going to turn these blue into white right, I’m going to turn them into following, and what I’m going to do is every maybe hour or so every hour. I’m going to follow 200 people every hour, 200 people. It does not take a long period of time, follow 200 people and then what happens is once you get to a certain amount of people right.

He noticed on my Instagram. I have 3500 people that I’m following my thresholds, usually about four hundred four thousand, rather I’m not going to follow over than four thousand people right. You simply go to this app right here on the App Store. It’s called a cleaner for IG and what you’re going to do is with cleaner for IG you’re going to go ahead and literally it allows you to follow on autopilot on follow of the 200 people per hour.

So the same to interview that you follow that you unfollow you clear what’s going to happen is a percentage of those people who actually you follow, are going to follow you back at my current president point is about twenty percent, so if I follow a hundred people That means I’m going to gain 20 followers and rinse and repeat so with that being said, that my friend is how you frickin gain real followers, you legitimate way right not buying them right, they’re, real followers, it’s real engagement, three simple steps, guys leveraging hashtags engage you With people with daily and follow and unfollow now, at the end of the day, if your main goal is to generate followers great, being instafamous apt, I’m not into Vegas, but sometimes people think I’m famous, because I have 12,000 followers right or the thing I was somebody Right, it is pretty cool to have a large following right.

People do like it, so hopefully that helps you guys out. What I want to do is actually give you guys access to an e-book right. It’s called affiliates, playbook it’ll, simply teach you how to build a passive income online very quickly and what you can do is you can actually leverage your Instagram following to generate an income. Let’s call it affiliates play with. You can go to Phillies play with calm or you can click the link in the description and you can get access to that ebook.

That’s a free gift for you! Reading this full article. So now we need to grow an Instagram. Why not make money doing it? So with that being said, make sure you smash that subscribe button so join the family, so I can teach you how to crush it and your lifestyle on your business and also smash that, like button and chocolate boy comment, show me some love hearts. I’m let me know ugly something chuckle.

Damn coming without me said Eric Ellis jr. As always check it out.


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Instagram Engagement Hacks (Legal) | How to Get Real Followers and Likes FAST

I know just like you probably know, because you’re clicking on this article, that Instagram has been changing their algorithm time and time again and making it more difficult to grow. I’m going to basically outline for you guys the most legal and best way to grow and to increase your engagement on Instagram.

So, like I said, I’m going to discuss with you guys Instagram engagement, hacks, to grow your Instagram and also how to get real followers and likes fast, and the only way you guys can actually really do. This is by being really engaging on Instagram and actually putting in the time to grow it, because you can’t expect a quick fix solution to where you do nothing and you just become an ultimate sensation.

And if that is your goal, then I don’t know having a successful Instagram is probably not for you unless you’re a celebrity. You just ultimately get the following automatically. If you are just a regular person, that’s trying to grow their business account or personal account. There are some things that you have to do in kind of a schedule of nuances. You should follow an order to get that engagement that you are seeking, and the first thing is.

I know it’s so obvious, but it is the most important thing it is being consistent like I said you have to put in the time, and you have to do it daily, like even a couple times a week, isn’t going to be this enough to grow. You want to show Instagram that you are serious and when they see that they will actually push your Instagram to be seen more. If you do post everyday you’re, more likely to be seen, you’re more likely to hit the Explorer page and Instagram will recognize you as somebody who is serious about their Instagram.

They will be consistent with pushing you, but if you fall off the map for a couple weeks or a month, you’re going to go right back to the bottom and have to rebuild that momentum that you’re getting it’s just like a moving wheel. You know at first it takes like a bit of a push to get it going, but once it’s going it becomes easier and better, and if it stops moving, what happens again, you need to give it that push again.

That’s another thing: that’s super obvious is obviously have really good content. You want, quality photos doesn’t have to be taken, our professional camera. You can take great photos on an iPhone, but just make sure you’re picking photos where you look good or your products look good and it’s just all kind of cohesive and it looks clear and good. You don’t want to post blurry pictures pictures that are just kind of I don’t know structured.

Oddly I mean you know what looks good and what doesn’t think about what you follow and what you like and just make a really good quality content. Another thing like I said unless you’re a celebrity, or you know somebody who is already recognizable and already gets a following just by posting kind of photos of whatever or themselves. However, you kind of want to have a concentration or a topic, and it doesn’t have to be too concrete.

You can still be yourself and you can still be a lifestyle blogger, for instance, but just make sure you’re adding some value, and you have some sort of theme to your page. People are just more likely to follow you if they know what your page is about, and they know what the concentration is and they know females, because maybe they are looking for health tips. They will follow you if you are giving them quality health tips on a daily basis.

Therefore they will tune in daily and be there for you as well. Then another tip is post. Articles too. You don’t want to only post pictures articles actually get pushed really well on Instagram, and they also allow your audience see, who you really are, maybe for talking in some they get a flavor your personality. They get to see that you’re, real or whatever you’re selling or advertising is real, and it’s just honestly articles capture people’s attention.

A lot more than photos do, and they also tell a lot more of a story, so definitely integrate articles into your feet as well as photos, be active on IG stories, be active on IG TV. Make some highlights on your page. Just make sure your whole profile is being active. This way, people can really get to know you better. They want more detail, so go to your I G TV, and then your stories will also really help your attraction.

Instagram is actually pushing those that are using all the features on their Instagram. You guys can even go live if you’re, not shy or if you have something to show live, is a great way to attract attention and help your engagement and then stories as well. You’ll see that if you post stories every day, your story, engagement and the amount of people reading them will grow as well, because you’ll always be pushed to the front, and it’s also a good way to get people onto your page onto your feed.

You can also do swipe up links just there’s so many features you can do so make sure you’re using all the avenues of Instagram. Now I know you guys are thinking. This is just so much. How am I ever going to have the time to do all of this? And yes, I know it can be a lot and putting the time for quality production does take up a lot of time, but there’s a way that you can actually streamline your Instagram to make it so much easier for you and help yourself grow with this simple Hack, this little baby right here will make your life so much easier.

I’m going to walk you guys through and show you how to basically run and manage it and so we’re having to make it go. Super easy super, quick! All you have to do you guys can just put everything in there and then it’ll just basically run itself, and you will not get behind on your consistency, because that is what’s going to help your Instagram grow, so that the app is just going to be your Best friend, so, let’s check it out right now, I’m going to show you guys the screen recording, so I can walk you guys through all them using features.

This is going to help your Instagram world so much against your engagement, it’s going to grow and this is honestly the only natural way, the only legal natural way to grow your Instagram there’s so many advertised things out there that are going to you know advertise growth, But it could be, BOTS could be fake. You could get your Instagram and you don’t want that. You want natural growth and you want people that are actually real and engaging and actually want to be on your page.

So yeah, oh, and also I’m going to give you guys some bonus tips at the end of this article to make sure you guys read out for them so going to be later in the end. But right now, there’s number 2, the app and I’m going to show you what’s up all right, so we’re just going to go ahead and open the app the app and here you go. This is what your home screen is going to look like. There is a schedule button.

This is where your posts will go, that you scheduled here, you’ll see the ones that you have already posted and the cool thing about this is that you can actually have multiple Instagram usernames. So far. I only have two in here, but I have multiple accounts that I’m going to keep adding and then you can also see your analytics right here. It shows you, your follower, analytics your post analytics, and I mean some of this.

You can see on the Instagram app, but it’s really handy to have it right here in your schedule or app as well. You can also look at it in terms of past 24 hours, past 48 hours, 7 days and 14 days, so you can a more streamlined. Analytic of your progress, so I’m going to show you guys how to schedule your first post with this app and after that you can basically just schedule unlimited amount of posts, and you can schedule it basically for the week or for the month.

Yeah. All you do is press schedule and see you have all these other really cool features here you can basically you just pick. I mean I’ll, go over those features in a second, though, just pick a photo from your photo library. I already made a little folder of pictures that I wanted to post. You can also you know edit the sizing just like you cannot. Mr. Him, it can also make a carousel if you are in the mood and then you click Next and then here you can.

Edit it you can either change some filters if you want to – or you can go in here – and you have some really cool – really really cool things you can play with the adjustments. So that’s regular I’ve already added with my photos, so I don’t need any of that. But again you have blur and focus you can draw on it, which I think is a really cool feature. Hey. That’s me: if you want to so you can get more crafty with your photos.

All I’m going to. You can add text whether you’re trying to create a meme. You can also do splash, which is basically I mix it all black and white, and then you can pick the size of your brush and you can show the parts where you want the color to come through. So, for instance, if I want to show myself I’m not doing this in great detail right now, I’m just showing you the effect. I know some people like that effect and then everything else will be black and white, but you we’d, probably zoom in in color and better than I did there, but that’s just an example of how that works.

Then you can also have stickers, which is really cool. So mmm and then you just click Next and right here. Another cool feature here that we have is, you can actually schedule to post photos to multiple Instagram pages. It gives you all the things you get on Instagram. You write your caption, you have caption history, you have your saved caption if you have already scheduled something or if you have to put it in your defaults, so it’ll show your previous captions and then the cool thing.

You can actually have hashtag suggestions here. So if you’re outputting hashtags, which I do recommend you do, they will help them, do it exposure there we go, you can just click on it and see they all popped in right there. So I can just click Save and then you can add your location pick Los Angeles and then another cool feature is that you can write your first comment, so I know some people like to put their hashtags in the second.

In the first comment after the caption, therefore, it’s not like clogging up space in your caption, which is something I do quite a bit of the time as well. So you can actually put your hashtags right here, which is cool. You can save that and then you already have your first comment ready and loaded and then, if you do have a business page where you have products on your page that you are selling you can click the add products.

This is the most detailed type of schedule or app that I have seen that actually gives you all of these options. So I think it is awesome and you click Next and then you can pick your timezone. I have Los Angeles, which is where I am and then here it’ll actually recommend you the best time to focus e to help you reach more followers and engagement, Alfie analyzes 10 billion posts, engagement of your followers and accounts similar to yours, applied machine learning to find The best time for you, though, for me for tomorrow it says that 7:12 would be the best time to post.

So I’m just going to change it to that and then maybe you’re doing a shout out and you want to have a delete time. It has an option for that as well. I won’t be deleting it, so I won’t be doing that and then, if you are doing an advertised post, it even has a feature for that where it will send your advertiser notifications and you basically put in all your information. It takes care of it for you and click Next and see my scheduled post pops up here and then you can just keep scheduling, scheduling and then you’ll have a post ready for every day.

How easy is that? That’s just awesome! You don’t have to do anything but just engage with your following and it will take care of the rest for you. You also have a drag and drop preview, which I think is awesome. I like to look at a grid preview before I post it on my Instagram, just to see how it will look and basically, since this one is already scheduled, it’s already and there, but basically you can just add photos see I put them all in and now You can drag and drop them to rearrange them to the best way, so you can just kind of see beforehand and therefore it’ll help.

You schedule your posts and the best looking manner as well, which is awesome because, like I said, you want to have a quality, a quality feed which people are attracted to and that they like – and this is how you can do that – that is to bulk schedule Them and basically you just select all the ones you want and then you’ll just put in the scheduling for all these pictures. Therefore, you don’t have to keep doing them one by one.

You can also search and repost, maybe have a meme type of Instagram. You can search for anything on here and all you do if you want to repost something on your page. This makes it super simple. You pick this and then you just click repost, and you can also select repos to post or repost a story. It makes it really easy to run a meme account as well. So if that’s, what you guys are doing, this app is bomb for that, and then the other cool awesome.

Most amazing things on here that I haven’t seen on some scheduling apps is that you can post your story and your IG TV, which is amazing, because you can schedule all of that as well. So you can have all of your engagement on your platform already scheduled and done, and then you don’t have to worry about anything. You just sit back in. You know, drink your coffee. Read a movie. Go to the park, walk your dog, I don’t know just have a good time.

You can get detailed with your stories. You can tag, people hash tags. If you want – and you can also add a story URL. So you can add a swipe up link which is awesome. You can do it all from the scheduling app. So all your advertisements or things you’re trying to promote you can do it all up here. You can also schedule your ID TV here. We go. Here’s a article that popped up, for instance, Helena closest to my ig TV.

This was a funny article Spencer and I in the car after he had a root canal and I was making fun of it. I can write a description, a title with the time zone. You can add the first comment on that. Basically, all the scheduling thing you saw for the post, you can do for your ID TV as well, and then you can also bulk schedule. Like I said you can pull proposal for story and book for ID TV and just get them done a lot faster.

I have the pro account which lets me post unlimited amount of scheduled posts. There is a free option and I think you can post up to 10. I do recommend upgrading and getting one that is paid for again, like I said in scranton, is an investment, and this will really help your engagement. This is like the ultimate hat, guys, there’s also a desktop version. So if you keep everything on your computer, you can easily run and manage it from your computer as well, which is also another amazing feature and guys.

I will be putting a referral code down in the description below so that you guys can get 10 % off of your subscription to IP. If you decide to get it so when you guys are going to get the app just make sure you use that referral code, so you do get that 10 % off so, like I promised here, your bonus tips for your Instagram engagement. The first one would be to tag make sure you are tagging. People in your photos make sure your tagging brands.

If maybe there are pages that you can see yourself being featured on tag, those in your photos and articles so that they can see it and they might be post you if they repost, you, then it’ll attract more people to your page and if they, even if They don’t repose to you. People often look at the tagged photos on these popular pages and they might run across to your page and be like wow. I really love this and follow you for that, and then other one.

This one is paid, but it can be very beneficial, especially if you are marketing something and that is to actually use the ads on Instagram. You don’t have to spend a lot. You can spend a couple dollars, maybe five dollars and just to boost your post Instagram. Actually favors people that uses that use ads. Obviously they want so your money. If you have a couple dollars to spare that can really help your growth as well.

If you are selling something it’ll just help market, you in general, which is amazing and you could sell more products – can get more conversions. That way. That’s it guys, that’s my article. I hope you guys enjoyed it and I hope you guys will follow some of these tips and I hope that it really does help. You grow your Instagram. I know it is very difficult. These days, Instagram keeps making it more and more difficult, but it doesn’t have to be.

All you have to do is be consistent, make good quality content and be on top of it. Basically, that’s all you got to do and it will road just takes time set an overnight thing. So just remember that and you will be very successful and that’s it guys, don’t forget to like this article. Don’t forget to subscribe, so you don’t miss any more articles and I will see you guys next time in my next article


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4 Strategies to Get More Instagram Followers

”, Alright, so you’re on Instagram. You probably got a great Cadence going already with how often you’re posting but you’re, definitely thinking “. How do I get more followers,” right, I know I was asked that Actually, just recently when I was doing a seminar in Orlando And it’s a good thing to think about because the more Followers, the more likes Right, The more likes spread more word of mouth Yeah, the more Conversions to your website, the more you grow.

All these fun things right Yeah, but, as I always get asked “ Well, what are best practices to get more followers on Instagram?”, So we’re going to break it down into four ways to gain more followers, starting with Don’t skip over that bio. Make an awesome! Bio about your business, I know I have a favorite one. There was — What is that? There was this pub in L.A. When I lived there – and they did this really bold move – They decided to go 100 % vegan Interesting for a pub Yeah and in their bio it says: “, Oh kale, yeah ( laughs ) We’re plant based.

”, So to get right to it. [ Nealey ] Love a good pun, [ Emma ], (, laughs ), Oh Kale yeah. We should get shirts. That say: That’s all you Would you wear it? No Just me Just you, Just me All right anyway, so like It’S their announcement that “ hey we’re plant based now.”, It’s also funny, which is their voice, their sense of humor And then from there. They like Have added links, for example, if they wan na direct you to their website or anything that they’re Promoting that month, So when it comes to your bio, that was just one example: “, Oh Kale yeah we’re plant based”, but I also recommend, if You’Ve been in business for a long time whenever you opened up.

Add that that’s always a big one for me, especially when I’m checking Out, like a auto repair shop, I wan na know they’re not just Like the new shop in town, It makes me feel like I can trust them more if they’ve been around a while, So I’d also incorporate Anything that really demonstrates your Personality or your vibe, so if you’re, a restaurant and you’re known for fine dining like Let people know that so you get the right audience versus if you’re super, like divey Hipster vegan crunchy place Exactly right.

I’Ll be there Yep she’ll, be there (, laughs ). I might try it, But with your bio, you Really wan na be strategic about what put out there basically put how you Actually help your followers and what they’re going to get out of it. The more that you describe What’S in it for them, they’re going to read that And go oh cool. That’S me, like I wan na talk about or see vegan pubs or I wan na have help with real estate or I wan na have help with whatever Put “ helping.

You do. Blah”, whatever that is add that in there And what a cool little trick is so in Instagram bio, you can’t Really do those line breaks, it will make it just one giant paragraph, but instead open up Notes like on your phone, add your bios. There add your line. Breaks your emojis, whatever you wan na, do and then copy pasta that over and then it’s like all nice and organized it’s little sentences.

Versus one giant, paragraph Yeah, absolutely and one Thing, I would also include you, mentioned real estate. And then I started thinking about home services and Then I started thinking bout where your service area Might be or areas So, if you only service certain cities, you know spell that out. For your customers as well So at a glance I know, hey It’S worth picking up the phone and calling you to do business with you as a potential customer or not All right now with including the bio is the link that Instagram gives us.

It’S the only place where we Can link to another source? What are some things? That we should basically link to there Yeah. So there’s a lot of options. I know I actually did this Recently for The Journey, I added the YouTube link: For all of our articles, Yeah, I saw that you basically Posted about it and said “, Hey check out the link in the bio”, Yeah yeah And then went right to the article. Did you click on it? I might have ( laughs ) Seven times So, if you wanted to direct People to a YouTube blog that you’re doing or other Social media platforms that you’re on or maybe you’re offering A really exciting discount or a special giveaway and Then you direct them to there And you can do this in Your Instagram stories, “, Hey link in bio” or on your Instagram post “, oh check out the link in our bio”.

So that’s a great. I see that a lot, especially for giveaways or 10 % off really cool shirt Yeah. I dig it And then I think last thing with the bio is the basically display name. What a lot of businesses will do. They’Ll just put their business name there, but if it’s not super apparent About what your business is, maybe that won’t resonate With your audience, but you can add your business name and then that line and Then basically put the services that you offer Whether it’s real estate Investing or vegan pubs, or whatever that looks like So when someone’s going through searching the feed they Can see your business name then cool that industry might entice them to wan na jump in explore.

Your page a bit more All right so that Takes us to number two Infuse, your Instagram with personality, ♪ Ahhhh ♪. What does that actually mean ( laughs, ) Other than your award? Winning personality ♪, Yes ♪, So that means think about What content you’re doing, what you’re putting out there? Don’T try too hard it’s going to come off that You’Re, trying too hard Be authentic, be real and plan ahead’cause.

That’S one thing I notice too, is that when content is just being rushed, personality’s left out completely. So just take the time. Think “, what is really me “? What is my voice “? What is my business about “? Do I have a good sense of humor,?” Yeah and for the most part, people follow your Instagram page, not only just for the services you offer, but they follow it for you right. So, the more that you share you and just share your day to day your struggles, your Wins your opportunities and going on there post about you, the more that you’ll really relate to them and connect with that audience.

The more willing that they’re going to be to just follow you and your presence Yeah as soon as you Come off just sounding like a business or predictable or a robot you’re going to get less engagement, And why would I follow you I’ll, probably unfollow you If you become too salesy or sound too much like a business – And I know that can seem confusing right,?’Cause you’re, like “, I am a business” Right “.

I wan na sell my services.” I’M ( laughs, ) “ I wan na make money like I’m On there to get more business”, So yes, I hear you but consumers, especially millennials. We wan na see a personality, So authenticity for the win And speaking of millennials, I read an interesting stat. The other day it said “ millennials prefer User generated content” so be sure to incorporate That on your Instagram, It’s like the mecca for User generated content, Which, if you don’t know what that is, it’s essentially content that other people have created.

For you about you, like your customers, taking Pictures of their pizza and then mentioning you, You can repurpose that into your own post And there was also another stat that said: 85 % of people when they See user generated content they actually visual User generated content, they actually trust it more than business. What they’re Saying about themselves or brands or colleagues or your family So strangers are pretty powerful, Yeah And there’s many ways to really create that user generated content.

We’Ve got a article for you, To check out up there, But what quick things you can do run a contest create just A personalized hashtag with your business and Tell everyone to hashtag it and then you can go search those hashtags and then all that user. Generated content is there Reach out to them, say “, hey You mind if I post this?” get their permission just in case And then add that Content to your own feed create that user generated content get people to really like you.

And buy into your business and you win and you grow your following. Another awesome way: To infuse personality in your Instagram, it’s actually really quite simple. Ask questions Like what So I saw That was a question That was oh, that was good, (, laughs, ), It’s working It’S working (, both laughing ), So I saw this hotel and they did a post on Instagram and it said “ I feel” I don’t. It was Like “, I feel most at home when I have blank”, So the hotel asking that question was just a really cool way to not only Get their audience engaged,’cause people love to Talk about themselves Right, But they also then Shared what makes them feel most at home.

It was like “ curled up with a book. Cozy with some hot tea” Yeah and another added Benefit with that is now they’re getting basically survey data of their audience. What Makes them feel at home, they collect the — Oh, my gosh Kind of the best examples make sure they include That in their hotel too, I didn’t even think that’s so true, Yeah -‘Cause. What if someones like, really enjoys cucumber water Yeah? They can — Put that in your lobby Makes them feel at home.

So another really Simple and effective way to infuse personality on your Instagram. Besides asking questions, And user generated content showcase your team, I mean what a great way To like be authentic and show who’s behind the scenes, you know Do some BTS. How is that Recipe coming together, who’s underneath the hood of the car. When I get my oil changed Like who makes this business Plus, when you see a familiar face at some of your favorite local Businesses as a customer, sometimes that’s all I need – is just like a little incentive.

To go back and visit, you Yeah absolutely and I Know that we do this a lot at GoDaddy. Our guides are the face of our brand and you can basically do it. The same with your employees like they’re the face of your brand they’re representing Your business everyday So show them off, show tell their story, let the people connect with them, And it should help them just Resonate with your audience and build that loyalty All right, so the third Way that we wan na talk about actually getting more Followers on Instagram we’ve kinda touched on it, but hashtags Other popular hashtags Like just industry wise think about it, and you can google this, You know what industry you’re in let’s say: you’re in retail “ popular hashtags to use If you’re in retail”, You google it right now And one that I love to see, Especially for some inspo, some fashion, inspo hashtag OOTD, You know what that stands for Outfit of the day.

That’S right. Nealey pays Attention to what he wears, I’m hip with the lingo He’S hip And hip with the clothes, So retail you’ll see that a lot OOTD And a lot of people love to use it to just get like. I said, inspiration, For their fashion And it’s going to help you to Get in front of new customers, more followers, which is What this article is all about, But don’t stop there, don’t Stop with just industry, specific hashtags or branded, You can also do neighborhood or local hashtags.

Okay, Yeah So like for in Seattle, Like hashtag, Seattle, coffee, for example, to Yes, Really bring around Seattle, coffee Yeah. That would be A great spot, you know, Branch out outside of Starbucks find a local business to go to where we could get a cup of coffee before we come in and shoot “ The Journey”, And with these hashtags too, it’s not necessarily just For you to post about really join in on the conversation of other people that you see, Talking about these hashtags, What I’d recommend Yes, Spend like ten or 15 minutes a night search, a couple: hashtags And just start adding conversation to other peoples, posts and adding value.

Don’T just put generic comments’cause. Nobody is going to care about that. People are just going to think you’re spam, but if you actually go in and add value continue on the conversation Maybe ask questions: it’s really going to help you Connect with a larger audience and show that you’re an actual person, not just a faceless business, All right Emma did you know That 70 % of people on Instagram read Instagram stories on a daily basis.

No, but I’m not surprised, I definitely spend way more Time on Instagram stories than just like scrolling, Through my Insta news, feed _, I feel the same way. I know I just go into the stories. I love it It’s authentic and it shows personality, Yes, Which tees up our fourth Way to get more followers Incorporate, fan content, Like user generated Okay Into your Instagram stories, So instead of like reposting, it reposting it basically Posting on to your story, Yeah, so, for example, I was, I recently got a new surfboard, it’s my baby.

I love it. Can’T Wait to go home and surf. I recently got this new surfboard and I was curious about the brand and the brand is modern, surfboards and I checked out their Instagram and what really sold me was Their Instagram stories And they are doing an awesome job of repurposing, their fans content, And so this was a really cool way to see people like me, potential customer well, for them it was already a customer and their out there like getting pitted and showing off their Board So I got inspo for like What board I wanted to get? I also just like increased my Hype to go catch some waves, but it’s really cool to see their fans and where they’re surfing and what boards their intrigued by And it got me really excited.

And the good news is Like we mentioned earlier, Instagram is the mecca of fan content, But it is your responsibility. To be paying attention to when people are mentioning, you, like, you were talking about earlier, Yeah you’ll, get a notification And you can go one step further, not only reposting their posts. You can repost their stories Now. The only way to do This is if they mention you in their story, So encourage your fans, your followers, to mention you in their story.

When they talk about you that way, you can repost It on your own blog.’Cause, they don’t do it. You won’t be able to do it And it makes it really easy too, Like Nealey is great about this, when we’re doing “ The Journey” shoot and he’ll mention me. And then it just pops up in my inbox on Instagram And then I’m like “, oh Nealey, mentioned me. Well, do I –” Get a little “. Add this to your story”.

What did what did he capture? What did I do? First, let me check it. Oh this is cool and then I can just click. “, add this to my story” Super quick, add a little Gif, add some conversation say: “, hey thanks for the shout out” or whatever you wan na, do Make it personal. Don’T just Click the mention in my story add your little 2 cents to it. It’Ll really, basically like Resonate with that person, And now they think they’re A little Insta-famous too All right, that’s a wrap.

You just learned four ways to getting more Instagram followers Be sure to like comment and subscribe Ring that bell. If you wan na Get these episodes first, This is “. The Journey” see you next time.

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