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how to increase Instagram followers in 2020 | easy way to grow Instagram | 10k followers

Today’s article is really special for me today. Also I’m going to share my screen with you, because already by the title, you have idea that what I am going to talk about, it’s all about Instagram. Most of the people, they say that you have to do this kind of stuff. You have to do these things. Then you will win at Instagram. You will have a huge number of follow ups, but do you seriously thinks that do they things matter for you? Have you tested them? I mean I’m running Instagram my since last year, I am, I have been growing over 10,000 followers or the over the last six months.

Only if I can do that, then anyone can do that. It’s not a big thing, but I have tested a lot of things as you are my audience that I have tested many things on you, whether it’s my stories, whether it’s my podcast, whether it is different type of tweets or whether it’s different type of quantity, post Or whether it’s my personal pink thing that everything that was a tasting point of view to understand how actually Instagram was so right now at this stage, I have got a clear idea that at least I have clear data that how you should look at the sternum Or what type of matrix you should look at the Instagram, because lot of articles are available there? They will tell you that you have to do this thing.

Go. Do this thing have a higher rate of engagement and you will have get everything you want. You will grow your follower or Knight, but this is not something that really matters. There are some metrics that you have to lose. There are different types of content you have to put. You have to test a lot of things type personally, for my all, the international clients I work specifically, there are some clients they wanted to grow their Instagram, so I consult them.

I help them to grow their their Instagram, so I’ve been testing a lot of things. So today’s article is all about the Instagram. How I have been doing everything that Lyndell passed a 6 month, the the actual metrics you should look at, then you can decide when you have to post or the venue how to put a different type of content. So you will get a clear idea about it. So we are not going to waste any more of time.

It’s just like summarization of whatever I did in the last over the year. So you will get an idea that basic idea that what matter you should look at how you should should be posting. How often should be posting, how you trigger that emotion, all these things, some a turn like whether it’s psychology, obviously I also play with the psychology of people, psychology or cycle objects larger of the audience actually.

So, ultimately, unless we trigger that emotion, we cannot get them to your profiles or get them to follow them, get them to follow you. So when you have to do it, you have to look at the matrix whether how much were account reach as to the audience people. So ultimately, what happens when you post something it shows to the five to ten percent of your audience if they like on the engage on their post, then that it goes to their explore, plays explore place to the story places then they’re, showing to start showing to Your hashtag and different I come so I’m not going into deep into it.

Obviously I have but deep knowledge about it. That’s why I work with the international clients and I have been getting a good result for it, so I’m going to show you a basic matrix that you should look at if that, no one, no one, maybe you will see this all type of content. The first time – but I really want to share this because I have seen like whether it’s my books around France or book reader friends, they have been struggling a lot of to get ultimately follows base or growing their blog.

So this is what I’m going to share it, so we are not going to waste any more time, will directly go into the my screen and have a look at it from that. I am really talking we are talking about so I have created some like. I have out of that 200 L. 200 post. I have selected this much for this only post, because I cannot make the article more longer. Even I don’t want to make it more longer more than 20 20 minutes.

So I had chosen some of the examples that I tested and I wanted to show you that the results – that’s pretty horrible, so let let me just start so. This is the first image where I posted about to myself in the few few weeks. Back about the I went on a trade, can I post on this image? You can see that the like, where around 500 likes. So this is what I really wanted to talk about, so the interaction where only 10 when the profile visit our spend the disk or is quite less because that was not that that was a good pic, but that won’t like that’s what is not something that will Went viral so even out of that 27 people we’re not for wearing following me, but you can see that even if the vh is 500, I got that out of nine zero zero and I converted 22 into follows like if you, if you have a business account, You can have all the metrics, you can look at it see.

The impression is 1000 around you in the from home from hash tag every step. This is pretty normal post. It’s not something that big or huge enough, but this is just a basic where I posted about myself and when I was talking about myself. The second, because this I posted about the podcast they’re like we’re fairly low, because obviously forecast is not something that big enough. So I don’t think that most of the people will understand it, but the matrix, even the matrix, is really really low.

You can see that 22 profile receives when the one website click out of that pose to eat you to quite beginner climb into 1000 peoples. Out of that 30 percent, where in following me, but out of that I converted into two followers now you can see the different type of content. What works? What not! But here the hashtag rage is good, very good, see next one. This is the trending post like if you have see you have seen this post a lot of time about the LinkedIn Facebook Instagram tinder, so the even the like is quite good enough, but this is what I wanted to show see that profile visit.

I got out of this from the hashtag or the film is 19, the post, which around 1000 people out of that 47 people weren’t following me, but see this number 10 followers I caught out of this 10 followers, and the reach is quite good. Impression is quite good, but I got 10 followers. I mean this is how I able to scale my everything like when I, when I test two different types of graphics when I tried to test trending post.

So this is what I look at. I got out of it only 10 followers, so it’s a good either post, trending top, which is always to go with the trend, and you can get a lot of followers. This is the latest post. I mean you have seen the books. You should read in the the fairly good likes, but see this. There were only system interaction ports to reach a very low, even the it out of that 8 % where in following, because most of the people have saved this post.

Out of my, like my followers, but seek this number out of that, I got like this. Screenshot is within the one or two are after posted. I pick so after that, even like in less than 24 hours. This is something I want to talk about. Like I got all those 27, I mean that’s a good number to look at it out of when I post something. So this is another post where I posted a caption, really really good caption.

If you have not seen that caption go and read that caption, so you will understand so fairly good likes got it. The post went good and out of this like from the hashtag, it was 500, but I got 19 follows 90, follows 21 profile visit and out of that 22 website collects I mean that’s a good. If you are converting a product, if you’re selling something, then you should type your own picture, or you should talk about your something that is more important for the audience by this.

You will get a lot of following this. This something like will straight a long back. Something I came across funny because I wanted to test how a maim or how a humour posed to works on the Instagram, and this works really good. I mean this is my first trial when I did at that time. So at that time I fellow follower count was very low. I guess I I was around only five to six thousand photos. I guess if I’m not wrong, but the follows out of that likes.

I get value, but look at these numbers. This poll – I I took this screen sorter at that time, so I can see you I can you can see the results you created it quite low, also but out of the 32 percent where in following but see look at the followers I got out of that Because everyone shared that post that went viral like ultimately that post went viral for me and I’ll this is the desert. I got out of that only post.

If I go into insights, I caught profile visit 1700. Around put, I got follows out of that. Converted. 172. I mean if you make something shareable content. If you make something that people love, if you make something that people can relate to, then you get a huge number, here’s something or dear future. This is something I returned a long time back. I don’t know my second or third year of my college, about talking about the few, how I look at my future wife.

So this is also went viral. You can see that the likes are pretty high, see these numbers, I mean literally. I got shocked up to show up for this thing this this supposed to after this post. I deceived around 7,000 profile visits. I mean if you write something good. If you write something relatable ten, you get a lot of things like see this number. I got two values: it’s seven thousand and that’s a pretty huge as compared to all the things and out of that I converted 72, the obviously it’s not dyed, but this is how I able to grow my icon.

So this is the latest post about the book review, so I am targeting every other factor like how book review post works, how were humor post walls, so we are talking about everything. This is a book review where I post Raider inside of the book everything you want to know about the book and why this book is important, see this. This is a quite low. After, like less than three hours I took this picture.

I just took the screenshot so profile visited, I got only 19th, but the followers I got converted into two and reach, and you can say the impression I mean you can go with the your own post also. So this is something I really wanted to talk about when you look at this matrix. This is the real matrix. You should take consideration when you are doing something posting now. You have a better idea that what kind of post you should do I mean now.

You have a clear idea what you can do with this: what type of content you should post on Instagram? How you should you can target your audience so hope you find this helpful, because this is the real matrix I see when I am growing the profile. Obviously, the other matrix are how many sales are there. How many shares are there how many hashtag is used and all other things? I will talk about that later.

If you want that topic, put comment in the description that you wanted. You want more details about that. How I look at it? How I, how I see so it’s not only about Instagram, I destroyed LinkedIn, I tested Facebook. I tested everything. Even I tested run running ads also, so this is something I came across that I have shared only like four. I insist it post on you, but I do have a lot of case studies that I can go on and on on and on, but you’ll get bored.

So I don’t want it. So this is some of the metrics that you should look when you’re making something. So that’s all for I guess today’s article, you hope you have enjoyed this


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Free Instagram Followers Hack ✅ How to get Free Instagram Followers for Android & iOS 2019 part6

Our Instagram users of home, gay or friends. Up looks of you to pedagogy articles victim, geeky Instagram play at show that she liked, plus a church, a follower care, save a life. The guys are cheese, meat or mafia. He bought a novel. Onkeyup larger amount make his stay. Instagram follower press like gain curse, active the friends, article feisty much ki jagah article Florida.

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The idea of a salsa direct, open curse, subtil top, is using the clicker over top who spit the pole, joga jump in May after follower. Banana kill you, but animal endoscopy go so Jessie expect liquor over to the kills for up. We have a meta, bookmark, Mady, Cara, working up a six interface. The current six and linker difference poses only in ghettos, yep, sorry link as a follower, but then also any linkage say I got a follower, but over top agree, no Boris was a terrible over concept or to simply me last one Olympic click curtain.

Just in may click Karuma goes to the center face, vinegar, tapas, simply first animal pair up by username man night. Also, second, and my pay up. Okay, the negev no password on man go suggest yeah with no password Aldo. We talk. Okay. Can I styling tonight? No for signing can make about up coca Cano got K by the victors. Okay DC up of the password alter toward Rome, but all the time toaster row is lever that I keen said I’m confirm Kentucky a cop account: Haiti seduce Riga, cock, cock, cock and a dystopia cop named saddam economist, John Aman pickups, and I got this was made.

This person was me top cost per click connect. This was me they see. I was petit. Cadeau got acaba Poisson account or if it’s a Logan Kinetico do carnival, is a interface McCool data to the kiddos Ellie Kauai st., like hundreds and fall over 215, send comment. Send story views article views say photo to those ASAP core interface. The Kremlin talk or simply connect remains with the massive up all over banana equally, but animal talk or simply captain Maggie’s self, all over per click, and I just yeah I was backlit karaagac, so I’ll cook a connect, a pic username dinner.

They came after my username desert on YouTube are Rohit, you know so George is using my banana choco boy username dead, easy. Then I got of course I use at the click connect. You see, those power spectra occur over top Kok Kok and I kept lle. Maybe a cleaner give up a kidney, limited or store. Thank You Cooper me only me, but I don’t get I so limited. You see. I was practically karaage top coat a pedestal.

Amid the denied 250 all stop coke capita Cardenas OB up Cody crown orange color cupboard respect a cyclical way to stop cut off all over and one. I start whole danged, Ostia, couch time leg up, push time to leave and Pedrosa Higa to study, see ya alko / did they got a top, go simply calc and a gap open Instagram economy, jayega, auto, stop cog on Ibaka for toxicology. We pass whatever change called easy: go kudos to tell buck Up kiddo following it: bo-buddies IG, + top whoa who’s timed up buddy get up talk about new password, tena koe, ruby top kakari up no password change card is egos time.

Give each me. Would you see a popular password change card, okay to stop get off for loving a book commodity, but now all those coffee for living 8 % be in the Himalaya? Take it oh stop. Following put it arch, okay of me playing, say: grandma corner Kojak about target. All the heroes to me they are planes economic on me all those to me up going after, but a little gap quote 250 men say makes even phone over my leg.

App cannot see. Pupae depend cattle, you stop. Okay. Can a polymer Mills act, a I’ve got a animal chapter 20 we will suck their toes to victim was equipping Emily. You see those two may scroll cutting up to take him with a potentially rock music Tiffany follow vermilion top the acceptor jumper Hartman away. Have a follow-up are dying it to dick. He does too much. I put a hundred follow Amelia homicide, just a jitney, be link of uppity object, leave a link at even possess a clicker over top minutes, a follower Boris up to the kiddos to mera pehla.

I’m dead forever today, Kia 10.1 read you: can those to post oyeme top queue a patron diminished art Kurata, just a beautiful almond, red millet, UK Matt? Let me retain catheter 10.1 hero way to stop me up. Coveted okay object: nibbling camp, a decrease of the clicker target; a Giga, those Thomas of core description upon death on to some activity missing it Anita, stalker, aapke, article personnel, to like connect, cumin, curry and circle.



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Free Instagram Followers Hack ✅ How to get Free Instagram Followers for Android & iOS 2019 part6

What were you? Two podalic, a article snake, finicky, Instagram, P, HS a chip for lower case a ballon. The friends Archie is articleing me up to you. He bought an evil, onkeyup Instagram P, a to the chip, a lowercase, a balisok toe with the fruit me of kupatana alone for up is article cocora. They kick out.

You got a article cada, they converse of yoga Khao Beach, me rouge all day, pinky friends, you, the article also a tree capital is a hard day for our article cop for a day, Giga marinum arrow heat up they grow. Technical rajamma is through curtain, prince agora, mera blog pinata. Please, like current comment, current and sailor career in please subscribe canal, nebula IE. We do co-starred carbon energy scripts and molina the idea of a salsa direct open car subtil top just using the clicker over kappa space.

The power yoga jump in may after follower banana Kelly, but I never allow us to go so Jessie. I posted clicker over to the kills for up to half a meter, bookmark Medicare our campus six interface. They couldn’t six and link the creosote to Julie, ghettos. Clip sorry Linda’s a follower, but then any linkage say I got a follower, but our top a beginner Baris was a pterosaur follower concept or just to simply me last one Olympic click curtain, jessamy click, Karuma lost, Odessa, interface, bodega, Topco, simply, first animal fair up, condemned All night also second and my pay up: okay, the negev no password on man, no Jess yeah, but no password Aldo.

We talk. Okay, can I styling tonight the for signing can make about Apopka Canoga key by the way Kiyosaki DC up of Napa’s word Alto to a Rome battle time. Totoro is Leavitt. Attacking Saddam confirmed IKEA Cup account here to seduce Riga, up Kakinada Tokyo Peninsula College on a llama pickups, and I thought this was made. This person was me top cost-per-click Annette. This was me they say I was particular Barack Obama’s on account or if it’s a Logan Kinetico do Carnival, is a interface McCool daga to the kiddos to le kawaranai st.

, like hundreds and fall over 215, send comment, send story, views article views say photo to those Asap core interface, the Kremlin taco simply connect amazed with the massive up Coco lover banana equally, but animal or simply cap and make it self all over per click. And I just yeah I was per click aerobic, so I’ll cook a connect, a pic username dinner. They came up my username there that know you to our Rohit.

You know so Joey, just using my banana choco boy username. This is it. Then I got of course I user to click connect. You see those power spectator over cupcake and I kept ll leave me Declan. I give up a kidney, limited or store. Thank You Permian limit, but I don’t get I so limited. You see. I was practically karaage top code. A pedestal limit day denied 250 auto. Stop coke Kappa thicker than I do be up.

Kodachrome go orange, color kobato, so sped up the cyclical way to stop colorful over and one I start putting it does the a couch time leg up push time Kelly Mumper do Cayuga two Stooges see you. I’ve got four over: did they got top, who simply calc, and I grab open Instagram economy, jayega, autostop, cooked egg, anaerobic effort except coach of a password. A would change called easy. Go kiddos Tokyo, buck Up kiddo following a Baba ji, ki + top whoa, whose time to buddy get up talk about La Paz, virgin Inca, Ruby top kakari up no password change card easy goes time.

Give each me. Would you see up no password change card? Okay, to stop get off for loving it book commodity, but all those coffee for living 8 % be in the Himalaya naked. Oh stop follower put it at UK up me play Instagram or corner Kojak about target on the he lost Omega, apply. Instagram account me all those Tom me up going happy, but a little gap cope 250 minutes, a maximum follower million gap, canasa pupil depending on today’s topic.

Nepal, over Mills act, a of containment acted to until Sakthi dosoo dictum music. In Emily, you see those tummies crawl karoonga, so they came with a potentially Gaga music tip, nip follower million top. They accepted her Hartman away. Mama follow what are dying it to take hit. Those too much I put a hundred following me later home and say: judge it Nabil income, uppity objectivity when purchase a clicker over top made.

It is a follower Boris up to the kiddos to mera pehla under forever. They up Dickie 10.1 read you: can those to toast oh yeah met top cubed orange administered Kurata to stop Abby masala and red meal chicken with lemon retain catheter 10.1 KO way to stop me up coveted okay, object, Navy Lynn, camp, a decrease of the clicker target, A Giga, those Tommy’s up call description opposed edit on to some activity: immersive, it Anita tostada, rockin, article personnel, to like Connie, cumin, curry and circle.



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Free Instagram Followers Hack ✅ How to get Free Instagram Followers for Android & iOS 2019 part2

This is a segment officially articles, maybe, but I oughtta Instagram a photo by danika. Very me, it was so Smith you’re that I get 300 the follower birthday day. Taking also add, is you coming up Co, but I am, I don’t have 500 the follower balisok todos thought. Those only do is keep much easing on cue geography to play.

Skip target up the heat and fall we make is we develop for Capitan Achara, Oh Papa Nevada or the or squat Robalo became I eat up real big media. One area is little, stop article cooker and Akira when animal heat optic pro technical with Alma is low. Voltage the other American infinitively like to recommend her answer. Correct entry, subscribe son anomaly, I a article fish startled. The strange sacrum can follow us B’Elanna, clinically skips and McLean.

Today the objects link clicker of a tapas interface. Without Java Java applet anakata tone, Aikido stood Joe Instagram follower, dis links. A birthday was linked on many applicable madness. He overkill at Huy. To sum up, could you segment about either starting making these links up to 500? Followers milling, so the pitch limit is normally up to whatever they get 300 follow. Our Millah theta is my 500 million gay, so I suppose, maybe 300 Masako purchase an idea.

There’s also follow am indebted, a todos to isthmus addicting catnip of all our military widows. Top coating so tacky add also facto follower of quiz. Manila English to the coast of Java link. A woman apply both Magnus co-curricular q Ito, whose Lincoln Meadows Instagram tools today, kiddo studies him a link, click karoonga who’s made us a bitch lee link. Maybe after the interface at attack agrees, I got ta grease me notice.

They have a login. So, of course, implica connect, risky of san photos to click and laugh pickup carried acai use, an endoscope or up kinda got ta pass, whether those two up a pedal, then I take in a play, use and Aldea or password are low. Today, kiddo store that leg. Erotica simply login carbon, a or log impact click and the grotto slick interface open, oh god, joking up a couch 8 burger eyeing.

It also taught my bowdabra ego. Matos tokyo got a 9 get up corners, but we can also click connect. Rad only have the clicker over top way, where it’s a bigger than a toaster, be a co get. We have a push time like get up or those thing operator, interface of a login. What I got when I appeared Kelly’s, I got ta grab a snake or getting a color interface. I would log in my yoga, so our collars are vertical easier, Nikki.

Those two interfacing up at your table or login read oak, are taking out the exacta of a sin. Like 15 cent fall over 500, oh stop. The X or cosine fall over 500, a happily made up core, simply taken less and fall over 500 per click. And what does the click can negative? Add up going up a up, Kaiser psyche pitch leave? Are we opening a kurata username? Then I take you to borrow it when username del or Philip Hawkin I find use and impact leap, those that click and they got up cause him clean up a little acknowledge.

It may be happen limit either they came up. A five hundred limit did Amanda 500 Lydia. Well, it can develop. I start some miss and pet click car. Then I take a look sort of five hundred follower of America called me. Hang up toast on a pivot, a donkey was up toe cap. Second time is my Logan karate smelly meet commode a hundred order 200 or their top up is over a year, but I’m going to stop quandary to be milling at the boat buddy, but they get RPMs with a fake.

We do believe arm at those top of five hundred emailing photos to eat Instagram follower, but I, like a trick, those tomato meat Kentucky up. We do pass and I yogi those all those two. I see many more still trick, but I even killing Kevin Apple description and the idea up the acceptor Humana catch up Cory. What it does to the acceptor be five fall over or but um what you mean to catch our soap in jello to the key.

I’m a up company in second McCormack about that on how much echidna follower I know some time with a patch as fall over a million, so we meal a meal at demo day. Take it oh so much a hundred our follow our Millah way and yeah Pacifica was too hard during a passive hundred soccer. That windows tomodea hundred super follow our Millah way. You dose Tamara with 10k. Take three happy merit: mclubbe toaster 10k Tom in dictum, ten capitalist.

Oh so cheaply meal inside my upcoming, but a donkey mature, overall, kidnap follower Malay today kills to audience. Retention may take a dose to mu j XO by yes, he mean lost American context of a azzaman XO by a sea, follower, moody, Happy Meals, okay, just a data server down the car and me up a policy problem; ah T it so ko XO by a Similar was a comedy for a 400. We Millsap today to the stay. He teased article me a trick.

Those to do 302, where of a but I tell it can be, look – will be fake. We don’t a human at all the store to store, I hope copies. We talk about Agata college, our get a locker with the person able to please like correct common. Can answer. Can thanks for reading my article


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Here with Eric Ellis jr. Comment in this article, I’m going to show you how to freakin get real freaking followers and the fastest most legitimate way in 2008. Teen stay freakin tuned, alright guys so we’re actually behind my Instagram as we speak. If you look here now, first and foremost, step step number one is you need to leverage hashtags right now, just to show you my most recent photos are always use hashtags.

So we look on the best way is using the hashtags on the second comment, so you’re going to notice hold on. Let me go on one of my last here we go so I have so many freaking comments on here, but hashtags right, so travel traveling, travelers, traveler Explorer exploring Explorer. So while my leveraging hashtags simply because I want a specific group of people to actually reach me, so people are interested in travel or entrepreneurship business.

Everything of that nature they’re going to find me because that’s what I’m showing well that’s what type of hashtags I’m using right. So you want to leverage the right type, hashtags very targeted at hashtag. So what is your? I need to know your avatar? What is your ideal follower? What type of content you produce? Because, depending on what type of content you produce, you want that type of person following you, because they’re going to be more likely to engage with your following and if they engage with your content, then the more engagement that you get with your content, you’re also going To go ahead and get more following right in point where it’s easy now, if you’re looking at this photo, it has 765 likes right.

Yes, 50 comments: why? Because I’m simply leveraging right, hashtags and I’m getting people to actually look at my photos right and basically, you always want to use all 30 all 30. There’s no reason not to use all 30 and you want to make sure they’re specifically targeted if you’re trying to help them love us. Do fitness hashtags if you’re trying to do entrepreneurship, do entrepreneurship means hashtags right.

So with that being said next step, step number two is engaging with a specific number of people daily. Now, there’s two ways right: I’m going to teach you the organic way and I’m going to teach you the hack of the way right. So the organic way is simply by right about to go on somebody’s page, like somebody who I’m following, oh like Gary Vee right. What I can do is, I can tap one of this pieces of content go to who’s following him, and then people who are following him right.

If I’m in soccer ship, I can simply tap their uh, their Instagram right and I can start engaging with their content. Like liking their photos, I’m not going to like any photos right now, because I don’t know if I’m like too many, so I don’t want to get cuz. You Instagram loves the amount of people you can engage with pretty because they’re good and think is it as spammy, but we like people’s stuff and then, if you comment nice things now, if you’re going to.

If you look at one of my photos, you’re going to notice a lot of people doing this right thumbs up the wolf himself, you see great shot thanks for following a happy face right now. What I want to currently recommend is you people who would be most likely like them on counts that are like yours but way bigger. You go to their account. You see who’s engaging with their content, because that means they’re real people, real followers, and then you simply go.

You simply go to their account and you drop a nice comment on their last picture, because people who come across that picture will see who comments it. They’ll visit your profile and if you haven’t good content, they’ll drop a follow and also that person, even if they’re, not following you. If you drop a nice comment on their photos, they’ll be more likely to actually follow you because you complimented them right.

Even if you’re not following them as long as you have good content right, they’ll follow you back and also um the chi-chi-chi code right. The way to do it is with Instagram engagement groups. You can simply go to something called reddit comm and you can search for Instagram engagement groups and within the Instagram engagement groups. You can simply at 12 o’clock, everybody posts, everybody likes your photos, so it’s going to boost your engagement.

So, instead of getting let’s say on average I was getting 500 likes. My average pose might get 700 likes now because I’m more people that I can get the more engaging me to get on your post, it’s actually going to start showing up on the explore page. So if you was to click right here, the explore pages, this page right here right. So, if you’re more likely to show and display on peoples page that aren’t following you simply by I’m getting more people engaged, because if a lot of people are engaging with your content, you’ll show up on that that explore page so leveraging Instagram engagement groups.

Also, you can do commenting engagement groups, it’s literally a telegram group where at a certain point in time everybody pulls that one time in exchange for you liking their photos. They’ll like yours back. So if 200 people are within that round, then you’ll get an additional 200 likes. So imagine of your average photos getting 50 likes. What would happen if it was a boost up to 100 or 150 likes right, so leveraging Instagram engagement groups, so I stated before it number 2 is simply by engaging with people on a daily, and what I would do is a set amount of people right pick To comment on 50 people’s per day and like 3, each of their photos, 50 people per day right, make it a part of your daily method of operation simply by liking, maybe a certain amount of people as per day like 20, 50 100 right because more people, You engage with more people are going to come across your profile.

What you guys to look at something at the top of mine that says 2349 profile visits in the last 7 days right, the more visits you get to your profile. If they see a bit of content, they’re going to follow it, so when you it, the way you get visitors to your profile is simply by engaging with people right and the way I can look at this is because I have a business profile. I can see visitors and track data and everything that nature right and that’s not least, step number three, so step number one was leveraging hashtag step number two was liking, commenting on people’s posts and leveraging Instagram occasional groups simply by engaging with more people you’re going to Go ahead and get more profile visits more followers, and, last but not least, some people might like it.

Some people might not. I don’t care. You read this article, because what if I was, are going to teach you how to get more followers right now. Somebody who’s like me, I’m into entrepreneurship. So if you’re an entrepreneurship or if you’re into fitness, somebody with a much bigger and count, you simply go to their profile right. You pick a piece of their content. You look at so ninety three thousand people active.

What I would do is, if you look here following following following right, but all of these blue I’m going to turn these blue into white right, I’m going to turn them into following, and what I’m going to do is every maybe hour or so every hour. I’m going to follow 200 people every hour, 200 people. It does not take a long period of time, follow 200 people and then what happens is once you get to a certain amount of people right.

He noticed on my Instagram. I have 3500 people that I’m following my thresholds, usually about four hundred four thousand, rather I’m not going to follow over than four thousand people right. You simply go to this app right here on the App Store. It’s called a cleaner for IG and what you’re going to do is with cleaner for IG you’re going to go ahead and literally it allows you to follow on autopilot on follow of the 200 people per hour.

So the same to interview that you follow that you unfollow you clear what’s going to happen is a percentage of those people who actually you follow, are going to follow you back at my current president point is about twenty percent, so if I follow a hundred people That means I’m going to gain 20 followers and rinse and repeat so with that being said, that my friend is how you frickin gain real followers, you legitimate way right not buying them right, they’re, real followers, it’s real engagement, three simple steps, guys leveraging hashtags engage you With people with daily and follow and unfollow now, at the end of the day, if your main goal is to generate followers great, being instafamous apt, I’m not into Vegas, but sometimes people think I’m famous, because I have 12,000 followers right or the thing I was somebody Right, it is pretty cool to have a large following right.

People do like it, so hopefully that helps you guys out. What I want to do is actually give you guys access to an e-book right. It’s called affiliates, playbook it’ll, simply teach you how to build a passive income online very quickly and what you can do is you can actually leverage your Instagram following to generate an income. Let’s call it affiliates play with. You can go to Phillies play with calm or you can click the link in the description and you can get access to that ebook.

That’s a free gift for you! Reading this full article. So now we need to grow an Instagram. Why not make money doing it? So with that being said, make sure you smash that subscribe button so join the family, so I can teach you how to crush it and your lifestyle on your business and also smash that, like button and chocolate boy comment, show me some love hearts. I’m let me know ugly something chuckle.

Damn coming without me said Eric Ellis jr. As always check it out.


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How to Get Unlimited real followers on Instagram 2018

Here with Eric Ellis jr. Calm the message article I’m going to show you how to actually get unlimited rail followers on instagram and sort out what you can freakin explosion following explode, the amount of likes that you’re getting and become freaking and Stuff famous show you the exact methods that I’m using currently today to amass a following of twelve thousand followers on my personal Instagram and how you can get the same.

Damn results cue, the intro alright guys, so I can show you the boring way of getting real freaking followers on Instagram right. If you notice they have 12,000 followers and basically real engagement right. I’m not one of those fake accounts who has 12,000 followers and is getting like 20 to 30 freaking likes last post 444 and that’s glad just posted it’s probably going to get around 600. This one 685.

759. 707. 639. 615 average poles getting about 600 likes right. So, having said right, how can you get real engagement, real followers right now? Will those people, if you’re going to come across articles people, are going to tell you you need to basically do hashtags, which I’ve got articles doing that right, not not trying to be hypocritical, but that’s the truth right. There’s a slow and grueling way which any other day um.

Yes, you can go that route right. What if I told you, there was a much quicker route so, where you didn’t have to worry about the hashtags. You didn’t have to worry about basically posting three times per day, like a lot of these people say because at the end of the day, right, I’m showing you guys my profile, um, there’s no way in hell based off of the content that I’m producing, that I Can produce three post per freaking day right, I’m not a media company.

Now. What I do do is, I make sure I do daily stories on my Instagram, but as far as content I can produce I like to produce quality over quantity right. You notice. Ours is quantity or quality. Rather so it’s hard for me to keep on posting. I was engaging with people now that extra bull crap right, so I’m going to go ahead and give you guys a shortcut. What I use is something called stem social right.

Stem social is basically a Instagram growth, hacking software, since I’ve used it. Yes, in the previous articles that I’ve created a long Instagram right, I have a master following of ten thousand nine hundred and thirty-four almost 11,000 people, basically doing these methods right, hashtags, connecting with people commenting on their pose right and gay with other people right now loneliness. You want to understand is that first inform of Raven show you guys about the software.

I teased a little bit right, but Instagram. The only way to win is that you have to understand what this is. This is a social media platform, keyword, social. So with that being said, the only way that you’re going to have a winning shot is by socializing with other people and connect with other people right to where Instagram was brought up on Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and basically, what they did is they put it on rhythm? In place, which really kind of smashed the little guys and it’s kind of like the whole saying the rich get richer and the poor you poor right home.

With this case, the incident famous get more famous and the little guys have no shot until freaking out. Right now, basically, the people have a massive following they’re, going to naturally get engagement, they’re naturally going to get comments. Why is just the snowball effect they have so much freaking following and people are always going to share their stuff comment on their post. There are new prisons that as an authority, so naturally they’re going to continue to grow.

That’s just how it works. Now, how do we get there? How do we have a fighting chance when we’re literally like middle school, whether it’s 300 photos 500 followers? How do we even crack a thousand? How do you correct five thousand? How do you crack the most infamous ten thousand to where you have two digits instead of before right, that looks so cool people love seeing that right. So we have so many followers that they can’t even have the full number out.

So what I use I’m going to show you guys a shortcut instead of going a long, grueling route. The shortcut is stem social right now, I’ll leave a link down below right right. Access to the link in the description you’ll be able to get access to the software and you’ll literally be able to actually try it out for free and basically eleven hundred and four dollars right since and 20 days 20 days, I’ve gained a thousand followers constant photos In twenty days, most people don’t even have a thousand followers again than a twenty days.

I’m projected to came twenty five hundred followers in thirty days, so let’s do the math really quick. Twenty five hundred followers! That’s about 6,000! That’s about 30,000 per year 30,000 per year! Now here’s the thing once I start if I gain 30,000 with them in this next 12 month, it’s going to be more about 50,000 and they’re real colors. Why? Because the snowball effect more colors we have from where people are running games with the content.

More people are following you with the better your content. More people are just going to get get to know who you are right now, at the end of the day right. What does the software do if you notice here follow a stream right? What I’m doing is it’s currently following people, but then a specific demographic. So what I did is I found Instagram right. I told it. What do you first start off as a free account right is going to say Gary B right, depending on the type of, depending on what type of brain you’re trying to build right.

He can pick people that she wants to. Basically, the people were following them. Right he’s going to follow them and unfollow them. It sounds great, but it is what it is right, so we’re literally they’re going to go ahead and reach out, so these followers they’re going to follow them right. So right now, I’m at 1900. My threshold is 4,000. I don’t want to have over 4,000 followers so as soon as it reaches 4,000 people and have five accounts like this, like Gary Vee Grant, Cardone Patrick met David, etc, etc.

Now, depending on what your niche is depending over the type of following your shot, a pill which do is you find these five accounts right with hash, which has a bigger following and then what this is going to do assembly follow them right. It’s going to cause the people who are following it and then is going to unfollow them at your threshold, whether it’s 2000 followers, 3000 followers or you’re following those amount of people, so to start unfollow people.

So look. What is doing is like what I said earlier. Social media is socially connected with other people on following them. That’s the first thing is engaging with. Others is going to increase the amount of visitors who actually come across your page and when it when they come across your page. As long as you have quality content right, they are going to smash that damn follow line right, quality content Trump’s all so that being said, um that’s one way that they’re going to go to increase your engagement right.

The way you build a following is simply by increasing the amount of visitors or the amount of traffic that comes across your page, having quality content, and once you have quality content, people are going to hit that follow button right, that’s the magic formula! Now, how are other ways that we’re going to go ahead and do that right? So if you notice here, the ratio follow that ratio. What I love about this app is that it gives you statistics right, so my father, that ratio is basically for every hundred people that this app follows.

Literally twenty one people follow me back, so every 500 people every 500 people that this thing follows. I get a bunch of followers right, so does 5,000 followers and I got a thousand followers back right. Based off these statistics, hey I’m getting really engagement. It’s increasing my engagement. I was getting about 500 likes per post. Now I’m getting about 600 likes purple, since I do this app because I’m increasing the traffic, the visitors on my page, that’s not getting more engagement, more engagement, you get you’re, also going to start getting on things called the explore page.

The explore page is when you organically, get post to people who do not follow you and they’re going to. Basically, if you have a quality post, they’re going to click it and it’s going to redirect to your page and then if you have quality content, as stated before, they’re going to go in and Pali right. So it’s like the snowball effect. It’s like it’s like hacking. The system and also what they do is they engage.

So they comment on other people’s posts like on Gary Vee or other people within this specific niche people within your area, right they’re, going to comment on posts or like people’s posts, so they’re just engaging. This is a social network they’re going to socialize with people in engagement before you, so that way you have to spend hours upon hours on your time. Basically, none of those are following and focusing on that you can focus on things that will be more important to your life.

Do you care about your life and you have a life, but you still want to grow your following this app this for use, custom, social, throwing me a link in the description. We can create an account for free and basically try it out and see if you like, that’s what I did right. I, like I’m, not pimp this a little cool, I’m going to try it once I tried it and I saw the results I said you’ve got to be kidding me cuz, I’m buying this right.

That’s not least, one thing that I like is the new follower diem. You can actually create a direct message for our your new followers he’s some somebody follows you. It triggers a direct message now there he says them. You could send a welcome they. If you’re selling a product, you could tell them to request more information on what you’re offering because somebody’s trying to connect with somebody through the report, you can say thank you for following appreciating somebody you’re going to redirect them to a link.

Whatever you want to do. Is freaking amazing right, so not only by using this me Percy. I did this not only to grow my my brand, my falling, but also my income now. Yes, I will leave a link in the description so that way you can get access to this file. Also give you access to a free, ebook called affiliates playbook that literally teach you once you start building the following: how to actually make money with that funnel on histogram right.

It’s free ebook teach you how to earn a passive and call income online very quickly, but affiliates playbook, comport click, the additional linked and the description. It’s going to say free book, some very simple click; the link grab, access to the book and start making money with your area. Now with that being said, my friend smash that, like button smash that subscribe buttons, so that way you can join the family.

So I can help you crush it and your lifestyle and your business now with that being said, brought to you by yours. Truly Eric Ellis jr. Checking out


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How to get instagram followers and likes fast 2018🔥 | Instagram followers hack😱

You know how to grow. Your Instagram account. Okay, now there’s a lot of things. If I turn to this, but I’m going to cover a few things today, some of the most important things – okay, so hashtags, ok hashtags, is very important to automate your business now a lot of people. You know they may not tell you that, but hashtags is a lot of the reasons why people are actually you know getting the results that they’re getting on Instagram.

Ok, so if you go to you know top hashtags, you know calm, you gives you the top 100 hashtags. Okay, now most of the time when you put in the hash tag, people are searching for those hashtags. So, just to give you an example, let’s say I put in hash tag make money. Alright people are actually searching for certain hashtags because they’re looking for certain things or it. So let’s say someone was just looking for a money picture or a lifestyle picture, so they you know typed in this and then they saw and they could actually you know, take these and use them on for their self.

Or if you know you see something that you like, you could actually contact these people and have them poster stuff if they have a big enough page and I’ll. Show you how to do that here in a second but hashtags when people are searching things like the lifestyle or Explorer okay, you see how many post it gets a day. You know people are posting, you know lifestyle things like that, and some people are actually coming in here and finding the people that they want to follow and then they’ll go and follow them.

What they also have automated software as it does that, and this is how a lot of people gain. You know a big following by using the hashtags okay. So let me go ahead and show you guys here. So all of these is what you know: I’ve been using alright and, as you can see, I use things like food porn is a big hashtag food food, photography, foodgasm entrepreneur, life, rich men or mindset, lady, and then you know just certain one, certain things you know This is me and my wife here uh, you know, wealth rich explorer goes travel, millionaire, love, babe, money, cash, happy lifestyle engage marry.

You know I mean look at the likes on it. Okay, people you’re just automatically going to start getting random likes on your post, because people are just going to be searching for all of these hashtags, so you can go through here and this hashtag list. Okay and then you could actually, you know, use some of these. Alright, these are like top hashtags that everybody searching for okay, so you guys definitely want to make sure that you do a lengthy amount of hashtags.

Now, there’s some people. They say you know um. Well, I didn’t do it on them and I’ll show you on this article I just posted yesterday and by the way articles is great too, and I’ll teach you guys about that. You see these three dots. Okay, you always want to be able to. You know put your caption okay, then you know, add three small little periods and then put your hashtags or most people will say, don’t put your hashtags up here.

Put them in the comments I mean it were either way works. I mean there’s no right or wrong way to do it. They say that cuz people see your hashtags, but it doesn’t even matter. At the same I mean you’re going to get likes and stuff regardless. Okay, now another important thing is you want to make sure this? You know is appealing. Okay, I put you know young self-made entrepreneur, CEO of team, ride, we’re tired in our twenties mentor and success.

Coach. Okay, you can put you know emojis, and things like that. Make your profile stand out, make sure you have a nice picture. You guys already know that kind of stuff, but make sure you put your link here. This is the most important thing. So when you make captions you and you can say the link, it check the link in the bio. Okay. That way, people can click on your opportunity or whatever it is okay, this one here you can see.

You know the 5,000 views all these hashtags. I doubled up my hashtags on this one. I put them in the up the comment section, and then I also put them up here and then of you want to continue to get more and more likes after they dies down. Okay, after your post dies down, you could go in. Take those hashtags out and put a new site people will continue to start liking it coming on all that good stuff.

Alright, another website is hashtag for likes Co. They actually break down. You know the categories I say most popular hashtags on Instagram, of course, and then they can break it down to your more targeted niche. So if you know photography, you know artwork things like that. These will be good for you. You know, and it goes down the list and all you have to do – is click copy and you can go ahead and paste them and your uh, your pictures or whatever, okay, so mine.

I usually come down here to other and then I’ll come down here to you know. Sometimes some quotes quotes ago. Really, you know really good on Instagram. You know success quotes and things like that and you can come to work for people who may be looking for work or job. You know I’m in to make money online, and so I’m looking for those people who are actually typing in these hashtags and things like that and then I’ll go down here to money use.

Some of these. You know money cash, green’s, Benjamin’s, payday, hundreds stuff like that, you guys, okay, so you can come through here and you know pick out your niche or whatever, and you can make some. You know built Instagram account. Now now I’m going to show you guys how you can make money on Instagram now it depend on what niche okay that you’re in, because you know you can start a work from home niche.

If you like work from home mom’s, they got. They got a lot of different pages, okay, um, and what you could do is, let’s see what this one is. This is a girl by the name of Taylor. Okay, see she has our link and stuff like that, but I wanted I wanted to see. If I could find the work from home, mom um, let me see yeah there. It is work from home, mom, hashtag, okay and see these are people who are you know, building pages around this kind of stuff? Okay, now I don’t know the exact page, but these are people who build.

You know, pages running this kind of stuff see okay, now, just just. Let me give you an example, so become an entrepreneur, as you can see, everything he has on here is about money. People are love money, they are attracted to it, they wanted they wanted. You know I mean they they’re going to want it, they’re going to be interested and all these pictures are from, like Google and all that kind of stuff.

Well, you can tell because I saw these pictures a few times, but they’re building a page around it, and then they have this. Because if you come to this page, and you see all this money, you enjoy, what the heck is, this and users going to be curious and click the link, and if you like, what you see on the other side, you’re going to buy okay, so people specifically Build pages around this kind of stuff all right, so you can do it with cars.

If you type in the hashtag cars, there will be a there’ll, be a page full of cars, all right, and so what I’m getting at is it if you want to make good money like a lot of people, go to clickbank right and then they’ll um? So let me go to clickbank just to show you guys what I mean all right. You can go to clickbank or you know, warrior plus or whatever, but mostly Clickbank is. I usually have these kind of things here and they also have like this is an affiliate site.

That’s absolutely free! You could sign up and start making money with it for free, but you can find you know um. You know work from home surveys for for moms and things like that and you can make a complete Instagram page based on you know, survey moms or whatever the business that you picked. Okay, you can make an Instagram on that. Then you will put your affiliate link inside of this description.

Okay, you’ll put your affiliate link there, I’m trying to click on this page and see if they have an affiliate link on their page. Oh I’m already on it. Okay, see they don’t have them. Okay, so they’re, probably building theirs up and then later on. But do you see what I’m saying people using the cars and things like their um? Also, if you want to make your account a business page, I would suggest that you do that.

That way, people can actually contact you by email or phone. It doesn’t show here on mine, but it shows on my phone. The people have my email and then phone okay. So people are able to contact me that way, all right and then uh. So what you would do is you would find out. You know if you did help them fit in this Instagram. You could just post nothing but health and fitness you can come in here. Get one of these products.

You would just copy and paste the link. Okay and once you do that, you can go ahead and paste that link, see it’ll, show you kind of things that you did. You will get. You know 30 days high school body, things like that. So if you did a lot of health and fitness Instagram account, you could build multiple accounts, okay, and so you would go ahead and get your affiliate link for that post it in post.

Your link right here shorten it, of course, with bitly or Google shortener, shorten your link and then go ahead and just do nothing PO, nothing but post up. You know health, fitness and the Wellness things like that. People are going to click that link and then once they buy, you made money, okay and we’re using those hashtags people going to come across your page all day, long. Okay, you guys. I just started this Instagram, like probably when did I start this? I don’t know if that’s the date on here October, the 17th and I haven’t even been on it.

I posted this one time cuz. This is my new Instagram, so I posted these. You know wait for word, four to six: seven, eight post, nine. 10. 11. 12. 13 14 about 14 post – and I already got this many followers. Okay, so just imagine the damage that I’m going to do. You know with this account here in the next probably two months, trying to grow it to like 10 to 15 K. So that’s pretty much. The basis of Instagram hashtags are so important.

I mean you, don’t have to really. You know get too into details, but I do have another way. Another way that you guys can crush it, that’s in the paid training. So if you want that make sure you click the description below and you’ll be able to see how you can do that. But last thing is going to influencers pages and let’s just say I did you know hashtag millionaire or something like that. Let’s say I did this here if I could find somebody who’s actually getting good results, let’s try this way, okay, so just for an example, if you had any type of product or service dealing with real estate or dealing with something like this or anything, if those Make money online or something you can actually, you know see they have a nice amount of followers.

You can actually contact them most people when they have a lot of followers. They build a price list. I’ve done it before just to see what people’s prices work. You can contact them and say hey how much you know what it cost for me to do. A you know, a post on your wall and they’ll, give you their price list normally cost. You know for the most part around for anywhere from 250 below okay. I haven’t really found anybody, that’s above 250, so smaller pages like this probably know 20 25 bucks or something like that.

Okay and then you know when they get a lot of engagement. People click on your link and then you can actually swap links out for that email period of time, but they may cost you a little extra okay, and so you can make a lot of money doing that, and so, as you can see, Instagram is really powerful. Okay, you can use it to your advantage. You guys, hopefully that helps you if that did help give you a thumbs up.

If you have any other questions, contact me and go start killer. Instagram today, man make sure you post a lot of pictures posting a lot of good content. If you have a good camera phone, take pictures try to take some of the best pictures that you can. You got interesting pictures make your profile an interesting line. It’s going to get a whole lot more interesting, really soon, I’m just actually playing around with it.

I did this article as well and got a few signups off of this one, which is a my YouTube page. You know posters just having fun living life. You know with some friends and then showing that I was getting paid while I was on vacation and having a good time so stuff like that. Guys just show you so having fun enjoying your life. Look at other influential people see what they’re doing and just copy and paste and that’s it copy successful people and you and you’re bound to be there one day.

Okay, so if this helps you definitely give it a thumbs up, give it a like, and then, if you guys want the pea training, you can click on the link below some really really good stuff. You know some of the top secret stuff that I don’t really tell anybody about haha, but you got ta, buy the training to get back. So if that’s something you want to do, go ahead and do that other than that I’ll be making more articles.

So contact me email me, whatever: alright peace,