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How To GAIN INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS 2019 [unexpected truth] | Fast & Organic Instagram Growth

This article is going to be all About how you can best focus your efforts so that you can grow on social Media in order to grow your audience and build your business, so my name’s Lauren Take that – and I am all about helping you stand on social media so that you can Turn your personal brand into a wildly profitable online business.

So with that Said, let’s get into it! The reason why I created this article is Because, honestly, I am so sick and tired of being asked the same question over And over again, which hashtag should I use? How can I beat the algorithm? Why are People following and uploading me what’s the best time to post on Instagram all Of these questions are all well and good, but they’re not the most important thing.

To be focusing on before, you focus on these things, which are essentially at The very top of the pyramid, you need to focus on the bottom and the base Foundation layer so, for example, do you have a niche? Are you even using the Right platforms like it is your even the best platform for you to be focusing on In order to get in front of your people, all of these different things are things That you need to focus on before you do the icing on the cake, or even just the Sprinkles like worrying, about which time you need to do some in Syriana before You even nailed your niche, it’s just a recipe for disaster.

And what not that that’s? Why I’m introducing a spring cleaning your Social media sharing, which I’m going to be doing here on YouTube so that we can Literally strip back everything get you back to the basics so that you can Finally, see success on social media and focus on the things that actually matter, So my action plan for you right now is to stop worrying about this small detail. And actually, but make sure that you ask yourself this question every single time: Through social media, I like to call it the impact filter and it’s saying what Value is this: adding to my target audience and value is essentially Education, entertainment, inspiration or motivation.

It can be one of these four Things, but you need to make sure that your content is adding value to your Target audience, and also that you’re showing up every single day. Because if You can’t consistently add value to your target audience over time. Then you’re Not doing the right thing and worrying about hashtags and all of those other Small things which should be icing on top of the cake, I’m not the most Important thing, and in order to help you do this, I’m actually going to even be Doing a real challenge, which is a five day challenge in order to spring clean Your social media, I’m going to help you really really just finally make this Happen and actually grow on social media because worrying about the things that You’re worrying about right now are just causing you stress, they’re, causing you Anger and then, when you start actually focusing on, let’s say finding the most Optimal hashtags, then you start working on that and you feel like you’re being Productive because you’re working on figuring out the best ashtag and you Feel, like a bunch of input, is going into your social media and your brand and Your business, so you feel good about it.

However, the thing is, it’s not actually. Things that going to move you forward it’s busy work rather than productive work. And I don’t know about you that I would rather focus on doing a less I’m reaping More benefits and that’s exactly what I’m going to be helping you with it’s under The five day challenge and inside of this series that is coming so make sure To hit thumbs up, if you are excited about that, also remember to subscribe, so That you get notified when these articles come out, you can click the little bell.

To make sure that you do get a notification, and with that said, I would Love to know which articles exactly you would like to see in this series, so I Can be sure to serve you to the best degree possible pal. So for the day, this Is just an introduction to the series: this is just an announcement about the Challenge so I look forward to having you join Challenged and let grow your social media together.


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Here with Eric Ellis jr. Comment in this article, I’m going to show you how to freakin get real freaking followers and the fastest most legitimate way in 2008. Teen stay freakin tuned, alright guys so we’re actually behind my Instagram as we speak. If you look here now, first and foremost, step step number one is you need to leverage hashtags right now, just to show you my most recent photos are always use hashtags.

So we look on the best way is using the hashtags on the second comment, so you’re going to notice hold on. Let me go on one of my last here we go so I have so many freaking comments on here, but hashtags right, so travel traveling, travelers, traveler Explorer exploring Explorer. So while my leveraging hashtags simply because I want a specific group of people to actually reach me, so people are interested in travel or entrepreneurship business.

Everything of that nature they’re going to find me because that’s what I’m showing well that’s what type of hashtags I’m using right. So you want to leverage the right type, hashtags very targeted at hashtag. So what is your? I need to know your avatar? What is your ideal follower? What type of content you produce? Because, depending on what type of content you produce, you want that type of person following you, because they’re going to be more likely to engage with your following and if they engage with your content, then the more engagement that you get with your content, you’re also going To go ahead and get more following right in point where it’s easy now, if you’re looking at this photo, it has 765 likes right.

Yes, 50 comments: why? Because I’m simply leveraging right, hashtags and I’m getting people to actually look at my photos right and basically, you always want to use all 30 all 30. There’s no reason not to use all 30 and you want to make sure they’re specifically targeted if you’re trying to help them love us. Do fitness hashtags if you’re trying to do entrepreneurship, do entrepreneurship means hashtags right.

So with that being said next step, step number two is engaging with a specific number of people daily. Now, there’s two ways right: I’m going to teach you the organic way and I’m going to teach you the hack of the way right. So the organic way is simply by right about to go on somebody’s page, like somebody who I’m following, oh like Gary Vee right. What I can do is, I can tap one of this pieces of content go to who’s following him, and then people who are following him right.

If I’m in soccer ship, I can simply tap their uh, their Instagram right and I can start engaging with their content. Like liking their photos, I’m not going to like any photos right now, because I don’t know if I’m like too many, so I don’t want to get cuz. You Instagram loves the amount of people you can engage with pretty because they’re good and think is it as spammy, but we like people’s stuff and then, if you comment nice things now, if you’re going to.

If you look at one of my photos, you’re going to notice a lot of people doing this right thumbs up the wolf himself, you see great shot thanks for following a happy face right now. What I want to currently recommend is you people who would be most likely like them on counts that are like yours but way bigger. You go to their account. You see who’s engaging with their content, because that means they’re real people, real followers, and then you simply go.

You simply go to their account and you drop a nice comment on their last picture, because people who come across that picture will see who comments it. They’ll visit your profile and if you haven’t good content, they’ll drop a follow and also that person, even if they’re, not following you. If you drop a nice comment on their photos, they’ll be more likely to actually follow you because you complimented them right.

Even if you’re not following them as long as you have good content right, they’ll follow you back and also um the chi-chi-chi code right. The way to do it is with Instagram engagement groups. You can simply go to something called reddit comm and you can search for Instagram engagement groups and within the Instagram engagement groups. You can simply at 12 o’clock, everybody posts, everybody likes your photos, so it’s going to boost your engagement.

So, instead of getting let’s say on average I was getting 500 likes. My average pose might get 700 likes now because I’m more people that I can get the more engaging me to get on your post, it’s actually going to start showing up on the explore page. So if you was to click right here, the explore pages, this page right here right. So, if you’re more likely to show and display on peoples page that aren’t following you simply by I’m getting more people engaged, because if a lot of people are engaging with your content, you’ll show up on that that explore page so leveraging Instagram engagement groups.

Also, you can do commenting engagement groups, it’s literally a telegram group where at a certain point in time everybody pulls that one time in exchange for you liking their photos. They’ll like yours back. So if 200 people are within that round, then you’ll get an additional 200 likes. So imagine of your average photos getting 50 likes. What would happen if it was a boost up to 100 or 150 likes right, so leveraging Instagram engagement groups, so I stated before it number 2 is simply by engaging with people on a daily, and what I would do is a set amount of people right pick To comment on 50 people’s per day and like 3, each of their photos, 50 people per day right, make it a part of your daily method of operation simply by liking, maybe a certain amount of people as per day like 20, 50 100 right because more people, You engage with more people are going to come across your profile.

What you guys to look at something at the top of mine that says 2349 profile visits in the last 7 days right, the more visits you get to your profile. If they see a bit of content, they’re going to follow it, so when you it, the way you get visitors to your profile is simply by engaging with people right and the way I can look at this is because I have a business profile. I can see visitors and track data and everything that nature right and that’s not least, step number three, so step number one was leveraging hashtag step number two was liking, commenting on people’s posts and leveraging Instagram occasional groups simply by engaging with more people you’re going to Go ahead and get more profile visits more followers, and, last but not least, some people might like it.

Some people might not. I don’t care. You read this article, because what if I was, are going to teach you how to get more followers right now. Somebody who’s like me, I’m into entrepreneurship. So if you’re an entrepreneurship or if you’re into fitness, somebody with a much bigger and count, you simply go to their profile right. You pick a piece of their content. You look at so ninety three thousand people active.

What I would do is, if you look here following following following right, but all of these blue I’m going to turn these blue into white right, I’m going to turn them into following, and what I’m going to do is every maybe hour or so every hour. I’m going to follow 200 people every hour, 200 people. It does not take a long period of time, follow 200 people and then what happens is once you get to a certain amount of people right.

He noticed on my Instagram. I have 3500 people that I’m following my thresholds, usually about four hundred four thousand, rather I’m not going to follow over than four thousand people right. You simply go to this app right here on the App Store. It’s called a cleaner for IG and what you’re going to do is with cleaner for IG you’re going to go ahead and literally it allows you to follow on autopilot on follow of the 200 people per hour.

So the same to interview that you follow that you unfollow you clear what’s going to happen is a percentage of those people who actually you follow, are going to follow you back at my current president point is about twenty percent, so if I follow a hundred people That means I’m going to gain 20 followers and rinse and repeat so with that being said, that my friend is how you frickin gain real followers, you legitimate way right not buying them right, they’re, real followers, it’s real engagement, three simple steps, guys leveraging hashtags engage you With people with daily and follow and unfollow now, at the end of the day, if your main goal is to generate followers great, being instafamous apt, I’m not into Vegas, but sometimes people think I’m famous, because I have 12,000 followers right or the thing I was somebody Right, it is pretty cool to have a large following right.

People do like it, so hopefully that helps you guys out. What I want to do is actually give you guys access to an e-book right. It’s called affiliates, playbook it’ll, simply teach you how to build a passive income online very quickly and what you can do is you can actually leverage your Instagram following to generate an income. Let’s call it affiliates play with. You can go to Phillies play with calm or you can click the link in the description and you can get access to that ebook.

That’s a free gift for you! Reading this full article. So now we need to grow an Instagram. Why not make money doing it? So with that being said, make sure you smash that subscribe button so join the family, so I can teach you how to crush it and your lifestyle on your business and also smash that, like button and chocolate boy comment, show me some love hearts. I’m let me know ugly something chuckle.

Damn coming without me said Eric Ellis jr. As always check it out.