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How To GAIN INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS 2019 [unexpected truth] | Fast & Organic Instagram Growth

This article is going to be all About how you can best focus your efforts so that you can grow on social Media in order to grow your audience and build your business, so my name’s Lauren Take that – and I am all about helping you stand on social media so that you can Turn your personal brand into a wildly profitable online business.

So with that Said, let’s get into it! The reason why I created this article is Because, honestly, I am so sick and tired of being asked the same question over And over again, which hashtag should I use? How can I beat the algorithm? Why are People following and uploading me what’s the best time to post on Instagram all Of these questions are all well and good, but they’re not the most important thing.

To be focusing on before, you focus on these things, which are essentially at The very top of the pyramid, you need to focus on the bottom and the base Foundation layer so, for example, do you have a niche? Are you even using the Right platforms like it is your even the best platform for you to be focusing on In order to get in front of your people, all of these different things are things That you need to focus on before you do the icing on the cake, or even just the Sprinkles like worrying, about which time you need to do some in Syriana before You even nailed your niche, it’s just a recipe for disaster.

And what not that that’s? Why I’m introducing a spring cleaning your Social media sharing, which I’m going to be doing here on YouTube so that we can Literally strip back everything get you back to the basics so that you can Finally, see success on social media and focus on the things that actually matter, So my action plan for you right now is to stop worrying about this small detail. And actually, but make sure that you ask yourself this question every single time: Through social media, I like to call it the impact filter and it’s saying what Value is this: adding to my target audience and value is essentially Education, entertainment, inspiration or motivation.

It can be one of these four Things, but you need to make sure that your content is adding value to your Target audience, and also that you’re showing up every single day. Because if You can’t consistently add value to your target audience over time. Then you’re Not doing the right thing and worrying about hashtags and all of those other Small things which should be icing on top of the cake, I’m not the most Important thing, and in order to help you do this, I’m actually going to even be Doing a real challenge, which is a five day challenge in order to spring clean Your social media, I’m going to help you really really just finally make this Happen and actually grow on social media because worrying about the things that You’re worrying about right now are just causing you stress, they’re, causing you Anger and then, when you start actually focusing on, let’s say finding the most Optimal hashtags, then you start working on that and you feel like you’re being Productive because you’re working on figuring out the best ashtag and you Feel, like a bunch of input, is going into your social media and your brand and Your business, so you feel good about it.

However, the thing is, it’s not actually. Things that going to move you forward it’s busy work rather than productive work. And I don’t know about you that I would rather focus on doing a less I’m reaping More benefits and that’s exactly what I’m going to be helping you with it’s under The five day challenge and inside of this series that is coming so make sure To hit thumbs up, if you are excited about that, also remember to subscribe, so That you get notified when these articles come out, you can click the little bell.

To make sure that you do get a notification, and with that said, I would Love to know which articles exactly you would like to see in this series, so I Can be sure to serve you to the best degree possible pal. So for the day, this Is just an introduction to the series: this is just an announcement about the Challenge so I look forward to having you join Challenged and let grow your social media together.


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INSTAGRAM GROWTH: NO FOLLOWERS but doing “everything right”?

*Intro music* Heyyyyyyyy What’s up ya guys, We are here in Seattle, talking about Instagram tips and tricks. Let say you’ve been uploading or doing something with my advice for the next four months And you still don’t get the results you want. What do you do next Today? We’re going to talk about what to do when you feel stuck and most of the times is the lack of consistency Which we’ll get into it.

You do not want to miss a beat *Title sequence*, HEY YOU’rE, ON THE ASK JADE SHOWWWWW Heyyyy Jade > > *Jade laughing* Hi. How are you What’s your name? Where are you from I’m good? I’m Nicolas I’m from Saint Louis Missouri Want to know man Nicholas. How can I help you? What’s your problem? Okay, so I’ve been like following you on your advice for long time like following you. So if you’d like has like a thousand subs OHH Loyal, Thank you.

All you’re, like great advice, Truly appreciate it, brother, Yah, so um. I feel like I’ve been Tracting out my content, But I feel like I’m not getting engagement at all like I feel like I’m, not growing followers, I’m not growing likes, and I’m wondering like Am. I do something wrong with the marketing because I feel like I have my content in place, I’m just not doing well with my marketing and distribution.

I mean what do you think? Probably that’s the answer right. You think it’s distribution, You don’t you feel like your contents there, but you just you lack something in distribution: Ok, yeah! If that’s what you feel I’m going to take a look. Let me just likes snope, this scope, the area. How long have you been doing Instagram or tell me more about what you post, Uhm, Okay, so Originally I started out sort of like as like a travel blog whatever, and then I sort of found that okay yeah everybody’s doing that sort of unfulfilling or whatever.

So I’m starting to like change my Instagram sort of like share, because I’m also do I’m student journalist. So I also do a bunch of sick journals and stuff. So I’m looking to share like my stories from my life Or stories from other people, life and hoping to share with others. So maybe people can connect with them and get through some difficult times Whatever, And so I’m trying to be more open and honest on social media god I got, I got it.

I love first of all, super artsy, I’m looking at your insta super cute. I’ll put your little pop tag right here: *Jade make a weird sound*, Okay, so Darmanation go check him out. I want to like the Darmanation will be here for you, So I’m going to give you some advice and we’re going to make sure you implement it, because I think you’re facing something called a lack of Firkin patience, (, SAVAGE JADE ).

You only have like 10 posts where you implemented beautiful, captions and content. I think if you can also you can maybe correct me if I’m wrong, but right now, You’re trying to go Maybe target people that are like, like you know, also artsy and young, and maybe students too, is that correct, Yeah, okay and those people There’s a bunch Of freaking people, just like you, so how do you stand out? So my thing is, I think, you’re.

The best chance You have is by the way. I love that you’re implementing the bio thing with the hashtags They’re listening so well. Okay, so I think you’re on the right track. I would just say you post about like you post like five days ago and you post March 14th. I think it’s a lack of consistency, so what I would do is it for the next 30 days. I would do one post a day and right now, if what’s your highest like post, like what’s your highest and most at least engage post, I think my most engaged most have like 157 like and maybe like 10 comments.

Oh, I found it Wow, okay, okay, So now what I would do so that’s your highest like like post, I would do okay. This sounds super lame, but I would do more like right now, You’re going back and forth from outdoor sky. You photography like this. You know I would do like literally 30 window pictures and every single caption is a window to your soul. Caption, like with the theme of how windows kind of like I don’t know, make yourself a friggin artsy But like I would do Literally make yourself into the window Instagram to get traction and when people know you for that, then you can do whatever to frick.

You want It’s going to it’s about getting traction and doing it for the next 37 days. Instead of every week, you post a photo and hoping it goes well. Okay! Ok! So I want you to DarmaNation is going to make sure you’re the window. Guy I mean I’m just saying like you: don’t have to be the window guy but like. If you would like to be the one to you know, be the number one search like be. The number one account.

I Think you just you’re not you’re, not sticking out, because you’re like you’re, like inspirational, like kind of like Artsy vibe, is very, very common And you’re, not sticking through, so I would say either niche down with something crazy like a window Yeah what’s up okay. Well, Thank you so much guys for reading this episode. I will go. Have the part to with this vlog and in the bio. If you want to be on the next, ASK, JADE SHOW Comment down below and fill out the form if there’s a spot left.

If not, I am here for you guys so much Shout out to the comment winner comment on this post to be feature. The next episodeee Comment below what your question is I’ll get back to in a article or in the captions. I check through Every single comment. Every time I upload every single day that guys make sure you comment below something you want to see: next: okay, Okay, okay, guys in the next one *Jade singing*, GOOD~BYE~, *Outtro*,