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How To GAIN INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS 2019 [unexpected truth] | Fast & Organic Instagram Growth

This article is going to be all About how you can best focus your efforts so that you can grow on social Media in order to grow your audience and build your business, so my name’s Lauren Take that – and I am all about helping you stand on social media so that you can Turn your personal brand into a wildly profitable online business.

So with that Said, let’s get into it! The reason why I created this article is Because, honestly, I am so sick and tired of being asked the same question over And over again, which hashtag should I use? How can I beat the algorithm? Why are People following and uploading me what’s the best time to post on Instagram all Of these questions are all well and good, but they’re not the most important thing.

To be focusing on before, you focus on these things, which are essentially at The very top of the pyramid, you need to focus on the bottom and the base Foundation layer so, for example, do you have a niche? Are you even using the Right platforms like it is your even the best platform for you to be focusing on In order to get in front of your people, all of these different things are things That you need to focus on before you do the icing on the cake, or even just the Sprinkles like worrying, about which time you need to do some in Syriana before You even nailed your niche, it’s just a recipe for disaster.

And what not that that’s? Why I’m introducing a spring cleaning your Social media sharing, which I’m going to be doing here on YouTube so that we can Literally strip back everything get you back to the basics so that you can Finally, see success on social media and focus on the things that actually matter, So my action plan for you right now is to stop worrying about this small detail. And actually, but make sure that you ask yourself this question every single time: Through social media, I like to call it the impact filter and it’s saying what Value is this: adding to my target audience and value is essentially Education, entertainment, inspiration or motivation.

It can be one of these four Things, but you need to make sure that your content is adding value to your Target audience, and also that you’re showing up every single day. Because if You can’t consistently add value to your target audience over time. Then you’re Not doing the right thing and worrying about hashtags and all of those other Small things which should be icing on top of the cake, I’m not the most Important thing, and in order to help you do this, I’m actually going to even be Doing a real challenge, which is a five day challenge in order to spring clean Your social media, I’m going to help you really really just finally make this Happen and actually grow on social media because worrying about the things that You’re worrying about right now are just causing you stress, they’re, causing you Anger and then, when you start actually focusing on, let’s say finding the most Optimal hashtags, then you start working on that and you feel like you’re being Productive because you’re working on figuring out the best ashtag and you Feel, like a bunch of input, is going into your social media and your brand and Your business, so you feel good about it.

However, the thing is, it’s not actually. Things that going to move you forward it’s busy work rather than productive work. And I don’t know about you that I would rather focus on doing a less I’m reaping More benefits and that’s exactly what I’m going to be helping you with it’s under The five day challenge and inside of this series that is coming so make sure To hit thumbs up, if you are excited about that, also remember to subscribe, so That you get notified when these articles come out, you can click the little bell.

To make sure that you do get a notification, and with that said, I would Love to know which articles exactly you would like to see in this series, so I Can be sure to serve you to the best degree possible pal. So for the day, this Is just an introduction to the series: this is just an announcement about the Challenge so I look forward to having you join Challenged and let grow your social media together.


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