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These are my top, I want to say top 5 ways doing this on top of the head. I should have know before that. Whatever I got 5 ways on how to make Instagram follow this year, so independence, she was able to use people using automation.

Sykes people use follow for follow all that stuff. The autumn exercise, don’t work, no more, don’t try to do it. You will give in like Instagram, has cracked down so heavily on the automation is ridiculous. So I wouldn’t don’t even do it, you can’t do it once you try to do it. You’ll get a message by in from Instagram I’ll post it somewhere. I guess I’ll post it right here, maybe right here yeah, you will get that message, I’m saying to change your password and you give that site.

You sign it to the site again, who knows what the hell’s going to happen? Evil bank account. So definitely I’m going to do that. We’re going to talk about get into followers organically and I was able to get a lot of followers organically. Throughout the last two and a half years, I’ve been on my music stuff and wrapping this up. So the first thing hashtags my hashtags – still work well here in 2020.

I think with the Instagram algorithm. They don’t want to see a lot of hashtags bunched up. There is a little hack you can get away with. You can use the comment sections or when you put in your hashtags, make them make a little paragraph and have different hashtags in the paragraph. I have the hashtags be technically be keywords, say I’m going to post about a new article say: hey, I’m a Baltimore rapper.

Maybe you hashtag Baltimore rapper, I’m a Baltimore rapper that just made this new music article, hashtag music, article, bobble and so on and so forth juice. Things like that and you can still put as much hashtag cuz you can just does one ey have a lot of hashtags. I’m not even you want to make make your uh in clean. You can go and comment hashtags and maybe even do a couple of comments. You know just the spread of hashtags out this integrators.

Don’t want to see a bunch of hashtags back-to-back-to-back-to-back. That’s one day you just got ta, keep in mind, not saying it won’t push your content out, but Instagram been just sold straight. So you never know number two ain’t got ta engage with other people. This is a social media. Hence the word social engage with people like their post DM. I wan na. Don’t spam just have conversations um you just just going people post.

That’s in your niche like say: if you’re, if you’re a music artist go to a music artists pace, I go to like Riley riches page and don’t just go to his follows: go to the the post and see who’s engaging and maybe start a conversation saying: hey Um, I don’t know somebody pull say I love this song, maybe your posts – yeah Ronnie, rich guy. Oh I love over. Every song about Obama can start a conversation.

This does take a little time. Let’s take a little effort. You know you can go 2 hours a day, just put 2 hours a day. I mean maybe like at lunch. Break me when you get home you’re chilling, you only phone all the time any. Why not just go ahead and try to you know maximize the time you have your phone this by people up. This is just organic, follows and then eventually you’ll get people following you engaging you or you can, even in the conversation say, hey, go, find my page you’re going to talk some more about something like that’s.

Pretty cool number three way is stories now I’ve noticed this lately, if you’re getting this. If you’re reading this article, I’m making this article and I’m going to give my phone real, quick, I wan na making this article during a corona virus epidemic and everything right now and a great way you can use this stay home. So you see my phone right here. Let me see if it’ll focus alright, so there’s a little break, but you see this little stay home when you go and make a story right and this – and this also will give you more engagement on your story.

But when you go into the story right now, you can, let’s say let’s just take a random picture and you go into your story and you go to your sticker right here and there is a stay-home sticker. Let’s see if I close it again, I’m so bad with a cameraman you know anyway. You’ll see you go to stick is like the first one, and then the state home will push your you’ll basically be in a stay home thing. Now, mostly of followers will see it, but I’ve noticed lately that I’ll put like a question or something and a lot of people will say hey I saw you want to explore page and my my content is being pushed out to the explore page.

So utilized story. Man, especially for engagement, like most people, look at source. I I just learn to go to the stories now and just scroll through the stories and just see what’s going on, then yes, utilize your stories. Man, like I said, I begin a lot of followers, because it’s basically pushing my stories and I’m getting impressions outside of my followers, which is great, and then you can take advantage of that.

Just uh it’s putting up stories and put up something really interesting. That could possibly potentially go viral. The right people see it so yeah man, you a lot of stories now. Another fourth way to gain followers on Instagram is get shoutouts man. You didn’t get shout outs, like I said, being social, maybe you know somebody and each they got the same amount of followers or even more you can pay for a shower.

You can just go to someone’s page that has a million followers. A lot of people only charge like fifty two hundred dollars for a shout-out like I just got one of my articles on this guy’s page. I want the school’s who it is, but I just got one of my articles as a story post, but for 50 dollars. He has 1.5 million followers and it’s a swipe up. Poster swipe up is to the to the strings of my song and I’m looking to see what that dude, even so, 1.

5 million less. Let’s do the numbers, like 1.5 million foul, I would say well what, if only you know, 10 % of his 1.5 million followers see that post right so 1.5 million 5 times – let’s say let’s say 1 %. I was even like 30, a 1.5 million followers, Tom’s 1 %, its 15,000 people. That could potentially see my song right and, let’s just say, 1 % of the 1,500 swipe up, so only 1 % of 50. How to swipe up that’s 150 people that could potentially follow me.

You know, that’s for just $ 50, look think about it and you can buy followers for $ 50, but that’s not real engaging 150 people. That’s 180 people that can engage with your content. I’d actually like you in content, more than likely, they do it, they actually swiped up and followed you or they swiped up a stream. My song and found my Instagram through Spotify or something so yeah. That’s definitely one great way.

It’s just paid for habit on it. Like if you’re going to spend money, spend it on people that have legit followers and that will shout you out and even do a Charlotte say: hey go follow this page, you make crazy amount of followers as well. I’m actually about to do. Am I just going a crazy Instagram influences spree? That’s what I’m calling and number five! No it’s cliche, but just make great content put out the best pictures.

I just did a photo shoot with my guy and I’m about to put out these photos and you’ll just make great put great content I’ll put high-definition article high-definition photos send your photos out, there’s so many pages um, not just in influences. I got millions of followers, but there’s pages that will post your pic if it’s great quality like you know, for me, I can go to our hair up your locs. I can go to a page that has $ 100 and followers for people who are dreadlocks and there’s some pages that have posted me for no choice.

I just set up my picture. They posted my picture and I gained followers so and then I and more than likely those pages you’ll get you’ll, get on a explore page and ban it. It blows up so fast, so yeah the bet say just put out the best patients you can possible. I like to say I’m just learning that now, even after all this time, I try to put the best photos I’ll hit the best get some professional. If you don’t know nobody that takes professional pictures, um get a friend like you can the enemy nurse stuff on the iPhone.

Nowadays you can take crazy pictures or you can do a photo shoot and you probably mean it to pay that much. You know you can probably do like fifty dollars for two hours or something like this problem is that’s willing to to take fifty off you to shoot some photos for a couple hours like you know those ways that’ll get to do that so other than that guys. Peace out, I hope you got some value, make sure you call me subscribe and like the article, please like the article at the very least, but if you got any value, please comment subscribe other than a purse.