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I’ll. Keep this real. Today, Yeah yeah Yeah. Let’s pull up phone Cuz this time we need to be on our phones. Well, we’re going to talk a little. The topic of this one is going to be. How do you get instagram subscribers Honestly we’re doing this article, because we know this gets a lot of clicks, But we can also help you guys out ones.

A lot. We’ve learned a lot from this whole process. Yeah I mean you have your subscriber count is. Is I think it’s awesome, I think anything over 10 K, because on your Instagram story You can have people swipe up. You know Feature So anything over 10 K to me. I think, is awesome. I think that’s a solid amount of yeah followers Yeah. So the first goal for Instagram is to get to 10,000 followers and I would say, make that a goal make that a goal because, Like you said this wipe up feature, It makes you look a little bit more official because people go ooh.

Oh, you can swipe up on your page like they get aroused from it. Sometimes I can’t do that or or also Treat yourself like a business Yeah. I was going to go. Take a facebook Go to Facebook, make a page who cares if they follow it or not, Link that to your Instagram and now you can see your analytics what you need to see, because you need to see Who’s reading it from where it was clicking on it. How many people are saving these photos? The traffic sources, all these different things, which we can break that down? We can literally break down the Impressions and everything if you guys want in another article.

Just let us not leave a comment down below We’re going to try to hit as many points as we can Yeah, but so it shows audience information, activity, information, content, information and then between there It’ll tell you from what cities. What days, how many people are getting impression, reach and all those different things? You need Facebook to see that information that will also allow you to promote a photo.

What do you think about promoting photos? What is it’s a two-sided thing? I instr is pushing more people to do it because, obviously you have to pay for it So, but I don’t think it’s effective Whatsoever. If you got a article on your Instagram, let’s say right and the content is compelling content. So let’s say If I have a bunch of sneakerhead followers: That’s my demographic! If I have the hottest sneaker out there Super early and and within that from one to seven Second mark.

If I have a article, if it’s, if I grab people’s attention, Then it’s perfect to promote that right. But if it’s just a regular, oh I’m just deciding to post randomly today, I just want to spend the extra little. Is it just kind of like that? It’s not bad If you’re just putting it out there just to put it out there, It’s not worth it whatsoever, it falls into. The no body cares category 100 % and I will swipe as soon as I see promote on your Profile or whatever photo pops up.

I’m swiping it as soon as possible because the more you click in post, then you get more advertisers on your page, Which you don’t want. However, times it was on your feet like one. I don’t, but I do now because I analyze all this stuff now, But before I’m saying as a regular user, you wouldn’t walk. You know how have you ever noticed? You get like a post, a post and it’s like three days old You’re like Jesus Christ, and then you look and it’s like advertisement post advertisement post advertisement You’re like breath, Wan na see more advertisers name posts Yeah.

So how do we get into that Mix? That is the next question. How do we get seen? How do we get those likes? What it was some of this algorithm that they speak, So the Machine I was so Is Decide which your niche is going to be on instantly like food. Do you make food? Do you like sneakers, are the model? Are your photographer Figure out what your lane is going to be and try to stay within that Lane as best as possible? So then you have subcategories outside of.

If you like sneakers, Do you sale sneakers or do you just take photos of sneakers or are you a restorer? These subcategories Are really important, because people will know exactly why they’re following you right, so that allows for you to get on the popular page. You know what I’m saying It allows for you to create hashtags that allow your content to be seen by more people, So, like I always say, treat yourself like a business.

They allow you to have five Instagram accounts on your page and you don’t have to worry about signing in they just pop up. I don’t know if you can see it. It’ll show the five instagrams right here on the page Right, So you get to have five active instagrams going. I have six instagrams, I have to sign in and out for one of them and I want to start two more. But what I do personally have a personal Instagram.

We got a business Instagram. Then we have the YouTube Instagram. Then I have a hair Instagram for women’s hair. Then I have a clothing Instagram for women’s clothing and then I have an Instagram for men’s or not Man’s, but football cleats and just dope cleats itself. So I can target each thing, all the stuff that I’m interested in all the demographics, the camera toaster. Okay, we’re all on camera, but I can target all those things and not put it all on the same feed.

So now I’m attacking and each category instead of trying to confuse my followers or what are you person dog? Did I come for this or dare come for that Yeah most people, I wouldn’t say most, but a lot of people make fake accounts. Most people have a personal account that they post and maybe they just add Friends and family and then they’ll have an account. That is more to the public and what they want, the public to see right and then some people just has they have the trash account that they’re common in dump stuff under popular pages well, instead of using the trash account for commenting Without posting, I actually use That to let’s say, repost popular content right, one of the more popular Instagrams that I follow would be pipe piece.

Let’s say right: they don’t so they use anything. No, they they literally, they just repost, really popular content. Yet, from other really big pages, You can do the same thing and you’ll gain a small following in a little growing a bit row Before you know it. You have a couple thousand followers and hey. Let’s say you want to create your own personal public page off of that following, but that doesn’t guarantee that the followers that you have accumulated Will like the material that right now posting since you switched account, But that’s a great way to gain followers.

And then, if you want to switch that and make that your personal account, you can do that too. Yeah, that’s definitely a great option. I mean yeah, taking other people’s content, basically and creating a page around that in that niche of the market. Just make sure you give them whoever you got the photo from give them their credit tag them in the photo. Okay or in the comments or whatever so say, hey.

You know, still shouting the mouth to say: Hey. I got the picture from this person, but re posting it and it’s on my page and Like what I do with the football cleats. I haven’t taken any of those photos on that page, but photos get thousands of likes Because I’m just reposting dope stuff that I’ve seen you can almost treat it like a gallery. You can just start a page, and it’s just like that’s what I did instead of having photos in my phone, I just saved them, always always saving.

I’m like I might as well take all these dope photos and make an Instagram with it smart and let it grow. So that’s what I did with the football cleats when it was just kind of like Album for myself that be like all hey. If you want to join it, look at the stuff I like come on right got a coffee page. I got a Fitness page like whatever you’re into go for it. It doesn’t hurt, There’s going to be a million pages out there, Possibly doing the same thing.

You’re doing but hey just continue to post and the more consistent You are the more following new great Yo game. So always always look to get better, always look to push yourself to get better. I think that’s a very important thing. Post dope content Try to get better each and every time try to get more creative use. The inspiration from other creators. That’s always a good option. Yeah find a way to set yourself apart in your industry, but still be unique in yourself.

At the same time, We get politically correct So Yeah You can act, a fool on Instagram. You know you can go to six nine route, you go to soldier boy You’re out and you can just post the craziest stuff that you can think of. Yeah Well create Great, not just post Yeah great the most crazy. What but I was right. I wouldn’t recommend that you create No, you repost, don’t create just repost it, but you can go that route.

You can act, fool I mean. That’s that always works Always be safe, Always be safe. I never put anybody nacho, So you know I’m not recommending right. Don’t ever put nobody else at danger, Like don’t do that stuff. That is not no don’t be doing that stupid. Um But yeah other than that man, I mean there’s a lot of ways that I can say Other than that there’s like a million in one ways, But I know one of the quicker ways to get following would be following.

Follow We definitely Yes, okay! So if you start the page, yes Follow up follow you start the page expect like a ten percent conversion will say: ten percent sometimes is Laura. It all depends on 100 people you get. Ten people will follow You back, so they have a new rule. Now, If you follow too many people, they’ll stop you and block you from that. So you can’t follow too many people at once, but just all you got Instagram and follow people throughout the day.

30 people here 50 people there. Whatever you get to a number that you want in follower account and then well, people that are following you hit that number and then unfollow everybody, and now you have an account with 5,000 followers 10,000 for 15,000 photos whatever it may be, and then start really honing. In on the content that you’re creating and people value followers by the way, and if you have built content most times That will follow you back But see, the thing is: is when People get dope pages that follow them will read to see.

If that page will unfollow, so they definitely It’s a game for sure and they definitely will unfollow if you unfollow, so Your followers will fluctuate. I haven’t done that in a long time, and we actually don’t know if I should say this on camera Kathy I’ll use. The back and it’s probably been like 3 years now. I used a bot that, like auto light stuff and auto, commented on stuff, Oh yeah, like throughout the night.

It’s commenting on hundreds of pages and people are seeing my comment going straight to my page. You either liking a photo or Going and subscribing or follow them up. I was like yeah, Oh Yeah, I don’t know if they have like BOTS and stuff that do that stuff anymore. I don’t know if you guys want to know more about that leave a comment down below I’m trying to think of what else don’t ever under value yourself and your creation is in your content.

We both got me coming up with some stupid stuff, though Yeah. Let’s be honest, There’s a lot of dumb stuff on his Small percentage of stuff that I actually enjoyed with an axe. That’s like really, don’t you think about it And when you think about it, The explore page is is amazing, because if I saw all the dumb stuff that is posted on a daily basis offering I’ll go crazy, like before, I used to think that the explore page Was just literally for, like 10 % of the Highest followed, instagrams and I’ll just keep seeing the same people over and over, but you know what Wasn’t bringing good stuff You know.

I’m saying it enough, like is definitely more curate. You know, and you can go by car, So check that stuff out also, if you’re, if you’re hosting yeah yeah Yeah. That is well So make sure your hashtagging. If For the micro groups, whatever you are, If this food and then you cook food, your chef then make sure your hash tagging all the popular hashtags on them from the highest Followed chef. If they use hash tag, They usually don’t anymore because they be too popping.

This, when you look at the hash tag, to look at the hash tags that are actually Active, click on the hashtag and see how many posts are coming in Kind of per day or every you’ll see if you click on it and keep refreshing it You’ll notice. More post, more post, more post, But if you click on it refresh it the next day and it looks damn they’re the same, the hash tag is dating Yeah, don’t use that hash tag, use the hash tag, that’s actually active done and you kind of want to Middle to your hash tag is Ridiculous, where it’s populating by the second.

So once you repost, you literally all the way, thousands of posts down its to I Middle tier, where you’re going to be able to own like, like a hundred to five hundred thousand uses Yeah. I would I would say around there, because then you have hash tags with millions right and they’re getting thousands per minute right. So you want to make sure that you get a hash tag where you going to be populated on the page at a decent line.

There’s so many things we could talk about histogram. We hope that this helps, if anything be original, be SL. If you use other content, just do it towards what you love be passionate about it. That’s what I can say, as you continue to grow, treat people the right way. Do it the right way, all the troll pages Control me, Yeah, hat AC e, underscore la see. Each row me DJ, go ham, underscore sneaker going to say spammy, You just troll, I’m! Finally, off the top of the head, This is cool.

We’ve been one, take breaking it by the way, all night, Long more articles coming soon to a camera. You use our jaw like comment, share, subscribe, See y’all, mother,


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