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I posted this and that so this is the story always start off with like backup right. You should plan it out for the week. If not for the whole month – and I know people that actually do it 365 days a year – they like the backup. So that’s like what some of the social media companies will tell you to do or they’ll do it for you.

So this is the bottom line. There is some holiday every single day, there’s some holiday like national dog day or the other day was national underwear day. So I posted about underwear. It got some attention. That’s the whole idea about this right, you’re trying to engage, get some attention. It doesn’t have to be bad attention. You want a good attention, but it’s okay to be humorous right. If that’s, okay with your business, if you feel okay with it remember this is all about you, so it has to be.

You know how what you feel comfortable with alright. What about your story? You know, if you don’t mind being too personal, you can definitely tell that your story. Why are you doing this? Why what got you into doing what you’re doing? Why are you offering this product and services right? The story behind it is always good. You don’t necessarily want to be showing product after product people aren’t interested in that, but definitely the results, the products and services that you’re doing or giving really good results.

Maybe you want to show some before and afters. Maybe you want to show some testimonials? What are your customers doing? You know, how are they? Are they happy with the products and services? That’s always a great post right, so you have to do, is just take a screenshot of that and we’ll ah there’s your post with like a little. You know, thank you Jim, for you know, responding nicely or giving me a testimonial.

However, you want to do it. Last ways to do this right so always offer solutions right. That’s the bottom line! You don’t want to be selling selling, but you can definitely show solutions in a nice way so consider doing that. What about behind the scenes in your company? What’s going on for you, this is something you do every day, but for people that are not in your industry, they may take an interest in that.

You don’t know so definitely try that get out there remember. This is all about engaging building relationships being visible and then from there you can either point them to a landing page or your website. You can offer products and services right through social media. That’s ways that you can do that, but the bottom line is, you have to show up, and you should be doing this and believe me when I say I haven’t always been consistent.

You have to be consistent if you want to build right, there’s that trust factor. People just the bottom line is it’s a know and trust and they’re not going to be able to know and trust you unless you’re there and engaging. So those are all things that you can do. Remember just calendars behind the scenes, your story, what about? If you’re on vacation, maybe you don’t want to show pictures of your kids? That’s absolutely fine, but you know you can choose pretty places people a lot of that they love to see different restaurants or food or different locations.

You know people are reading you from all over the world. Look like you’re doing some things. This YouTube right. You can be anywhere in the world reading me, so lots of different things that you can do always have a backup, but you know try to be engaging. You definitely want to be asking questions, and you know when I post sometimes I’ll do like thoughts or question marks. Inspirational quotes is another thing that you can do people like to be inspired, it doesn’t have to be every day but mix it in there all right.

So I hope that this has helped you as far as giving you some ideas of what you can post on social media once you get into it it’s okay. The other thing that you can do is go on the platform that you want to be on say, for instance, we’re talking about Instagram scroll Instagram, look at some of your competitors. What are they posting about? We’re the ones that have a lot of followers you know, are they engaging or people asking questions? That’s another thing you can do you get frequently asked questions and he could post about that yeah.

It was asked the other day this or that and then explain what your answer is and why you’re giving that answer. So all things like that anyway, I hope that this has helped. It definitely helps me, you know just being consistent and showing up and planning it. So if you like this article, do me a favor, give me a thumbs up and also subscribe to my blog, and I see the light going in and out it’s pretty neat right.

That’s like a little! It’s like a special effect of that. Isn’t it anyway. I will see you guys in another article: okay,

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“Greedy Influencers” – Why The Integrity Of Your Brand Is At Risk

I don’t give a shit how rich you are, how much subscribers, how much money you have. I think, a lot of the times. The way you ultimately treat people speak so much more powerfully versus all that shit. Okay, guys! Is it just me, or is it getting hot in here, because we’re about to roast some of your favorite influencers, get it no hey guys.

Welcome to my blog. My name is Jane and if you’re new here, what’s up I’m 18 year old entrepreneur and today’s topic is actually requested by you – guys. A lot of people, maybe you’re, reading, create content online and I think the biggest thing we’re always curious about is how to grow. But also how to make a business out of it and we’ve seen so many people become really successful. On this platform, we’ve seen youtubers make millions of dollars from making articles selling their brands merch you get it, and I think so often we forget to think about brand integrity, which is why today, I’m going to answer your guys has 3 top questions about how to Build a sustainable business but keep your brand check.

So, if you guys wouldn’t know more and we’re about to expose some of your favorite people, I’m just keep on reading, I recommend actually grabbing a snack if you’re reading this. This article is better when you’re consuming not only information but a what a food of some choice so grab a snack. If you were, if you haven’t already hey Jade you’re super cool and I’ve been reading, you a lot lately. Thank you.

I am an inspiring fashion. Influencer and I follow a lot of successful bloggers in my knees, how do you engage a more mature audience that is more likely to wash than just be silent woo? This is a really really good question like I don’t even know how to properly answer it. So, let’s see what I pull up, madam ass, okay, so for anyone doesn’t know, what’s going on, I like to use the Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus approach right.

These Disney stars, at least when I grew up, were everything to me. I don’t know why, but these Disney stars, whatever they did, I fangirl over. I will talk to my mom I’ll comment on their post. When I was younger, I would read a show every single time but, as I grew older, more shit happened. I got busier and now I’m less fan girlie. So this question is tailored to people who maybe are at the point where their audience isn’t at a fan, girlie mode because they’re so much more mature.

I guess the question I’m always personally curious is how would you create an engaging fanbase if your audience isn’t at that age point? So, if you’re someone who’s curious about that, this is what I have to say. You think about it. There’s a certain age point where, yes, your audience matures they’re less active because their attention is spread out when you grow up, I mean I’m only 18 years old, but I can tell you you: when you grow up, you get more work, you think about money.

There’s a lot more stressful things that you keep about so your time and attention for entertainment is getting a lot less, so your attention is, however, so fleeting. If you really want to engage with a more mature audience, you need to be able to solve their problem. I think the biggest thing that a lot of fashion influencers do is, I would say, I’m not I’m going to roast anyone, but you know it’s kinda, like a tick, tock er, a tick talker is someone who probably makes a lip-synch article you’ve definitely seen.

Okay. If you haven’t seen one your life, I know one of the famous ones is like Lauren, gray, right and Lauren gray. You know you read a cool little article, then you just like it and you swipe away and that’s the end because you’re not there she’s not really solving any problems, she’s just dancing with her belly button open right, okay, Mona! I want to make a quick disclaimer and also say that if you’re someone who tells stories or is a movie maker that entertains people that’s also solving people’s problem, humor and laughter is solving someone’s needs, because when we are busy at work, you know we want to Relieve stress so don’t be limited to and I think, solving a problem as thinking you have to be like an informative value teacher.

You can also tell stories and add humor just make sure you’re adding value to someone’s life, whether it’s humor education or motivation. I have a whole article about adding value. If you want to read the article I’ll link it below on ways, you can do it without feeling overwhelmed to answer this question properly. Just try to stray away from tik-tok type of content and focus on value based giving, for example, story times a lot of personal advice.

Q & A is going into your audience and seeing them asking them. What are you currently facing? If you don’t know, ask there’s fucking 7 million features on your Instagram stories to do Q & A and polls. So you know what your market is facing and I think my educated, our self and what’s going on you’re able to create engagement because true engagement when we can older it’s just conversations right. It’s less of this like yeah.

Like I love you, it’s a two-way street. My biggest advice, if you are trying to engage someone, the older, is to create conversations and the best way to start conversation is by solving the problem and asking. How can I help you how’s? That made sense, I don’t know. I do think it’s interesting, though, because I don’t think there’s anything wrong with tic tucker’s and we love Lauren gray, all right.

So the second question is: I’m a fashion, blogger too, and I want to collaborate with well known world brands. It’s important that I concentrate on a specific location, for instance, if i’ma from Russia. Is it better for me to write in a Russian audience or gather in English? Do big brands give a shit about location, I’m struggling what language to decide from? Firstly, you understand why you want to work with big brands, because one, it’s typically a nightmare, because big brands typically don’t even reach out to most people.

They have influencer marketing agencies, so you’re just going to deal with the middleman, which aka means they’re just going to take more money from you. So just ask yourself: why do you want to work with big brands if it’s, because you genuinely believe in Nike or because you like, genuine, like this brand, like that’s another story, but sometimes I feel like a lot of people just want to work a big brand.

So they can feel cool, but you need to know why, because it will bite you in the ass and sometimes like you eat to where you want to go. For example, there was a big company that wanted to work with me, and I thought it was great because I felt cooler it’s a corporate big company and I remember it was actually fucking horrible, because there were so much they were so slow like to make a Decision they have to go through their HR for Ventura, CEO and then they inter came back to me and be like hey Jade.

Sorry, we don’t have the budget for this project. What I’m trying to say is know why one you want to work with Vikram. The second step is chase request, my language, the answer is typically, if you are working with a big brand, you need to know where their audience comes from and who their customer is. If you want to work with Nike right and you feel like there’s biggest problem, is they can’t reach the Russian market, then speak and Russian, because you’re going to connect your audience better? It’s like this.

The reason why I you have to understand what brands you want to work with is because we want you want to help them essentially spread. The word right so by default. Ask yourself: does this brand struggle reaching this demographic? I think a lot of influencers are competing because they don’t feel like they’re special, but if you do speak a language you can leverage it. It would definitely double down on your language because it just makes you stand out and it’s a tricky conversation right.

Some brands. Only one english-speaking customers, so it depends you have to do a research, I would say all right guys, it’s getting hot huh and if your support enjoyed this article, please give this article a like and subscribe on this blog. We talk about social media growth, starting a business, and I am here for you because I genuinely have a passion for helping. You guys destroy your brand and hopefully you know give you some big sister advice or big brother advice, but yeah make sure you guys, like this article and subscribe if you haven’t already okay.

So the third and last question is by far the most important. I don’t think you need anything else, but this piece of information. Okay, so this question is also from seventh Lana. You could you guys quick, really good, really, good questions? She asks. No one really talks about ethics and values of a brand. Can a brand turn you down because they don’t want to be associated with you also, vice versa.

Can I turn down people if I don’t believe in their product, so I think this can be solved and towards brand integrity. If you want to work with a brand – and you know matched what they need and also on the other and find brands that you actually resonate with, we have to stop taking short-term decisions. I don’t give a shit how rich you are, how much subscribers, how much money you have. I think, a lot of the times.

The way you ultimately treat people speak so much more powerfully versus all that shit. I can give you so many examples. Okay, there is a you know, famous case right now: there’s a youtuber called Britney Donna Fitness, Instagram fitness influencer, accused of scamming clients across the country. Britney dawn took their money for fitness plans and then never delivered, and now many of them are taking those complaints.

She had a scandal about scamming her own audience. You know we’ve heard about maybe that Jacqueline Hill scandal we have to stop thinking so short term. I mean we asked we need to make money, get our coin cyst. But how is this affecting your brand long term and this long term really mean like stop thinking in three-month cycles of like what can I hit this quarter but think about what do I want to hit in five years? Because when you think about five year, visions and again going back to the initial conversation like when you know your, why why you work with a brand? Why you do something you think longer term? Which means you know what you stand for.

So what brand comes up to you say? Hey mr. John, I want to work with you I’ll pay, you ten grand. Will you do it, but you know deep down that this will long-term collide with your morals, which is maybe not selling a product. It’s a scam! You’re going to turn it down and by doing that, you’re going to save time, but not only that your own brand and value which is going to keep you longer term, because your audience will trust you.

I think so often we trade and Trust for short-term benefits and integrity is all about doing the right thing when no one is reading. So, if you’re, someone who is still confused on how to keep brand integrity, here’s my three tips. You just need to know it’s really simple step, one if you’re trying to keep your brand integrity step. One is to know your. Why know what you want like? What do you stand for? Ask yourself out? What do you stand for? If you don’t know, you’re going to make short-term shit you’re going to shortcut your way into success, you’re going to buy followers, I’ve done that you’re going to take deals that you don’t really actually believe in I’ve done that you’re going to make brands change you for Who you are because you want the money I’ve done.

That example, I can give you a story time at the very end of this article, if you want to hear actually personal situation to me, step two find brands that have your. Why, if your, why is to stay ethical or save – I don’t know beautiful in your own skin, don’t take a detox product like a fitness, tea cuz! It’s going to collide with your audience right, so find brands with a similar. Why it’s very simple: if they don’t have an about Us page about how they source their ingredients and you or someone who’s ethical, your problems shown to that bring them actually.

In one instance, there was this company that basically does Instagram growth automation and they were going to pay me. I think two grand for a article just mentioning their name and I post hundreds of years on this blog. But I remember my whole. Why is to build a brand long-term and don’t use shortcuts and there? Why is to make shortcuts? I said no, because I Baloo that you would collide with what I believed in and therefore break so many of my audience’s trust and also my own morals and ethics.

Again, brand integrity, so I guess step three is like you heard: you need to connect your Y with their Y and, if that’s a yes, you should be good to go into that deal and taking that money, because it’s an exchange of saying true to your core And building a company off of good ethics. I know this is may be basic information, but I feel like step so important if you haven’t spent 10 minutes just like sipping your tea and thinking about your wife.

Please please do that today. I don’t give a shit if you are, you know scrolling on YouTube. We’re really fuckin stressed out just sit down and ask yourself why? What is your, why what do you stand for? It will save you so much more time and build trust all right guys. I want to quickly shut it to the current winner. Do you wan na be the next homeowner just corn, below your questions? Your thoughts? Do you agree with me with brand integrity? How do you guys stay true, and let me know if you have any stories of other influencers that have fucked up and maybe we can learn from alright guys.

I love you guys so much domination. Thank you for reading. I will see you guys in the episode. 2 of the startup, if you don’t know what the startup is, I invite you to my youtube series, which is my story of how I grew my business. What I’m doing – and I hope you enjoy – if you don’t, if you haven’t seen any episodes I’ll link a playlist below I invite you to join and be a part of the domination alright guys.

I love you so much guys. The next one tag me on instagram follow me, love you please,

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