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How To Set Up Your Facebook Pixel For Beginners In 2020 | Easy Facebook Pixel Tutorial

So a facebook pixel is basically facebook’s way of tracking everyone who Visits your website, your landing pages people to become leads people that purchase items on your Website. It’s just their way of tracking all the people that are on Facebook right. So there’s one facebook pixel per facebook ads account. So the pixel. The reason why That has that name is because way back in the day What they used to do to be able to go track.

People to visit different websites is they make a Small small image that was one pixel by one pixel and they throw it on the website. Alright and then every city. It was so small that you couldn’t even see it, but every time somebody Went and loaded that image that one pixel by one pixel image they would. You know that that person Visit that website and so the pixel would fire. So it would track that person and they would know That somebody visit that website now it’s not an image anymore, but the names kind of carried on just over time and it still uses Pixel.

So that is the facebook pixel is just basically the facebook’s way of tracking everyone right. So With that said, let’s jump onto my computer, I want to show You guys exactly where to go inside your ads manager to access it, how To create it. If you guys are brand new and then how to go through And use it with your different websites and landing pages, alright guys, so here we are, I just created a brand new Ads account to show You guys exactly how This works so to access the pixels.

What we’re going to do is come up here to the Ads manager, this little hamburger menu. You come down here. It’s got some frequently use of base tools right here, Where we go to all tools and we can find it under a measure report And we just come down here to pixels right now. Another way the easily axis is just if you, from anywhere inside a facebook Ads manager, you could search your business right here and just type in pixels right there right, so we’re going to type in pixels, And this is going to pull up a page where it’s Going to say, hey create a facebook pixel.

Now this is a brand new facebook ads account and just a quick reminder, you only create one. Facebook, pixel per ads account right, you’re, going to use that same pixel that same little html Copy and paste code, which i’ll show You guys here in a second on all of your website. Your landing pages everywhere that you’re Gon na use your facebook pixel right. So what we’re going to do is click on create a pixel right here and you’re Gon na see this pops up and it’s just going to walk you through step by step.

It’s very easy, so we can Say test account. Pixels name, you can go give it! Your own name, if you want, then we’re Just going to hit, create right here, Alright, just going to take a second or two alright. So now that we’re at This point it’s going to say, use an integration or tag manager manually install the code yourself or email instructions to a Developer right now, if you guys have a developer, that’s perfect! You can send this on to your developer, but they’ve really Made it super simple and easy that you can go through and use this on a lot of the websites Landing page builders and all that stuff that are even used today.

Alright, So what i’m going to do is click on manually, install the code yourself and what we’re Gon na do is scroll down. I Usually skip this number one and I go to number two: okay, so copy of the entire pixel code And paste it into the website header right now. This works if you’re using wordpress, Leadpages clickfunnels are so like whatever you’re Using. This is going to go through and work for your business, alright, so this right here use hover over and you can see copy code Copy code to clipboard.

Okay. Now, just so you know, I have no idea what any of this code Means and i’m sure you don’t either, But all you got to do is just go here and click on this. It says copy to clipboard, and so you just copy that, And now you go paste it into your website builder or your landing page builder, your funder, billet or whatever you’re Using alright guys. So i’m just going to show You a couple of quick examples here.

This is very commonly used. Click funnels. I just want to show You guys where to go through and put the facebook pixel on your your funnels here. So there’s two places to do it. You can either do it each page individually and your funnel by Going in here to edit page and then once you get into the website builder here you come up to a Settings and then you go to tracking codes, and then you can See right here.

If we go back here, it says paste the pixel code at the bottom of the header section just above the head tag. Okay, so if we come over here, this is the header code. You just copy and paste this right in there. Okay, That’s all we got to do and then we just hit save We come out here, hit save and we are good to go or the other way. If we want to just have it go throughout All of the pages of the funnels in just one spot.

We’re Just going to come over here to settings and then we’re Gon na go to the head tracking code right here. We can Even make this bigger right here and we can just paste that in right there, okay! So now We just come down to the bottom. We just hit save and update settings, and this is great because obviously this one right here – you can See it just has this one page, but if you got multiple steps in a funnel, if you got like Five or ten different steps you can have, you can Just go paste it at one time in this settings section Then that saved facebook pixel code is going to be used throughout all those different pages.

Alright, so I want to show You guys really quick one other use case. This is inside at the are celeb kg software, Which i’m sure a lot of you guys are familiar with as well. If we just come in here to the landing page builder, We just click on edit and then we will come over to there’s a spot where we can go paste this code as Well. So what we’re going to do is just come over here to the page section We’re going to go scroll down to advanced and that you can See right here.

I’ve already got a facebook pixel code in there, but I could just go through and paste this new one in there or I could go through if you Want have two in there, which I don’t recommend having to facebook pixels and that’s you have to facebook pixels. If you’re using multiple ads accounts right so, like I said, there’s only one facebook pixel per ads account, I Highly recommend just using one ads account just to keep everything together and the nice thing is.

Is Facebook will use your pixel to go through and learn and get the data that it needs to you to make your Ads perform even better alright. So if you’re going through and you’re trying to generate, leads and you’re saying hey, this Is the pixel. I’m using they’ll use the information from that pixel. All the data that’s come through and they’ll go, find More people that are like the people that have already become leads right or, if you’re Going for sales.

They’ll, go through And use your pixel data to go through and find more people that are relevant and just like those people that have already Become sales right. So we come over here. You just do paste it in the header tracking code area and then write them here on This one. You also have to do it on the thanks page. We just click thanks the page section, and then this header spot right here, as I you guys Before was already in there.

We just paste it in there and then We hit publish and we are set and we are good to go. Okay, so now Jump you back over here to the facebook ads manager just a couple of different use cases. I want to show You guys as we’re going through And using this facebook pixel code. So we do a lot of things now with this, but I want to show You guys two different things: the first one is going through and creating custom audiences.

So what that means Is that we can Have facebook anyone that hits a specific page that the pixel is on of our website or landing pages or funnel whatever it is, We can say, hey. I want you to make a custom audience of everyone who visits. My main website, or my blog or That becomes a lead through this funnel or purchases this product. So in order to do that, What we’re going to Do is come back over here to the search spot right here, we’re just Gon na type type in audiences.

Okay. So when we type in audiences it’s going to pull up an audience page and we can go through and say: hey. We want to create a custom audience okay. Now the cool thing in here is, you can go through, and this is not necessarily Using the facebook pixel, but you could upload a customer file So, like let’s say, you’ve got tons of people’s emails. Phone numbers addresses whatever you can Upload that into facebook and create that custom audience which will go through it, we’ll hit that in another youtube article.

But what we’re Gon na do with the facebook pixel is create one with website traffic. Okay, so we’re going to click website, traffic And the cool thing is, is when you have the same pixel on all of your sites. You can Say: hey. I want to create an audience For all my website, visitors, anybody Who hits a page that has my pixel of salt on it. I want to go through and create that audience We can come in here and we could say We can max it out.

Even I think it’s 180 days, so we can see that it goes back to 180 days Was the last six months, so anyone who’s hit my website in the last six months. Right so we can say all website Visitors so will come through, will create this audience and you guys can See right here. It says all website visitors, it says populating. Obviously this a brand new Has account. This is a brand new Pixel. So it’s probably Going to be a little bit too small, but typically it’s going to take about a couple hours, even maybe 24 hours to go Through and fully populate right.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t go through and start craning Ads to start using this custom audience Okay. So this is one of those types of custom audiences that you can use or you go through and say, create an audience, a custom audience and Then say hey. I want to do only people who visited specific Web pages on my website right, so it could be like hey Only people that visit this blog article or people that visit this page.

Like my pricing page on my website – or You know a specific page in your funnel all right, so this is the page right here inside of clickfunnels that I went through and I put the pixel on. So if You want to say hey, I just want to create an audience with People to visit this page, we’re Just going to come over here and click on this and we’ll just grab this url right here. Okay, then We’ll come back in to the.

Where was it We’ll come back in here and so we’ll just click right here, We’ll paste the url right in there and we can say the last 30 days 60 days 90 days whatever, and this Is kind of cool, because you can really dive in deep with Your retargeting, so if you say hey, I only want to retargeting people that have seen this page in the last seven Days. You can go through and do that so like let’s say we only want to retarget people Who have recently seen one of our landing pages or our blog post right here.

Okay, So we can come in here and see, say the audience name is blog post test Demo page alright. So now we’re going to go Through create this audience, and this is everyone. Who’s visited this page right here within the last seven days. We just go through and create this audience, and this is going to go through and Create that audience that we can now use in our ads as Well. And this is a very custom audience which is great for retargeting, which, with retargeting Ads, we shall shoot a article on that and another another day.

You can get your cost per lead Down dramatically. I’m seeing about 20 to 25 percent cost per leads compared To what i’m getting with cold traffic right. So one last cool thing: I want to show You guys that we can Do now with these audiences. Now we’ve got the facebook pixel set up. We’ve created the audiences and now What we can do is go through and create what we call Look-alike audiences. So a look-alike audience is kind of exactly what we just said right there right.

It’s Someone it’s audience of people that look just like or they’re very similar. Their profiles are very similar to people of an audience that you’ve already created all right. So, what’s cool is you can say you can go through and you can create a custom audience of Everyone on your order, confirmation page so, like everyone that has purchased a certain product of yours, you can Say hey. I want to create a look-alike audience, so people that are like the people that already purchase my products – Okay and at facebook, will go out And they’ll go scan.

All the profiles of everyone that has a facebook account. They’ll say: okay: these are the people that look most like people that have already purchased your products, all right, they’re their Occupation. There may be marital status, maybe their income, maybe their search behaviors or their online purchase. Behaviors And they’ll go through and they’ll match that. So now you can go, show your Ads to people that are more matching, your Demographic right, so in order to do that, what we’re going to do is come over here to create audience and we’re just going to come down instead of custom ids we’re going to choose look-alike audience.

Okay! So now we choose a source and we can come through. We can say: Hey all website visitors, the one we just created or we can see, there’s a lot of the difference pages that i’ve already got on My account Associated with that. So, let’s just say – or we got the blog post test demo page, so let’s do hey. We want to create a look like audience of everyone Who is like people that have visited this blog post page.

So, let’s click on this. We can Say a location and i’ll typically start out By doing just the united states, and then we can go through and say: hey. We want them to be within, like 1 % variance of that that group, Okay or 2 % or 3 %, 4 %, 5 % and so about a 1 % Look-alike audience is going to get you an audience of about 2 million people. You can See right here. It says estimated reach up to point 1 million people all right and typically that’s all.

You really need to go through and do and start out with, and you can go through and Scale your ad campaigns dramatically, with just 1 %. Look like audiences right now: you can break it down To the future and go hey. I want a 1 % – this is 0 to 1 percent, 1 to 2 % or 2 to 3 %, Or this is hey. This is everyone in the 3 percent range. So, as you go through and change these up, You can see how These audiences grow And obviously the files of those people are not as similar to those people that became leads or that purchase your product already, But it just helps you go and find a wider.

More broad audience: Okay, another thing you can Do right here he’s coming out here to show advanced options and you can actually create multiple Audiences at the same time, so you can go through and create a 1 % 2 % and 5 % audience all at the Same time, all right now, what we’re going to do is we’re just Gon na stay with the 1 % right here. We’re Gon na come down and click create audience. So it’s going to create the audience and then, once again it’s going to Say updating audience.

It’s Gon na populate that and go through, and so we’re ready to go through and use that alright guys. So that is it. That is how You go through and set up the pixel. That’s how You go through and set the custom audiences up And then it to get back to the pixels. Like We said, all you do is go through and type in to search business. The pixels right here – okay – And you just come in here and they’re – always changing what it looks like right.

So they’re Always changing the the user interface. So if it doesn’t look exactly like This play around with it, a little bit try to find that an exact Little copy and paste code that we use, but then now that we’re Back in here, we can see the test account pixel right here we just hit Setup pixel, and then We just come back here And we’re right back to where we started right manually, install the code yourself Come down here to number 2 copy, the entire pixel code and paste on the website.

Header Click that and we go and copy it into clickfunnels leadpages arsenal, wordpress wix, wherever you Want to go through and use it right, so guys, if you guys found this article helpful, go ahead And like this article, if you guys Want something more, that you’re you’re Unsure of still on the pics of you have a question, make Sure you guys leave it down in the comment section, I will be able to make sure that I answer your questions about the facebook pixel, Especially here in 2018, because facebook is always updating the facebook Pixel And it’s use and how you can go through And use it for your business, so make sure that you go through leave a comment like this article.

If you guys Found it helpful and be sure to subscribe to the blog, where I launch a new Video. Every single day showing you how to grow Your business generate more leads And make more money all right guys. So thanks so much for reading – and I will see you guys on the blog tomorrow –

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