Online Marketing

Small Business Basics

So I just recently started a small business and there’s some tools that I used to do that. The very first thing is, you need a website, so I use Squarespace make a quick, beautiful website in seconds. You need a business line. I use Google Voice, you get a free business line.

You get text message phone calls all on your same phone, credit card processing, sending invoices getting money. I use square set up an account start accepting money right away. I need to put that money somewhere. So I put it in a business bank account. I can use seed, create a business bank account all online and it’s all mobile base LegalZoom. If you need to create an LLC or any kind of business entity.

Legalzoom is great for quickly creating the LLC. It is rather expensive and there probably are cheaper and easier ways to do it. If speed is important and LegalZoom was the way to go, and then local business licensing is on your city or location, get a business license to make sure that you legal and that is it 60 seconds of how to start a business. These are all resources and tools that I’ve used to create my business, and hopefully this will help.

You start yours now, because long people say like hey, I have roadblocks, I don’t know what to do. These are super simple ways. I hope you use them. That is it 60 seconds.

Creating a business is not easy. Be sure that you thoroughly research what you will need before to know before you invest in your dream. An online presence is critical, and you should find a professional to take care of it. Website design packages are something you should look into right away.