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Travis Hawley – VP of Business Development at Viral Nation

What’s kind of the biggest thing that you are basing that you want to share on stage that maybe even have an opportunity to do some like piece of advice of things that you’ve learned, yeah he’s really important in the industry. I think, what’s really important is to in terms of influencer. Marketing is just understand that it’s just a piece of the marketing ecosystem.

So it’s you shouldn’t necessarily go all-in on influence or marketing or or think it’s just going to be a one-trick pony that saves your business or whatever. It is just understand it’s a subset of social media marketing. It’s just another tactic, really that you can use in your overall marketing strategy. Tell you know achieve your business results so approaching it in that matter is really important.

I think to understand that it’s it’s not the saving, grace or you know the the biggest thing you should be doing in marketing it’s using it as a piece to the larger puzzle and all of your digital marketing and putting them all together and having all these Different campaigns and and strategies working cohesively together, yeah, and so it’s essentially like a one brick like if you were to build a home of marketing like it’s one of the bricks to that home, right yeah.

Exactly and that’s one thing that a lot of people are talking about is like taking certain marketing efforts out of the silos right and so not having them just work independently. So if you’re doing influencer marketing that’s great, but how is it integrating and working or leveraging and writing momentum of other marketing campaigns to and having all online offline marketing? What all the different kind of campaigns and strategies and tactics are using all kind of work together.

Rather than just have your influencer marketing team, your social marketing team, your you know, programmatic team and all these different teams like how can we actually bring these all together, so they can kind of write each other’s coattails yeah then so, do you work only you work With the business you don’t work, the influences right. You work with the the brains personally yeah yeah. I work directly with the brands, and then we have talent, managers and campaign managers who are more.

You know in contact with the influencers themselves. Yeah, I don’t. I don’t deal with infinitesimal, yeah and in terms like working with a branch. What’s the biggest thing that you’ve learned to kind of, I guess, make the brand’s happy yeah. So I think one of the things I say on stage is about defining success and your intent like. Why are you doing influencer marketing and then also defining success like how? How are we going to know if this is successful or not successful? So, really, what to me, what that encompasses is just expectations.

Setting that’s something we have problems with. A lot, unfortunately, is having very clear expectations with one another like what the brand wants. We know those expectations and what and what they need and then the brand’s expectations of what we’re going to do and deliver and what we can and can’t do. That is a very contentious point. So I think that’s a really really important thing to have that super.

Clear communication with with the brand yeah yeah cool, and what about in terms like stacking girl, think what value has stacking growth provided? You yeah, I think the great thing about stacking growth is everyone here is super open-minded in terms of finding new, innovative ways to market or to grow a business, so that kind of environment and culture is really great. If you’re trying to grow a business and become more successful or whatever your intent is on that area, literally growth right having that kind of environment is super important that you may not get at some other kinds of conferences where it’s just super corporate feel and everyone’s Just saying all the lingo, and just all the all the you know what I mean just that’s how it is right.

This culture here is very different, so it’s it’s cool to be around people who just want to learn from each other and aren’t afraid to give each other, maybe some trade secrets of how they do stuff because we’re here to support each other to so that’s what I really like what about? Is there anything that you want to share that? You think it’s important for people to know maybe like a life lesson piece of advice, that’s like definitely building relationships, okay in business and in your life is really important.

Rather than being, your focus is on getting something out of people. I think if you approach a lot of things in life to help whether it’s the brand or your friend or family, or anyone to help them and expecting nothing in return, it can build some like really good karma. If you believe in karma or what goes around comes around kind of thing right, and I think that is what ultimately will make you successful if you’re the definition of success is just being happy right, because just helping people is amazing and it just so happens to Make you more successful or financially better or whatever it is, then that’s great too, and I think it you know having those kinds of relationships is something we need a lot more of.

As you know, an exchange of value, but not expecting anyone to to give you something back right, just do something, because it’s a nice and a great thing to do. You know what it means: yeah, no cool, then how did you get into this? Were you always in marketing and does that feel variety too? I really wasn’t so believe it or not used to be in the Air Force, and then I worked at the NSA. So I’m actually coming from like a military intelligence background, and I just serendipitously got into em social media marketing, because I was building some fan pages on industry on my facebook for fun and it’s a really long story.

But eventually that got me a job at a brand and mobile gaming company and then that changed my life, so it just. I was just doing something that was fun for me as like growing community on Instagram and Facebook totally fun. I had no intent of being in business or making money from it, but since I was doing that well with like no training or anything it you know like I said, serendipitously became my career, so yeah, it’s very.

It’s very interesting story. Actually, it’s crazy to think about yeah. Well, so you built so do you have any tips or advice for people wanting to grow communities because stacking about this is obviously one community or people who come here also trying to grow their own communities? How can they go about replicating what you did with those? I think again, it’s about relationships too right like if you want to have at least an engaged community.

You want to be, as in you actually engaged with your your followers, your fans as possible and way to do. That is to be very relatable and approachable right. So it depends on what kind of community you’re growing right like there’s, fan, pages and mean pages and there’s also influencers and personality pages, and then there’s you know, brands or conferences and things like that, but either way. That’s that’s what we need in a society in a world.

That’s so connected we’re incredibly disconnected right nowadays, because it’s just so just you know so saturated with content and stuff like that right. So those relationships – man, yeah yeah woman – is like. How can I help you and what are your goals with stacking girls? Are you just running me as many people here, and there goes many relationships? Yeah really. I think the the main thing is to build relationships with people who are and are not in my vertical just because, like I said, I think people have a really good attitude of like finding ways for growth there.

You know worky interesting, creative, different ways to grow. Our businesses and careers, and things like that, so that’s why I really like connecting with people who are like-minded like that who are just gritty and trying to find any in every way they can to to do better. You know so I mean my goal is as mostly relationships that I do, I think, to connect with those kinds of people, and I guess yeah.

This is my first one. I’ve been to, and also it’s it’s my second, it’s pretty cool yeah, everyone’s, so friendly. It’s so easy to meet, people just have, and the cool thing is so many people here, I think, know each other from online or seen each other kinda cool like it’s, not it’s less awkward. Sometimes I found here’s like some people, like I seen you all the time never met you, but I’ve seen the articles on linkedin all the time or whatever it is.

So it’s like you know, almost feel, like you know some of the people here. You know it feels like it a little less like standoffish or corporate or you don’t. You know I mean you feel, like you already kind of know these people guys on how even if you’ve never met on my. So I think that’s like a cool thing to first act with. Hopefully they can keep that element alive as much as you can, especially as it grows.

You know it’s harder to do that as things grow, but do you want people to find you? If so, where can they find? You find me on LinkedIn, because that’s the greatest growing platform and on the planet right now, LinkedIn’s the spot to find me. I don’t really like people connecting me connecting with me, at least in message form on like Instagram or Facebook. So much maybe once we know each other but like when I first encountered you know or develop relationships with someone.

Now I look I like doing on LinkedIn it’s a really great platform, I’m finding to connect with people so find me on LinkedIn, Travis, Holly and alright. I’m going to I’m going to find it on Facebook and Instagram yeah. You could do that too. I just may not accept your request, nothing personal! Yes, that totally makes sense. I feel, like that’s a more professional style yeah. Thank you so much Travis.

I really appreciate it yeah. This is awesome, is very meeting you

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Online Marketing

Small Business Basics

So I just recently started a small business and there’s some tools that I used to do that. The very first thing is, you need a website, so I use Squarespace make a quick, beautiful website in seconds. You need a business line. I use Google Voice, you get a free business line.

You get text message phone calls all on your same phone, credit card processing, sending invoices getting money. I use square set up an account start accepting money right away. I need to put that money somewhere. So I put it in a business bank account. I can use seed, create a business bank account all online and it’s all mobile base LegalZoom. If you need to create an LLC or any kind of business entity.

Legalzoom is great for quickly creating the LLC. It is rather expensive and there probably are cheaper and easier ways to do it. If speed is important and LegalZoom was the way to go, and then local business licensing is on your city or location, get a business license to make sure that you legal and that is it 60 seconds of how to start a business. These are all resources and tools that I’ve used to create my business, and hopefully this will help.

You start yours now, because long people say like hey, I have roadblocks, I don’t know what to do. These are super simple ways. I hope you use them. That is it 60 seconds.

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