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How to Create A MONTH of Social Media Content in ONE Day For Restaurants | Restaurant Marketing 2020

We see people commenting But is it really driving people through the doors? Is it really worth the investment that we’re Pouring through And that’s the reason why, after months of Doing that we decided to put everything in house, We decided to train one of our staff to shoot The social media content for us And it has been working wonders, That’s the reason why today we’re doing this.

Article I’m going to be sharing with you all the tricks. All the templates that we have and all systems so then that way you can treat your staff And you can save thousands of dollars within that year on social media content And that’s what we’re going to be doing today. Let’s dive right in guys When we’re doing social media marketing, there’s Basically, four parts Planning shooting distributing and engaging.

So if we want to be able to shoot all the Content in one day, the number one thing you need to do is to plan Understand. Why are we shooting this? Are we shooting it for a new product or are We shooting this for a new campaign, Whether it be a Valentine’s Day campaign. Or a new product that you’re about to launch, It is so important to us to understand what Types of contents do we want to grab and what types of contents do we want to shoot, And the reason for that is because, on the Day of your shot, you’re looking at crunch time, You want to make sure that it saves you time.

And energy, so you don’t have to double the amount of work that you’re going to be doing Condense. Everything together Right now, we’re planning our shoot for a typical Product We’re shooting for our new products as well. Which is a new Taiyaki sandwich style that we’re shooting We’re shooting for our April Fools campaign? And we’re shooting for our new waffle cone item as well, So we’re planning all of these items and shoots.

And content that we’re doing all in one day, That’s exactly what we’re doing right now. So after understanding the goal of why you’re Shooting it is very important for you to have a shot list And when I talk about shot list, we’re talking About list of different shots that you’re looking for for your output. So when we’re talking about social media content, If you’re looking for 20 different posts for a month, then you need to plan 20 different Shoots Or if it’s 15 then it’d be 15, but at the End of the day understand that you would need a shot list because, on the day of the Shot, you don’t have time to think You would want to have a list composed and Designed beforehand A lot of times, what we use is a Pinterest For us to find inspiration on different shots, that would be looking for, And this is a very good resource that you Can use to plan your shot list Now that you have time for your goals, you Understand your shot list, it is very important for you to have your props, because these are The items that would really elevate your ingredient and your items and food menu For us we require, on these prompts to emphasize On why is it so good about our product, and this is something that a lot of times is overseen And overlooked So when you, finally, through your shot, make Sure to have your props ready, because, on the day of your shot, you do not want to be missing.

Prompts because that’s going to also take a lot of your time and energy and money After you’ve figured out what your prompts It is very important to make sure that you have all your equipment ready So many times in the beginning, when we were Doing this, we actually did not have our equipment ready and we actually had to reschedule for Another day When it comes to shooting and when it comes To actually planning you want to have everything in place, because there are so many different Variation and variables involved – you do not want to miss things.

Camera is super important. We have our camera over here, A tripod. We have memory cards, we have battery, Everything needs to be charged. Memory needs to be in place. I still remember there’s this time we actually Did not… Was not able to shoot because our memory card was full and we did not have Battery We arranged for actors, we arranged for the Store to be closed, so we can actually have a day of shot, but we had to be rescheduled.

Because of these mistakes At the end of the day, if you don’t have these Equipments, it’s okay! You can actually use your iPhone to shoot. And still comes up to be very, very nice Now that you’ve planned for your shot, we’re Going to go into phase two, which is the shooting part, It is super important on the shooting part You have all your props ready, You’re, basically… Your shot list and it Is very important for you to be able to have your shop list and follow it If you have everything planned out this process, Should not take you any more than two three hours because you’ve done all the work already On the theme of your shot, You’re going to be able to go through all Your shots and you’re going to follow these shots in advance and prepare for it all.

In advance, That’s the reason why we did our homework. Beforehand, As you can see, when you’re shooting do not Forget lighting, it is super important for us to do so. At the end of the day, having a shot list is Super important, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t – be creative, Some of our best shots with the most engagement With the most comments are the shots that we became creative with Use your surroundings, Use lifestyle, shots use, hero, shots, use, shots, That really tell your stories, People enjoying your products, Because once again you have a shot list.

It is only for referencing, it’s only to make sure you have all the shots. You need for your Month Be creative, have fun with this whole process. And you’re going to be able to shoot all your shots within one day. One thing to look out for as lighting and Composition, I cannot stress how important it is to understand. The basics of lighting Natural lighting is always the best Composition of your pictures, always very Important as well So at the end of the day, if you would want To find some resources online, I’m going to provide a few different resources.

That I find super helpful on the link below that teaches you: the basics, on composition, And lighting This actually makes your photo so much better. It makes it look like a professional photographer Actually took these pictures if you can actually understand the proper lighting and proper Compensation of your picture, So that’s the reason why it’s super important It’s going to save you tons of money with professional photography.

The second thing that you should also note. For it’s, the styling of the food, A lot of the times the natural picture in A natural state of the food is not going to be good enough, So a lot of times we actually add in extra Ingredients to make it better If it’s cheese, we add in extra cheese to Make it the good effect Or if it’s a smoke effect, we can actually Amplify those different effects just so then that way we can get the shot, we’re looking For When you’re looking into your shot, make sure You understand the nature of your ingredient and make it amplified for your patrons because At the end of the day, you’re telling a story through your pictures and if it looks better More people will buy through your shot.

The third process in planning your shoot is Distribution When we’re talking about distribution, post Production of your picture is so so so important. It is a night and day difference When it comes down to it. You can actually Check this picture out and this picture out Night and day difference So when you’re talking about post production, A lot of times it’s really intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can actually… If, for example, the staff That does it if they know how to do it great If they do not know how to do it, use services. Like fiverr.Com Pay $ 5.00 for people to edit the picture for You to make it much nicer Or if you do not want to pay for any of these Services, your Instagram filter does wonders as well. There are a lot of different apps on your Phone that actually teaches you and allows you to be able to do some quick touch.

Ups, On your photos – And they are definitely a must do for your Shot Now that you have the shot ready, not that You have pictures, ready, captions and editing we’re going to be talking about distribution, We’re going to jump right into it. You guys now that you have your shot, ready. Post edited now, you can actually figure out now. How do you distribute this A lot of times? We are not consistent because We’re bombarded with day to day operations and, at the end of the day, you just totally Forget to post, You don’t have time to be on your phone dealing.

With the captions for 30 minutes, while there are people walking through the doors, That’s the reason why we use one day to plan For the whole month of distribution And a really good software that we use is Called later.Com, which allows you to schedule the posts in advance. You can actually see the grid of how it looks. Like then, you can actually make your Instagram Feed super nice. This is something that we use.

Basically, you can just go and sign up for An account it’s completely free And then you can put all your pictures in There, As you can see, these are the pictures that We have been taking and we’re just throwing them on here We add the tags, so we know exactly what types Of product that we are actually uploading right here, This to is super helpful for us and it allows Us to plan and distribute the content on a monthly basis.

As you can see, this is the calendar view. Of what it’s going to look like, What we do is, we can actually just drag Let’s say, for example, we want this picture to be distributed on a certain day. Let’s say March the 31st. We drag it, leave it here Right here I can post a caption “. You are Beautiful.” And then there’s the hashtag suggestions. You can tag people with this offer Super amazing software to use Now that you can actually plan everything.

On this board, instead of your small little iPhone or whatever phone device that you’re Using This is super super effective when it comes To planning the month of your content, Now that you have your content distributed, Now that you have your content schedule, the fourth step of this whole process, which no One really talks about. No one really spends the time to emphasize is engaging. It is so important for you to engage with Your audience Now, just because you’ve been picture posted Up and hashtags a lot of people are liking, it and commenting, doesn’t mean your job is Done Now is the real work You need to engage with your customers.

That’s how you’re going to be able to build Your loyal fans, Why are we even doing social media marketing? It is only one element: It’s a strategy for branding This strategy of building the community of Your raving fans, That’s the reason why we’re doing this and A lot of times we think that social media marketing is one and all of marketing. “, Hey, I’m doing social media. That’s completely! Fine.

”, No, that is not the case for us. That’s one thing: we’ve done, We basically took pictures, threw it online. But never really thought about creating a community and engaging with them. That’s the reason why we were slipping And to utilize that first, we need to align With our customers Understand, why are we are doing this and Then you connect with them through actually engaging with them “. I should be caring about this community.

”, I’m actually nurturing…. That gave us so Much brand loyalty And that’s what keeps people coming through The doors and that’s why we’re able to thrive If you want to thrive, make sure that you Engage with your customers, That’s the key to successfully using and utilizing Social media, as a platform to grow your community. Now you understand the importance of engaging Engaging, is basically actually having a conversation.

It’s no more than really showcasing your characteristics as a friend. You can be funny, you can be professional, It doesn’t matter what it is Just be unique to you. So when someone is commenting on your posts, “, Hey, you know. What, When are you open,?” Tell them when you’re open? If they ask you what ingredients did you use? Or is this let’s say a non-GMO, then you can actually answer them with your specific character.

It does not always need to be politically Correct Have your character. A lot of these big brands are actually doing A really good job, as you can see When it comes to engaging, have an open communication. With them, you do not always need to take it so seriously, Put in your character answer as if you’re Human, You do not need to become a big corporation. Even corporations are doing the same things.

You can see here That’s the trick with engagement. All in all, I really hope you enjoyed this Article, This is the secret into planning our 30 day. Social media content for our ice cream shop – And this is something that I’m sharing with You can actually check out the template below learn how to plan, how to shoot, how you distribute And engage with the customers, This saved us thousands of dollars.

I hope this resource can save you that much As well, If you liked this article, give me a thumbs up, If you have any questions, leave it in the Comment section below Otherwise subscribe, I’ll, see you guy in the next article

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