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6 EASY Ways to Increase Restaurant Sales on Slow Days | How to Run A Restaurant Successfully 2020

Today, I’m going to be sharing with you, the six ways to increase traffic increase revenue and increase profit for your restaurant on slow days. Yes, we have slow days as well. Yes, I suffer from those Mondays Tuesdays the early mornings that people don’t come in. I suffer from those like fly-swatting days and, unfortunately, that’s just part of the business. But that is the wrong attitude.

We can always do something about it and which is a reason why I’m shooting this article to share with you the six ways that we at 7:20, this ice cream chain that we’ve created, have used to fill our restaurants and to fill our ice cream shop. And hopefully unifying this article helpful for your journey and if you do just you know what smash the like button, because it’s just going to help my YouTube journey a lot.

That’s the only thing I asked for in creating these free articles for you guys, but nonetheless, let’s start right it. The number one way to fill up your place is a host event in your place. This is something that is super helpful for us, and I find that it is just that much better in creating a commodity with all the businesses around us and also exposes us for a lot of different new customers. Now, what do you mean by host event at your place? Usually, when we host event at our place, we’re not looking to host our own event, we’re planning and we’re hosting other people to host of in our space, because we have a space that we don’t use and we don’t have customers.

So what do we do? We tell people who would need space people like artists, people who has classes people that are running small businesses. That would need a space. What we’re doing in the strategy behind this is because of the fact that, for example, if we have someone that does calligraphy, okay, clear, you’re, free drawing and stuff like that, they love doing this and they want to be able to teach other people to do.

That. And they have, let’s say two to three thousand Instagram followers: they love doing that. Yet they don’t have a place. They don’t want to teach people how to draw and write calligraphy art out of Starbucks. They don’t want to do that. So we would reach out to this a few artists and we propose to them Mahina. What do you want to come to our ice-cream place and teach? How do you do calligraphy and all this crazy stuff and host a class at our place and majority of the time? They would really want to do that because it’s a free space for why not and then, when they host an event, they would be promoting on their own social media.

So now we a 720 sweets. Our ice cream shop are exposed to 2,000 to 3,000. Other people who are following this calligraphy artists, we are a place, is exposed to them now that we’re exposed to them now that this calligraphy artist has that say, 10 to 20 students that are going to be coming to our place to learn calligraphy now we can Sell to the people that are there as well, we can give them a combo price.

We can give them something a little bit more special. So then, that way, they can finally experience our product and in this format and in this way we’re getting exposed to other demographic and other people, new customers who are going to be able to come back and return as well. And we find the strategy super helpful and not just filling up our space, but also networking with other professionals and they’re working with complementary small business owners who are promoting for us now now after the event, what happens is that this clear giving artist is posting pictures On their Instagram on this event, majority of time they’ll be hosting an ice-cream they’ll, be holding holding our bubble tea and in turn, we our brand is being exposed once again to their followers, and this has been curved as exceptionally successful for us and that’s the reason Why we try to host three events every single month, if you want to be able to fill your place on the slow days, make sure that you guys host events places where you can find these local artists, local people that compliment your business as Facebook groups meetups? These are the places where people are hosting their events and in turn, you can reach to these individuals and offer them their place and for you, it’s at no cost pretty much because people don’t come in it’s a private event and in turn you get free advertisement.

So why not a second way in getting more people through your doors on the slow days is to collaborate with other businesses, collaborate with other chefs and other people that have food offerings, and what I mean by that is with 720 Suites. We have done in collaboration with a gourmet marshmallow producer, Archie mellows and with Archie mellows. What we did was we created a specific special flavor with Archie mellows having their marshmallow on our ice cream and in turn this became an amazing hit products.

At the same time, we were me telling their marshmallows at our shop as well, and that brought in a ton of revenue and bringing a lot of hype as well. Why do we want to do that? It is because, once again we’re using the same tactic as the first tactic, which is to cross pollinate the cross-promote. Now that we have done a collaboration with them. We’re now exposed to a new customer base because we created this new item with them and in turn, we kind of slowed days into very profitable days, because we were able to limited launch chain these days, these hours and intern trying to cut our revenue.

So a lot of chefs are doing this. A lot of people have been doing pop-up stores as well. So this is another opportunity for you to be able to actually collaborate with other chefs when you do pop ups right so nonetheless be creative when you’re suggesting these structures and these relationships think about ways and think outside the box, because a lot of times you don’t Need there’s no box that you need to sit within.

You can actually step out of the box. You can actually create something, really wild and be creative with this whole process and just try things out. It doesn’t really hurt to try things out. On the other hand, it it benefits you tremendously. If these collaborations do work, then a date when your place is slow, why not? It actually helps out a lot. So this is something that we’ve been doing quite a bit with our brand, and I think it has helped us a lot.

So you would want to give that a try as well so once again cross collaborate with other chefs and other friends as well. Third way to bring in more customers for your restaurant is to back away team pack a team or back a organization. So for me, I’m involved in this multi sport league and in turn they have, I would say, 2,000 different members throughout each season and in turn, because of the fact that we are cheap back, then we give them promotion and we give them percentages off.

They promote to the whole organization and when they promote to the whole organization, there’s these people and these players bring their family to a our ice cream shop and usually every season. What we do is ended the season party and we tell them to come in for some free ice cream, an intern when they come in for summer free ice cream. They started to their news and they expose our brand to a whole new demographic.

Just because of the fact that we back our team and that only or and an organization, so within your area, look at different teams that you support teams that you, like or organizations that you are involved in as well and back those players are back. Those people up because all you’re looking for our exposure exposure when you can actually have more exposure than that really adds into your look, your loyal fanbase, and it actually adds into much more revenues for your restaurant and the fourth way to bring people through your doors.

During these slow days is to run promotions, running promotion, that has been a longtime game. Okay, this is how happy hour is born. Restaurants realize that, from the period of three to six, that’s from the period from lunchtime to dinnertime no one comes to the doors, which is why they offer incentive half priced beers, half-price wings to the customers in an attempt to bring in more customers. And it has worked really really well, which is a reason why we now all understand the concept of happy hour.

Nonetheless, for your specific restaurant create a deal create an incentive to bring in customers drink your debt times during your slow times, create an incentive to bring them in whether it be in the beginning of the morning, or it could be mid-afternoon or it could be happy Hour, it could be Monday, it could be choosing it doesn’t matter what create incentive to bring people in, for example, this really well-known Korean barbecue place gyaku on mondays.

They offer full day happy hour, although they’re not making as much money. People are still going in to consume and in turn, when they like the experience when they like the food, they will come back to consume on a Tuesday on a Wednesday on a Thursday on a Friday Saturday, Sunday with their friends and family and in turn allows The company to profit during those times just because you’re running a promotion does not mean you should be losing.

It just means that it’s another attempt another opportunity for customers to try your product and your service. The fifth way to bring in more customers during the slow days is to host your own event. Previously we talked about hosting events for other suppliers, other creatives other businesses right now, I’m telling you to be able to host event on your own host events, for example, things like trivia night things like live Jam, nights things like sports state.

All these different kind of events would bring people and because it’s just an added extra and other value that they would not get aside from eating at your place, for example, if they really enjoy having live music, and if you have someone in to play, live music On a Monday and yeah they’re going to come, have a beer, have a have a plate of pasta and enjoy the live music. So, nonetheless, if you can host these event on a regular basis on the slower days, this becomes another added reason for your customers to come in and to enjoy your product, offering, for example, with me, my wife, we really love going to this Indian place, not just Because of their food, but because of the fact that they have this live belly dancing performance every Monday night and we love going there not just because, like I said not just because of their food, but because of the belly dance that we get to enjoy them Is super entertaining and for us we eat out every day every night anyways.

So for us, when we get to choose we’re, like you know what, aside from wanting to eat some Indian food, we also want to be entertained. It became at night, oh and on Monday, where else can we go that offers live performance and that’s how this company and this restaurant has won our business so in your business think about something that is creative, think about something that works within your demographic and offer That extra added bonus to your customers and give them that reason to come in on that slow day.

The 6th and final way to have more sales during your slow days is to work with professionals, professionals who have monthly meetings, weekly meetings, we’re talking about people who work in the bank, people who work for charities, people work for different organizations that are in charge of Buying catering or hosting different events at different places, so for us at 7:20 sweets we got to know the branch manager at the bank right next to us and in turn, because of the fact that we have a really good relationship, they order from us every single Month, the owner big batch of order to thank their customers to think their employees as well, because of the fact that we establish this relationship.

Now we have this monthly revenue that we’re able to to count on and to offset those slow days. So, in your case, establish these relationship with the professionals. Are your area, the bankers, the mortgage brokers, the charity organization right? So if you can host a place for them on a slow day and give them a discount, then of course they wouldn’t want to come in because they have a pleasant experience and when you can actually have these relationships, these organizations to come in or to cater For them, this completely offsets the slow days for you, because that has we have find tremendous success in doing this.

So hopefully this has helped you out be creative, with the type of offering that you’re offering them, whether it be coming in for twenty percent off or coming in for free drinks or catering meals for their meetings. These are all very helpful tactics for you to be able to use to offset the slow days that you’re going to encounter in your restaurant. So there you go the six ways to increase sales for your restaurant on the slow days.

I just talked about all the secrets that we’ve used. I really hope you find tremendous value in this. The only thing that I ask for is that you smash the like button, because it’s going to help me along this whole YouTube journey. That’s the only thing I ask for and if you guys want to learn more about building a restaurant building and ice cream shop check out the link below, because I’ve actually created a course for you a course that I’ve used and actually compiled from the last ten Years of my experience anywhere from starting how to start how to get funding, how do you write your business plan? How do you actually create a menu to negotiate free rent having your first client building on an all-star team, creating marketing tactics that have people around the block? Creating loyal fan base all these crazy things that I’ve done and I’ve been able to accomplish.

I created all that condense it into, of course, so check it out in the link below, although eyes subscribe along the journey for more free articles. Like this I’ll see you guys in the next article

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