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5 Reasons Why Restaurants FAIL To Survive | Small Business Advice Cafe Restaurant Management 2020

Today we’re going to be talking about the Top five reasons why restaurants, food and beverage industry has failed. These are the five common pitfalls which you If you know can avoid More than 60 %, okay of restaurant owners, Within the first year of operations, fail That means that six out of 10 people that Run restaurant that has a beautiful idea who wants to be able to bring their dreams? Into reality, fail within the first year And a lot of the reasoning behind why they Fail can be avoided if only they know about these five common pitfalls Make sure you guys stay tuned and paid attention.

The number one reason why businesses fail: Is because of location? Okay, What I mean by that is location in terms of Not understanding the difference between destination, location and high traffic location, If you guys have an opportunity, definitely Check out this article, where I break that down in terms of what they truly mean In essence, what high traffic means is not A lot of people walk by and in turn, has the potential for more customers and whereas destination Is someone that actually has to drive over specifically for your restaurant and having A really high intent, A lot of people mistaken the fact that “, Hey You know what I want to pay $ 10,000 in rent and in turn, I’m going to be making $ 100,000 in revenue because I’m paying so much money for rent And this high traffic place.

” High traffic only means higher potential for Customers coming into restaurant Does not equate to more customers. You still need to be able to do the work. You still need to have a product market fit. You still need to have high visibility for Your food and beverage restaurant – It doesn’t make sense for a lot of people. Who? Actually pay super high rent and have this expectation that their business would Survive just because they have a lot of foot traffic Now, on the other hand, if you are running A destination location, people don’t understand that you need to do the right amount of marketing.

You need to be able to appeal and market And bring your food offering in front of your core and the ideal customers minds and eyes: In order for you to be, and actually entice them to come over here to your destination, Location Which, at the end of the day, if you understand The concept between the two and understand the different variables and elements that Come into play whether it be visibility, crime rate accessability, then you’re going To be able to prep yourself much more for success and you’re, going to avoid much more Pitfalls, So if you guys have not had the chance, definitely Check out this article, where I talk specifically on these elements of two different types of Locations Second reason: why fail within the first year, Is because of the fact that they don’t manage their team properly? What I mean by that is, first of all, you need To make sure you hire people that has the same aligned values? Okay, Because if the way you do things and the ways That they do things don’t align then you’re in big trouble, because you guys are not speaking.

The same language – and you guys are always going to butt heads, Okay And they’re not going to have that accountability They’re not going to have that common sense. Which you expect from them And in turn you guys, cannot work towards A better and the vision that you’re trying to create In this article we talk about. How do we actually Train, how do you retain? How do you create the right culture in order for you to be able To bring in and build an all star team Now, a lot of people also neglect treating Your staff like humans, And what I mean by that, is giving them a fair Wage giving them proper schedules so then that way they can actually do things outside.

Of work, Especially in the food and beverage industry, The schedules are so whack Whenever there are holidays, they’re working Whenever it’s happy hour, they’re working And they’re basically working hours that a lot of people don’t And at the end of the day, we as owners need To be able to take care of them because at the end of day, if we do take care of them, They are going to be able to take care of our business And in turn it helps us out right.

So in this article we talk about the five different Ways in order for you to be able to train them properly in order for you to be able To align with them and in turn have them run your business for you and not. Have you Being able to run your business day in day out and getting burnt out Some of the poor examples that I see with An initiative is that owners treat their employees like trash And what I mean by that is giving them minimum Wage always cutting on the benefits not giving them development opportunities, not Trusting them always looking over their shoulders and micromanaging them and, in turn, just think About it, If you’re on the other side of the table, How would you feel if you’re not treated with respect, How would you feel if you’re not empowered, To take actions, How are you actually able to actually take Any accountability if there is no trust in you, which is a reason why we need to empower Our staff For us at 720, Sweets, we have a $ 10 rule And what that means is anything below $ 10 Our staff has the ability to void to comp to actually give out products for that amount.

So then that way they can actually bring a Pleasant experience for customers, And on top of that, our staff feels like that. They have trust that they have power, that they can make a decision. They don’t need. To go through us and in turn allows them to be much more accountable for our business. Treating it like their own right Now for those of you that think that oh You know what what if that stuff ends up abusing this $ 10 rules, And I can tell you that for a fact that people Do abuse it, but those people they don’t align with us, because their values are different, They’re, not high in integrity.

They are not High in empowerment, And because of the fact that we, whenever We hire has this really strong sense of alignment in terms of values we know – and we already Vetted 90 % of those bad apples away from us, which is the reason why this $ 10 works very Well with us at 720 Sweets, And hopefully by me, sharing some of these Strategies with you you’re going to be able to actually bring back to how to treat your Team properly to empower them and to actually give them proper training.

So then you can build an all star team who’s. Going to be able to take care of your business while you’re away traveling taking care of Your family, The third reason why restaurants fail within The first year is because of ego, And what I mean by that is it’s: okay, if your Food sucks and that there is room for improvement. It’s okay, that your customer service is not The greatest It is okay, because customers are willing to Give you a chance if you have the right attitude, if you’re willing to improve And if you’re, putting in the resources for Development and constantly creating and nurturing that relationship and molding your offering Until it fits your customer’s palate, okay, People are okay with that, because we’re all Human, We all understand that, if you’re, genuine and Putting in the work and actually improving your food offering, then people are much more Likely to support you along the journey Why a lot of people fail is because of ego, And what I mean by that is, if I’m given a Feedback that my food sucks – and I just take it personally and I think that you know what These guys don’t know their stuff.

These guys just don’t understand my offering Well. If one person tells me that it’s not A problem, but if 10 people tells me that my food sucks, then I should better take action. To improve and tweak it, But a lot of business owners, their ego gets Into place and the ego gets into their own way and now they think that everyone is picking On them, The world is not fair and they’re, not willing. To adopt and change because they have this idea about their recipe is amazing.

Well, that’s the reason why they fail Same thing with customer service. They can take it personally. They think that you know what My customers are picking on me. You know what My process. This is something that I’ve been Doing for the last 20 years, It’s okay, because it’s been working for the Last 20 years Well, sad to say it. This is the reason why they’re failing because Their ego is in the way of them improving, delivering better customer service, better Food offering So, if you want to succeed, make sure your Ego is not in play, Make sure you’re able to take in that constructive Criticism and actually do something to improve upon it And that way you’re going to be able to actually Bring your customer along the journey with you for this whole development and in turn, Create an amazing experience for your customers.

The fourth reason why restaurants fail is Because they don’t know their numbers And what I mean by that is, do you really Know the costs of goods sold for your restaurant? Are you keeping tabs on the percentage that You’re, actually spending on labor And do you know how much rent actually accounts? For your total revenue, If you don’t know these numbers, these golden Metrics and these golden margins you’re not going to be successful, Because if you don’t know the numbers, how Can you know if anyone is stealing from you? How can you know how much you’re making? How can you manage your cashflow properly? For expansion, You can’t do any of this.

If you don’t know, Your numbers At end of the day numbers would allow you To actually manage your food costs properly So, for example, if you’re throwing away tons Of food because they go rotten because they get stolen, then at the end of the day you Know this I’ll give you an example: If your costs of goods sold So, for example, the burger costs $ 3 to make And you sell it for $ 10 and all of a sudden, your cost of goods sold raises to $ 5 and you’re Selling it for $ 10, you know for a fact that somewhere in between something is wrong: okay, Either you have been throwing away and wasting A lot of ingredients because you’ve just over ordered and now they’re expired.

Now you have to throw everything away or someone Is stealing from you because you’re buying, let’s say $ 500 worth of burgers, but in turn You only have $ 400 worth of ingredients What’s going on. That’s the reason why you need to know your Numbers So that way you can actually work on you Know what better delivery system to ensure least amount of spoilage Or you can work on hey. You know what Are people stealing money away from me? These are all things that you need to work.

On and that you can work on, if you know your numbers Same thing with scheduling, Are you working at the most efficient labor Force right, Can you stagger the amount of people that Comes in, Are you maximizing the amount of revenue that People can bring in And if you don’t know, your labor costs, you’re Not going to be able to control any of these elements, Which is a reason why a lot of businesses Fail They do not understand their golden margins.

So if you want to be successful in the restaurant Business make sure you understand and know your golden margins In this article we talked about. How do you run? And open a successful restaurant check it out here and understand your golden margins. The fifth and final reason why restaurants Fail, it is because they keep running promotions And what I mean by that is we see someone Being super successful running promotions, Our competitors are having lineups around The block, because of their big promotion, It’s buy one, get one free And then in turn you run the same promotion.

And as you’re running that promotion people are buying yet you’re, not making money and You’re, like “ Wow, I can’t survive if I keep running this promotion, but yet my competitor Is doing it.”, So that’s why you copied them And in turn you’re running yourself to the Ground, because you don’t understand why they’re doing the promotion At the end of the day, you need to really Truly understand the foundations of your business before you run any promotions at all, And what I mean by that is, if you’re running A promotion what’s the objective: Why are you running it? Is it to gain awareness for your business, Some franchise stores they have the budget.

To run these promotions to gain the awareness, It is a marketing cost and they’re. Okay with It But for your small business, is this something You can afford and is this a strategy you want to employ for your business, Whereas, if you’re running a promotion for The sake of gaining profit, then the type of offering would be different completely Different from a buy one get one free, It could be an upsell.

So, for example, if you create a meal bundle, And push it out to the market, then you can actually optimize the amount of people that Are buying from these things So, at the end of the day, having an understanding The foundations of how you run your promotion is key when running it. Do not just go blindly in offering copy of Competitors just because they’re offering something that you’re not So there you go off the top five reasons that You should absolutely avoid when it comes to running your restaurant.

Okay, The first one is bad location, not understanding. The fundamental of choosing the right location for your offering And second is mismanaging your team, not aligning With their values and not incentifying them not treating them like human beings, okay, Then, third, your ego and make sure that your Ego’s in check be receptive with people’s suggestion And fourthly, we are talking about the numbers, Know your numbers, So then that way, you know which lever to throw In order for you to maximize the amount of profit that you can make And, finally blindly, following what your competitors Are doing and running promotions without understanding the fundamentals Make sure you avoid all these pitfalls so Then that way, you can run a successful restaurant business.

If you guys want to learn more about how we’ve Started our business to now we’re becoming an international food chain, make sure you Check it out in the link below, because that’s where I share with with you all the resources That we’ve learned throughout the last 10 years We’re talking about finding the right location, Negotiating free rent, finding and assembling the right team understanding what our customers Want offering them what they want, knowing the numbers, crazy marketing strategies raising Funds all these types of information are all on the link below check it out in the Link below, I really hope you find value in this article If you do just smash the like button, If you want to show some more love comment: In the section below Otherwise subscribe along the journey for Weekly articles that is going to help you improve and start an amazing restaurant business.

I’ll see you guys next week.

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6 EASY Ways to Increase Restaurant Sales on Slow Days | How to Run A Restaurant Successfully 2020

Today, I’m going to be sharing with you, the six ways to increase traffic increase revenue and increase profit for your restaurant on slow days. Yes, we have slow days as well. Yes, I suffer from those Mondays Tuesdays the early mornings that people don’t come in. I suffer from those like fly-swatting days and, unfortunately, that’s just part of the business. But that is the wrong attitude.

We can always do something about it and which is a reason why I’m shooting this article to share with you the six ways that we at 7:20, this ice cream chain that we’ve created, have used to fill our restaurants and to fill our ice cream shop. And hopefully unifying this article helpful for your journey and if you do just you know what smash the like button, because it’s just going to help my YouTube journey a lot.

That’s the only thing I asked for in creating these free articles for you guys, but nonetheless, let’s start right it. The number one way to fill up your place is a host event in your place. This is something that is super helpful for us, and I find that it is just that much better in creating a commodity with all the businesses around us and also exposes us for a lot of different new customers. Now, what do you mean by host event at your place? Usually, when we host event at our place, we’re not looking to host our own event, we’re planning and we’re hosting other people to host of in our space, because we have a space that we don’t use and we don’t have customers.

So what do we do? We tell people who would need space people like artists, people who has classes people that are running small businesses. That would need a space. What we’re doing in the strategy behind this is because of the fact that, for example, if we have someone that does calligraphy, okay, clear, you’re, free drawing and stuff like that, they love doing this and they want to be able to teach other people to do.

That. And they have, let’s say two to three thousand Instagram followers: they love doing that. Yet they don’t have a place. They don’t want to teach people how to draw and write calligraphy art out of Starbucks. They don’t want to do that. So we would reach out to this a few artists and we propose to them Mahina. What do you want to come to our ice-cream place and teach? How do you do calligraphy and all this crazy stuff and host a class at our place and majority of the time? They would really want to do that because it’s a free space for why not and then, when they host an event, they would be promoting on their own social media.

So now we a 720 sweets. Our ice cream shop are exposed to 2,000 to 3,000. Other people who are following this calligraphy artists, we are a place, is exposed to them now that we’re exposed to them now that this calligraphy artist has that say, 10 to 20 students that are going to be coming to our place to learn calligraphy now we can Sell to the people that are there as well, we can give them a combo price.

We can give them something a little bit more special. So then, that way, they can finally experience our product and in this format and in this way we’re getting exposed to other demographic and other people, new customers who are going to be able to come back and return as well. And we find the strategy super helpful and not just filling up our space, but also networking with other professionals and they’re working with complementary small business owners who are promoting for us now now after the event, what happens is that this clear giving artist is posting pictures On their Instagram on this event, majority of time they’ll be hosting an ice-cream they’ll, be holding holding our bubble tea and in turn, we our brand is being exposed once again to their followers, and this has been curved as exceptionally successful for us and that’s the reason Why we try to host three events every single month, if you want to be able to fill your place on the slow days, make sure that you guys host events places where you can find these local artists, local people that compliment your business as Facebook groups meetups? These are the places where people are hosting their events and in turn, you can reach to these individuals and offer them their place and for you, it’s at no cost pretty much because people don’t come in it’s a private event and in turn you get free advertisement.

So why not a second way in getting more people through your doors on the slow days is to collaborate with other businesses, collaborate with other chefs and other people that have food offerings, and what I mean by that is with 720 Suites. We have done in collaboration with a gourmet marshmallow producer, Archie mellows and with Archie mellows. What we did was we created a specific special flavor with Archie mellows having their marshmallow on our ice cream and in turn this became an amazing hit products.

At the same time, we were me telling their marshmallows at our shop as well, and that brought in a ton of revenue and bringing a lot of hype as well. Why do we want to do that? It is because, once again we’re using the same tactic as the first tactic, which is to cross pollinate the cross-promote. Now that we have done a collaboration with them. We’re now exposed to a new customer base because we created this new item with them and in turn, we kind of slowed days into very profitable days, because we were able to limited launch chain these days, these hours and intern trying to cut our revenue.

So a lot of chefs are doing this. A lot of people have been doing pop-up stores as well. So this is another opportunity for you to be able to actually collaborate with other chefs when you do pop ups right so nonetheless be creative when you’re suggesting these structures and these relationships think about ways and think outside the box, because a lot of times you don’t Need there’s no box that you need to sit within.

You can actually step out of the box. You can actually create something, really wild and be creative with this whole process and just try things out. It doesn’t really hurt to try things out. On the other hand, it it benefits you tremendously. If these collaborations do work, then a date when your place is slow, why not? It actually helps out a lot. So this is something that we’ve been doing quite a bit with our brand, and I think it has helped us a lot.

So you would want to give that a try as well so once again cross collaborate with other chefs and other friends as well. Third way to bring in more customers for your restaurant is to back away team pack a team or back a organization. So for me, I’m involved in this multi sport league and in turn they have, I would say, 2,000 different members throughout each season and in turn, because of the fact that we are cheap back, then we give them promotion and we give them percentages off.

They promote to the whole organization and when they promote to the whole organization, there’s these people and these players bring their family to a our ice cream shop and usually every season. What we do is ended the season party and we tell them to come in for some free ice cream, an intern when they come in for summer free ice cream. They started to their news and they expose our brand to a whole new demographic.

Just because of the fact that we back our team and that only or and an organization, so within your area, look at different teams that you support teams that you, like or organizations that you are involved in as well and back those players are back. Those people up because all you’re looking for our exposure exposure when you can actually have more exposure than that really adds into your look, your loyal fanbase, and it actually adds into much more revenues for your restaurant and the fourth way to bring people through your doors.

During these slow days is to run promotions, running promotion, that has been a longtime game. Okay, this is how happy hour is born. Restaurants realize that, from the period of three to six, that’s from the period from lunchtime to dinnertime no one comes to the doors, which is why they offer incentive half priced beers, half-price wings to the customers in an attempt to bring in more customers. And it has worked really really well, which is a reason why we now all understand the concept of happy hour.

Nonetheless, for your specific restaurant create a deal create an incentive to bring in customers drink your debt times during your slow times, create an incentive to bring them in whether it be in the beginning of the morning, or it could be mid-afternoon or it could be happy Hour, it could be Monday, it could be choosing it doesn’t matter what create incentive to bring people in, for example, this really well-known Korean barbecue place gyaku on mondays.

They offer full day happy hour, although they’re not making as much money. People are still going in to consume and in turn, when they like the experience when they like the food, they will come back to consume on a Tuesday on a Wednesday on a Thursday on a Friday Saturday, Sunday with their friends and family and in turn allows The company to profit during those times just because you’re running a promotion does not mean you should be losing.

It just means that it’s another attempt another opportunity for customers to try your product and your service. The fifth way to bring in more customers during the slow days is to host your own event. Previously we talked about hosting events for other suppliers, other creatives other businesses right now, I’m telling you to be able to host event on your own host events, for example, things like trivia night things like live Jam, nights things like sports state.

All these different kind of events would bring people and because it’s just an added extra and other value that they would not get aside from eating at your place, for example, if they really enjoy having live music, and if you have someone in to play, live music On a Monday and yeah they’re going to come, have a beer, have a have a plate of pasta and enjoy the live music. So, nonetheless, if you can host these event on a regular basis on the slower days, this becomes another added reason for your customers to come in and to enjoy your product, offering, for example, with me, my wife, we really love going to this Indian place, not just Because of their food, but because of the fact that they have this live belly dancing performance every Monday night and we love going there not just because, like I said not just because of their food, but because of the belly dance that we get to enjoy them Is super entertaining and for us we eat out every day every night anyways.

So for us, when we get to choose we’re, like you know what, aside from wanting to eat some Indian food, we also want to be entertained. It became at night, oh and on Monday, where else can we go that offers live performance and that’s how this company and this restaurant has won our business so in your business think about something that is creative, think about something that works within your demographic and offer That extra added bonus to your customers and give them that reason to come in on that slow day.

The 6th and final way to have more sales during your slow days is to work with professionals, professionals who have monthly meetings, weekly meetings, we’re talking about people who work in the bank, people who work for charities, people work for different organizations that are in charge of Buying catering or hosting different events at different places, so for us at 7:20 sweets we got to know the branch manager at the bank right next to us and in turn, because of the fact that we have a really good relationship, they order from us every single Month, the owner big batch of order to thank their customers to think their employees as well, because of the fact that we establish this relationship.

Now we have this monthly revenue that we’re able to to count on and to offset those slow days. So, in your case, establish these relationship with the professionals. Are your area, the bankers, the mortgage brokers, the charity organization right? So if you can host a place for them on a slow day and give them a discount, then of course they wouldn’t want to come in because they have a pleasant experience and when you can actually have these relationships, these organizations to come in or to cater For them, this completely offsets the slow days for you, because that has we have find tremendous success in doing this.

So hopefully this has helped you out be creative, with the type of offering that you’re offering them, whether it be coming in for twenty percent off or coming in for free drinks or catering meals for their meetings. These are all very helpful tactics for you to be able to use to offset the slow days that you’re going to encounter in your restaurant. So there you go the six ways to increase sales for your restaurant on the slow days.

I just talked about all the secrets that we’ve used. I really hope you find tremendous value in this. The only thing that I ask for is that you smash the like button, because it’s going to help me along this whole YouTube journey. That’s the only thing I ask for and if you guys want to learn more about building a restaurant building and ice cream shop check out the link below, because I’ve actually created a course for you a course that I’ve used and actually compiled from the last ten Years of my experience anywhere from starting how to start how to get funding, how do you write your business plan? How do you actually create a menu to negotiate free rent having your first client building on an all-star team, creating marketing tactics that have people around the block? Creating loyal fan base all these crazy things that I’ve done and I’ve been able to accomplish.

I created all that condense it into, of course, so check it out in the link below, although eyes subscribe along the journey for more free articles. Like this I’ll see you guys in the next article

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7 Ways Restaurants Are Surviving CoronaVirus Outbreak | Restaurant Management Small Business Tips

That’s the reason why we’re shooting today’s article to make sure that you are the most equipped and most prepared in order for you to survive this whole coronavirus today, we’re going to be talking about the seven ways that you’re going to be able to survive this coronavirus And these are the things I’m putting in place for my clients, these are things that I’m recommending to my colleagues, my friends, everyone and some of them are actually able to turn things around, because they’re able to implement these seven different tips – hey guys its Wilson here Owner of multiple seven-figure business, serial entrepreneur, if you guys, are looking in building a small business or if you’re thinking about building a restaurant of your dreams, make sure you subscribe along the journey because I’m going to be sharing with you all the experiences that I have.

The success, the failure is everything. So then, that way you can learn from it and to be able to build your own dream business if you’re affected by any means from this coronavirus make sure you guys come in yes in the section below and describe what situation you were in. So without further ado, let’s dive into the seven ways that you can survive this corona virus outbreak. The first way is to check with your government because they have a lot of relief programs out there to help you out.

Restaurants are the backbone of the whole country, backbone of the whole economy, so they were not going to. Let you collapse and II understand that as restaurant owners, we operate at the thinnest margins, which is reason why they have a lot of programs to help us out. For example, us has a two trillion dollar Kerr’s onyx and more than three hundred and fifty billion dollars for a federal small business loan program.

They have a paycheck protection program which can cover payroll costs, mortgage and rent payments. Health care benefits. Employees, including paid sick leave in Canada and Vancouver. We also have this seventy five percent wage subsidy provided by the government as well, which is a reason why you should try your best to make sure that you keep your employees employed. If you can even delivery services and at the same time, we also have these mortgage deferral program, so if you’re renting from a landlord, make sure that you bring this conversation up with your landlord and express to them your concerns.

So then, that way they can work hand-in-hand with you, because your success is their success. If you are out of business they’re going to be out of business and they’re going to be looking at a place, that’s going to be no rental income at all for years. To come, the second way that you can survive this whole criminal virus is to analyze your business health analyze, your business health, to to make sure you understand all the numbers understand how much of a long runway that you have when you are to close off your Restaurant close off all their operations and only pay for events, and that would be your son cost or calculate it if you’re running one person, two people, three people or delivery, only services, and that way you understand how long you can last throughout this whole chrono virus And this whole epidemic, if you do not know the runway, if you do not know how much cash you can spend or how long in the last, then you have no clue what kind of relief programs are you’re going to be needing to sign up for or Whether it’s better yet they’re just closed off the business altogether, or are you going to be able to live to fight another day for and just because you’re closing down doesn’t mean you’re admitting defeat? It could just be reserving all your ammunition and reserving all your cash flow to make the comeback just like how even Michelin star restaurants like an Alina, is even doing delivery services only.

So having said that, don’t be shy to close off your restaurants. Just so, then that way you can live to fight another day. Make sure you understand this business health of your business. If you guys are wanting to understand the business health in more detail, make sure you guys check out this article right here. That’s when I’m talking about how do you analyze the business health of your business and if we go into very thorough detail of all the different points that you should consider the third way to survive.

This whole virus is to get list that there are a lot of publications out there. This restaurants, that are still doing delivery as a service model only so make sure that you guys reach out to these publications within your city, to make sure that you get your restaurant out in the public till that other people know who to support and how they Can support you because, as citizens, we all want to be able to support all these local small businesses to help them survive, and that’s what I’m doing that saw a lot of my friends are doing it as well.

So if you guys are still operating as a delivery service, only make sure you guys get listed on these different platforms. Leverage their leadership leverage their database, if you guys, are getting any value whatsoever from this article, make sure you smash the like button, because it just shows me that this is the type of content you want now back to regular programming. The fourth way to survive this whole coronavirus is to turn your restaurant into a grocery store.

I know that sounds a little bit far off, but hear me out. A lot of people are actually waiting hours in line just to grab that last kind of milk, glass. Carton of eggs, yet if you’re able to transform a restaurant into a temporary grocery store where you still have the logistics, and you still have your suppliers that bring in and deliver all these staple items to your restaurant, you can open up doors to your neighborhood.

So then, that way they can come in and grab all the essential items. Not only are you able to be able to benefit from making some money in order for you to cover room, but also you’re able to build that community base around you, they’re going to be thankful that they don’t have to check for eyes. For, like tens of minutes just to go to the grocery store and then wait for the lineups, they can just come to your store, which is much closer.

Much more convenient pick up the staple items and get going so when the times are better, they can come back to support you and now you’re building a real community. On the same note of being creative, the fifth note to survive this whole coronavirus is to reuse your dining space, just because you’re out of business, just because you don’t want to do grocery market does not mean you can just leave this space empty.

You can do so much with it turn it into a studio turn it into YouTube, studio and start teaching people. How do you cook your master dish and your recipe and show people the behind-the-scenes stuff be creative with this? So when you are still nurturing your community, don’t just stay at home and just be like stressing about not being able to pay for rent, and this not be creative. With the space that you have be creative with the audience that you have and start building the brand and start building this community, because this is the time to do so – a sixth way to survive.

This Oprah no virus is to make sure your web presence is on point a lot of times when you’re working in the restaurant business you’re putting out fire after fire after fire. That means you’re working in the business. This is time to work on the business work on stuff that you can control, make sure you optimize your website is the menu most up-to-date on your website. Is your contact? Information on your website? Is your social media on point? Is it all congruent is at all? Like make sure everything is in time make sure that everything is most up-to-date make sure that you start communicating with your audience and then that way you can build that brand awareness where, as when your shop opens, you just don’t have the time to deal with them.

Now’s the time for us to work on the business, because everyone else is sleeping you’re working on the business. So when times are good again, you are going to be right in front of everyone else. The seventh way to fight this whole coronavirus and to make sure that you are going to be intact after this whole pandemic is over is to start a DIY kit. A lot of my friends are actually doing that and they’re seeing tremendous amount of success with it, because everyone’s home, everyone wants to be able to do something because they can’t go out anymore and they can only eat so much takeout, which is a reason why DIY Kits are so popular now, because, basically you have all ingredients.

You package it in a way that is nice and not as transportable you send it to them, send them the instructions and people are gobbling up. These DIY kits like no tomorrow, because they just want to have an activity to bond with their other half, and now they have something to do so think about creative ways of packaging. Your recipe and your goods pre make the sauce pre, make everything and just give it to them, make it super super simple for them to make DIY recipe that is signature to your restaurant after this whole thing blows by they’re, going to have that much more attachment To your brand, so there you go the seven ways that you can out beat this whole coronavirus with your restaurant.

So then that way you can come out on top number. One is to check with your government officials and your government relief programs. They offer ton of thing to support you, because you are the backbone of this economy. Second way is to analyze your business health understanding, how much more lifeline you have understanding. When is it that you need to call quits understand all your numbers, so then that way, you can be proactive and not reactive to circumstances.

If you guys want more about this, make sure you guys check out this article. Once again, I talked about it and depth about how do you analyze your business? Health third way is to get listed on local directories, because a lot of different publications are featuring companies or restaurants that are still open during this pandemic and offering delivery services so make sure you guys get listed with these publications.

Fourth way is to be creative and to turn your restaurant into a grocery store, because a lot of people are still going to go. Shoe stores lining up for hours if you can have all the staple items at your store and turn it into a temporary grocery store, you’re going to be able to create that loyal fan base. The fifth way is to make sure that you are being creative, with your space, whether it be turning into studio and turning it into a educational YouTube blog.

So then, that way, you can shoot content to share with your community. Whatever it is, you are still building a lot of more brand awareness and loyalty to your community. Number six is to make sure your online presence is on point start working on your business instead of working in your business all the time, and now is the time to do that, because after this whole pandemic is over and everyone’s going to go out and eat.

Because they need to go out of their doors and finally have DIY kits: DIY kids are on the boom and on the rise, because a lot of people want to do something with their other half. So if you have the ingredients there, if you all, if you have your special signature, sauce done package them all together, put it out there for sale and a lot of people will buy into that. So there you go. I really hope that you can come out of unscathed, but unfortunately I know a lot of you are stuck in a really really bad pickle.

So if you have any questions whatsoever, I’m going to be here for you, I’m going to be answering all your questions to the best of my capability to help you out. So if you have any questions, make sure you guys leave in the comment section below and I will answer to every single one of them, because that’s just my way of giving back to you otherwise make sure you subscribe along the journey and I’ll see you guys In the next article,

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