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7 Ways Restaurants Are Surviving CoronaVirus Outbreak | Restaurant Management Small Business Tips

That’s the reason why we’re shooting today’s article to make sure that you are the most equipped and most prepared in order for you to survive this whole coronavirus today, we’re going to be talking about the seven ways that you’re going to be able to survive this coronavirus And these are the things I’m putting in place for my clients, these are things that I’m recommending to my colleagues, my friends, everyone and some of them are actually able to turn things around, because they’re able to implement these seven different tips – hey guys its Wilson here Owner of multiple seven-figure business, serial entrepreneur, if you guys, are looking in building a small business or if you’re thinking about building a restaurant of your dreams, make sure you subscribe along the journey because I’m going to be sharing with you all the experiences that I have.

The success, the failure is everything. So then, that way you can learn from it and to be able to build your own dream business if you’re affected by any means from this coronavirus make sure you guys come in yes in the section below and describe what situation you were in. So without further ado, let’s dive into the seven ways that you can survive this corona virus outbreak. The first way is to check with your government because they have a lot of relief programs out there to help you out.

Restaurants are the backbone of the whole country, backbone of the whole economy, so they were not going to. Let you collapse and II understand that as restaurant owners, we operate at the thinnest margins, which is reason why they have a lot of programs to help us out. For example, us has a two trillion dollar Kerr’s onyx and more than three hundred and fifty billion dollars for a federal small business loan program.

They have a paycheck protection program which can cover payroll costs, mortgage and rent payments. Health care benefits. Employees, including paid sick leave in Canada and Vancouver. We also have this seventy five percent wage subsidy provided by the government as well, which is a reason why you should try your best to make sure that you keep your employees employed. If you can even delivery services and at the same time, we also have these mortgage deferral program, so if you’re renting from a landlord, make sure that you bring this conversation up with your landlord and express to them your concerns.

So then, that way they can work hand-in-hand with you, because your success is their success. If you are out of business they’re going to be out of business and they’re going to be looking at a place, that’s going to be no rental income at all for years. To come, the second way that you can survive this whole criminal virus is to analyze your business health analyze, your business health, to to make sure you understand all the numbers understand how much of a long runway that you have when you are to close off your Restaurant close off all their operations and only pay for events, and that would be your son cost or calculate it if you’re running one person, two people, three people or delivery, only services, and that way you understand how long you can last throughout this whole chrono virus And this whole epidemic, if you do not know the runway, if you do not know how much cash you can spend or how long in the last, then you have no clue what kind of relief programs are you’re going to be needing to sign up for or Whether it’s better yet they’re just closed off the business altogether, or are you going to be able to live to fight another day for and just because you’re closing down doesn’t mean you’re admitting defeat? It could just be reserving all your ammunition and reserving all your cash flow to make the comeback just like how even Michelin star restaurants like an Alina, is even doing delivery services only.

So having said that, don’t be shy to close off your restaurants. Just so, then that way you can live to fight another day. Make sure you understand this business health of your business. If you guys are wanting to understand the business health in more detail, make sure you guys check out this article right here. That’s when I’m talking about how do you analyze the business health of your business and if we go into very thorough detail of all the different points that you should consider the third way to survive.

This whole virus is to get list that there are a lot of publications out there. This restaurants, that are still doing delivery as a service model only so make sure that you guys reach out to these publications within your city, to make sure that you get your restaurant out in the public till that other people know who to support and how they Can support you because, as citizens, we all want to be able to support all these local small businesses to help them survive, and that’s what I’m doing that saw a lot of my friends are doing it as well.

So if you guys are still operating as a delivery service, only make sure you guys get listed on these different platforms. Leverage their leadership leverage their database, if you guys, are getting any value whatsoever from this article, make sure you smash the like button, because it just shows me that this is the type of content you want now back to regular programming. The fourth way to survive this whole coronavirus is to turn your restaurant into a grocery store.

I know that sounds a little bit far off, but hear me out. A lot of people are actually waiting hours in line just to grab that last kind of milk, glass. Carton of eggs, yet if you’re able to transform a restaurant into a temporary grocery store where you still have the logistics, and you still have your suppliers that bring in and deliver all these staple items to your restaurant, you can open up doors to your neighborhood.

So then, that way they can come in and grab all the essential items. Not only are you able to be able to benefit from making some money in order for you to cover room, but also you’re able to build that community base around you, they’re going to be thankful that they don’t have to check for eyes. For, like tens of minutes just to go to the grocery store and then wait for the lineups, they can just come to your store, which is much closer.

Much more convenient pick up the staple items and get going so when the times are better, they can come back to support you and now you’re building a real community. On the same note of being creative, the fifth note to survive this whole coronavirus is to reuse your dining space, just because you’re out of business, just because you don’t want to do grocery market does not mean you can just leave this space empty.

You can do so much with it turn it into a studio turn it into YouTube, studio and start teaching people. How do you cook your master dish and your recipe and show people the behind-the-scenes stuff be creative with this? So when you are still nurturing your community, don’t just stay at home and just be like stressing about not being able to pay for rent, and this not be creative. With the space that you have be creative with the audience that you have and start building the brand and start building this community, because this is the time to do so – a sixth way to survive.

This Oprah no virus is to make sure your web presence is on point a lot of times when you’re working in the restaurant business you’re putting out fire after fire after fire. That means you’re working in the business. This is time to work on the business work on stuff that you can control, make sure you optimize your website is the menu most up-to-date on your website. Is your contact? Information on your website? Is your social media on point? Is it all congruent is at all? Like make sure everything is in time make sure that everything is most up-to-date make sure that you start communicating with your audience and then that way you can build that brand awareness where, as when your shop opens, you just don’t have the time to deal with them.

Now’s the time for us to work on the business, because everyone else is sleeping you’re working on the business. So when times are good again, you are going to be right in front of everyone else. The seventh way to fight this whole coronavirus and to make sure that you are going to be intact after this whole pandemic is over is to start a DIY kit. A lot of my friends are actually doing that and they’re seeing tremendous amount of success with it, because everyone’s home, everyone wants to be able to do something because they can’t go out anymore and they can only eat so much takeout, which is a reason why DIY Kits are so popular now, because, basically you have all ingredients.

You package it in a way that is nice and not as transportable you send it to them, send them the instructions and people are gobbling up. These DIY kits like no tomorrow, because they just want to have an activity to bond with their other half, and now they have something to do so think about creative ways of packaging. Your recipe and your goods pre make the sauce pre, make everything and just give it to them, make it super super simple for them to make DIY recipe that is signature to your restaurant after this whole thing blows by they’re, going to have that much more attachment To your brand, so there you go the seven ways that you can out beat this whole coronavirus with your restaurant.

So then that way you can come out on top number. One is to check with your government officials and your government relief programs. They offer ton of thing to support you, because you are the backbone of this economy. Second way is to analyze your business health understanding, how much more lifeline you have understanding. When is it that you need to call quits understand all your numbers, so then that way, you can be proactive and not reactive to circumstances.

If you guys want more about this, make sure you guys check out this article. Once again, I talked about it and depth about how do you analyze your business? Health third way is to get listed on local directories, because a lot of different publications are featuring companies or restaurants that are still open during this pandemic and offering delivery services so make sure you guys get listed with these publications.

Fourth way is to be creative and to turn your restaurant into a grocery store, because a lot of people are still going to go. Shoe stores lining up for hours if you can have all the staple items at your store and turn it into a temporary grocery store, you’re going to be able to create that loyal fan base. The fifth way is to make sure that you are being creative, with your space, whether it be turning into studio and turning it into a educational YouTube blog.

So then, that way, you can shoot content to share with your community. Whatever it is, you are still building a lot of more brand awareness and loyalty to your community. Number six is to make sure your online presence is on point start working on your business instead of working in your business all the time, and now is the time to do that, because after this whole pandemic is over and everyone’s going to go out and eat.

Because they need to go out of their doors and finally have DIY kits: DIY kids are on the boom and on the rise, because a lot of people want to do something with their other half. So if you have the ingredients there, if you all, if you have your special signature, sauce done package them all together, put it out there for sale and a lot of people will buy into that. So there you go. I really hope that you can come out of unscathed, but unfortunately I know a lot of you are stuck in a really really bad pickle.

So if you have any questions whatsoever, I’m going to be here for you, I’m going to be answering all your questions to the best of my capability to help you out. So if you have any questions, make sure you guys leave in the comment section below and I will answer to every single one of them, because that’s just my way of giving back to you otherwise make sure you subscribe along the journey and I’ll see you guys In the next article,

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