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Nails & Planners | VLOG

It’s counting. This dog tests me every day, guys every freaking day so hi welcome. Back to my blog, my hair is wet, which means I just showered. So we got to clean Emily on our hands. No makeup Emily. As well, because I need to get my skin a break because I’m wearing makeup like a lot and my skin shows it yeah anyway. Today is a fun day. I am going to polish con, which is a nail polish convention.

I have totally nude nails, which is kind of funny. I don’t have anything on them, but I’m going to a nail polish convention with my friend Libby. I met her from the Minnesota planner addicts and we are going to go and have some fun in Bloomington today and check out some nail polish. So I figured I would vlog and bring you guys along. It’s been a while, since I’ve done a vlog on my blog – and I know some of you guys really like vlogs and other people really don’t, but that’s okay.

So I’m going to get going here, it’s a little before 12:30 and I told Libby I’d meet her there, probably about 130 or so the doors open for our tickets at two o’clock. So yeah it’ll be good and I have an Erin Condren shirt for her and I’m also wearing for the first time at my Erin Condren shirt, so yeah. But this thing is like ginormous but anyway that’s a whole nother topic, but Doyle over the hell.

He is there he is who does not want to get in his kennel. So I don’t know. I turned some lights on, so he’ll be able to see things but he’s going to stay out today so which means he’s probably just going to sleep on my couch or on the bed and that’ll. Be it for him. So yeah. Alright, let’s get going, and let me show you guys some nail polish, oh hi had a little issue with my debit card. While we were in there because everybody has their own like like little swipers and stuff and not everybody is from Minnesota.

So it’s my bank called me and actually they like froze my debit card for a few minutes and they were like. Ah, this isn’t working because there were vendors from like Texas and Oklahoma and minnesota and, like all of these other places – and they were like transactions like a couple minutes apart and they’re like wait a second, this is going weird. There were very small transactions, but yet transactions anyways, so they called me and were like.

I think this is fragile and I’m like no, no, no, I’m just shopping in a nail polish convention, so I got to see Libby and actually, when Olivia’s co-workers came as well, which was really fun. I did a couple little clips of just panning the room. I didn’t feel comfortable taking articles of anybody’s tables, but I will link down below if I can find the nail polish companies that I bought stuff for from.

So you guys can check it out if you really want to but Libya nyeh Bach tickets, you didn’t have to buy a ticket, but we bought tickets, and this is what the little bag looks like. So so this says polish town, 2018 Minneapolis, and so it’s a cute little reusable bag, and so I just want to show you guys what I got. So this is from the first place from blush lacquers blush lacquers. There we go and, like I legit, can’t remember all the things I got oh, this is what I got their seat release cycles, something like that.

It’s a really pretty kind of like bubblegum, pink with a little bit of like gold reflux in it. Well, I’ve had it with Purdy. Alright. Next up is this big purple bag? What did I get? Oh, this is one that gave me like this cosmetics case that I probably won’t use, but that’s okay, and it was from KB, shimmer and Olivia was telling me like Libya’s like a big like nail polish person, but she was telling me that they have really great Polishes so this one’s called meet me at the bar and it’s ba RR e and it’s a really pretty like creme pink.

So I really like that and then I found this other one. That’s really pretty and it says, hide and eat, and it’s like a white and it’s got some like it’s like a white cream and it also has some like flecks in it, and it’s not flexed it’s more like I don’t know a little dots in it, but I thought it was cute, so you know why not right, oh and then I stopped at bohemian polish and got these two and this says let’s get lit and then this one is Lyngen Li NGO.

In me, I think that’s how you said. I have no idea, but this one’s like a really pretty like kind of cranberry issue, and then this one is like kind of like a a jade color like really dark Jade. But it’s got some shimmer to it as well, with different colored like little flaky things in there. I’m really bad at this. You guys this was in my like in the bag that we got. We had some free stuff, so this is from ever after.

It’s cuticle Crowley, Fruit, Loops and smells really good. It’s just like a little cuticle lotion. So I’m going to keep this by my bed. So I’m going to use that and look legit smells like fruit loops. This is the little like Polish con information, so yeah and just like it says where everybody was that and all that good stuff and just has like little advertisements for everybody. So very cool, oh and I bought this from ever after.

I just got their business card and this was a cuticle oil in grapefruit Bellini. As this one was 8mm mil. It says: there’s grapeseed oil – I don’t know olive oil, jojoba, oil, coconut oil, vitamin E and natural and artificial fragrance, and it’s a like cuticle pen. So let me try it right now. It smells really good. Oh yes, yes, yes, oh this smells good and it feels good and I need more cuticle oil in my life.

The last time I had it, it’s really good, but I just haven’t purchased anymore yet. So my nails have been looking kind of sad lately because at work, I’m like all about the papers currently so a lot of papers in my office so anyway um. What is this one? Oh, this was the one that came with my bag and it’s from lesha’s lacquer, and this one is called. I don’t know. Oh it’s just a mini a Polish VIP, okay.

So this is what this one looks like it’s kind of like a greyish type of a color with some like holographic reflux, and it’s also got this little thing from river wood, apothecary and there’s like a wax thing and then also a lip balm, which is really Cute what else is in here? Oh this one yeah, this one came with the bag as well, and it was called a first kiss from tonic. It’s got like the little holographic kind of a look to it and then also with the bag was a pen and a keychain which I won’t use.

But that’s okay, let’s see here. Oh I actually purchased this one. I think yeah. Okay, this is from Great Lakes. Lacquer – and it is called with a spoon – and it’s this really pretty dark purple with some. You know multicolored reflux in it very pretty, and they gave me like a little holographic sticker that says love there. We go, I’m like y’all can’t see it now. Was this one looks like a choose-your-own-adventure, I’m like okay, here’s another one that came with the bag and this is blush lacquers and this one is called forest fern.

So it’s like kind of a lighter soft green with some reflux in it. I got ta say like the majority of the places didn’t have any like crema publishes. I mean there were some, but I don’t know why. But I’m like really industries polishes. I like the way they look. I don’t know I do like some like, you know, shimmery stuff, once in a while and whatnot, but I don’t know I’m more of a a cream polish kind of a gal which is funny because I can do I freakin like nail polish convention situation.

Okay and this one is from sassy sauce polish and it’s called just polish con Minnesota VIP 2018, and this is also very similarly colored. So it’s kind of that like light green color, and it does have some of those reflux in it as well. And I’m sorry if this is like these colors are not coming off really nicely on the screen, I’m in my car. What can I do guys? What can I do and then the last place I went to? I got a lot of stuff at because there was a lot of good stuff there.

Oh my gosh, here we go like wait whoa. This is all from tonic, so this is the tonic and nail polish, and this one is called death Proof. It’s a really really pretty dark, dark red and it doesn’t have any like glitters or anything in it, which I kind of liked. This is also very similar. This is called cookie monster very cute, and this one kind of like has a it’s like kind of shimmery. Looking and it’s blue, but then it kind of flex to purple a little bit, but it’s not like you know it doesn’t have glitter like chunky glitter in it.

This one is called hot to trot with like a bright, bright, pink and then also has like some kind of blue little, like micro glitter thing going on in there, and this one is called you’ll move mountains, which I love, and this is so pretty, and I Can totally see myself wearing this like in the fall? Maybe this might be in my next color eyewear. I don’t know, and then this one’s called in the glow and this one has a little bit of glitter to it.

But it’s like a purpley blue ish color. I don’t know, and then let’s see this one is called bloody hell and it’s like a really pretty brown, but it’s got like multi chrome like holographic in there as well, I’m so sorry these are like they’re not coming out well on camera, I’m going to be So mad, when I’m editing this later, it’s just not coming out well, and then I got this one. It’s called detox, it’s just a black creme polish, but my friend Liddy, that was with me, said that it was a really good black polish, like a one coat black polish and that’s kind of what I was looking for and she recommended it.

So that’s what I got so those are all of the things I got. I’m definitely set for, like I would say a few years with all my stuff but um yeah. I had a really fun time. It was really really fun to go and just see this kind of like it’s kinda like a little bit of a different world in there losing polish bottles all over the place. Here we go but yeah that was all the stuff I got. It was really cool to kind of like go and see like a totally different world for me like clearly I’m into like the planning world.

Hence my shirt today but yeah it’s. It was really really cool and there’s lots of other people that do lots of different nail polish she kind of things in the world, and they had so many different things. They’re, like I don’t know stuff like specific ones, for like stamping and Libby, got some of those which I thought were really cool, but I didn’t realize that there was like actual stamping polishes or just versus like a regular polish.

Like I don’t know these things anyway, a lot of these brands only had like specific ones that they brought with them. They didn’t bring like their whole collection and stuff, but, like I said I’ll link them down below, if you guys are interested and checking them out. Clearly, this is a whole new world for me, so I’m actually excited to try some of these and I think I’m going to go home and go through some of my nail polishes I mean I don’t have very many like colorful nail polishes.

I have a few, but I really only grabbed for like three or four of them. I don’t really grab for the majority of them, so I feel like it’s time to just give some of those other ones away that I just haven’t been grabbing for, and just you know maybe are just not my thing any longer. I don’t know, but all in all polish con was really really fun, but I think I’m going to say goodbye to the vlog here I am going to go home, I’m really really hungry.

I think my dad’s going to come over in a little while he wanted to do something or something I don’t know he was like. Are you going to be home like no I’m leaving in like ten minutes, so he had given me a call before I had left but yeah, I’m going to head home now and I check on the Doyle dog, because Doyle has been out all day. So that’ll be interesting; hopefully he didn’t like mess up the house too.

Bad he’s, probably sleeping, could be honest, he’s probably just sleeping, but thanks so much for reading the vlog. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Okay, so change of plans today actually was a well. It still is a Minnesota planner like meet-up day. I don’t have any planning supplies with me. Nothing. However, it’s at the Rosedale mall and we’re going to pin there a bread which is like right over here where, if somewhere, I’m sure, I didn’t show it on camera right.

But anyway, I sent a message out to the group and said: like hey: is anyone still there because it said it was going on from like 2:00 to 4:00, but it’s like 421 right now and people can like come early stay late whatever, and so there’s call People that were applied yeah, I’m still here so Rosedale mall – is kind of like on my way home. So I figured well, why not stop it and say hey not sure from in a vlog in there, but I just want to let you know that the vlog is not over now, because we going to go to Panera.

I think I’m going to might get a little something to eat too, because I had like a late breakfast / early lunch, I like 10, so I’m getting a little hungry. It definitely wasn’t going to drink like I need, like a water or something, but anyway I’m going to go in here, and I will see you guys a little bit well hello now I am home, put the hair up because it is becoming a little bit of A grease pit but yeah it’s 10:45 in the evening, it’s very exciting times and my cheek is like breaking out so irritating anyway.

Fun things for Homer, vanilla imbalances, just got home and took boil he’s right. There took that little kitty cat on a walk, so report is in. I don’t believe that he pooped while I was gone, so that’s good. I haven’t checked upstairs yet yeah, so I don’t know but we’ll find out later so anyway, I’m going to turn on the aggressive light, just boom aggressive um, so anyways but yeah went to the meetup and it was just kind of on the way home.

So can I help you, sir? There you go um, so it was kind of on the way home and stayed and chatted with a few people for a little while and then most people left and then actually I got to meet Ryan from a man with the plans. I will leave his info up above and down below. You guys should check him out. He does like planning and budgeting articles and stuff like that, so that was really really fun. I didn’t really vlog the experience because I don’t know we were just chatting about life and whatever so I think, maybe October ish November ish.

We might do a article together. I don’t know we’re kind of chatting about it so yeah, but he has to move into his new place before we do the article cuz, I told him we had to break his new apartment in you know we got to break it in for the article extravaganza And Doyle really really wants to be on camera right now, hi buddy, hi buddy. I know I know it’s a very exciting time for the Doyle dog, but anyway I am going to go before I do.

I am very excited about my nail polish haul situation that you guys thought in the car. I’m sorry if the colors didn’t come out just like exactly perfect, but I will like I said before it link as many places as I can down below, and I’m pretty sure that y’all will be seeing a lot of these colors very very soon, because I need To start doing my nails more often because they’ve been bare for a little while so yeah once you give you guys some interesting to look at when I do my hand articles, but anyway I got ta work tomorrow.

So I’m super super tired, but just a little bit but yeah. I got to do a little bit of work tonight and go well not go to work but kind of work a little bit tomorrow and that’s on the docket for the weekend. So I hope you guys enjoyed the article if you did make sure to give a thumbs up. You can give it a thumbs down too. If you want, but a thumbs up is preferred, feel free to subscribe to my blog and be part of the fde family, and I will see y’all in the next article bye guys well, folks is time to kick it old school


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planner changes | day 16 #VLOGTOBER

It’s like 8 o’clock, but I am so tired, Doyle’s behind me doing his Doyle dog things and I’ve just been jamming on my planner I readed. This is us because I missed it yesterday, because I had my hair appointment, so I wasn’t able to read it. So I just readed it like you know, NBC calm or whatever they have the episodes up afterwards.

I ordered some shoes on Amazon which will be here this weekend because, sadly, I actually already threw them away. My gray superga sneakers, like completely broke yesterday, like it was bad, like the part of the heel, came off on one of the shoes, as I was like trying to slip them off. I’m like what the heck and then I looked at the other one and the other one was all ratted up there to him like okay.

Clearly, these shoes have seen better days. It is time – and I was debating I’m like well, could I donate them or something? I’m like no they’re they’re beyond repairs, Oh anyway, yeah, so those needed to just go away. So I ended up buying the same super goes again and then I had these tennis shoes. I think they were adidas tennis, shoes, they’re, not very expensive, but I had them in my cart or like my wish list for a long time, and I’m like, I should just get those and try them on because the those ones like whoever the seller is.

It’s free returns like back, so I don’t to pay for shipping back, so I’m like well. If they don’t fit or I don’t like them, then whatever what else did I get it? Oh, I got furnace filters, but that’s exciting, but yeah. What else did I get? Oh and I also got a humidifier for my room, so I needed to grab one of those, so I did I just I was trying to get the cheap ones like the $ 20 ones because they tend to get all gunky like, even though I clean them.

It doesn’t matter so it’s like at the end of the season because I use it every single night. It just gets really gross, so I don’t know of a good way to clean them. I’m sure, there’s probably like YouTube article. I should probably read or something but I live in Minnesota and it’s really cold here and I’m constantly like outside walking the dog and all that good stuff. So it’s like going from warm to cold to cold, warm and all that good stuff, and it’s not good for the skin either so anyway, while I was reading, this is us.

I was jamming on my planner, so, as a bunch of things have changed due to me not having surgery tomorrow and then my mom not coming in today, which is unfortunate, but she changed her flight, so we’re good to go um yeah, so I just jammed on My planner and then this Friday I have an oil change, so this is like. Let me give you a better view, so that is my first half right there. So anyway got a bunch of stuff done.

This first half of the week got my hair done. What a girls night with some friends um this my tubal had to get rescheduled, so I had to talk to them about a different time. I talked to my mom also my pH test, which is supposed to be on the 30th, isn’t happening then, because I have my surgery on the 31st and I can’t have my pH test like still inserted in me. It’s a time so anyway, so yeah had a lot of good things and then this is today did a bunch of stuff.

We had cake day obsolete folder. My client, I cleaned like my cube, and then this is kind of what I’ve done. Oh and then I had an Instagram winner as well. I am currently giving away a simply gilded little pack of stuff. I typically do that. Every single time that I get a subscription box, like whatever I don’t, whatever, whatever I won’t, keep and use, I will gift to somebody else and I held the held it on Instagram.

I always hold on Instagram. So if you guys ever want to follow me it’s down below but um, I have a winner and I just sent them a message like maybe five minutes ago. So you’ve always got 24 hours to contact me back with their information and then, unfortunately, if they don’t contact them back within 24 hours, then I have to move on to a new winner. So um yeah, it’s just really all I’ve been doing yeah a headache is still there.

I know a lot of you are going to ask. The headache is still there. It never really goes away anymore, but you know I’m powering through trying to take just some advil and not take my crazy migraine medicine but um yeah. It’s it’s! It’s not going great, but you know I’m going to try to have a good attitude about it and power through guys. You just sometimes just got ta try to power through, and sometimes it really sucks, but you got to do it, but anyway, I’m just going to do this.

One take vlog here, cuz. I am going to run and go to bed because I’m tired and I didn’t really do anything fun after work today, like I didn’t go anywhere. So I didn’t even take you guys with me, but Doyle and I are going to go. You guys probably can’t hear it, but he is snoring it’s funny um anyway, but I’m going to let you guys go. Thank you guys for hanging out with me today and I will see y’all tomorrow with another vlog bye eyes.

Well, folks, it’s time to kick it old school


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I’ve been home for a little while – and I am just kidding well I’m on my computer right now, but I’m getting stuff ready for the electrician. He is coming over tomorrow morning at 6:30 and I am replacing that fan with this fan. But what I’m doing is I’m actually pulling out all the components and I’m I cleared this thing off there, so I’m going to put everything up here.

So it’s just so much easier for him. He doesn’t have to waste his time. You know opening up boxes and stuff so yeah. I am replacing the light also in the closet and also the same light in the master closet and then in the master. Bedroom. It’ll. Be a very similar fan as well. They didn’t have the same like I wanted the same fan in the master as here, but they didn’t have it like. They only had one I’m like wow, it’s weird and then like.

I think it was like a discontinued one or something but anyway whatevs so yeah and then um. Sorry, I’m looking at an email or the there’s a fan with like a long tube or whatever in the lofted area kind of I don’t know. I guess it’s more in the kitchen, if you will, I don’t know it’s in a weird spot, but anyways um that one I love that fan. But again it’s just like the plain white one and I wanted, like all the fans to kind of be cohesive, so that one’s getting changed as well, and then I’ve got a couple of things in the garage that I need them to change out.

So anyway. Tomorrow is an electric day and I will be working from home in the morning and then her running to the office after that, so yeah, that’s kind of what’s going on here, I’m like looking at things. I mean vlogging, multitasking, guys multitasking. So I am somebody from work friend work to me. He must be real friends now all right and then oh. I was going to look at this okay, so I have a meet-up this weekend, but I wasn’t sure it was Saturday or Sunday I’m like.

I don’t know it’s Sunday, that’s good, at least you think. Ah all right, I need to see where this is like. I like who you go to this like place that were supposed to be going, go to their Facebook page and there’s like a map, but there’s like not a map, it’s weird, oh goodness, all right. Let’s take a peek here. Okay, now I see where it is all right. Okay, it’s not. I mean everything is kind of far away from me, but so yeah it’s on Sunday cuz I was like.

Is it Saturday? I don’t know? Thank goodness I looked Oh anyways um, but yeah. So I’m just hanging out here: I need to unbox a bunch of this stuff, my fan and then I have hair I’ll grab. My other things. I need to unbox, it’s like an unboxing article, but it’s clearly not um. I have a remote for my garage so that it’s going to get done as well and then this light, that’s the Patriot lighting. I got everything at Menards, which is like a local hardware store in Minnesota.

I don’t know if they have them all over the place, but they do have menards.Com and yeah. This is the light. I got it’s a very fancy and this is the same light that is in the hallway downstairs, as well as the hallway upstairs. So anyway, it’s like a hallway light, and now I’m going to be a closet light. So let me show you what I’m replacing in here: it’s just basic lights, I don’t know, there’s a very yellow – and I really like this one.

It’s an LED one, so it doesn’t need any light bulbs or anything like that Wow. I just look really red um. So yeah, I don’t know, I just think that the light quality is going to be so much better and so much brighter, and that’s what I’m looking for so yeah these these little bad boys and then, where is so? I bought this thing on the Internet. Now let me take this down with me because I need this I bought.

Where is it um, so my uncle, unfortunately ruined my? What is it called? You know like the garage door, opener, that’s on the wall. He somehow magically ruin that. Oh I have there. It is I was like where is that day, so I’m going to put this oh and then here is the dismantled one that I just took out of the box. That’s going to go right there, that’s right, it’s going to go and that one’s going to have a light in it as well, and all of the fans that I got, because I guess we’re now in the modern age have remotes, so that’s exciting.

So anyway, the little you know like the little pad that’s on the door or not the door, but the wall in your garage. I don’t know he hit it and then it got ruined a piece broke off. So then, now I have a different one to be installed as well, so I figured they were doing that I wanted an another garage remote which probably took him like two seconds to put together. So this is all my electrical things, but I think I’m just going to do the one take vlog here, because I have a bunch of stuff to do.

I mean I just have to like unbox some things and whatever, and it’s already like 8:30 anyway. Doyle, dog is over there judging the world and my battery light just started flashing, so I’ve clearly been talking for a little too long, and I haven’t changed my battery in a couple of days, oopsies so yeah, but I will take you guys along tomorrow. Tomorrow’s vlog will actually be probably a little bit interesting because I am going to be home and I just might pick up the camera and like do like one-minute check-ins and just like show you.

You know the progress and before like that kind of stuff. So, anyway, I’m going to go and I will see y’all in tomorrow’s article, and so will Doyle Doyle see you guys tomorrow. Bye well, folks is time to kick it old school


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Weekly Planner Spreads | July 2019

You guys probably don’t notice the difference, but it is pretty awesome I kind of like it. I think I’m going to film a article on it. I have now moved all of my planning supplies up into my office, which is kind of the end goal anyways some of the things I will still be filming on my dining table, which is downstairs.

It’s still a white background, see well really notice a big difference, but I’m very excited about this. It’s very cool. So anyway, let’s get started with the article today, I’m going to be sharing all of my July spreads. I haven’t done like a plan with me playing with me in a really long time, but what I have been noticing for myself is, I am getting a lot of planner piece if you will from filling in my plans daily.

So that’s really been working for me. So I’m just going to keep going with that and I’m going to be sharing every month with you guys my spreads and see what I did so my monthly is a little lackluster. Unfortunately, but I didn’t film this – I filmed my July one which I believe is already up, so I will link it wherever it goes anyway. So this is what happened in July, but let’s get to the a monthly spreads or not monthly.

I’m sorry the weekly spreads. This is the first week of July. I did more of a patriotic theme since July 4th was this day. I will link all of my like favorite shops that I used in this planner. If you guys have any questions about something like a little bit more specific, just leave them in the comments, and I will get back to y’all if you’re wondering where somethings from there is stuff in here, I will say that the shops are closed and has been Closed for many years, but I love their stickers, so I’m just going to keep using what I got you know so anyway, this week was kind of fun just had a random day off kind of in the middle of the week.

I did work on Friday. I think there was only like four no five people in my office like at all that went to work on that Friday, so it was actually kind of fun, um, so anyways, but that is this week. So just the red and blue a theme, and then we have the week of the 8th through the 14th. I did use this simply gilded, which I think is absolutely gorgeous. I am a little obsessed with simply gilded washi now and this star, Stardust, I think, is what’s called the Stardust pattern is totally my jam.

I love this one that it kind of goes from like pink to purple to blue. So I know I just thought it was really really pretty so clearly I had to have it krummy thing that happened this week is I went to the ER for chest pains so that was fun. I didn’t have any heart related issues. I was having over production of my stomach acid, which was pushing up and which felt like heart related problems. So I drove myself to the emergency room about 3:00 a.

M. That Wednesday early morning and got all the things done. Was there for several hours and then I took a sick day so anyways, but the unfortunately the pain, the tightness and the pressure did not go away. Unfortunately, so I did work from home for a little bit here and then I just needed to like try to lay down. It was very difficult to sleep during that time and then Friday. I also took a sick day because it was just it was so much pressure.

They did give me something for it, which is great, but it didn’t, you know, start to take effect until a little bit later, so it took effect kind of in this timeframe. Over here so anyway, that was what happened that week and yeah so and then I have my little pill reminders. I got these from a shop that is closed, but there’s a lot of shops that have these little little capsule pills and stuff, so yeah very korone um alright.

So this is a little bit of a hot mess, but you know there is a method to my. My hem y’all, so this week I also had a day off from my work. I actually won twins tickets and it was a day game. However, y’all know me: I ain’t really into the sports ball, so my uncle actually ended up taking them, which is great. He said he went, he had a great time. Also. Coincidentally, my brother is now a back from overseas and he came in that evening and they came over for dinner.

My was unfortunately still in the hospital he has been dealing with some kidney stones and yeah had another procedure, but then had to stay for quite a while longer so anyway. Also this week was the simply gilded pre-sale, so I made my list of all the ones that I wanted. Most of them are the Stardust pattern, which is right here, there’s some shooting star, which was awesome. There was one simple line and then the Twilight collection which are like boxes.

I wanted those as well so anyways, so that happened here and yeah. So I I don’t. I think the pre-sale actually started on like Thursday or Friday, but I I got my life together on Sunday to actually order it, but the presale is done now and as I’m filming this so Anna Marie alright. So and then this is actually this week. So this today is a Sunday ooh look at this. I can get this off the list whoo, so I have some things to film today, I’m going to be filming my Raskob cart organization and also I’m going to be doing my filming set up, which I hope you guys will enjoy and this week there was a Lot of stuff going on, I actually had to do two jobs on Monday and Tuesday, so another division of the company that I work for the person that does my job was on vacation.

So I was doing his job as well as my own anyway. So I had to do that and then on Wednesday my brother came over. He helped me hang some mirrors and then I made dinner for us and then someone on my team was out on vacation on Thursday Friday. So yeah I don’t know I mean it was. It’s a good time and my mom came over last night. We had a wonderful time. We had to chat and stuff like that, so it’s still pretty early in the day, even though it doesn’t look like it’s early in the day, because it is about to storm here in Minnesota.

Unfortunately, so I’m going to try to get all this filming done before the sky turns totally dark, but you never know, and then this evening I’m going to be doing some meal prepping and then that is it for the entire month. Here is my budget actually for August I’ve already posted it, but I’m really loving how everything is here. You know, like I, don’t know, here’s here’s my July right here but yeah and then you know moving into August.

I have some things written down already, which is great, and then you know I’m going to keep going with what I’ve been doing and filling in. I hope you guys enjoy. You know seeing what I have done after the fact you know, usually when I get home here I’ll, give you guys like a little sneaky peeky of something-something all right. So let’s do like this. Alright. So here is just a random week. So August, 26, through September 1.

What I like to do is I like to actually set up my work first and then, if I want to use something down here or like it’s, the first of them Doyle’s going to have his monthly meds. If I have any birthdays to put in paydays, I have one of my co-workers: that’s going to be in Minnesota, so like the things I know about, I want to put in, but then when I get home I usually I put my washi into like six or Seven, that’s the latest I’ll ever be in the office is in seven, but it’s only if I’m trying to really finish a project that I can’t wait till the next day or something like that.

Most of the time I leave the office between three and five thirty, like that’s just kind of a good. You know when I leave so I will end up ripping the washi where I leave the office and then I’ll kind of fill in the rust down at the bottom. Here, I’ve kind of been using that for like YouTube or filming, or anything like that like if I need to edit something or in posting something or I need to correspond with somebody about.

You know life on the internets, but um yeah, that’s kind of how it looks, and then I just keep going so not all of my weeks are filled out how majority of them are, but not all of them are filled out and I’ve just been trying to Use what I have as for like stickers and washi, and things like that, but you know I do love a good pre-sale clearly so anyway, let’s flip back to what I did this week. So let’s do use alright, but da da da all right.

So I’m going to call it out the article here. Thank you guys so much for reading, if you have any questions, feel free to put them down in the comments below. I am going to be putting all of the shops that I love to use down in the description box. Some of them are affiliate links and there are. There is one for sure that will have a discount code so make sure to check that out. It’s because you know who doesn’t like a little bit of savings right guys so anyway, I’m going to jet.

Thank you guys. So much for hanging out with me today make sure to thumbs up the article if you liked it and feel free to subscribe and I’ll see y’all in the next one bye guys well folks, it’s time to kick it old-school.