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Why You Should STOP Following Sales Experts’ Advice | Salesman/Entrepreneur/Biz Owner Must Watch

All of me, it was a huge amount of money for me because at that time I was still a university student, but listen to this carefully. I’m not here to praise her sales tactic. In fact, I hate her sales. That means so much because I felt that sure the whole process I was pressured to buy the package and, as a result, even after I bought the package, I wasn’t a happy customer.

So, even though this lady closed me for $ 2,000, she lose all her future sales as I refused to buy anymore upsell packages and guess what I never go back to the same saloon ever again and forever. She lose me as a customer. I know many of you are eager to improve your sales boost. After all, sales is part and parcel of business via insurance, agent property agent on my interpreter or a business owner.

Sales is a lifeline and is integral to your survival and in order to improve sales, where do we usually go? We often go to sales experts for advice. They can be your sales manager, your team leader or famous salespeople, such as 10 law or grant cardone, but the truth is their advice, may not work for you, because we all have given character and even have different gender. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that their advice is not good, but the problem is majority of the sales experts out there and guys, and they are usually dominating aggressive and right in the face.

If you’re a guy – and you are masculine in nature – the style may suit you. But if you are lady and you follow the advice blindly, you will end up forcing yourself into a style that you have not comfortable with and selling in a way that turn people off, because the last thing a customer one is a lady being very pushy and Very aggressive in sales, and that’s the exact same mistake that the sales manager made that turned me off as well as turned so many other customers off.

If she still continued to new this time for old and outdated selling method, I’m pretty sure she’s having a hard time right now, because we as customer have also evolved to be much smarter nowadays. So don’t follow the sales experts advice blindly without thinking, especially if you are lady. The last thing that you want is to appear aggressive dominating and pushy. I’m never pushy in myself, I’m approachable at the same time, I’m charming, and on top of that, I’m the top salesman in a company.

In fact, I help my company close more than six figures in terms of US dollar in one single day and the best part is my customers love me, and they are very happy with the solution that I offer them. So, in order to help, ladies, like you to improve yourselves as well as to generate more income, I’ve decided to share my charm system, a system that not only helped me to generate more than six figures a day, but also helped many of the clients that I Thought, if you want me to share with you my system, to increase your sales charm, give me a thumbs up on this article and comment I won below.

For those who comment, I will be inviting you to an exclusive telegram group, where I will be sharing with you my charm system step-by-step. So I can’t wait to see you inside my telegram group bye,

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