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Knife Day Monday – Unexpected Knives today

I presume he said that one was his father’s and this one he said a fella made for him from a lawnmower blade. He said I can’t get it to stay very sharp though, but it’s a nice knife made from a lawn mower blade. I won’t think I haven’t seen a lot more blade like before you.

Well, it’s 4:30, my Indians are outside and believe it or not. I got three more knives. I got a whole rada and three from ISIL. It says Portugal, as you can see, they’re in bad shape. Little edges on good gracious anyway. Tell it I’ll see you tomorrow,

Knives and daggers are awesome! Plain and simple, right? Let me say, I enjoy my dagger collection with a little music playing in the background. 


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cKc Sharp as Shit Knife Sharpening Competition entry

Is it to your face, hi guys in shade when I could shit? What do you want to see on? My truck brings up an odd, so I’m going to write down this little laptop screen back up my computer a little bit, and hopefully you get all this crap in doing now.

So I’m just doing this all a bit so Kylie. This is the knife. This is a spyderco sent a font day. Three all right knife. I really love it when my favorite EDC knives, who said get some piece of paper cardboard got my sharpening stones. This is a the Senate. Would so no course fine. We have the exhibition stone. Get these ellos whatever course fine again do we have to dmt diet, sharps four inches in a ceramic rod along with a green leather shop, the card shop with the green compound and another special strap.

I had white compound. So that’s what I will be using sharpen. My knife make sure to get this cardboard in here, but alright, so i’ve been using my knife quite a bit lately so sharp it is at the moment so get to it white shark. So instead just read this piece of paper. If you did gone so now, i’m going to damage the edge. This is the will see that 22 well course sizes own run. I really hate doing this, but that’s been done so i’m going to show it is complete.

Now we’re going to start sharpening going to use this stone the coarse side of the regular whetstone they get to it. I don’t know that much to say about this. One is keeping a pretty good angle. I usually keep one at the front, a stirring, obviously using this very stone, to reestablish an edge because I pretty much this flattened. Is it just pretty much non existing, and so I started on the stone, so this pretty much building CB grindage.

Once again, I’m going to bother using the front side of the stone, because it’s only about 80 grit finer. So why were I of established that I have a rough edge? I will then be switching over to my Smits. Four sided stone go ahead with some hot bandana, because doing this will get a bit of steel on your knife in on some and do have a fairly good, decent asian would get tip a little bit more. My jeans, you and that’s good, so I said we’re going to move on to the smiths course I’d zone.

The same side was just run when I and then again. Let’s keep that low angle. Chapter / like six, but the three of those days ever just keep going back and forth. Do a couple more houses here on that bandana read the edge still deliver up with my computer to the die here in establish creating decent edge start on the five side of the Smith; stone, yes, suck it down the stretch, PVC, mine notice, I’m being very careful, Not this round that tip off of the zone because that could actually round the tip those who is kind of new sharpening, I know, probably doesn’t want to trust each rep tional article, but I figured why I’m doing this, my throne, a couple tips early.

I hope you don’t mind, make sure don’t cut my bandana here and work a little bit or towards that picasso area at the bottom. This quite dull, that’s good! So now we’re done with this myth stone right here now we’re going to start with the fine dmt diet. Shark porn stone is all you who always ask me for opening articles. This is pretty much a sharper than most fuckin eyes now. I might need to take them about sender once in a while to reflow file an edge we’re to fix something that severely damaged.

If this don’t aim to do the most part is what I need now bigger blades. I do prefer the convex edge. The toy shop is Max’s, but for most fixed blade, knives organized. I do use this much. That’s! What’s long run, it’s fine sound because difference in grit that Smith, slides down in the beam t find some is only about a hundred, so it is through done as an extra precaution, I’m very nicely we’re going to use the it’s that extra find some.

This is route 1200 great, so it’s very fun. It’s in my smooth edge on the ledge, not so much longer here. I know it’s probably going to be extremely long article, but I’m glad I’m able to do this on a webcam because it would take me hours. Look be a article plow down my pants and verifies so moving on to the ceramic rod being very careful not to round that tube of the stone or that rock student because reviews this keep on sweating, I’m like that.

You will have to go and repro file on the tip go with that move it onto the green shop blog check. This stop the stone. So, let’s just play it off done with the green step right there put onto the white now. This white is right around 5,000 grit, five or six thousand. So it’s with a very fine. You can find this at Sears of the way and the green see yours slows a piece of paper right here: okay, they’re most part, I got ta pee save the cardboard here.

Wait, Tyler! One of the situation was this as well. This really thick cardboard by the way so Kylie you want to thank you for giving me opportunity to enter into this contest here film by gamma, as I said, really appreciate the opportunity here in this contest. Even if I don’t men for sure move, smut cells behave that made of sharpening article so really appreciate it. Good luck to everybody enter in the contest, and thank you again.

So I was really appreciative room and to my viewers, his article or, as blog, will be down the description.

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