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North Carolina Bushcraft Meet up At Historic Harmony Hall For February 2017

This is where i’m going to hold the bushcraft meet up at and i’ll. Do a give you our tour as soon as I can, but there’s all those buildings down there, there’s an old general store or old church old one school, one-room, school building, trapper’s cabin, all sorts of stuff, but um and there’s harmony hall.

That house was built in 1768 and is still standing. There’s a cabin over there that cabin used to have a family of nine people living in it and they would come outside to go up the ladder to the loft and that’s where they slept. But when we do the bushcraft meet up out here, people can can’t be anywhere out here in the woods. They won’t anywhere right here on the property they want. We’ll have tomahawk throwing contest on them.

Targets over there, see them and knife-throwing contest. There’s the bathroom right. There, if I could give you our tour in there cuttin, there are there’s all kind of stuff out here. The winds going to be blowing real hard today, so I don’t know how good this is going to pick up my voice. We got picnic tables all out around all around, but um the property goes on back way. On back so I mean there’s no shortage of space to count plenty plenty of space to kill them.

We’re going to have a ball out here y’all. I hope everybody can make it show you inside the bathroom here you got the sink. If you need to wash up kind of tall it over there. We do have a heater in here. It will be warm in here. You know. The dates are the 23rd. 24Th. 20 fear hold on. Let me look at my phone. While I tell you our baits later. Let me pull it up, but um I’ll get back with y’all later and check on I’ll.

Show you right here what I’m doing them cooking some deer stew. All of this is homemade. Deer stew got a lot a lot of meat in it. A lot of carrots, a lot of potatoes, celery, onion filled up with beets buck beef broth and it’s going to be great anyway eat some. But we do that because today’s decoration day they’re going to decorate the house for Christmas, but um this whole place right here. Y’All, it ain’t nothing but history all out in the woods their their stuff that we’re still finding.

I found a foundation out there years ago that nobody knew about, and you figure back in the war days or 1768 when he built this house there. What no rolled out here this was actually the back of the house, which we look at this, like it’s the fun of the house, but this was the actual back of the house and there’s a path over there. That goes to the Cape Fear River, and that was their means of transportation was the river.

So I’m a lot a lot of history out here man. I love it that right there. That you’re, looking at in front of me, is the blacksmith’s shop. We do have a blacksmith out here from time to time. This is where it works, when the I probably can’t see did in their kids too dark. But the play does all this blacksmithing from lots of history. I love history, but on this is going to be from Thursday it’ll be Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the last Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of februari.

If you need more information, I’m going to put my contact information in the description, email me and I’ll tell you anything. You need to know its twenty dollars per person per head. Children are free adults, its twenty dollars per head and all the money goes to Harmony Hall to help him restore a shin and keeping the place up and all that. But we got a big stage over there. If anybody wants to get on stage and play that guitar and sing, they do that sometimes out here they have a bluegrass Pamela.

I don’t know if y’all can see it through the woods over there, but there’s stage right out there, but when we do reenactments out here we camp all over the place. You know we have those pup, tents or whatever we bring, but i’ll tell you all more later, hey y’all still out here cooking, as my sister tammy she’s out here with me. My niece Nicky is up there, helping them decorate the house zoom in for you.

I can see that sorry about the wind, but we’re having a good time out here, decoration day, show y’all what the stews looking like falling. Looking good we’re using a homemade stare need all that mean we’re going to have a ball out here and that’s going to be good. I can’t wait to eat it, smells so good or make your mouth water, but um we get back with your mum. Give you all a tour or a small tour, just show you the buildings here, I’m going to go all the way down there and work my way back up, but um I’ll get back with y’all, then hey again, folks I’ll show y’all.

This is a thing that I won from Donnie Pavel Eenie outdoors y’all check them out. If you can text them out already. This is a whole little cook kid all you need is the canister. If the Camp Chef Mountain series, striker special coffee, watery, just put it on while ago, I already got bubbles in it, but I want to show you all that keep back with y’all ready, hey folks. This is the beginning of Harmony Hall right here.

This is an old general store and I’ll give you our tour through that one y’all get here for the bushcraft meetup walk down and show you everything. That’s here over there we got what’s called wonders cottage, but they’re actually written that out to somebody. So we can’t go there, somebody’s ringing, the bell just give you all quick, look at all the buildings here that building right over there that’s old, trapper’s cabin – I don’t know if that’s going to be where we can go through it or not, it’s got to be Holding the roof right now, but everything out here is so historic.

It’s amazing! You got the trapper’s cabin there over here. Next to it, you got the one-room schoolhouse zoom in on that feel back there you got an outhouse old, outhouse, sorry for all the shake and I’m walking while I’m talking over there. We have a history class here, that’s decorating everything for Christmas. That’s the one room! Schoolhouse i’ll be giving y’all a tour through there, here’s the old church over there.

I want me to undo there, let’s get back with y’all when I get to the next limo over here this house it in very, very historic. I think I actually think it’s a 1970s house, I’m not sure, but it’s going to be a lot of fun out here. I got through doing the deer stew and everybody loved it. That was great, but on the bushcraft meet up i’ll, be doing deer stew and hopefully deer steaks too. I’m sure other people bring food too.

That’s just an old house. There ain’t much to it over there. We have another general store. All these buildings were brought here. They’re just historic buildings and they brought them here, made this kind of like a park. The only original building here is the harmony hall plantation house, but it’s so unique. If you love history, there’s the other old jar store right there. That’s the Tatum store should be able to give you our tour through there too.

I walk up here, we’ll get back by the way when y’all get here. Y’All can camp out here in this field. If you want camping the woods back there by the house, if you want there’s all sorts of places you can camp out it, they have plenty of room for, as many people wants to come, won’t be no shortage of spots to count. Here’s the Harmony Hall sign. This is like a little security cabin here, it’s a gatehouse and over here you got this one.

I camped out inside that this one before when it was 17 degrees out here when we was doing a reenactment, but this is the butler barn got, can pause it and read that real nice. I love it out here to come out here and feel like you’re walking in the 1700s about what it feels like. This is the blacksmith shop. He might even come out here while we’re out here. I’m not sure we do have one blacksmith. It’s been a little grandson, Evan Mickey my niece sister Tammy where’s Sasha.

She look like Bon Jovi rocky up here we got the Harmony Hall house limping off history club up there decorating, then there’s the one more Kevin over there. Nine people lived in that cabin I’ve. Already said that or not that’s, it will be camping all out here, all through the woods all over here. There’s a fire pit back there and another fire pit up here before I cook. The stew today cut the one bathroom over there and it does have a heater in it to stay warm over.

Here we got the tomahawk throwing targets and knife, throwing whichever you want to throw. This is where we’ll have to contest that and I’ll have some kind of prizes, i’m not sure what yet I used to come out here all the time with all the time I hope they’re fun, but that’s about it. I’m in the path down to the Cape Fear River, so y’all make sure you mark this on your calendars and come on out. I hope to see all y’all are here.

I know I’ll be here for sure. If y’all know briar goat killer he’ll be here and little man, his son, Donny Pavel Amy’s, working on trying to get here, you don’t know if he will or not and Mike where’s from absorb self-reliance he’s trying to get here. So y’all marketer encounter and come on out hope to see either y’all take care.

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