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SEO Report: SEMRush – The BEST SEO Tool Ever

I Love to geek out over tools that, just you know, translate this technical World of search engine optimization and I like to call findability into Something that’s digestible and easy to understand by a layman.

— someone who’s, not A techie geeky sort of person, So I’m going to show you some of my favorite tools. And the first one is a tool called SEM rush.Com. Now this tool is one of my Favorites I spend most of my professional career in this one report. And I’m going to walk you through how to take a look at where you rank in the Search results and how to generate an SEO report based on your existing Ranking Alright, I’m going to show you one of my favorite tools.

It’s called SEM Rush, I did a bunch of speaking for them and it’s a wonderful organization. They Have a plethora of tools Now I’m going to pop into this, but I don’t want to… And I Don’t want to intimidate you, So I’m also going to show you one thing about this: And then I’ll as you subscribe and read my additional articles I’ll keep diving Into this tool, because it has so many great features, What you’re going to do? Is go to SEMrush.

Com and you’ll, see the screen in front of you Now you’re Going to put your website address in here, So I’m going to go ahead and put my Website then, hit start now Now the trick with this is going to give you ranking. But it’s only going to give you a limited amount, because you don’t have a Paid subscription, I have a paid subscription, so I’m going to go ahead. Now You’ll see here, I can register to get ten free requests.

It is absolutely Worth giving them your email address and setting up a password, so you can go in And really have fun geeking out over this tool, I’m going to go over to my next Tab where I’m already logged in Now, what you’re going to see when you run your Report is I’m just going to come up here to the top, which is the same thing. I just Showed you Ooh, I love the tool I’m showing my geek Okay, Let’s see what’s going on, You know it’s hard because you can subscribe to a Lot of different tools, This one is definitely worth subscribing to The Basic account is $ 99 a month, and that might like get you in the throat a Little bit, But when you see what this tool can do, you’ll be like “.

I want that.” Alright, So we’re going to go back here to findability just on the main screen at The very top – And this is the same thing as the homepage screen as well Now – I’m Going to get a dashboard of all of my ranking, Oh, I love a dashboard, So you’ll See here that I have 557 keywords I currently rank, for. It also tells you Like how many backlinks, So I have almost 2,000 backlinks Backlinks – are when other Sites are linking from their site to my site, And now these are very important.

Because they’re, like one directional endorsements from other people’s Websites back to yours, I like to think of them like a restaurant review, You Have a fabulous dinner and then you go on to like Yelp or some other website. And you endorse that restaurant and how great they are Similar to a backlink is Man, she spoke here. She did this, we love that and then they linked from that Their site back to yours, Which is gold for Google, They love those One-Directional backlinks, So I’ve got a nice backlink profile.

Now we’re going to Come down here, Look at this, So you might think “ Well. Why would anyone from Internationally visit my website?”. Well, you can see here that I have quite an Interesting spread of people who are visiting my site from the US to the UK Canada, Australia, Denmark and Spain in the Netherlands, I guess I’m huge in the Netherlands, It’s only about this much search, so maybe not really huge.

It also Tells you how much people are coming from mobile devices and other, So this Can be very, very telling about? Are you getting reach internationally and not Just by US searches, So I’m going to go in here and I’m going to click top Organic keywords: This is going to give me a master list of all the keywords. That my website currently ranks for, I think, a lot of people don’t even know. These kinds of tools exist And I love.

… I love the data because the power is in The data, If you know how you’re ranking, then you can hold the people who have Said they’re doing SEO for you, You can really hold them to task and make sure They’re actually doing what you’re paying them to do. So, let’s come down. Here You’ll see right now. Let me walk you through what you’re, seeing here So The first one is the exact keyword phrase findability So I ranked number 2 for the word findability.

It’s 52 percent of my total Traffic to my website, So people really love that phrase And it gets 880 Searches per month Now remember that’s one month worth of data and I’ll take That But then you have the times that by 12 to get the full year, which is I don’t Do math in my head, but that’s a lot So 880 is a lot, I’m very happy with that. Phrase And you’ll see here that we’ve got the exact page that ranks for it.

Which is my home page Now, let’s take a take, a look and see what other keywords I currently rank for So SEO. Coaching is the number two keyword that I rank for. I’r in sixth position, So if you think about a search result, Page there’s ten positions on a search result. Page Above the fold means I Haven’t scrolled down yet It’s an old newspaper concept. So if I have a Newspaper folded up above the fold is the newspaper Fold it down.

That’s below The fold Why they use a newspaper reference for an internet search, I have No idea, but here we are So ideally I want to make sure that I’m above the Fold That would be one to five And then 6 is just below the fold. Now. Here’s The scary stats as 86 %, never scroll down they’re just they make a decision right. At the top And then 92 % never go to page 2, They say the best place to bury a Dead body is on page 2 of Google.

So just keep that in mind that if you’re on Page 2, Not really going to be helpful. We want to make sure that you’re on page One So you’ll see SEO coaching, I’m just Slightly below the fold, It gives me 7 % of the total traffic to my Website And people search that phrase 320 times per month. On average, over 12 months, That’s a good keyword for me. I’r ranking For SEO coaching, I could do that all day every day.

That’s my jam. So SEO coaching is definitely where I want to bring. Then we come down of Course, you’re going to always rank for your name, But I love to see that Actually Findability University is not the number one way people are searching. For me, I want to have more people searching for what I do and what I know. And not necessarily for my name, If they’re searching for my name, they Already know me and that’s not helpful, to Findability.

I want to make sure that When people are typing in keyword, phrases that they’re finding me for that, Topic Not necessarily just for my name Now you’ll see Candyland map, You wonder, probably like. Why does she break for that? Well, I have a article in my YouTube. Blog called Customer Journey map, So you might want to check that out because I talked all about how your website and your customer journey is similar to Candyland, Of course, I’m going to rank under my name.

I got a rank, So Heather, let’s see Oprah. I was on Oprah a million years ago. Of course you don’t really ever stop ranking for Oprah keywords, So I’m still On there and then, as you come down, you’ll see all the other phrases I rank. For So SEM rush is absolutely fantastic for giving you keyword data. So let’s Take a peek at websitegrader.Com and it’s w-e-b-s-i-t-e- G-r-a-d-e-r.Com, So What you’re, seeing in front of me right now is the website.

Grader says how Strong is your website, So we’re going to come in here and I’m going to put in my Website Don’t have to give him your email address. Remember they’re, very good. Marketers and you’re going to hit get your answer Now. The cool thing about This tool is that it gives you a very high level, 10,000 feet overview of what Your website looks like to a Google bot. Now I got 84, which is an excellent score.

But there’s always room for improvement. It’s like these little tiny tweaks that You can make So you’ll see here performance, I love a big slider and what I’r not talking about a burger, I’m talking about a website slider. So let me Go to my website and I’ll show you what I mean by that Now some people argue Whether these are a little dated some of them say it’s a dated. I love it. I saw You see here that I’ve got a nice big slider On my homepage, So if I come down here, you’ll see that I have one slider, then I Have my second slider, then I have my third slider and then I have my fourth Slider, okay, Now these are great They’re, very egocentric.

I think a lot of Business owners love these sliders because they can put these beautiful Images on there, However, when we go back to website grader you’ll, see that I’m Getting dinged on this, So performance is: how fast is my website pulling? Is it Slow like taken forever like molasses or is it superfast? Google is a nervous Nellie, Google does not want to wait for the data; They want to make sure that That data is being pulled fast.

Remember that over 40 % of all traffic coming to Google is by mobile devices, So you have to remember. Your website is like this Big, not this big and Google wants that to pull fast, I’m getting dinged on Performance because I love my sliders, So I can always go in there and compress it. See if I can get it to pull quicker, but the next one you’ll see is mobely. Responsive That means I can look at the website this big and I can push it and All the way down to a little tiny screen on a phone, and it still looks great It Should beautifully collapse on itself, Let me show you a trick to test your Website and how it looks on a mobile device.

So I’m going to come back to my Screen and I’m going to go here So when you go over to…, I use Internet…. I use Chrome Any browser will do this. Firefox Safari You’re, going to come over here to the very End of the browser and you’re going to get this little double arrow, then you’re Going to pull it over, Pull it over pull it over. Do you see how it’s collapsing on Itself Then, I’m going to do is you’ll see here that as I go down, Oooh look Everything has neatly stacked on top of each other, and this is so important.

Because your website better look good on a mobile device, There’s how people can Come in and run their own website grader. So if you’d like to come in here, You can run a website grader right here. It comes from SEM rush and it’ll go Right into your inbox, if you like, just to kind of shortcut the whole process, It’s very important, You’ll see here Even my map it had. You know it looked like a Candyland map right it goes all the way down.

Well now that map has been compressed and it goes all the way down. So very Important that you really take a hard look at what is my website look like on A mobile device, Google will absolutely penalize you if your website is not Mobile irresponsive, The next one is SEO Now. This is an incredibly big topic. Clearly, that’s what my expertise is in. However, what it’s looking at is a Keyword, consistency on the homepage Finally, security.

Now I don’t want you to Freak out, if the security says zero out of ten, it means that every page in your Website needs to be HTTPS. That means that every page in your website is Secure One of the reasons this is so important is because lots of people have WordPress websites – Maybe you have a wordpress website. WordPress – is great. It Is easy to use you can you know set it up, you can add new themes, all the time.

It’s a great great platform for a website. However, it has a lot of security. Issues, Do you know some of the number one ways that people save their password Is actually the word password Don’t do that Anything that’s available on Facebook, Your birthday, your dog’s name, your husband’s name, Your anniversary, These are not things you want to use for your passwords. Because people can easily come in and figure out what that password is That’s A no-no We don’t want that, So what we’re going to take a look at is make sure that Https is on every single page of your website, So when Google comes, they see That, Okay, I trust you You have some nice security built in.

How do you get that? Fixed Call your hosting provider Say “. I want to be on a dedicated IP and a Secured server.” Now, I’m sorry for all the geek talk, But it’s so important. You Understand this at a baseline level, A dedicated IP is like a cul-de-sac. You Move into a cul-de-sac, you got a bunch of neighbors on the Cul-de-sac. Hosting companies, cell storage or website hosting and something called an Ip block, Like a cul-de-sac, You have lot of other people that you’re Sharing that block with Now one site could be a porn site, Hopefully not Once I could be banned by Google You’re keeping company with other web Sites that have been penalized by Google – You don’t want that Sharing is not Caring here, So what we need to do is make sure you’re on a dedicated IP Meaning just you on that IP address And then of course, HTTPS You set up your Hosting on a secured server, Very important Just give your hosting company Call Say “, I want a dedicated IP and I want a secured host.

” Very, very important. For your credibility and Trust, So as you go down, I’ve just looked at this whole Area right here, Performance, mobile SEO and security. Now, if you scroll down You’re going to be able to get very specific feedback on how to make these Better, So what I would do is you can come up to this little share button. Right here Top right corner and you can share it on Twitter. You can share it on Facebook or LinkedIn, if you want to Or you can just come up.

.. Here’s my Little kind of hack, So you don’t have to give me your email address and still get The report You come up here in chrome to file and print Now you’re able to get All the goodies from this report, without ever giving him your email address, Woohoo, Try not to give out your email because Trust me, especially with HubSpot: They will never stop emailing, you No matter. How many times you unsubscribe they keep showing up in your inbox.

So remember You Are in control You own, the keys to your website. Kingdom Run SEMrush.Com. Get the keywords you’re currently ranking for and then go to website. Grader And see how you can continue to tune up your website. These elements are So important to Google And they should be important to you. Have you hired an Seo person and didn’t really know what they were doing or didn’t have a way to Check their work.

Well, I’m going to give you my book Marketing Espionage Chapter 10 is hire and fire a web developer and how to Really understand what you’re getting for your SEO dollar So below in the Description, I have a free download of my book. Go to chapters 10, 11 and 12 to Really understand what are you buying and are you getting your money’s worth?


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What Is A Backlink?

There’s a lot of Misunderstanding around backlinks or just links, so let’s talk a little bit. About what a link is, what are the different kinds of links, and how can I Check to see who’s currently linking to me, There are three different kinds of Links there are gold, silver and bronze.

So let’s talk about the difference. Between all three of these links, The first one is the bronze standard, the Bronze standard is when someone’s looking to you and you link to them So It’s it called a “ reciprocal link”. I link to you, you link to me, and we kind of Scratch-Scratch, each other’s backs. That’s fine, but Google’s like “ you’re in Cahoots we see you”, So those are fine but they’re, not really the best they’re.

The Bronze standard, The silver standard is going to be inside of your content on Your website You’re, linking from your source out to another reference So that Could be a word or a study or a stat, And you link to where that stat resides on Another website That’s a silver standard. If you are a professor and expert in Your space, of course, you’re going to cite your sources. That’s what links are all about.

Links are meant to validate the content that You’re, talking about on that page, So make sure that when you’re writing Content that you’re, linking inside of your body copy, That’s considered a Silver standard or when you’re, linking from your website to another site Now Let’s talk about the good stuff: Let’s talk about the gold standard of linking The gold standard of linking is going to be Harvard A.

Edu links, their paper Or some content from their domain to you Now those are going to be pretty hard to Get but.Edu’s are the bomb, So you want to make sure you can get them If you Like maybe you present to a class, maybe you write an article for a newspaper. Maybe you made someone a blog.Edu’s have a Tremendous amount of credibility for Google Because clearly, if you’re, if You’ve got an amazing educational institution and they’re linking to you Then you are an expert in your field, Also any news site, so CNN Forbes any of The big sites that pick up a quote from you pick up a stat There’s a wonderful Website called Haro H-A-R-O.

Com, It’s help a reporter out. I read reporters Who go in there and they’ll say I need to speak to someone on SEO or I need an Seo expert or I need to know how businesses can grow online. I will go Into Haro and I will write a quick note to that reporter and saying here’s like How I can help you Now? This is why this is so. Cool is because, if that reporter Takes my quote, I sent him. I get a backlink from wherever he’s creating Content back to my website.

Remember: that’s the gold standard one-directional From a news, educational site back to your website, I’ll take any link that Comes from a third-party site back to you But don’t reciprocate! Remember I Don’t want Google to think I’m in cahoots. I have a lot of people that are Go in like the last, their cousin and all their uncles and all their clients to Link to them and then they’ll link back, It’s fine, but it’s not good enough.

Really for Google to say “ mmm, that’s good! I could trust that they’re. Clearly an Authority” So be very careful about how you select your links, Let me show you One of my favorite tools – I talk about it, a lot kind of like a broken record here. But I love SEMRush. Now I’ve logged into my account, if you don’t have an SEMRush account, there’s a lot of other backlinks, I’m going to show you a free Backlink audit tool here in a minute, but I want to show you SEMRush first SEMRush – has a tool called Backlinks.

Now the problem is, is when you get all these Links and they’re all being generated, sometimes those links are toxic Kind of A dramatic word for saying “, I didn’t ask for that: link,,” or maybe “. That website is Is participating in deceptive practice,,”, meaning they’re just linking to Everything hoping that hoping they’ll create this book is called a backlink Profile to Google that makes a lot of traffic alert their website.

You may have A lot of links that create overtime that you had no Business in creating – and we want to make sure that we read this, So we want to do What’s called a backlink audit and make sure that we tell Google that if these Are all toxic links? I don’t want to be associated with that. I didn’t endure that endorse that or approve that you need to then tell Google, that you don’t want, you, don’t have nothing to do with these links.

Because those could be affecting your ranking and you’d never know it. So when You come in here you’re, going to run a backlink audit And you’ll see right here. That I have 1,700 links from other sources back to my website. I have a Hundred and ninety-six referring domains, meaning of those 1,700 backlinks they’re Coming from 196 different domains, And of course, then I have recurring IP Addresses Don’t worry about that.

That’s just geek talk, Okay, so then we want to Come down in here We’re going to take a careful look at which ones are Considered toxic and which ones are good Now. What I want you to see here is, as You go down. You’ll, see this a little button right here that says disavow. This Creates a beautiful little Excel spreadsheet, So as you’re looking through Here and you’re, looking at where these are coming from, if I see anything in Here that I’m like “ what?”? Let’s see, let’s see here? Oh no, no! No! No! No! I’r going Through here I see speaking places, I’ve spoken at, let’s see where else I can see.

Here, Lots of printer hub, thank you! So now I see Napa-net.Org. Now you have a Couple things you can click on that link, see where it resides. If you don’t want It then you’re going to hit the plus sign now what this does is. It adds that URL For that one link to an Excel spreadsheet, then it will submit it to Google, on your behalf, So what happens is you’re saying? Look. I am great at what I Do but all these links have shown up over time that I had no business in Creating I don’t want to be associated with those and Google’s like okay, great And you submit this document to Google and that will help to clean up your Backlink profile make sure those gold, silver and bronze links are really Giving you the benefit of lifting your website, So when you do create a piece of Content Google’s like “, they got it going on.

” All These are the people are linking directly to that content and they think It’s amazing So another quick tool to look at it’s not as fancy as SEMRush But it’s free Free is nice. This is a website tool like I found called Ahrefs, ahrefs.Com/backlink-checker and I’ll make sure to put it in the Notes below in the in the description of this article You’re going to come in You’re going to put your domain name you’re going to hit check backlinks, Alright, so What it’s doing is it’s going in there and taking a look now at what are all The pages that I’m ranking for what are the backlinks I’m getting from those Pages and then, of course, referring domains.

This is a wonderful way, just Start looking through these links, If you see any links in here, you’re like what The heck, how did that ever like here’s one called Beauty Store Business? I don’t Know what that is, I don’t know why anyone would link me. But maybe if I go and check it out, so I’m going to click on that. Let’s see where This goes Yeah, so this is clearly a link bait site. A link bait site is where they Put a bunch of links on here and then of course, they’re hoping that Google will See those links and give them credit for it.

I don’t want to be on this website. You’ll see it’s clearly a spam site, So I’m going to go back and then I’m going to Go into my SEMRush and say uh-uh, I don’t want to be associated, I’m going to disavow That link, So I know this is a little geeky post. Your questions in the Comments below or email me, heather @ findability.Com, and we can take a Little bit of a geek deep dive into backlinking, It’s so important when You’re trying to establish trust in a robotic setting in search So remember: gold, silver bronze Stay true to creating content Link out to experts.

And make sure you give them credit and your backlink profile would become a Beautiful example of why people love you and ultimately link to you If you love Nerding out over search engine marketing findability then make sure To ring the bell and subscribe to my YouTube blog, I’m committed to Creating daily content that moves your business forward to become the most Findable business online


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SEO For Restaurants

Today, we’re going to take A look at: how can you be a savvy marketer, be the most findable restaurant Online and spend the least amount of money getting there. If you own a restaurant, you know how Challenging it is to become findable online. You probably have a ton of people Walking in every day trying to sell you some new marketing strategy, I’m going to Show you, as a restaurant owner or a hospitality group, how you can dive Deeper into your findability, based on how your prospective audience is, Searching and how you can show up to them in the exact way they search.

I’M Going to show you a tool called KeywordsEverywhere.Com, Very simple, to install Just go to KeywordsEverywhere.Com and we’re going to show you how the Keywords that people are searching are the best way for you to show up for them. So, let’s take a look at my search results. I just searched for pizza. Restaurants, Denver. I love a good pizza, But pizza restaurants, Denver. You know, That is that pizza delivery Is it you know, is it going to be like Domino’s or Is it going to be like something really spectacular? I’Ve had enough Domino’s in my life, I’m ready for something a little more Interesting, So what we’re going to take a look at is what shows up on a search Result pages incredibly important to restaurants Now, primarily because it’s All local driven meaning where I’m at right now my IP address right now is Going to match up with how you have your restaurant listed, So the first thing: You’Ll see here is you’ve got Google local business listings.

So what you’ll See here is you’ve got Pizza on this page. It’S all over. I’Ve got Blue Pan Pizza West Highlands, Marco’s Cold, Fired Pizza, Anne’s Pizza Denver. So that’s Great, it’s got all of them have pizza in the description, but take a look at this If you come over, KeywordsEverywhere will show you exactly how people are Searching for pizza Now I could of course, Pizza Denver or best Pizza, Denver.

It’S always going to be like the brass ring of keywords, But there’s only 10 Results on a search result page so that can be pretty challenging. So let’s take A look pizza, restaurants, Denver gets 260 searches per month. That’S a lot over the Course of a year Now Now that we know that that’s where people are hanging out We got to figure out like what are the clubs? Where do the people hang out? And they hang out in different spots in Google search Results So if we figure out where they’re hanging out, then we can market To them, specifically based on where they’re at Let’s jump over to the actual Keywordseverywhere data KeywordsEverywhere you’ll, see here, puts the data Right inside the search results on a Google search result page, So some other Ways I may want to think about is Denver pizza company Mmm, okay, That gets 1,600 Searches a month How about best pizza delivery in Denver 390 Searches a month Pizza near me, Denver 390 searches, a Month, Best pizza in downtown Denver, 210 Denver, Colorado, pizza, 20 searches, So Look at all the different ways that people are searching: they’re searching For company they’re searching for best Best is an incredibly powerful phrase If You have ever been given an award you’ve run.

Would you’ve won something that Indicates that you’re the best optimize for the word “ best”, So some of the most Powerful converting keywords on the Internet are “, best”, “, affordable” and “ cheap” You know the business owner is like “. I don’t want cheap”, Be careful with that. Because cheap is actually they’re just looking for a good deal, It doesn’t mean They’Re not going to spend money, they just want the best deal possible.

So “ best”, “, affordable” and “ cheap” are going to be your three biggest trigger words. We Call them to getting in front of people that normally wouldn’t even know about Who you are but should Now, let’s take a look at scroll down and see what else we Can find Now we’ve got of course, Yelp Yelp is sort of the big bad boy of Restaurants, Keep in mind that Yelp is a search engine. So when you go in to Optimize, your restaurant, maybe your restaurant, is Nicolo’s.

Now Nicolo’s is a Family name, it’s been in your business, it’s been in your family business Forever I get it, But you’ve got to balance that with what you do So based On the search volume that I’m seeing, I would do Nicolo’s best pizza in Denver. Now what that does is it says “? Yes, I’m going to find you four Nicolo’s, but then I’M also going to find you four best pizza Denver”, which gets 390 searches a month.

I want some of that action When you start balancing The restaurant phrase, like your Niccolo’s and then your best pizza in Denver. You add that to your Google Local Listing, You add that to your Yelp Listing And now you instantly become findable to people who don’t know who You are but are searching for best pizza or best pizza, restaurant Denver, Those Are the client kind of clients you want And then you have to create a page that Says look: we’ve won all these awards and here’s all of our google reviews and you Can show them all the reasons why you are the best pizza restaurant in Denver, Let’S keep going down so that’s how we deal with Yelp.

Let’S see what else So! There’S always those sort of outliers there’s in the local community. There’S a Website called Westward It’s one of those newspapers you can pick out in Front of any of the major grocery stores or any of the lot of the restaurants Have them too, but a lot of people use that as as ways to find new restaurants. So Westward they’re featured as Denver’s best pizza by style, which is kind of Interesting then, the next one is Thrillist.

Thrillist is also another Restaurant, They do actually all entertainment entities, but they have a Very specific section on Thrillist. So if you could go and you’re thinking about Where do I spend my money, you’re going to go and you’re going to see Westward how Do I get in there They’re already ranking in search results, Then you’re Going to go to Thrillist.Com, How can I maybe buy an ad in there, So I’m findable On that page You’re, going to where people are hanging out, you want to find The clubs you want to go create marketing materials based on how people are Already searching That’s when you’re able to grow your business to people who Don’T know you exist but should and not spend a fortune doing that When you try To go after too many strategies, it gets muddied really quickly.

So pick one or Two strategies and go after those see who comes up on search results for your Restaurant type Go nuts think about Uber Eats. I search for pizza in Uber Eats or I Searched for sandwiches or Mexican food, These are search engines, Uber Eats Grubhub Yelp they’re all search engines So think about not from how you want to Market, your restaurant, but how am I searching as a Potential customer for what you have in your restaurant.

This is the real change. In thinking that you have to have as a restaurant owner, stop buying all these Willy-Nilly, one-off online marketing and start thinking more about who wants to Eat your food, and why should I come to your restaurant? I’Ve been a business Owner, I know how hard it is to run a business, and it’s so hard for you to Know the snake oil from the real deal. So if you like this content, make sure to Follow my blog hit the belt so that you could be notified of my daily easy Empowering tips to make you the most findable restaurant online

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