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My 2020 Medical Planner | Erin Condren Softbound Focused Collection

This is what I have chosen for 2020, as some of you know that read my vlogs or maybe follow me on Instagram there’s a link below. If you want to follow me on Instagram, I have been having some major health problems in 2019 and unfortunately, they are going to trickle over into 2024, probably the entire year anyway.

That being said, I’m, like you, know what I need to get my life organized and have a planner that’s dedicated just to my health. I do use on a daily basis, just the regular, like Erin Condren binder, and I do put my health appointments in here. Here’s my current week right now and I actually have a doctor’s appointment on the 26th but um I need somewhere to put and log everything and something easy and portable to take with me.

When I have these appointments, I do use an Erin Condren planner tote bag. As my daily purse um – and this fits really well in it – I do use currently the black one and it’s the smaller Erin Condren tote bag. I really really like it so anyways I decided to go with. This is called the focused planner and it is in the Navy soft bound. It’s an a5 size. You can decide if you want to get it embossed or not.

I believe there is a chart, I think it’s five or ten dollars. I did get it embossed with my initials, so it’s e j.G. Those are my initials and yeah. I’ve already set this up. I just wanted to walk through it with you, so I could show you kind of how I’m using it I’m sure it’ll keep being modified as we go so anyways. Let’s, let’s get going here, I actually have some test results that I need to bring to my first appointment on the 26th, so I just have that in here, so I can give that to my physician in the new department so anyways I haven’t my name on There I should do that and then the next page is 2020.

I haven’t put anything in here yet, but whatever so, you guys are going to see like names of my doctors, so like don’t be super creepy and like stop them. Okay, okay on this page, it has the holidays and then, like special dates, I haven’t decided what I want to do with this. I mean clearly some months, I’m going to have a ton of appointments and some months I might have none. I don’t know so. I’m just going to kind of like leave it as it is, so we are almost in January, so we are in December.

Currently, it is Christmas Eve actually right now, when I’m filming this, but on the 26th I have an appointment, it’s 7:50 at the Fridley clinic, and I have like my first consultation and a little bit about my medical background as to like what is going on this Early fall, they found out that I had a hiatal hernia and what that is, is it’s basically a hole that is in your body and it’s when your stomach and esophagus meet up, so the only way to actually fix that is with surgery.

There are some dietary things that you can do to help it out. However, those have not worked for me. I’ve been on a plethora of medications and more medications because of that, and I met with the surgeon that does regular hiatal hernia surgeries and because I’m not fully responding to the oral medications. I am no longer a candidate for the regular surgery. She then suggested the only way to actually fix it, in my specific case would be a bariatric surgery and for anyone that doesn’t know what bariatric surgery is, it’s a weight loss surgery.

They basically reroute your stomach, and I have had so many stomach issues for several years. It’s just been really bad, this past 2019 and finally did something about it. So I’ve probably had the hernia for quite a while and just been living very uncomfortably. I can’t sleep well, I have crazy, lucid, like weird dreams, because of all the medications I’m taking, because I’m taking all the medications, I tend to get more migraines, which is a whole nother issue.

So anyway, there’s like a lot going on so anyways. This is basically going to be now my weight-loss journey. Slash get my tummy write book, plus any other like doctor’s appointments. I have to deal with so as of right now. My insurance has not approved the surgery. However, my surgeon and my general practitioner doctor are putting or have put in a request for them to cover it because they would have covered my normal hiatal hernia hiatal hernia surgery anyways.

So it’s going to take probably a month or so for us to hear anything and then they’ll probably end up doing another submittal as well before it gets approved so anyways. Now you know way too much about my health, okay, so um like I said I have my first appointment on the 26th, so I figured I’d put it in here just because like why not and then I also have an appointment with a dietician. Her name is Janelle on the 16th, so these kind of go like hand in hand.

I can’t do anything with the surgery team yet, but I will be able to do some stuff with a surgery team once it gets approved through insurance, but I have to do this anyways, so I figured well. Let’s get the party started and I did call my insurance and they do cover this so anywho. I also have these really cute stickers that I got a while ago. I want to say they’re from planner bunny press or bunny planner press.

Something like that. I will link them down below, but it’s like these little trifold scales, so I figured I would like weigh myself every weekend or you know like just once a week and then put it in there, so I would have a record of it just to share with My physicians also, I got these little stickers um. You can’t see very well probably but they’re clear, adhesive and they’re for Erin Condren, and this one says January, and it says January, on the other side as well and then also on the month, because it’s not really a tab.

I ended up putting a little bit of washi tape right here, so you can clearly see you know where your month is like where, where the month you know, starts or whatever so anyway, all right, let’s get back to January, you guys are going to learn like Way too much about me on this okay, so the first page is you know over on this side. It just says January: you’ve got you know some lines, you got some checklists and then also you got the back side of the washi.

So currently, these are on the medications I’m taking and why I’m taking them, how much all that good stuff. So I wan na like every beginning of the month. I want to make sure to write that down, because, if anything changes I want to be able to tell you know my physician what’s going on, because they have been messing with my medications lately so and then, like February. I would do the same thing, but it’s clearly not February yet so I can’t put that in so anyways and then I can like adjust it if it needs adjusting and then so over here we’ve got like your weekly pages.

I’m not like a horizontal person at all, but I think for this it’s going to be just fine, because I’m not really utilizing it too much. I’m just kind of writing things down. So you know this kind of stuff or like. If I have a migraine or you know, I have to go to Urgent Care or the ER or something I can write that in and why and all that good stuff. So anyway, that is kind of how I am going to use this planner coming up, and here I’m going to put this right here, because that’s what I need and so yeah.

So these are some test results that I have to give my you know physician when I see them on the 26th, so I just have that in here and it’s just like a nice compact little thing and you know I can fit into my hand really easily Um, you know walking room with a life planner every day, just really doesn’t suit me and my needs. Even though I love my life planner, but I don’t think it’s ever left my house um.

I usually just keep it right here, um. You know you know on my desk or whatever and just let you know these do retail for $ 30. I don’t think I said that yet, but these do retail for $ 30 and they’re in the a5 size. So they’re, I don’t know they’re just really really. Nice and you know, I’m excited to use this and I’m excited to make progress. You know in my health journey also the back has a little Erin Condren logo on it.

So yeah I went through every single month and you know just started everything with you know this and then I put in like when I’m going to be gone. This is going to be go wild. I don’t know the dates yet I mean I know that. Go wild. It was actually like right here, but I don’t know like when we’re leaving and when we’re coming back. So I was like asker it I’m just going to like put all the put all the washi.

Why the hell not, and then I just love these little things, I think those aren’t really darn cute and to me I don’t feel like it bulks up the planner too much with the washi and the trifold stickers. I think it’s you know just fine by me. So yeah, then there’s July August. Remember that September and October. Oh and another thing, is I really like at the very end of the month hold on you have pages like you have two lined pages, so I can make any notes I want to make.

If I’m in a doctor’s appointment or maybe after the appointment, make any notes and then also in the very beginning of the month, you know I’m going to do my medications here, but I can make any other notes over here that I need to or if they’re Just really simple notes: you know I can make them on the day of the pointman or maybe a day. I don’t have an appointment. I can just like you know, keep writing or whatever.

So I do really like that so yeah and then I have November and then December and then in the back I decided to do so. This is going to get creepy. Okay, so like don’t be creepy and like stalked, my doctors, okay, so I wanted to put in some notable dates. So these are some dates that a lot of people ask about when I go to appointments and see other doctors. So anyway, I had an ER visit because of chest pain, that’s kind of like what started this whole thing I mean.

Clearly. I’ve had stomach problems and reflux issues for a long time like years, but yeah. I thought I was having a heart attack and I was not because yeah my hernia was acting up and I clearly didn’t know. I had a hernia at the time and then I have September 19th. I had the endoscopy which they found the hernia. I had my fallopian tubes removed on October 31 and then I had this esophageal manometry and 24 hour pH test in November anyway, and then so I have like all my doctors written down that I’ve worked with or are going to be working with and then, like Current allergies so yeah and then I’ve got more pages to go, and then I actually put in like some of the places that I need to go their addresses so yeah and then I’ve got the 2021 page so anyway.

That is it for a look at my medical planner for 2020. I hope you guys enjoyed if you use a soft bound, a focused planner. Let me know in the comments what you use it for, but yeah this is going to be dedicated to all medical things. I will probably be sharing some glimpses of this on Instagram when I can and yeah. I hope you guys are having a wonderful day and feel free to like the article subscribe.

Do all those things those new tubers tell you to do and I’m going to see you guys in the next article bye guys we’ll folks is time to kick it old school