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2019/2020 Deluxe Monthly Planner | Erin Condren

That is coming out very very soon. It is done tada, it’s a deluxe monthly planner. This will be launching on the site on June 4th, and here are just some details that are different about this year. So let me actually get you in the frame a little bit butter and then let me like its talk a little bit alright.

So the base price for a non metallic cover, which this one is a non metallic cover, is increasing. They used to be thirty eight dollars and then now they’re going to be forty dollars and then also the base price for metallic covers are from forty three they’re going from forty three dollars and then now there are $ 45 for a metallic cover. If you want the eight and a half by eleven, this is the standard 7 by 9 size, which I prefer, but that’s a $ 5 increase just to like.

Let you know if you want that the eight and a half by eleven, your page count is actually increasing this year from 194 pages, with 40 notes pages to 230 pages. Still with the 40 pages of notes in the back, you can also choose your own start month between july 2019, ending in december at 2020. So if you want it to start like in September, you can you know, there’s lots of variety. Mine starts in January 2020.

That’s just kind of how my brain works, so I am, you know, happy that that is how it starts online, and this is only going to be offered in a 12 month version and there is also an option to add dot, grid and productivity pages in the Back so that is kind of the gist of this. I just wanted to show you this. I know some of you are like Emily. This is like a very different cover for you. This is a PR cover so, like I didn’t get to choose my cover or my guts or anything so, but it’s still a lovely and lovely cover, but you can obviously you know, take it out and then put your own cover on it, which is something I Really love about this planner.

If you guys have readed my blog before I will leave em in the card. I think it’s up here. My money talk playlist, because I typically use this planner for all of my budgets. I will stick that up there, but yeah. I’m just kinda, I just want to like thumb through this with you guys. You can see the difference and I have the colorful kaleidoscope pattern. They are going to be having this in the neutral kaleidoscope as well so very similar to the life planners.

So you have your kind of year at a glance here, which I absolutely love this page, it’s always so nice and then you get these twelve boxes and if you guys haven’t seen my walkthrough of the coil bound Erin Condren planner, it’s very not similar to this. But it’s similar ish to this I’ll, put that up in a card for you guys as well, and then we have January 2020. That starts – and I’m loving this. This is one of the pages that I absolutely love for the life planner that just came out and they included it in the monthly deluxe and I’m really glad that they did because people that just use the monthly deluxe I feel like can really utilize this.

It’s just like blank right here, so you do have like the birthday monthly goals and then like two areas that don’t have anything on them. This would clearly be easy enough to. You know, put it another sticker over it. If you don’t want to track birthdays or monthly goals, and then you get into the month with the sidebar and then you also have the next month at a glance right over here, which is awesome and then just like previous year, you got one two three four Notes pages and this one kind of goes at this one, because I’m just looking at like you know, pink and pink so yeah, that’s the biggest difference.

I want to walk through side by side, but let’s look at the rest of this first, because I have my other. This is my 2019 planner over here. So I want to walk through it together, but that’s basically what the month looks like so yeah so, like I said, mine goes through December, so I wanted to get at the end of December and then we have 2021 at a glance which is great, especially if You use this for budgeting and you know certain things are coming up like you know, maybe some vacation or something like that, and then we’ve got a bunch of notes, page ages, which mine just has the additional sorry about the glare you guys.

The dog is like in the curtains um, so I have the additional notes pages of which I love. These are so nice and very, very useful, very, very useful and then in the back. I have two pages of little event stickers here. So those are my cute little event stickers and then um, sorry I’ll get out of the curtains. I’m sorry, you guys the way you’ll get out of the curtains. Okay, we’re better! Now! Sorry, if you guys didn’t see before anyway, these these are the event stickers.

Oh goodness, Doyle’s living his best life, clearly um, alright and then at the very end. You have your pocket and then this has the metallic on the cover and then on the cover when we’re trying to say on the flap and then this one also has the big pocket flap as well. In my pr1, I got this already attached. I don’t believe that this comes with the planner, but it’s just a really acute idea and I really like how the dual tip marker goes with the cover it’s kind of cute right.

Alright, so I want to walk through month by month or like page by page. Basically and show you what the biggest differences are this year between this one and then my old one, so let’s look through it together. Actually here, let’s do it like this no hold on look well, nope we’re going the wrong way, Emily we’re going the wrong way. Okay, well, it’s not big enough. Okay! Well, let’s just flip through things and then when things are kind of changing, then I’ll show it together.

So we just got like quote pages totally. Fine, we’ve got our tabbed page. This is all the same, just a different print and then again same, but just a little bit different, and then we’ve got the next page which same all right. So we start in to January, and then this is very different. Like I said, you know, this is just an extra page and then we have this page, which I think is going to be really great for a lot of people to utilize versus just going straight into the month.

And then, if we go to the next page here, the monthly is just it’s a little bit different, but it’s just because of the design. Then it’s a little bit different, but still the same idea and loving this in the corner. They also have it here. We go to this page which no you guys are seeing my budget, I mean so very similar to the next year and then let me just count the pages real quick. So I have one two three, four, okay, one, two, three, four okay, so it has the same amount of lined note pages between every single month.

You just get two extra pages in the beginning of the month, which is awesome so yeah. I mean it’s just a good way to track things I feel like and then in the back for notes pages feel like okay, so there were two sticker sheets in the back as well, and then this and all these dinky things – I don’t know if you guys – Can see this remember these dinky things drives me nuts, because you can’t really put anything in there.

I feel like everything just like falls out but yeah. I use mine for budgeting. As I have shown, i’ve actually torn a couple of pieces out of here too, and i’ve used them. They do have the perforated edge on this one. Let me see if they have it on these ones, yeah they have a little perforated edge on there. So I just don’t feel bad, especially when there’s like what is it 40 sheets back there? I don’t really feel bad when there’s so many sheets.

In the back like in my life planner, I feel like. Oh, I don’t want to take a sheet out of a life planner because there’s only like a couple of them, but in here you know, I don’t feel bad tearing out a sheet. If I’m you know doodling or just brain dumping or something under strap it out. So yeah that is kind of it. I want to know what you guys use your Erin, Condren monthly, deluxe planner for or maybe what you would use it for if you’ve never had one before like.

I said I use mine strictly for budgeting, but I know that there’s a lot of different ways that you can use it. I know people that actually use this as their just main planner and they don’t do weeklies, because it’s just you know too much detail for them and they just like the boxes and that’s just easier for them, which I totally understand. I’m also heard of people using this for like activity tracking, if you know like weight, loss or just trying to stay active or health things if you’ve got like health issues, or things like that that you want to track like daily.

Something for you know your physician or something so yeah I mean. I think this is just like a great at-a-glance planner and I love the coil. Oh before we go. Let’s look at the coil sizes because I know that’s always a question here know they’re the same: they are the same. I know it looks a little bit funny on camera, but they are the same. It’s funny because this this um thicker cover and back cover kind of makes it look funny, but yeah they’re the same same sizes last year, alright.

Well, that is going to be it for all of the new information for the deluxe monthly planner for 2019 to the 2020. If you all have any questions feel free to put them in the comments down below and remember these go on their website on June 4th. There are links below, for you guys so feel free to check that out and if you liked the article make sure to give it a thumbs up feel free to subscribe, and I will see y’all in the next article bye guys well folks, it’s time to kick It old school


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Kids Planner Launch | Erin Condren

I’m very excited to dip into this and share with you guys what it all looks like and what it is and I’m fully aware I don’t have kids, but I know a lot of you reading do or so I wanted to get this a little bit early And share with you guys and then you can make your own decision as if this would work for your kid.

This is kind of targeted towards kids like aged about four to nine, but you know any you know I’ll open it and you guys can like see what you think – and this is a great idea for anyone that has a parent that plans and your kids really Want to plan too, but maybe you don’t want them in your nice planner um. You know, but these launched on June 11th and it is June 11th at one of this isn’t going up.

So, let’s get right into this, so we’ve got like a little pouch that it comes with very cute. So maybe, like you, keep this organized with all of their things. Sorry about the glare you guys, if there’s a little bit of glare, all right and then there is a little sheet that says how to rock your planner. Welcome to your very own. Kids planner have fun decorating and making it as cool as you with stickers, coloring.

Drawing and awesome activities before you get started here are a few planner fun facts that you’ll want to know. So. There’s some information down at the bottom here and it just says, make the month’s stick out with monthly stickers, so they’re stickers and then add a monthly flag to each stop each top of each calendar. I cannot talk today and then dot up your days with date. Dot stickers, very cool and then oh here’s a bunch of mini months from July 2019 through December 2020, so very, very cool.

This is the pack of stickers that it comes with we’re going to get into this in just a little bit, because I believe that this goes with this, so I believe that you can. You should be able to personalize this. I asked for it with no personalization, because clearly I don’t have a kid, but I will be gifting this to someone in my life. This is a really cool one that just has some planets and has some silver foiling, and it says my dreams are out of this world very cool before we move on.

Let’s look at this next to a regular, Erin, Condren life planner. I have my new one sitting right over here. The size is the same, but I want to show you guys the coil difference so clearly, there is quite a bit of difference in the coil, not as many pages, but still the same 7 by 9 size. So yeah, alright! So let’s open this up, I have an open day yet guys. Alright, let’s get you in the frame alright, so it’s just a regular cover that has the same like a little dashboard right here.

This has kids planner and then your name and 12-months office is really cute. Well, this is really cute. Today is going to be totally awesome, there’s a little tab. That says all about me cool, and this is like. Oh, this is like a guided one. This is really neat and it says my name is, I am you know, however years old and I live in blah blah blah and then this is me oh and you can like draw a little picture.

Maybe you can even put in a picture of yourself. That’s cool, and this is my family. My family members are, and you can list them there, and this is my favorite color. All these are so cool very nice. So this is like all about the kid. Like my hobbies, my favorite place to visit my favorite song. Oh, this is cool like for school and stuff, like they have a little reading log. The date title and pages read: that’s nice ooh and gold trackers.

This is really cute. This is really really nice and then you’ve got January through December. So, even if you started in like July, you can use this page first and then this page, you know like later very cool ooh, an allowance tracker, very, very nice. If you guys don’t do allowance at your house, you could always just tape these two pages. Together. You know what what are you talking about, what I’m saving for what I want to spend, what I want to save and what I want to share with others books.

I want to read nice, okay and then the very front. This is like a drawing page and in the very front of the first month it says be kind, and I am kind two and then three different blank boxes and then we’ve got it. Oh, create your own cover design, your own planner cover in this space. Above all, right, I think this is where these kind of come in, so let’s open up this sticker pack get with it. I know I’m going to get questions as of right now I don’t know what the price is on this so, like I said when this article goes up, it will be live on the Erin.

Condren websites just go click on it and then all the pricing will be there. I’m sorry, I don’t know the price just yet. So this is the one for January. So, like you could put all of these in here or whatever, and this I don’t want to do this because I feel like whoever I give it to they might want to start it in a different month so anyway, but this little January, like fits perfectly over Here on this tab, okay and then this month it says morning routine evening, your own teen and then, if you have any birthdays this month and then it says, place monthly sticker here.

So you put your January right here and then you put in all your date. Dots wherever they go and then you’ll have like today is New Year’s Day. Today is Martin Luther King Day and then today is today is and it’s blank some happy birthdays and some blank ones, and then it has like important and then a bunch of decorative stickers right there and then over on this side. It has monthly goals, and then it says this month I saw I enjoyed something fun I did was and then make your own comic draw a story in the panels below right, what’s being said or big loud sounds, and the speech bubbles, that’s really cute alright and Then now we’re into the next month, so you get these for every single month and clearly you don’t have to go in.

Like order of you have to start it in January. You can start it whenever, but it’s got all these decorative stickers and it has like, like in March, it says day like saving times begin. St. Patrick’s Day April has April Fool’s Day Earth Day, like it has little things in there already in there. I don’t know it’s just really cute stuff: oh I like these little hats, hide those fun and then we’ve got August, which is kind of the start of the next school season and then September cute stuff October.

You got all the Halloween kind of spooky things and then in November ooh pie always a good thing. Oh and lots of thumbs up yeah thumbs up the article. If you like it and then in December, we’ve got more holiday, gifting things and then it says winter begins and Year’s Eve. This is so cute. I like that. It’s guided. I really like that. It’s guided because I think, as a kid I mean even as an adult. Sometimes you look at these planners and you’re like I don’t know what I’m going to do with this.

I really like that. It’s guided okay, let’s keep going because I think they’re a little bit different each month. So I want you guys to see everything and then be able to like make your own decision so things on my mind, you can draw a little something. That’s in your mind, and then still this page is still the same. Let’s see, I believe it is yeah, so the routines and the birthdays, and then this page is the same and then let me look okay, so this page at the very end of the month is the same.

I saw I enjoyed and fun things I did was so that’s kind of like a nice recap of the month and then on the next page, just something a little bit different. So it’s got like a little word find and then we are into this ooh create your own shoes. Oh wow. I need some new shoes, Oh create my own shoes, and then this is the third months and then in here. Oh, if I were a superhero, hmm, that’s pretty neat and then we’ve got more of these things and then what kind of planet you want to live on? Another planet, one cool, color, the shapes below to create the solar system.

Nice! Oh! This is very satisfying this little box. That says I did it, that’s exciting, alright and then I am and then finish the crow write. A word on the grid above to finish the same. Oh very neat and then we’ve got a secret message, very cool and then let’s see what got next ooh decorate your cake. Very hmm. This is fun. Oh, it says what is that put on your thinking, cap and finish the picture below.

Well, there can be so many things you never know all right into the next month. You class time fill in the speech bubble with what your favorite things are to do in school, very, very fun. I really liked art in school. That was probably my favorite thing to do, is creative stuff and then there’s a little maze with a treasure. At the end, very neat, all right ooh, my funny face – I can make a few of those, oh goodness, and that says, would you rather ooh? Would you rather have tentacles for arms or four legs? I don’t know, would you rather be invisible or walk through walls? I’d rather be invisible, would you rather travel by spaceship or by dinosaur? I don’t know they both sound, very interesting right and then we’ve got the next one who trace your hand, oh my hand fits in there.

I could trace my hand and then give this to someone that’d be weird. Oh goodness, and then let’s see another word find very cool. Oh, it has all the words down here. Let’s see ooh, let’s go team, ooh sports or whatever I create a banner for the team that you love to root for and then animal alphabet try to write as many animal names. You can think. That’s start with the letter, A through Z. Oh, that’s kind of neat alright and then some fun in the Sun drop.

What you like to do when you were outside and then tell a story: cool, Oh a tic-tac-toe. Yes, I love a good tic-tac-toe game, oh and then a coloring time. It’s like little toucan thing well, jungle, scene, and then that is it there’s nothing else in the back. There’s no stickers, but I mean you get a plethora of stickers right here, so I think you’re good on the sticker situation, but yeah that is it there’s also a couple of other things that they had sent over in the PR kit.

I’m not sure if this is a bundle on the website or not, but these would be some great add-ons for the kids sticker or the kids sticker. I’m sorry, the kids planner, clearly Erin Condren tooltip’ Marcos be fabulous for a lot of that coloring in and then we’ve got these, which are those puffy stickers. I’m not going to take these out because it’s just the one sheet, but this one has three sticker sheets and I don’t know if they’re all the same.

Let’s take a look see: oh they’re, all different, okay cool. So these are all foiled. So this is like an orange foil like it’s, not gold, it’s like orange. This one is like a purple foil, and then we have these more turquoise foils, which is really cool, and I also like that this is not super gender II. If that makes sense, I don’t even know, if that’s a word but it’d feel like if you have a boy or girl that they could really like this, no matter what the gender of the child I mean, I know that the majority of decorative planners out there Are women? Yes, but you know there are men.

I have a man friend that is a planner ryan from a man with the plans I’ll stick his blog up in a card for you guys. If you want to read him, but you know, I think this is just a really nice creative outlet, especially if you have a parent that plans. Your kids really want to plan too. It’s just something that they can have for their own and they can draw on it and they can, you know, mess it all up or they can make it all pretty or whatever they want to do.

I just think: that’s really nice. So I really like that. This is not specifically female-driven that it’s really it could be for any kid okay, so that is it for me. Thank you guys so much for reading my article about the new Erin Condren, kids planner. I think this is a great idea for lots of kids that might like this kind of thing, so you know your own children, I’m sure you’ll know if they’re going to you know be into this or not also makes a really fun gift as well, which is What I’m going to be doing with this, but if you have any questions, feel free to post them down below, and what do you guys think about the kids planner? Do you think your kids would be into it? Is this something that you think would be a great idea for kids? Let me know down in the comments below so anyway.

That’s going to be it for me. Thank you guys so much for reading, if you, like, the article, make sure to give it a thumbs up and feel free to subscribe, and I will see y’all in the next article bye guys well folks, it’s time to kick it old school


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My 2020 Medical Planner | Erin Condren Softbound Focused Collection

This is what I have chosen for 2020, as some of you know that read my vlogs or maybe follow me on Instagram there’s a link below. If you want to follow me on Instagram, I have been having some major health problems in 2019 and unfortunately, they are going to trickle over into 2024, probably the entire year anyway.

That being said, I’m, like you, know what I need to get my life organized and have a planner that’s dedicated just to my health. I do use on a daily basis, just the regular, like Erin Condren binder, and I do put my health appointments in here. Here’s my current week right now and I actually have a doctor’s appointment on the 26th but um I need somewhere to put and log everything and something easy and portable to take with me.

When I have these appointments, I do use an Erin Condren planner tote bag. As my daily purse um – and this fits really well in it – I do use currently the black one and it’s the smaller Erin Condren tote bag. I really really like it so anyways I decided to go with. This is called the focused planner and it is in the Navy soft bound. It’s an a5 size. You can decide if you want to get it embossed or not.

I believe there is a chart, I think it’s five or ten dollars. I did get it embossed with my initials, so it’s e j.G. Those are my initials and yeah. I’ve already set this up. I just wanted to walk through it with you, so I could show you kind of how I’m using it I’m sure it’ll keep being modified as we go so anyways. Let’s, let’s get going here, I actually have some test results that I need to bring to my first appointment on the 26th, so I just have that in here, so I can give that to my physician in the new department so anyways I haven’t my name on There I should do that and then the next page is 2020.

I haven’t put anything in here yet, but whatever so, you guys are going to see like names of my doctors, so like don’t be super creepy and like stop them. Okay, okay on this page, it has the holidays and then, like special dates, I haven’t decided what I want to do with this. I mean clearly some months, I’m going to have a ton of appointments and some months I might have none. I don’t know so. I’m just going to kind of like leave it as it is, so we are almost in January, so we are in December.

Currently, it is Christmas Eve actually right now, when I’m filming this, but on the 26th I have an appointment, it’s 7:50 at the Fridley clinic, and I have like my first consultation and a little bit about my medical background as to like what is going on this Early fall, they found out that I had a hiatal hernia and what that is, is it’s basically a hole that is in your body and it’s when your stomach and esophagus meet up, so the only way to actually fix that is with surgery.

There are some dietary things that you can do to help it out. However, those have not worked for me. I’ve been on a plethora of medications and more medications because of that, and I met with the surgeon that does regular hiatal hernia surgeries and because I’m not fully responding to the oral medications. I am no longer a candidate for the regular surgery. She then suggested the only way to actually fix it, in my specific case would be a bariatric surgery and for anyone that doesn’t know what bariatric surgery is, it’s a weight loss surgery.

They basically reroute your stomach, and I have had so many stomach issues for several years. It’s just been really bad, this past 2019 and finally did something about it. So I’ve probably had the hernia for quite a while and just been living very uncomfortably. I can’t sleep well, I have crazy, lucid, like weird dreams, because of all the medications I’m taking, because I’m taking all the medications, I tend to get more migraines, which is a whole nother issue.

So anyway, there’s like a lot going on so anyways. This is basically going to be now my weight-loss journey. Slash get my tummy write book, plus any other like doctor’s appointments. I have to deal with so as of right now. My insurance has not approved the surgery. However, my surgeon and my general practitioner doctor are putting or have put in a request for them to cover it because they would have covered my normal hiatal hernia hiatal hernia surgery anyways.

So it’s going to take probably a month or so for us to hear anything and then they’ll probably end up doing another submittal as well before it gets approved so anyways. Now you know way too much about my health, okay, so um like I said I have my first appointment on the 26th, so I figured I’d put it in here just because like why not and then I also have an appointment with a dietician. Her name is Janelle on the 16th, so these kind of go like hand in hand.

I can’t do anything with the surgery team yet, but I will be able to do some stuff with a surgery team once it gets approved through insurance, but I have to do this anyways, so I figured well. Let’s get the party started and I did call my insurance and they do cover this so anywho. I also have these really cute stickers that I got a while ago. I want to say they’re from planner bunny press or bunny planner press.

Something like that. I will link them down below, but it’s like these little trifold scales, so I figured I would like weigh myself every weekend or you know like just once a week and then put it in there, so I would have a record of it just to share with My physicians also, I got these little stickers um. You can’t see very well probably but they’re clear, adhesive and they’re for Erin Condren, and this one says January, and it says January, on the other side as well and then also on the month, because it’s not really a tab.

I ended up putting a little bit of washi tape right here, so you can clearly see you know where your month is like where, where the month you know, starts or whatever so anyway, all right, let’s get back to January, you guys are going to learn like Way too much about me on this okay, so the first page is you know over on this side. It just says January: you’ve got you know some lines, you got some checklists and then also you got the back side of the washi.

So currently, these are on the medications I’m taking and why I’m taking them, how much all that good stuff. So I wan na like every beginning of the month. I want to make sure to write that down, because, if anything changes I want to be able to tell you know my physician what’s going on, because they have been messing with my medications lately so and then, like February. I would do the same thing, but it’s clearly not February yet so I can’t put that in so anyways and then I can like adjust it if it needs adjusting and then so over here we’ve got like your weekly pages.

I’m not like a horizontal person at all, but I think for this it’s going to be just fine, because I’m not really utilizing it too much. I’m just kind of writing things down. So you know this kind of stuff or like. If I have a migraine or you know, I have to go to Urgent Care or the ER or something I can write that in and why and all that good stuff. So anyway, that is kind of how I am going to use this planner coming up, and here I’m going to put this right here, because that’s what I need and so yeah.

So these are some test results that I have to give my you know physician when I see them on the 26th, so I just have that in here and it’s just like a nice compact little thing and you know I can fit into my hand really easily Um, you know walking room with a life planner every day, just really doesn’t suit me and my needs. Even though I love my life planner, but I don’t think it’s ever left my house um.

I usually just keep it right here, um. You know you know on my desk or whatever and just let you know these do retail for $ 30. I don’t think I said that yet, but these do retail for $ 30 and they’re in the a5 size. So they’re, I don’t know they’re just really really. Nice and you know, I’m excited to use this and I’m excited to make progress. You know in my health journey also the back has a little Erin Condren logo on it.

So yeah I went through every single month and you know just started everything with you know this and then I put in like when I’m going to be gone. This is going to be go wild. I don’t know the dates yet I mean I know that. Go wild. It was actually like right here, but I don’t know like when we’re leaving and when we’re coming back. So I was like asker it I’m just going to like put all the put all the washi.

Why the hell not, and then I just love these little things, I think those aren’t really darn cute and to me I don’t feel like it bulks up the planner too much with the washi and the trifold stickers. I think it’s you know just fine by me. So yeah, then there’s July August. Remember that September and October. Oh and another thing, is I really like at the very end of the month hold on you have pages like you have two lined pages, so I can make any notes I want to make.

If I’m in a doctor’s appointment or maybe after the appointment, make any notes and then also in the very beginning of the month, you know I’m going to do my medications here, but I can make any other notes over here that I need to or if they’re Just really simple notes: you know I can make them on the day of the pointman or maybe a day. I don’t have an appointment. I can just like you know, keep writing or whatever.

So I do really like that so yeah and then I have November and then December and then in the back I decided to do so. This is going to get creepy. Okay, so like don’t be creepy and like stalked, my doctors, okay, so I wanted to put in some notable dates. So these are some dates that a lot of people ask about when I go to appointments and see other doctors. So anyway, I had an ER visit because of chest pain, that’s kind of like what started this whole thing I mean.

Clearly. I’ve had stomach problems and reflux issues for a long time like years, but yeah. I thought I was having a heart attack and I was not because yeah my hernia was acting up and I clearly didn’t know. I had a hernia at the time and then I have September 19th. I had the endoscopy which they found the hernia. I had my fallopian tubes removed on October 31 and then I had this esophageal manometry and 24 hour pH test in November anyway, and then so I have like all my doctors written down that I’ve worked with or are going to be working with and then, like Current allergies so yeah and then I’ve got more pages to go, and then I actually put in like some of the places that I need to go their addresses so yeah and then I’ve got the 2021 page so anyway.

That is it for a look at my medical planner for 2020. I hope you guys enjoyed if you use a soft bound, a focused planner. Let me know in the comments what you use it for, but yeah this is going to be dedicated to all medical things. I will probably be sharing some glimpses of this on Instagram when I can and yeah. I hope you guys are having a wonderful day and feel free to like the article subscribe.

Do all those things those new tubers tell you to do and I’m going to see you guys in the next article bye guys we’ll folks is time to kick it old school