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HOW TO Create Shipping Templates and MERCHANT FULFILL Listings on Amazon 2020

We had a request for a article that shows you how to do merchant fulfill, because a lot of people have only done FBA and we have never been a huge advocate for doing merchant fulfilled items. But in these crazy times that have changed merchant. Fulfilling right now seems to be a little bit faster than shipping things FBA. So this is. This is just going to be a short tutorial on number one: how to set up your shipping templates.

You can have multiple shipping templates for different items and different things, and and the reason why we do that and then adding an item. That’S merchants fulfill is as simple as can be, so I’m just going to walk you through those two things. The number one reason why you wan na have you might want to have multiple shipping settings or shipping templates is because you have either lightweight items or certain items that might be heavier and, of course you want to add specific things to that.

So, for example, if anything’s first-class mail, it’s under 14 ounces or more or something that can fit, you know you want to offer free shipping that you can have a free shipping template which basically means you’re building shipping into your price, and you want to make sure That you’re just offering free shipping all the time like some people like that some people don’t, but the price obviously goes up.

If you don’t want to worry about that, you just want to charge tipping which right now people are seeing to be completely fine with then in making sure that you don’t you know, cut your own throat is having one that’s that’s weight based so that you can Add a specific dollar or price amount per pound so that you don’t end up cutting your own throat and losing a bunch of money on shipping. I know from Michigan to California costs a lot more money to ship things there based on size and weight than it does to just ship, something in my region.

So, of course, using Priority Mail prepaid, like flat rate, I’m sorry, not prepaid flat rate type items are really helpful to be able to get those free from the post office. You can order them at usps.Com. I find sometimes, though, that it’s a little less expensive to ship things, Priority Mail cubic, and so that’s my own packaging and things like that know what your results may vary, depending on what your shipping and your shipping on vacuum versus something smaller.

So you want to have multiple shipping templates. If you don’t always want to offer shipping which, for me free shipping can vary if it’s under. If it’s not first-class meaning under 15 ounces, then most of the time the price can vary from seven or eight dollars. All the way to twenty dollars, depending on where it’s going and I don’t want to offer $ 20 free shipping on a lot of things. So I choose to have two different templates.

So I’m going to share my screen and I’m going to show you how I set these things up so that you can do it too: okay, so you’re in seller. Central. This is what the shipping template looks like. You can go to the top right of your screen and go to settings and then go to shipping settings and that’s what it will bring up this screen for you here now. This is my twenty twenty MF template that I’ve already set up, and it goes by through different shipping fees and what I choose to charge.

So these are things where this is our template. I already have so on the left over here. You can create a new shipping template and if you create a new one, you don’t you can copy from one that you already have, or you can just create a new one and if you create a new one, you’ll have to give it a name so that Your system knows so. This is us template we’re just going to call this test template and then it you can go down here and then you can either do price, banded or price per weight.

I suggest weight based because then you’re not you’re, no matter where it’s going, you don’t you can charge a certain amount for it. So you can you uncheck the box, that’s free economy, shipping, so you can remove that so that you’re not charging any free shipping and then you’ve got standard and expedited and at this point was expedited. I don’t often check that because, most of the time it gives you that I do not offer two-day delivery, so I always take that off.

That’S up to you! If you want to do that, I feel like there’s a lot of pressure right now. For me to be able to do that, and that’s of course your choice if you can guarantee that people can order by a certain time and you’ll ship the same day, so you can offer expedited shipping or not, and you can create as many of these as You want to so with these the region’s. You can add a new shipping rule.

You can add a new region. You can take regions off. So if you like, someone had asked if there’s ways that you don’t ship to California, for example – that’s an option so you can go to for me, it would be West and I can click west or click not West and change. All these I can select regions or all or you can deselect all and you can choose whichever regions that you want to go to so I’m shipping to everywhere here.

So I’m totally fine with that now you! What you order over here is how much per order you want to charge. So if you want to charge a standard $ 5 plus 50 cents, a pound or a dollar a pound, depending on how heavy your item might be, then that can be same and you can decide to ship to peel boxes or not peel boxes, depending on the Boxes that you check here, you can click Edit on the sides here and decide not to ship to certain places.

So if I uncheck the West, that means that I won’t be shipping to any of these places. If you so choose to get. I know some people have asked: do I have to ship to all the regions and actually no you don’t. You can decide that you’re, not shipping to certain places or not so you can edit those and then you know, click, OK or click cancel. So so I’m shipping to all the regions – and you can decide again here if you want to do Alaska Hawaii in Puerto Rico – that’s up to you and then the transit time is also a variable.

So you can change it to 4 to 8 days 2. To 3 days I tend to ship things out same day, so I try to do 2 to 4 days or 3 to 5, because I’m in Nam, in Michigan, so getting to California, is almost always going to take 4 or 5 days. So you try to want to be in that at different times there, so I’m I like standard of five dollars or $ 4.99 for shipping and then $ 0.50 a pound and then again, Alaska, Hawaii Puerto Rico are going to cost more.

So you can of course, go 2 dollars, a pound 5 dollars a pound, whatever you want to do for specific regions here same thing with expedited shipping. You also do not have to offer expedited shipping, if you don’t want to so you can click that box or not that box and then same thing here. Transit time is a variable that you can choose. Based on your location, I mean, if you’re in the middle of the country, it’s going to take you the same amount of time to ship, something maybe to California, as it would to the East Coast West Coast, depending on where you’re at you want to adjust this.

If you’re in California shipping to Nevada it’s going to be one to two days or two to three days, so it’s quite different for so your results may vary based on where you’re coming from and, of course, you can decide $ 8.99, more 99 cents, a pound. Fifty cents a pound wherever that’s going, and so that that is as simple as setting up the test. So we’ve got a test here and then you go ahead and click Save and then once it comes up, it should be in.

You know might take a few minutes to get there, but then it should be in your shipping templates so over here now I have new twenty twenty MF template free shipping template in our test, template that we just set up so now when you want to add A product to merchants fulfill you’re, going to go to add, offer you’re going to go to this here, go to add a product in inventory under add a product, add the a sin or the UPC.

And then your items should come up here and it usually looks like this. You click the box, you say: okay, I can sell. Mine here says: sell yours and you’re good. Then you come to this page. Make sure that you go to advanced view so that you can see all of the options here and then here’s your here’s, your shipping template. Sometimes your shipping template will be towards the bottom. I don’t know why the form is not exactly the same for every category.

Every item – sometimes it’s up here – sometimes it’s down here but making sure if you don’t see it that the fulfillment blog says I will ship the item myself. If you’re, not shipping, the item yourself, then that box might not appear so make sure that that’s on you put the quantity of how many you have for sale, your current price, and then you know you. Your tax code of course goes here. Your condition.

You create your seller SKU. I know if you guys, you know, there’s lots of articles on creating SKUs. We create custom SKUs, which usually has you know the date. This is our types of custom SKUs. We have. We have date year-month-day the vendor, how much the item cost, and then we have some acronyms for different things that we use this one has to be. You know, merchant fulfill something or whatever.

So this is the drop-down menu that you can pick whether you want to do free shipping. What do you want? Your your shipping templates now, our new one that I just made the test is not on there. I bet. If we refresh, then this will probably come back to our new tastic to me, I’m going to try that and hopefully it will show our testing remember to go to advanced view and then should be here there. It is so now our new testing shipment is there and then you, you do all the things that you need to do, that your seller, steel, making sure your shipping templates the right one that you want to choose your price, your quantity and then, once you put All these things in I’m going to match the low price here I’m going to put in shipping template here and then it should be a save and finish, and once you save and finish, your item is now available for sale on Amazon through a merchant fulfill.

If you want to add a condition like say, you have an item at FBA right now, but you want to actually convert one of those to merchant fulfilled. You do not have to convert the listing. You have an Amazon that can still be for sale, FB, FBA, and then you can change one. You can add one to merchant fulfill and it will look very much the same here. All you need to do is go to your inventory. Go to that Aysen and then you click add, add a condition and if you add a condition, then it will.

Let you create this. It will give you a warning, and it will say you already have this in your inventory – consider editing it. You ignore that you HIPAA. I want to fulfill this item myself and you change the SKU, and now you have two items available for sale, one FBA and one merchant fulfill. So that’s as simple as it takes now. Once you get in order, your orders are going to come in through your ear.

You have multiple blog fulfillment, there you’ll see it in seller, fulfilled items and merchant fulfill items when you’re looking to merchant fulfill an item make sure you go to your manage orders and then, on the right hand, side it will save you FBA orders or you merchant Fulfill orders or seller fulfill orders, and at that point your your item will come up of. What’S for sale once you’ve sold and then it’ll be time to ship and you hit by shipping and when you hit by shipping, then this whole template comes up of your shipping.

You have to put the package dimensions in there and the weight, and then it will give you all kinds of options to ship, whether that’s Priority Mail Boxes or your own Priority Mail with your own packaging. Ups, FedEx first-class mail and you you know, click the one that you want and then you hit by chipping in it and you purchased the label with the label on and then you can go to USPS comm. If it’s from the post office, you can schedule a free pickup, they will pick items up from your porch as long as you have at least one Priority Mail item, and you can order up until I think midnight of the same day for them to pick it Up from your front porch on the next day or your front, porch your back porch your box, wherever it actually give it allows you to give instructions on where you want them to pick it up.

So you don’t have to leave the house, you don’t have to go stand in line at a post office if it’s UPS, if you have a UPS driver coming to your house, to deliver a package, for example, you can hand your item to the UPS driver. Of course, social distancing right, you shouldn’t do that, so you can put it on their porch. You can also order a pickup. It might cost you money to be able to do that on UPS, depending on what kind of account you have, but there’s also ways for you to be able to get that stuff out without you having to necessarily pay a lot of money or to become in Contact with somebody they can pick it up from your porch, I like to use a Priority Mail Boxes as much as possible because it just makes shipping a no-brainer.

I know exactly how much it’s going to cost I could come. I can calculate my profit. All that kind of thing, so that makes it easier for me. Of course we all want to save a buck, so sometimes it might be better for you. I order supplies like bubble. Mailers, you can go Uline, you can go, I supply store, you can go! The boxer II you can go. Ups has some free stuff if you want to use their things, but you have to ship a certain way.

If you do that, I’m forgiving one Uline bubble fast. You know you can even order some of those supplies on Amazon. If they’re delivering at this time, so there’s plenty of ways to be able to get supplies for those things, you just want to check out all of those different resources. So I hope this helps. If you guys have any more questions specifically regarding merchant fulfilled, you can leave them below this article.

Make sure you tag me so that I know I’m who saying what and happy merchant fulfilled we’ll see you next time.

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