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How did I get 30,000 REAL Instagram followers in 90 days? #askjadeshow

A lot of you said more followers more likes and more comments. Now, listen. I’Ve been there in 2018, I actually started with 1,000 Instagram followers, and all he wanted to do was just hit 10,000 followers, so I could get that swipe up features. Anyone else been there not even a year later I have over 30,000 followers.

These aren’t fake. These are block people. I just want to show you guys how I achieved my goals and how you can probably going to do if you want to know, is keep on reading. Hey guys. Welcome to the ask Jake show where I answer any of your deepest questions. Today’S a special day cuz, I’m headed to an event, basically I’m here in Los Angeles, for a meet-up, I’m speaking at one of my friends workshops called girls hit, stop.

Obviously I’m late to my own event. Again, we are kind of starting we’re, basically starting in five minutes. So I’ll see you guys there new to my blog. My name is Jade. I am a 17 year old entrepreneurs and helps brands and influencers grow on social media. But I just realized, as I was walking, how much my goals have changed over the years: no joke you guys it literally went from getting an A in high school.

It lets me get a thousand Instagram for all reason why I say this: it’s because sometimes we have milestones of achieving leads, achieving marketing numbers and dollars. So I’m going to explain all that at the end, the article seriously do not miss anything, I’m giving away something that shouldn’t be free, but it is free for you guys to the love you. So I guess that’s the real question we’re going to find out.

How do you set the right goal and how do you actually achieve it? I might even ask some of you guys what your goals were. I think I found it. This is stuffing, which is amazing entrepreneur, and I was amazing domination, member Lobby Stephanie, and she asked me hey what do I do when I want to start my beauty brand, but I don’t feel like I’m ready yeah for your beauty brand, how far you into it? Okay, to give some context, this is Stephanie’s product.

It’S a microfiber blender to remove your makeup. That’S pretty sick! It’S like a beauty butter, but Stephanie feels like she can’t post and sell her product because she doesn’t have a content creator, not to me. This is what I said. You know what you know, how they would make it helped a lot. I don’t think you need to hire anyone for content. Do you have an iPhone okay, yeah? It seems like okay. So basically, this is a little inside my app costs.

A lot of money to build it still isn’t fully built it. I don’t know why it closed in the article, but it’s like 250,000 dollars. Obviously I hear that for my developers and I’m like okay and I was thinking – okay, I’m going to wait till next year to put out something – maybe that’s where I was thinking. I decided like fuck that I’m going to do it. I don’t give a shit. This is going to be building the background, but simultaneously I will build something right now.

I can do myself that is low ticket, it doesn’t cost me anything and I will stop making excuses because it was her. There’S a wait. Will you wake up? It hurts you. Just to think you’re putting us on the back burner, you just need to get one sale. Just literally one sale, DM someone or an influencer give me an L via all the product. It will help you. It will give you so much ease and I don’t think you need someone to edit content right now.

I think it’s just focus on one sale without a website. Little use Instagram, as your blog summarize. I just told something I think, you’re making your goals way too. Big, it’s so intimidating when you can’t chunk it down. My biggest thing and hat is when you’re setting goals and objectives make sure you follow. Okay, our objective key results. What is that you say so in AD? I need a period you want to ask yourself: what do I want to achieve? That’S your objective.

Your key results are the measurement of the success of your project. You want to launch a beauty brand successfully and that’s the objective may be your key results are sent. One part to an influencer make sales and begin to start making content on your iPhone. A lot of you guys think that you can’t achieve your goal when really you’re not giving yourself enough time. So when you say what can I do in 90 days, it gives you enough time to really think about what you want to do and it’s super efficient.

So another girl autumn actually asked me a question about what do you do when you feel like your followers and engagement goes down and there’s some times when you get a spike, but then they unfollow and then they go back down and then you get more followers And then they all unfollow, I think we’ve all been there. So here’s the catch I asked autumn. Why was it going down? Okay? This is what I had to say.

Take a look at your data. This Instagram bullshit is not some magical, wizard. Okay, it’s pretty practical! You look at your data. Did people unfollowed because I didn’t engage with them? I didn’t comment back. I didn’t DM them and maybe you can ask yourself: is it maybe the holiday season where people are taking a break they’re not using their phone as much? That could be a valid reason, so take a look at your Instagram analytics and see if there’s a dip, maybe I have to send out another post saying.

Thank you so much for engaging with my content. One of the biggest hacks I recommend you to do is if you literally feel like you’re, not achieving your goals, go back to where you feel like you were the most highest performing or where you got the most likes, or you got the most engagement and start Engaging with those people to bring them back, did he Belov it the program? Do you have a referral program for it? I know, okay, what I would do, how much of the product your audience is like people who are into health within australia.

Christmas is coming up. I think one thing to spike sales is always seasons like if the reason why it scales are dropping is because you’re not initiating those time sensitive things so see Christmas coming up by one. If you have my program, you get thirty dollars if you’re for a friend and you get it’s three dollars like something like that. Do you have like email leads of them? Yes and a blast yeah like some of their own photos, go to your old people.

Who comment comment on their photos? Follow them back it’s as simple as just going back to the people who cared about you in the beginning, and we engaging with so long story short while you’re setting your goals and achieving them make sure you look at your data and keep your track of your Progress you know something I wanted to share was this, but I love waking up every day and having something to do, and I realized some people out there.

Sometimes don’t have that seriously. Even when I was in high school by the way I dropped out of high school and it was scary – you had to understand I’m only 17 years old, but every single time when I was in high school or whether I was working right now. I woke up with a to-do list. It made me so happy and I just can’t imagine waking up one day and not having a book of things to do. I want to ask you guys: do you have a to-do list and at the end of day, do you know your purpose? Because purpose is the one thing that motivates you forever and ever nothing can take that away from you.

It’S a sense of feeling that hey there’s something greater beyond just me. Now. That’S super deep and super sappy, but literally like imagine one day you had nothing to do it. Would that be fun. I feel like you’re just eat and read Netflix, but then I don’t even have a netbook see. I don’t even know what to dip and to close this off. It’S just don’t be burnt out when you’re sitting goals. I think you have to understand: keep it in a 90-day time frame, you’re being too hard on yourself, you could get burnt out bay, so this is my book.

It’S by moleskin. Please give me a brand deal and this notebook is my to-do list, but it’s just more than that, because you ever wake up. You have a lot of things to do, but you don’t know why it matters. It gets really scary because someone nasha told me because anyone like yes theory or does anyone know that blog? Yes, okay, yes, theory, it’s a YouTube blog, those stupid shit like jumping out of airplanes.

It’S like Jake Paul before more mature people, and they were saying that there was a point where they were burnt out. Now I don’t think burnt out is something where you’re tired and there’s a lot things to do, because if you really love something you can go through that tiredness, I think tired burnt out is the tiredness plus lack of clarity. And if you don’t know why you’re doing what you’re doing that’s pronounced? So that’s why it’s prevent that, because I’ve been there after my dad has that burnout right mom, like like it’s like, looks like burnt out a lot like something where you just like.

Okay, I’m tired it’s like sometimes physically. You can’t work for three. How long mean how many years you know work for few years couldn’t work and it’s scary, my dad was burnt out for a few years after his company it had fallen. I’M not saying he’s a vegetable but like, let’s just say it’s really hard to see your family kind of go through burnt out, and I really want to prevent this family online to not go through that either.

So just make sure and remember three things: set objectives and key results. Every single 90 day period, second track your progress and make sure when you feel like you’re, not achieving it, go back to your data and just see why and don’t give up and, lastly, minimize burnt out by knowing your purpose just believe you guys can work through Long hours nights, you guys don’t need to sleep, well sleep, but you know what I’m saying like I feel like.

If you love what you’re doing so much, you won’t have a problem working hard on it. The problem is, if you don’t know your, why so it’d be on objective and key results? No your mission, no, your purpose. The reason why I pick up my notebook is beyond just me: it’s beyond just doing things off a to-do list. It’S because I want to make Instagram articles and posts, because I want to inspire others and help people with their own lives.

So when you can find that connection, you start to work at lightning speed. Your business grows. That’S literally how I went from 1 to 30 thousand followers. I cared more about the people than myself. I engage every single time and I sent 90-day goals to make sure I’m achieving everything Wow by the way guys I almost forgot. I actually have a Instagram growth playlist for free again, I don’t people think I like what their credit card for this like.

No I’d only want you to do is be successful, so go check out below it’s literally a collection of all the fucking articles. I’Ve made about Instagram growth, there’s so many and it’s not the bullshit like follow and follow like it’s. The real psychology of how people grow online so go check it out, it’ll be linked below. You can read it after this article, of course. So, let’s say: you’re a small business owner: okay, you have a brand online and you sell socks.

Your mission is to sell amazing socks that make people move. Your 90-day objective might be to sell a million dollars of socks. Now your key results are maybe to get a hundred thousand Instagram followers and then to convert that into a ten thousand email leads, I’m actually going to show you how I generated. Ten thousand messenger leads using chat BOTS, and this is a never before thing. I’M doing.

I typically actually I don’t know why this is for free training, but I’m doing this all on face book life. If you want to join the free live training, all I got ta do is check the link below and I’m going to show you how I do this for my clients, all the brands and I work with anyway so guys that was today’s article now just keep In mind today’s event was amazing. I was able to meet so many of you guys that are so amazing and just hugging you and talking to you about your social media goals is so motivating and I just wan na, let you know if it worked for you.

I would literally have no mission. My mission is to help you guys so like without you I’ll just be in the corner. All sad, so thank you so much for being here now. I understand that YouTube and Instagram might be a lonely job. You might not have a lot of people who support you, but there are people on this platform right now that are doing the same thing: you’re doing and they’re just family, we clean it on the internet called the domination that got your back.

So if you like this article and you have it already, this article a thumbs up, okay and hit that subscribe button, I’ve had so many people that came up to me and just said. Thank you so much for this community. It just means so much to me that you’re literally like right now on this moment in the comments replying to each other talking and making DM group chats like it’s amazing. So I love you guys so much I’ll catch.

You guys in the next one shout out to the comic winner, this post, to be beat to the next step. This you wouldn’t be the next winner. All I’m going to do is comment below and network in the comments literally shirt just like chatting and I’ll get you guys in the next one. Goodbye

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