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How To Do An Instagram Hashtags Search For Boosting Likes – Alex Tooby Interview

You know, first of all how your target market functions, so you know, do they work a nine-to-five or they entrepreneurs or they stay-at-home moms? That kind of stuff is really important and then it’s also kind of their hobbies or things that they would be looking for on Instagram. So you have to kind of put yourself in their shoes and figure out. You know what do they do on a day to day basis and what might they be looking at when they’re on Instagram? So, yes, that’s kind of you know where I start for that, once you’re familiar with who that is, then you can kind of you know either start looking for that person on Instagram, so based on maybe accounts that they follow or hashtags.

Do you think they might be using and you can look into their accounts, see what hashtags they are using and kind of go from there. So if my stay-at-home mom is using hashtag stay-at-home mom, then you know you might want to consider using that on your posts. As well in order to kind of attract them to your feeds, all right, so it’s identifying knowing who your target audience like your your best customers right, like who’s spending, the most amount of money into your business, finding them on Instagram and just seeing how they’re they’re, Using hashtags on their own posts is that right right, that’s right! Yeah, because you know it’s, you need to kind of understand how that they, how they kind of categorize their photos and what they’re doing on Instagram.

So once you know that it’s you all! You really have to do is kind of steal, a couple of their tags, put it on your post and now, when they’re looking into those, because those are the times that they like to frequent, often they’re, going to find your post right. And if your content appeals to your target market, because you know you’ve already gone through those steps and you’re creating content specifically for them, then they’re going to follow you or they’re going to engage with you or they’re going to click on the link in your file.

I think this is a. I think this is a step that a lot of people skip, because they think. Okay, I know the the hashtags that people use are. These are the popular ones. These are what other accounts are using, but they’re not looking at their specific target customer and their audience and doing the spending the time to do the research to see and engage deeper with their audience in the hash tags in those communities where they’re hanging out.

So do you see a lot of people missing this step on how crucial is it yeah, absolutely yeah? It’S important that you mentioned popular tags like most people. Think, oh! Well, you know. If I tag happy, it’s got: 40 million fall or 40 million posts associated with it like that, should bring me some traffic, and while there is a very small chance that it may bring you traffic, the people hashtagging happy are so obscure that it really has nothing To do with you know your business of selling graphic design services, for example, right so yeah.

So by using popular tags you may gain exposure, but it’s not from the right people. So, yes, it’s extremely popular that you are extremely important, that you choose the right tags with the right post counts associated with them all right. So, if we’re looking at that example, that of the graphic designer looking to promote and sell their services through Instagram, can you maybe walk us through how that person would be able to use and identify the right, Reese tags, hash tags and how they then implement it? In the business ultimately get a sale and get that end result from from a follower and a customer right.

Okay, so I for me it’s a it’s a combination of tags that you use so the first couple of tags, you should add – are tags that describe your business. Okay, so that’s going to be graphic design! That’S going to be web designer! Any tags like that. That actually describe what you do. The next thing you want to do is kind of describe your audience and hash tags so who’s. Looking for your graphic design service, is it somebody who you know needs of rebranding, so they might hashtag rebrand or hashtag? I need you know.

I need design help or something like that like it’s, it takes a little bit of time, so it’s hard for me to come up with a hashtag right off the bat. But if you get into the app you know you go to the search of the magnifying glass icon and start typing in you know, graphic design and then you’ll see a bunch of related tags that Instagram brings up. Then, when you click on one of those you’ll. Also see related tags across the top of your screen, so it’s kind of oh yeah, you kind of have to click here.

Click there keep clicking until you get deeper and deeper and you’ll be exposed to all of these tags that are kind of around your industry. So it does take a little bit of work, but they all they are all there. You just kind of have to start with one keyword and kind of work, your way into the depths of Instagram hashtags. You

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