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Starting a business with $500 | EP 1: Shopify, Permits, Domain, Instagram

I was going to do it on a $ 500 budget. I was really inspired to do this to help that college girl. That was me in 2015, accomplish her goals and have a little bit more guidance. I’Ve really enjoyed building different ecommerce brands and having a few successful ones of my own. So here on YouTube, I wanted to challenge myself and not only start a business, but only have a 500 learn budget and throughout all the stories that I’ve had I’ve, never done this on a $ 500 budget.

I wanted to challenge myself and hopefully inspire anybody who is wandering or wishing or thinking or doubting that they can do it too. So welcome to my series – and I hope you enjoy it – what’s up y’all and welcome back to my blog so limited it is nice dimension. So today is the day that I am finally dropping this series that I’ve been working on for so long. I’Ve had an idea about this for the longest time I’ve been working on it for the longest time and I am just ready to drop it.

I started a challenge inspired by you guys and inspired by myself to start a business with a $ 500 budget. Now, when I first started my business, I definitely didn’t have $ 100 budget, and I was also inspired because I’m starting to new businesses and those are definitely not on the 500 large budget. But this is basically going to be a boring article about the trademarks, the licensing domains. Things like that, so let’s go ahead and just get right into the article.

Okay, so starting off with one of the most important things is actually getting a seller’s permit. Now and before I get started, let me just go ahead and put a little disclaimer, because I’m not a professional. These are the things that I did. I know how to do to the best of my legal ability, so if you guys are not in California or you guys are in California – and you guys are taking my don’t, this isn’t an advice article.

This is how I did it article. So just take everything that I say with you know a little grain of salt and do your own research, but first things first for me is getting a seller’s permit so that I can actually buy merchandise to sell how you get a seller’s permit is going to See the TSA see a GOP now this is where you get a seller’s permit in California and then from there you’re going to go to permits and licenses and then from there you’re going to click register online and then under the register, tab you’re going to click New and then you’re going to click, business activity or location, and then it’s going to ask you to sign into an account or to create an account.

I already have an account, so I’m just going to basically go off of the way that I did it because I already have one and then it’s basically going to ask what you’re selling, because there’s different permits and licenses when you want to go into selling things. Like Alcohol, Tobacco, certain electronics and things like that, but I’m going to someone close up. It’S going to be pretty simple for me and then it’s also going to ask what kind of entities have whether that’s a sole prop escort a c-corp, an LLC.

When I started out, I started out as an individual. It’S also going to ask you for your social security number, your ID, your visa, your military ID or your passport, and then your base is going to fill out the rest of your information. I can’t tell you guys how to fill out the information, because I don’t know what businesses you guys are starting, but as far as clothing, it’s pretty simple, pretty easy and I got my sellers form it instantly.

Next thing: that’s super important is getting a website. I personally love love, love, love, love and probably will always love Shopify. Their back-end is amazing. Their ecomp support is amazing that apps that they have is amazing. The templates are amazing, it’s super easy to use and you can really get a back in look at the analytics of people who are buying your products where they’re coming from.

In my experience I have tried Wix, I tried with a long haul along a long time ago, like in 2013-2014. I know they personally have up there back in, but for me personally, I’m good and safely shopify and that’s what I’m rocking with now. Another good thing about Shopify is: they do have a 14-day free trial where you can basically try out the website, see if you like it, you can design it and see if it’s something that works for you.

After that, then they do go into different plans. I believe the plans start at $ 29.99 $ 79.99 and then 299 dollars it all kind of just depends on what you’re actually needing for your website. I personally started out with the $ 29.99 dollar plan, and it’s worked for me. Another thing that you’re going to need is a domain. Now, a lot of these websites, where you can host in and have your website on their platform, will allow you to have a domain for free.

But it’s going to say my Shopify dot-com or got my Wix calm and one of the things that was really important to me when I was starting. My business is the integrity and the overall look and feel of the brand, even if you’re, just starting out girl. You got to act like you got everything in line and in order, so one of the things that I chose to invest in was buying a domain, especially because I knew this was going to be a long time brand.

It’S something I invest in my time. My energy, my money into so I had no problem buying the domain now Shopify now offers you to get a domain through them, which is only $ 14 a year. But since we are on a budget – and it’s really really tight – I’m going to go check on GoDaddy GoDaddy is actually where I’ve pretty much got every single one of my domains that I’ve had throughout my off all of my job shipping companies and my econ companies.

I also like GoDaddy, because they also allow you to have an email with your domain at the end so like, for example, info at the find guru com. It just adds that professionalism to your business and the integrity of your brand, in my opinion. So if you go to GoDaddy, not only can you search to see if the domain is available, it will also give you other domains that you can possibly choose from if your domain is not available.

So the domain that I’m looking for is available and it’s only a but there’s this little thing called privacy. Now one of the crazy scary things about being a small business startup owner is that because you have a business, everything that you do in your business is public record. So you want to be very careful because if you’re, just starting out and you’re using your home address, all of that information is public records.

So if you put your address as the address, then it goes up online and anybody can basically find your address. So, even though it ends up being more than it is on Shopify, I am going to buy this privacy just to make sure that my information is protected. Now, at this point in my career and in this point in business, I do have virtual offices that you guys can get from. I pull stool or peel boxes, but just because I am starting out – and I know that a lot of other people are starting out and they might not have a virtual office or appeal box, I’m going to pay that extra fee to have my privacy protected, which Actually brings us to twenty two dollars and sixteen cents for our budget.

So that’s the first thing that we budgeted in the next thing. That’S super important is a trademark. Now, trademarks are pricey, so it’s not like we’re going to actually file for a trademark, but we want to see if the company that we are trying to start it’s already trademarked, because you wouldn’t want to be that person who spends all his time and effort branding And getting everything started, run the business open up shop and then you start booming and you start going and then you find out knock-knock-knock this.

This name is already trademarked. You guys basically need to stop doing business under this name. So before you get started, go ahead and look up that trademark to see if you can conduct business under that name, the easiest way to look up a trademark is going to uspto.Gov. Then you’re going to go ahead and click trademark, then, from there you’re going to search for the trademark through the database and the way I always do it is.

I just do like a basic word search so that anything with that name could basically come up and then from there you’re going to type in the name just to see. If anybody has it and then if they don’t have it, then you can go ahead and start using it. If they do have it, you want, may want to reconsider, choosing a different name. Another thing, too, is you can see if the trademarks are active or active, and in that case you could kind of like consult with a leader for legal professional to see what you want to do moving on in that direction, but my biggest thing for me personally In choosing these brands, I personally always wanted to check before hand, even if I couldn’t afford a trademark at that time, because I wouldn’t want to be that person like I said who starts a brand, doesn’t look up the trademark, it ends up booming and then somebody Comes knocking on my door talking about that.

That’S their company and I can’t use it now. Another good thing with trademarks is there’s different classes or trademarks. So if you opened up a company called rosewater IV and it’s under the class of clothing, if somebody chooses to open up rosewater IV under like spas or services, then in that case, because it’s under two different classes, there is a chance that your trademark would get Approved once again not something that you would have to consult with a legal professional, but I’m just giving you a little bit of game on that.

So just do that before you get started. The next thing that you want to do, which is basically going to be the bread and butter of this business, is open up an Instagram account and a Facebook account. So the number one thing that’s most important is actually Facebook and not Instagram, because Facebook actually has all the back in analytics. That’S going to make your company in the future thrive so to make a Facebook account is super easy, I’m pretty sure you guys already know how to do that, and you don’t have a Facebook account.

You need to make one, because you can’t make a page business account unless you do it through a personal account. So first make a Facebook account, then you’re going to want to click in the corner and click create and then you’re going to click page and then you’re going to choose in this case I’m choosing a business after that. It’S going to ask you to basically put the store name and also the type of business, and then it’s also going to ask you to upload a photo and also upload a cover photo.

So next you’re going to want to connect your Facebook to your Instagram. So to connect to Ivy you’re going to go to settings and then from settings you’re going to go to account and then from account you’re going to go to business account and then you’re going to connect it to Facebook. Most of the time, if you have within the apps and it kind of automatically connects, but I’m going to just put a screen recording, so the you guys can see exactly what I did.

The reason why Facebook is actually more important in this case. That Instagram is because there’s something golden called the Facebook pixel. Now the Facebook pixel basically tracks every single person that goes to your site and is able to tell you their buying behavior certain demographics things that they’re liking things that they’re clicking things that they’re adding to their car things that they’ve gone all the way to checkout And then they stop in the abandon their check out things that get the most clicks.

Things like at the most hovers. It’S basically going to tell you everything and then in this case a lot of people don’t like this. But I know all of us have been on a website and we’re trying to buy this dress or trying to buy these shoes and then the next day we’re on Instagram. And then we see an ad for that exact item. That’S basically because of the Facebook pixel. So the Facebook pixel allows you once you have the budget and you’re a little bit more knowledgeable to target Facebook ads to people who have already clicked on your items.

So this Facebook pixel is important. So, to get this Facebook pixel, you are going to go to the business manager and then from the business manager, you’re going to go to the top of the three lines and then go to pixel. Then you’re going to create a pixel, because you don’t have one. This is a new Facebook account a new business account and then from there you’re going to create a pixel, and it’s going to take you through everything step by step.

Facebook is super easy to follow because they give you pictures and and then from there you’re going to go to Shopify and the Preferences and you’re going to add your pixel in there, and I will show you that in a later article another thing that is beneficial When you’re starting a business is to get an AI in number, which is basically a replacement for your social security number, so you’re not using that for everything.

That basically concludes today’s article. Those are the basics that I needed to start my business legal professional manner. Once again, this is not advice and since basically just what I did to conduct my business and start my business up, if you guys have any questions, please consult a legal professional, I’m not a legal professional. So I’m not going to be able to answer your questions. Also something that I don’t say that I need to start saying is: please you guys, like this article and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog.

This is article 1 of the series, don’t forget to check out article 2 or stay tuned to article 2. If you’re reading this in lifetime, thank you guys so much for reading my article and I will see you in the next upload Bisou

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