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Use Free Ad Credits to Boost Your Online Presence

You run your business First.

Let’s talk about How to find and enable one of our value ads for Websites plus marketing Free ad credits, You can use these for running a campaign to reach out to your target. Audience and let them know you’re here and what you’re all about Yeah. So, let’s start at your Websites Plus Marketing dashboard Locate the marketing link. In the upper navigation Scroll down to ad credits and offers, You should see the free ad credits to start your marketing campaign.

In this case, we’ll set Up a Snapchat campaign using our available credits, We’ll want to make sure We’re set up in Snapchat before we start. You should also see a few of The deals available to you from our partners, below that These are only some of the Deals you have available to you We’ll show you where to locate. Others, after we walk through our Snapchat, set up We’ll click on the yes Please call to action within the Snapchat credit box.

You can see that this Will apply $ 100 credit? All we need to do is set up the campaign Now. One thing to note: you do need to spend at Least $ 100 on your campaign to receive $ 100 credit, Some of the ad credits Will require less or more depending on the marketing blog Click create an ad to get started. Snapchat will need some basic Info about your business to make sure your ads go. To the right audience So we’ll fill that out now, Okay, so in my case I want more traffic going to my website.

So I’ll select the first option, Depending on your business and objective, you may choose one of the others I’ll add my website link and I’m going to add my own image for the ad, So I’ll skip adding one from my site. I’ll add my headline. My call to action button and an image I have saved on my computer Now I’ll set up some of my Target audience information, so it gets to the right. Potential customers I’ll add my location and other details, so it limits the scope.

Of where the ad goes, This is also where I set up my budget. You don’t have to throw all of your eggs in one campaign basket. In many cases you wan na Create a few to see which ones get the best response. I enter my payment info and I’m just about ready to launch It’s that easy to set up a campaign. Okay, so, let’s quickly Look at where to find your other deals and offers The quickest way to see. Them all is to go here Just scrolling through so You can see a ton of the things to enhance your business either.

Online or brick and mortar, So that’s it! That’s how you use the ad Credits available to you within Websites Plus Marketing And even if you don’t have Websites plus marketing, you can still use the Information to run campaigns or find the appropriate marketing Blog for your business, I’m Darlene And I’m Emma Thanks. For tuning in Stay safe And stay healthy,

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