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What is the future millionaires? Jessie unlock tier, the unlocked entrepreneur, coach and my goal with this blog is to help you unlock your ultimate lifestyle, so real, quick before we get into the meat of this article, if you guys are serious about you, know, becoming an influencer and making passive income from It be sure to check out the links in the description below, because it’s going to have a lot of information and valuable tools that you can use to get ahead so excuse the mess we just moved into our new place.

So it’s a little scattered. But let’s get into the three fundamentals: the three foundations that you really need to become a social-media influencer number one is a platform. Now what a platform is is basically, where do you want to start if you’re just getting started? Just think of one platform where you want to get started, this can be Facebook, it can be YouTube, it can be Instagram, but you have to have a platform to decide where you’re going to influence.

So, let’s say you’re getting started in YouTube now with YouTube. You’re. Obviously, going to be making articles you’re going to want to be somewhat comfortable on camera, because you know it gets easier, the more you do it now. If you want to go on Facebook and kind of build your influence there you’re a little more comfortable on Facebook. Facebook stope, it gives you options and you can actually either start a Facebook group.

You can do article if you want to do Facebook live if you’re down for the challenge. That’s pretty cool and they’re. Giving a lot of you know beef to it. So you can do lives or you can kind of go behind the scenes like a lot of people, are doing personal branding and actually making a lot of money just doing Facebook groups. They build a group, they post some content, they get people to check it out and they sprinkle affiliate links where they can actually start making some money.

So it really kind of comes down to your preference and Facebook gives you a lot of options. Now. Let’s say you want to tackle Instagram as a platform. Instagram is cool if you like, working with images and you’re down to either make your own images, you know, take cool photos set up cool settings. Take pictures of accessories, clothing, shopping brands more of that route. If you want to be that kind of influence, like a fashion, influencer or you’ve, been like a cooking like a chef, influencer or like that, would be dope for Instagram.

However, you’re not super limited to making your own content, you can also basically be a curation page where, let’s say you like cars, you’re really into cars, you can look at cars all day. You know lots about cars right. You can make either a luxury. You know cars page, you could make it old-school cars page like hot rods and old motorbikes, and maybe old cars and vehicles that they used to use in old school movies like that could be a niche you know, but these are just options that you can do With Instagram, so Instagram gives you a lot of options as well.

You can either create your own content or you can pull together a page of similar themed content now. The second thing you want to have is a topic in our niche. I’ve heard it said niche. It just kind of depends on on how you want to say it doesn’t really matter, but having this is going to be super crucial, because it’s what you talked about so, for example, you want to start thinking in ways of like what are your hobbies.

What are hobbies that you have that other people have like that is more of like a broad thing, that you know that people like and there’s a few ways that I can give you on finding this niche, so that you know it’s a it’s. It’s a popular ish niche. Now, let’s take a look at health and fitness. When you look at health and fitness, it’s a really broad topic right, but when you get down to it you know it could even go into like fitness and nutrition is kind of the crossroads.

Then you go into fitness and there’s all kinds of different Fitness right. There’s p90x there’s lifting there’s running. There’s you know, triathlons, there’s marathons, there’s yoga, there’s all kinds of different topics right: those are all niches, so maybe you’re a gamer bu. You know – and these are the experiences that I know – maybe you’re a gamer – maybe you’re a lyft – or maybe you like meditation, maybe you’re – into tarot card reading.

You know just start thinking about the things that you do and the stuff that you read up on the stuff that interests you in that you find yourself going back to again and again. Another way to find a good niche is actually what I call the the magazine test and a way to find a good niche and one that’s actually profitable, is by looking and seeing if there’s already a magazine out on it on that topic, and one way to Do this is actually through Amazon.

Amazon is like the they’re, just the biggest store on the planet. Basically, and if you go on the the books segment, there’s an area for magazines and they you – you will see all kinds of magazines that not even Barnes and Noble has but what’s important to know is that if there’s a magazine on it, that means there is Enough demand to make that magazine, otherwise it wouldn’t waste the time or the energy to make it happen.

So if there’s a magazine on the chances, are it’s popular enough to make a magazine on now the next way and like more like the last way of finding a good niche that I’ll recommend in this article for today is actually going on Facebook. So if you’re probably already spending time on Facebook chances, are you know about Facebook groups? Now, if you go into the search bar and you search whatever your niche may be, and let’s say it’s tarot card reading, you’re going to find groups on it and you want to make sure that there’s at least at the minimum, like 5,000 people in multiple groups, If there’s only like one group and there’s a few hundred people, it’s probably going to be an uphill battle.

If you choose that as a niche now, if you find something more popular, you know like something I looked into when I was doing affiliate marketing was juicing. I noticed that there were a few different juicing groups and detox groups, so I knew that that was something that would be worth my time and energy pursuing. So whatever your niche is just look in the the search bar and start looking at groups just join the most popular one, so you can kind of see.

Obviously that’s going to be where you’ll find the most engaged people. So it’s worth checking out and seeing what kind of conversations they’re having what problems they’re having what kind of things are talking about? Maybe there’s news. There’s updates and you’ll find out what people are talking about in that niche, and it’s going to it’s going to give you an advantage, but you just right now. You just want to see that it’s popular there’s people talking about it and that there’s interest so that wraps up fundamental foundation number two so guys once you have your platform and once you have your niche, it’s time to figure out the content, that’s right! Content is number three, so with number three being content, you guys already know that content is king content.

Basically, is the deciding factor on whether or not you move up you move down or you stay neutral. So, if you’re coming into this new, unfortunately it’s not as easy as just planting your flag and saying you’re the expert right you’re going to want to have some stuff. That really proves, without a shadow of a doubt, that you know what you’re talking about, and this can be done in article. It can be done in pictures, infographics, podcasts, really any form of media that you decide you’re comfortable with and the more you put out.

The more of an expert you become not just to other people, but really to yourself. You know you get better at talking about that thing. You become more confident talking about that thing and, as you become more of an expert, your content gets better. The way you talk and portray yourself in and speak and your voice gets better over time and that’s kind of the the best compounding effect is because you might feel a little.

You know not so confident at first but the more you do this like it just builds and it becomes really really cool because then people believe you people believe that you’re an expert, because you get confident about what you’re talking about and by staying in your lane. You really show that you’re an expert and you to others when they come across your content, that you are the expert in that field.

So one is the perk that you become the expert you’re seen as the expert now. The second thing, the second like perk, is you’re. Just it’s seen that you’re active in the field. You know a lot of people get hesitant to buy books when they’re a little older, because you’re afraid the content doesn’t really hold up anymore. So, especially with things like social media and things online, the game is always changing.

The game is always growing right. Things are shifting constantly so a book like, let’s say in social media marketing that came out in like 2008 you’re going to be super, hesitant to believe the content, because it’s so old. So if you’re like going off the content that you made two years ago three years ago, it’s stale you know, so you want to make sure that you’re pumping out active content, because people are like alright.

This guy’s always posting content, he’s freshening the game. He knows what he’s talking about he’s always posting like the most up-to-date content and they’re more likely to believe you because you’re on top of it you’re like you, have your finger on the pulse and you’re like alright. I know exactly what’s going on and then they come to you because they start to trust you and they go okay, it’s easier for me to get my knowledge from this guy, because he’s constantly he’s been right before and he’s constantly providing me the most up-to-date content.

I don’t have to go to this site. I don’t have to go to this person. I can just go to this person because they’re the expert, and they know exactly what’s going on so the last perk of creating relevant content – is that it builds your audience and it really gives people more of a chance to find you. We we’d all love to have like that. One homerun piece that just knocks it out of the park and all of a sudden everybody knows our name and everyone.

We want to work with knows about us and all of our customers instantly want to buy from us right, but that’s just not how it works. You know it really does take shots. It’s like that. That wing risk that Wayne Gretzky quote where he mentions, like you, miss 100 % of the shots you don’t take. You know the way I like to consider putting out content is pretty much like like hooks. You know like like you when you’re fishing and you have hooks in the water and like if you only have one article, if you only have one piece of content, if you only do one picture, that’s like having one hook in the ocean, so with that analogy, In mind, do you want to have one hook in the ocean, or do you want to have hundreds of hooks in the ocean and really care and tea that you’re bringing home a fish like that? It’s it’s really that simple! The analogy is just that clear and by posting content on the regular and becoming someone who’s active in the community, it really builds all three of those.

So you know people see you as an expert. They know that you have your finger on the pulse, that you’re active and three. You just have so many hooks in the water that people are bound to see your content and that you’re getting better all the time. So my question for you guys in the comments section below, is what niche are you going into and what platform are your going to be using, go ahead and comment in the section below and let’s have a conversation? If you have any questions, I would love to bounce ideas back and forth.

Now, hopefully, you guys got some value out of this article, if you’re looking for a course check the description, the links below I’m recommending Ryan Hill jurist influenced a revolution course because he straight gets from A to Z on what it takes to start a personal brand And actually monetize it and start making some passive income. He gives you everything whether it’s email swipes a sales script, exactly how to do a webinar exactly how to make a product.

It’s insane value, and I can’t recommend it any more than I already have. So, if that’s something that you guys are interested in, go ahead and click the link below, so you guys got some value from this article be sure to subscribe. Smash that, like button, if you’re already subscribed – and I appreciate it guys always remember the goal – is progress, not perfection so make sure to keep taking action, and I will see you guys on the next one.

This is Jesse unlocks signing off bye. You

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