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4 Ways to Use Social Media Content in Branding and Marketing

It’s the content that comes first and foremost. That’s your first point of contact with your audience, your followers, so there are four types of content: one! You have self-serving content. This is just basically telling people what you’re selling buy our product by our service join our group.

You want to add that into your social media strategy, but you also don’t want to overwhelm people with it. The second kind of content is engaging content. Now all content should be engaging, but this is specifically asking people to take a poll as for review, get feedback. This gets people engaged when they may not do it voluntarily, you kind of trigger them to do it. The third style of content or kickbacks contests daily deals giveaways.

This is the type of content that gets people engaged, but also, once again, you don’t want to overwhelm people with it and for a contest at them every week and when you do have a contest, you want to make sure that what you’re giving away has high Perceived value, don’t give a dollar off your 500 pair of shoes; it won’t work. Fourth style of content is out-of-the-box content. This is high-risk, high-reward content that may or may not fall in line with the messaging of the strategy you’re trying to produce but ultimately gets the most reach and does it in a non-corporate style which people on social media are more comfortable with

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