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Digital Business Case Study: Haworth Guitars Part 1 – Online Presence

What made us decide to go online was it was the way that the market had started going and it was just a matter of “. If you can ’ t Beat them join them, ”, Basically how the business started was my dad actually was a high school teacher and he was an industrial arts teacher Teaching woodwork teaching, metalwork electronics, And those sorts of things – and he had a kid – come up to him.

A student in his class and said “, Mr Haworth. I want to make a guitar ”. He decided to start his own workshop at home as a side thing to his full time, teaching making guitars. He opened up a shop then in Kiama Downs, where it was mostly a retail store. Then Ever since, probably about 10 or 11 years ago, when we moved into that physical shop, Front in Kiama Downs, we started an online web presence.

Then There wasn, ’ t many shops around who had a website back years ago and it was actually Set up by a student that my dad used to teach At that time it was pretty much my dad who was managing the eBay store and he Doesn, ’ t know anything about computers, but he was managing this eBay store and now eBay is probably about 50/50 With our website in terms of sales, So about 50 per cent comes from the website and 50 per cent come from eBay.

Online sales are about 20 per cent. Of our overall gross sales Buying it through the website is really easy now because it is set up so that it ’ s all Generated through a portal where they enter their credit card details or PayPal and it gets processed automatically The website, we revamped it and had a new One built about six months ago That ’ s a big part of it and then There is our eBay store.

They are the two points, the two e-commerce places where customers can actually buy things, Then, on top of that, a big one for Us is our Facebook Fan Page, then we ’ ve got Twitter and we also use YouTube. And we put out product reviews, we also put up Haworth TV episodes where customers can win prizes and things Like that, through YouTube, We have also got our own blog that we use. If we have a competition, we will Film, the YouTube article, the Haworth TV, and we will put it on Facebook.

We know that that gets the most hits. And everyone is on there and it is so easy so easy for them to reply and to comment, and things like that. So for us, Facebook is probably the biggest It. ’ s like the revolution of the internet. Right, Everyone is getting online. There is only a really small percentage: That don ’ t have a computer that don ’ t have the internet. So if I ’ m going to buy a fish tank, I ’ ll, just Google “ fish tanks, ” in my local area.

We make sure that in our local area, specifically that we are up there in the Google searches We have got to be, I think that most people, when they Are looking for a music store? Will just Google it? We have seen the new websites and there all content management systems like the CMS and it ’ s all quick and easy to use It. ’ s set out, like Microsoft word Most webpages out. There are only a year or a couple of years old.

If that We have got to make sure that We are at the cutting edge of that and make sure our website Is quick and easy to use it? ’ s quick and easy to update. It is easy for people to look at photos and to find prices and to search for Items and things like that, The main part was just that we had to Keep up with the times we have got to be at that kind of cutting edge, But the website we are mostly allocating one person three days a week to do that.

Just be wary of fraudulent credit cards and people out there doing the wrong thing as well, because we have been caught before where we have sent a guitar to somewhere in the world. Thinking that the credit card is fine and then we find out that it. ’ s a fake credit card and that we lose the guitar. We actually set up a world record. Day, a few years ago, where I did a world record and Broke a world record for the most guitars restrung in one hour, which was just a cool promo that we did, we thought it would be fun and we actually got a certificate and stuff, so that was really cool as well Other things that we are really proud Here, Are is just our staff and our team and how enthusiastic they are about music and basically helping us to spread the gift of music and helping people to play music.

So we have a fantastic team here that I am really proud of, and we Are very lucky to have [ Music Plays ]

Who is helping with your digital business footprint?


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