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10 Tips for Your Blogging Success: Socrates Gets Riled Up at Podcamp Toronto (part 1)

So, first of all, thank you all for coming here today. My original topic of conversation was supposed to be the technological singularity, which is what I’m all about, which is what I have been about for the last three years of my life and which is probably what I will be in the next three years in Houston.

But I’m also vlogger in a podcaster and while I do not consider myself to be successful yet as a blogger or is a podcaster and all based on what I’ve seen in the previous sessions here before I got so obsessed much my blood. What went so boiling that I should be here to address something nonsense that you guys could report here right, so that cannot commit logging or social media suicide by following download instructions, maybe nine anger.

So, unfortunately, I’m going to have to put my conversation and talk about that anymore der to do that within a very specific way. So, first of all, what would be the benefit for you and staying here today and listening to my conversation. Hopefully I will help you be a better blogger. Better pop duster make money, there are bigger audience than what you had before will grow more successful and, as I said, i’m not an expert interview.

I don’t consider myself to be an expert, but based on the people who were speaking before some things must be set. Okay – and you know, in contrast to some those people, you know, if you speak on a topic, you can do it in one of two ways: number one hopefully results right. As I said, I don’t consider myself successful, but compare my result to the other people’s result and judge for yourself and number two is meeting and learning from the best people in the field and extracting their knowledge and trying to utilize it in the best way possible.

Because success leaves traces, don’t go starting to opera too, because that’s going to create only more mediocrity. Do you want to be mediocre? I really hope not so you’d want to learn from the best. That’s how I try to do it and that’s why, with that kind of measure, I don’t consider myself to be successful at all. Yet here’s some result that I’ve accomplished in the last two years, I’ve been online forgot little less than three years start at the website.

For about six or seven months, then, eighty nine months later I started with blog another six or seven months. I started the podcast, and so I’ve been podcasting for say less than two years and here’s something result. Last summer I got thirty thousand dollars worth of training in NASA. I got honestly a million-dollar network. I met some of the richest people in the world people. I feature diamandis the guy who sends people in space on the International Space Station, which is company called international space adventures.

The guy cause. Look at the X PRIZE foundation, the people who did the competition for sending the team in space, the first private team ever and now Richard Branson bought them, is doing the spaceport in New Mexico and is going to be sending people out for two hundred thousand dollars. A pop I met people like such as rape virtual paper to I was recently featured on the superbowl commercial. The guy, who put the voice in every one of your single Pont lévêque of created, object, recognition.

Software. The first time was for the help of blind people. The people such as keeping one reporting first customer and then eventually he went on to invent the Earth’s well synthesizer, which results for a musician, no property. You know all the best people need to feel like falling stones and anyone else like that. Paul McCartney they’re using physical and that’s the best mobile cingular, akerian, probably a futurist in the world.

Right now I met people like Steve Wozniak. I voting the google robocar, I decided not to land. The shuttle simulator goes to know technology and it was about to be retired, and I had better things to do at that time. Okay, I had the chance to to to get thousands of us say this camera. For example, a blog reader of my work decided to send me two thousand dollars just a couple weeks ago, so that I can buy a camera, and I can report this so that he can read it and I’ve been very fortunate to tweet and get airplane tickets To places such as silicon valley or to Moscow which actually I ended up shutting down just last week, so that’s some of the results.

I want to share with you. What I’m not doing here is I’m not promising you’ll, be able that more. So if you think, and I’m going to also make you very uncomfortable and I’m going to challenge right so if you think it’s going to be easy and pleasant and comfortable just follow these guys and you know find yourself a better place to be I’m all. For that you don’t want to talk to the wrong people, so um, okay, so how did I did what I did and again, as I said, I don’t consider myself to be successful, but in terms of traffic, i’m blogging i’ll.

Tell you a couple of things. I’ve had just two hundred people short of a hundred thousand unique visitors a month. My best day was almost 10,000 unique visitors from across the world. My multi take a step is object, fifty-two thousand downloads in three months and I’ll tell you how I did it. So you can do it too, because it’s honestly, it’s not because of my drop-dead gorgeous good looks and my amazing hairdo it’s it’s because of strategy and focused effort that I did what I did and planning and pushing as hard as possible.

And you know what I think most of us can do that stuff. So, in order to do that, I’m going to hopefully briefly run into my personal story and that’s kind of very personal and i’m going to be sharing stuff that I haven’t shared before publicly, let alone article and so but one of the principal says you know if You have the night discover this. You have to do what you fear the most. If you want to make a difference, you have to embrace your fear, you have to go for it and – and you have to do what you think is hard and impossible, and you have to be uncomfortable unless i’m kicking and screaming.

I know that i’m not doing something right so usually when i’m making any progress, i’m usually whining and kicking and screaming and complaining, and then you know a few weeks later. I look back and I’m like. I can’t believe I did this it’s impossible yeah, but now it’s already done so, and how did you do it because you pushed yourself to do the uncomfortable thing so again, if you want to be comfortable what not to be challenged, if you want to keep going The way you have been going with your blogging in your podcasting and you’re satisfied with that go to another session.

I want to suggest ways that you can be very in any way possible and then, finally, I want to conclude with the new world and the old world. That’s going away in the newer, the new world in which technology can promote equity. I saw people who can step on the moon. I saw people who are working on the future to do synthetic biology that can change your sex. Your color, you race, your age that can heal your wounds, your cancers and hopefully make you live forever and that’s the look insane, but it is being worked on right now and it’s not going to happen tomorrow.

It’s not going to happen the day after tomorrow, but it’s coming and that’s what the similarity is all about. That’s what transhumanism is older and people in Silicon Valley at work unit, because that’s where the first million years are going to be made. That’s where the big bucks are and that’s where the future is for all of us and lightly. Just let me call on one person here. Thank you for very boy for being here.

Eric is a fantastic guy he’s one of the founders based on your holiday. He is the one who co-founded Istanbul Punky’s the prison. Hacked laptop geo is a note to get a super cool guy, he’s the founder of Sandy Bridge and he’s a common speaker on issues such as hacking and cyborgs. So he’s the guy outside work in hacking unit and trying to so thanks for being here, got to share it. Um, I’m just here to see you as it is to help right so uh, let’s see if it’s worth their time.

So, what’s my story very few just to share what you can show you that, as I said, it’s not a result of my good looks and my incredible care. Do it’s a result of effort and struggle? Actually, so you know I I have. One of my fears was: how can you started well, just a freak and Eastern European accent? No, that isn’t that ridiculous. I mean who is going to listen to me right, so I was born in bulgaria when I was 13 and a half my mom passed away from cancer.

My dad started drinking upwards and nine months later we had a big fight with him and I left the house. I was at 14, I was very lucky Ashley. Before my mom died. She made her sister promise that she would force me to study math and get as good as I could possibly read it so that I can apply to what was at the time the best high school in bulgaria and which had a very tough entry requirements for Math literature in my aunt, you know forced me and tricked me and and oh no other ways so that I do about half the math problems with her.

Other students did – and I eventually passed him in pen squeaking in that price going to cruise in there and that’s where I learned English and in Russian and all those other things, and so after I finished high school, I decided I was constricted to the article by The way, Oh Gary, it’s the law, which is it was the law either gold guarantee or go to gym. That’s that’s the choice right. No, I’m not a big fan of jails.

So, even though I had problems with authority, I had to go to the iron in the Army. I spent one year one month in 26 days and there were days that I didn’t think i’m going to make the funds, even though I was the most one of the most awarded soldiers. I was at the same time on the most punished ones, because I tend to speak and I don’t. I don’t beat around the bush and in Gary that’s the worst thing you can do, because when you have a senior officer he’s always right and when you write again new number one, the senior officer is always right and in war situation actually get shot.

Sometimes, on the spot for speaking or disobey order – and I tend to kind of get my visions and views on how things should be done. So after Jeremy, I started working as a hotel receptionist in the first private culture in Bulgaria. I applied to a bunch of universities abroad. I was very much about accepted to eight universities in the state’s I was accepted to the University of Auckland New Zealand only text to my good high school, which, by the way, I went deeper and further into the material that people here going university.

But that’s the old system, that’s changed. Now too, I didn’t have any money, though right so auckland university was going to cost me 30 grand when I left both area after I sold everything that I own I had about three thousand dollars when I bought my plane ticket. I had about 2,000. The only place I could go in the States and death June Elizabeth West Virginia because the tradition was both hundred bucks and I had about 800 bucks left for me to survive for that term.

So I spent a year living in the United States. I traveled across the East Coast by the way, the best time I ever had in the US was Richard for sure in atlantic city on the boardwalk, I said that the most fun I’ve ever the most incredible department and it was fantastic. The only thing is that I did get disappointed a little bit from the US. You know I came from distant Walker. I was like world one, the freedom land of opportunity you know now.

I know that that place is Canada. For me, I can only tell me how much for me, you know, Canada is the best base so anyway, so I ended up coming here. Hey did an undergraduate at the University of Toronto. I did philosophy, I started philosophy. I had very strong stress on ethics. I I did express interest in ethics at times of war, just worth hearing warm rustic things like that. You can’t do politics unless you’re very good at economics, so I had to do economics, so I ended up graduating with drawing specialist in political science and philosophy minor in economics.

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