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Multiple income streams ideas – How Internet Marketers Make Money

I think you should consider in your business and when people think about making money online, they oftentimes get overwhelmed or confused what it’s all about and, like we talked about so many times before, it’s about selling something you have to give something in return. You know for money right, so people want this and you get this, it’s it’s so basic, and so how? How do you do that? How you know what can you sell and the three types of methods I use is Kindle or like ebooks? I do affiliate marketing and I have my own products now.

All of these versions are all these methods are something that refers to take it out products. Okay, so in this case you know we’re selling ebooks on Amazon for $ 2.99 and actually I’m also doing paperbacks paperbacks for round yeah. Like ten bucks, you might be asking you know, are you doing physical products? Well, you know Amazon takes care of this. I never have to do anything extra except you know, create paperback version like a format and Amazon takes care for the rest.

So it’s just a really fast method to like leverage your already made books, and then you might, you know like ask: why should you do came to isn’t just for writers or people that are skilled with writing? Absolutely not everybody can do this. You actually should not, or you know you don’t have to be a writer, because you should you, you can go into the nonfiction niche and sell all kinds of books and have them written for you or or easily write them yourself.

I teach people how to. I show them how they can get that books created, even though they’re, not a writer. Why I promote this method is because it’s a really simple and easy way to break into making money on line making money. It’s a really good point of entry. If you haven’t made a dollar before a lot of people, you know start here and because it’s easy, it’s simplified Amazon takes care of the traffic.

You just have to focus on creating really simple ebooks, and then you upload it to Amazon and basically that’s it. You don’t have to it’s basically hands-off after that, and I was making money in my first month doing this and it kind of clarifies – and you know you know, realizes or makes you believe that this is possible. You know the first dollar we always talk about. The first dollar is the hardest one.

You know when people have already made one dollar they’re kind of think like well. Why can’t I make ten or why can’t I make you know a hundred, so it’s all about you know just breaking into the game, and this is a really good way of doing that, because it doesn’t require a lot of investment and you can actually create ebooks For free and if you can create something and sell it and there’s no cost of producing it, I mean how many books can you create? So and the thing is, you know, a lot of people are making 1k a month.

I would say, with this kind of business: it’s I I mean it’s possible to go. Well, I would say it’s like anywhere between 1k to 10k. A month is a lot of people are, is having this kind of success. All right, I would say, you’re – probably not going to go much further than 100k a year, then a lot of you know people making 501k. There are some people, I’ve heard of some people that are making thirty to forty K a month, but that’s an exception.

Okay, now with affiliate marketing, I think you know you have a much higher profit market margin. You know you’re, not selling $ 2.99 ebooks you, you are selling products that cost anywhere from it b-47 up to could be anywhere up to maybe you know 197. In case you would be doing high ticket affiliate marketing, then it’s possible to promote products that cost up to two thousand dollars and in that case, you’re getting a lot more for each commission, and this is the reason I moved into affiliate marketing.

Basically, because Kindle is you know, Amazon owns kimple. There are a lot of variables in this kind of business like you have to in many cases, if you want to reviews for your books, you have to hire bas. Amazon is always changing the terms, and you know that everything has its pros and cons. So, even though it’s really simple and easy, it has, of course, some downsides and that’s why a lot of people move into affiliate marketing.

They maybe start promoting their success and and courses on simple, I mean I I’m doing that and they can make high commissions and they can make more money, and I would say there is more control, you’re, not as restricted as with you know, a Kindle business yeah. You can diversify a little bit more you’re still on the product creators terms, you’re, promoting somebody else’s product, of course, and that person of course sets the terms you know he sets the price the Commission you get and basically how you can promote the product.

How and when he can pull the plug, of course on the product if he wants, but in my case you know you can have, you can be promoting a lot of these products and I it’s just more control than Kindle and where you can take affiliate marketing. I mean you can be doing, I would say, 1 to 2 million a year and then you know having your own product. I mean this is how the the big guys on the internet – the big goes.

I don’t know what’s this supposed to be, but I guess this is a guy with a you know. What is it called the Kings where you know the crown you know having your own product. That’s that all teammates control you set the terms you set the price. You can charge at anything you, you know anything, you desire, you can charge twenty thousand. If you want. If you have that kind of you know, high-priced item like maybe coaching or something it can be an online course, you can charge $ 1,000 for it.

You set the terms use of the terms on how you promote it. Basically, it’s more control, it’s more more secure, ready and yeah you’re, not limited by other people as much. You know you can put it up on any platform. You, like you of course, can promote it yourself and then get you know: 100 percent of the sale, because you don’t have to pay affiliates or you can don’t have to pay any fees or well. Maybe there’s like a small fee to PayPal stripe.

But basically you know once your product is done. You know it’s almost 100 percent profits. If you manage to sell it yourself, of course, so you can see how this here is much more powerful than perhaps getting you know. Fifty fifty percent commission of a forty seven dollar product and when you could be getting one hundred percent for let’s say two hundred ninety seven dollars, like my my online course: first lost profits.

So if you want the ultimate business, you the ultimate freedom, the ultimate security and the ultimate authority, because people look at you with much more authority when you have your own product, I mean doing affiliate. Marketing is really lucrative, but there are just so many people. So many sharks fighting in the same pool that I mean this can be, of course tough it. This requires work, and so you see how this goes.

You know people go into this. They move on to affiliate marketing and eventually you know you won’t be over here. I’m not saying you know, like I said these numbers are theoretical, but in my opinion, and with all the things that I have been you know looking at online, all the people I follow and I see what’s happening then this is something that I would say was Not something that is impossible, I mean with your own product, I mean 1 million and beyond you know, sky’s the limit, that’s supposed to be a cloud and Sun alright.

So this is this is online marketing. This is making money online. Of course, there are other ways. Also, I mean I’m not saying you can’t make money with cryptocurrency or or some kind of other methods, but basically you know this is what you should be looking into these other main ones. Having these three income streams I mean you could have. Of course, this would be a one income stream. You could have, of course, a lot of campaigns, affiliate marketing campaigns.

You could have a lot of products and that way you can have five 10 20 income streams. They say that you know the average millionaire has seven. So I would mix these ones up and you could be on your way to financial security. You know pretty fast alright, so this was today’s article. I hope you know this made some sense to you. If it did, then please, like the article and hit subscribe and talk later,

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By Jimmy Dagger

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