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So if you want to get this fresh content, ah hot off, the presses do that for live streams and articles, and if this is your first time here welcome, this is Glendon Cameron, you’re hustling Godfather. What we do here. We talk about money: how to make it. How to keep it, how to grow it through entrepreneurship, hustling! That’s what we talked about, so, let’s kind of get into it, because one of the big big problems that people seem to have with making money is a lack of clarity.

They want to make money that much they’re sure of, but how to make money. Mmm that come is vague, ambiguous, it’s not really nailed down. Now I want you to think about this. If you went to your job just kind of mindset, you don’t know what you want to do. You just want to make some money whatever way possible. However, what you can it’s not really going to work out because your job, you have a defined occupation.

You bility work, you do this. If you make fries you make fries. If you do this, you make tires, you make BMWs wherever you work, you have a clear path. Hopefully you have a clear path on how to make money with your job, all right. So how many of you are really clear on what you want to do to make money? Just put that in the comments? How many of you are clear and the mods beyond it, because I left a comment on the CNN post and it really angered the GOP trolls and this.

This is something to talk about this too, not getting political, but clarity is a very important part of being. President right now there are Americans who are losing their jobs because of his policies, because he has no clarity. Now, I’m going to make a prediction: 15, 20 months we’re going to have a very rough recession and most folks aren’t ready. Now, if you’re, really clear that recessions coming you’re going to your, your behavior is going to mirror your thought process and what I mean by that is you have people who are saying one thing but doing something completely different than what they said they wanted to do.

That is called incongruence if you’re incongruent. I want to make a lot of money, but I don’t really know how the money is just not coming every now and then someone will just do something and make a lot of money that is called an outlier. That’s called a unicorn, that’s called a typical, that’s not the norm and people be like well Johnny. You never went to school Johnny. You know he even wasn’t that smart.

He just came on YouTube and you know he started putting articles up there. Next thing. You know we got a G Wagen, but but the missing ingredients is johnny is a 10 johnny has rock-solid. Abs johnny is very handsome. Johnny is most women’s prototype man, but you know we going to talk about that you’re, going to like look at Johnny in the abstract and think you can do what he can do, even though you don’t have his gifts.

This is a lot of the stuff. You see on the Internet, you see many people who are doing stuff and it’s not going to work. So how does one get clear? First of all, one has to be honest with sty self. You have to be very, very honest with yourself. You have to be very clear with yourself. You have to be very, very OnPoint with yourself now part of the deal is there are many people who say that they want to be XY and Z, because it sounds good.

Give you an example when I started this YouTube thing, it was a lot of people, thought YouTube was wack. There was a lot of my friends who thought I was silly. There was a lot of people who didn’t think that this YouTube thing would work out to be anything now these same people they’re like hey, I always believed in you, man. I knew you could be a contender. I knew you could be a contender right and part of that problem.

Is people forget people romanticize things like the stuff with the GOP and cunt? This has happened before we had a racist president before he actually fired of federal workers and got rid of them because they were black. So you know this dis ain’t, nothing new, but to a generation of people who’ve, never experienced it. It’s very new and to a group of people who’ve, never experienced clarity. That’s very new! That’s very hard because when I will say is like let’s talk about disruptive mail for a second I’m putting some hot content on that, this is going to be very helpful.

So you may wan na go over and check that out. Let’s say you have a dude he’s an average dude and he just wants an average girl but socially he’ll put in the comments. Yeah man – I you know – I bang the 10 – he’s going to say that, but he really don’t want a 10. He just want a girl. That’s going to bake biscuits have sex with. On the you know, on the regular and just be peaceful, happy, that’s what most dudes want.

Now you got everybody talking about yeah man. She was bad. She was a ten. She was a 10 here’s. The problem with that during ten minute ins, Halle, Berry’s, a tenth. How many women look like Halle Berry? You know in her category where, wherever she goes, everyone’s like yes, she’s, bad, she’s, bad. You know if you’re, a true bonafide ten, you know anywhere in the world, and men are going to behave the same way.

If that behavior is not crazy or you ain’t attend once again, they need em in the alpha males same thing, you could you know a lot. Do sir, I had this conversation with a friend. He was somebody he’s an alpha male now I just is like oh you’re, not because if you’re an alpha male, you begin now for male results, but you’re not getting a female results, and I just left it alone, because I don’t feel like a fight, but many People are pretending to be something that they’re not to impress people who don’t matter and that diffuses clarity that that really messes up clarity.

Because if you are rock solid in your clarity, you going to get what you want. But when you’re confused you going to get what comes your way and what comes your way? May not be good for you. It may not be the best thing for you. This is one of the problems, because when I start this YouTube blog, I was very clear on what I wanted. I wonder why the book I wanted to sell the book. My goal was two thousand people at 65.

You know that was the goal I exceeded it, but I had a goal to begin with. I made many many many many many many many mistakes, many many mistakes. Many many mistakes – green funky cover there was so many mistakes, but because I was so clear on the outcome and it was clear on the methodology that I had to deploy to get that outcome. When I first won to be a writer, I was in the boarding house – and I was doing this thing called passionate Friday – didn’t really go anywhere because I didn’t have discipline and I was just you know, just riding it pretty much getting some trim.

So the second time I had a little bit more discipline, but I didn’t have a really good game plan. Then I stopped writing. Then I got in the store chunks in business and I wrote every day, but I wasn’t writing for the pleasure of writing. I was writing to make money. I wrote thousands and thousands the ads, so it wasn’t write fiction. I was but I was writing for eight years because you know I was like I didn’t write four years.

Actually I did. I wrote a lot of copy. A lot of post so I became I got in the habit of writing, which is why I was able to finish my first book because I had developed a discipline. I had developed a game, I developed the Ackermann, but on the publishing tip I was still whack. I was still very whack. I made so many mistakes, but because I was really clear on the process. I was really clear on the outcome I exceeded it.

You got to be clear about each and every step go back to disrupt email. When you approach a woman, many of you just like how is she pretty you don’t even know she wants. You need to have a plan already pretty prescribed a contrived plan of. If I meet X, Y & Z, woman, this is going to happen. This is the reason you should write your dream girl girl profile, because what it does this establishes clarity and all of a sudden, you start like.

Oh, I didn’t want this. I didn’t want this kind of chick. I didn’t want that kind of chick. I want this kind of chick and because she become very specific and very focused all of a sudden, these kinds of chicks start popping off in your life, but see here’s the thing they were already there. They were always there, but because you wasn’t clear, you didn’t know what you were looking for. You did not set standards, you just missed out.

This is for business. This is for family. This is for everything if you’re, like ego car shopping. Most of you are real clear on what you want. I want on red Honda. I wonder that this surprise you like boom boom boom boom. You put more effort into getting a card and you do getting a mate. You put more effort in getting a car than you do star in the business and you wonder why I does it go sideways, because there’s this cool that statistic: that 90 % of businesses fail, I’m going to parse that a little bit 90 % of businesses that Fail is started by people who are not clear.

The people who had experience in that field, the people who were clear on the outcome they had a nine percent success rate being clear, is going to set your income on fire now part of being clears you’re going to have to get rid of a lot of This doing stuff for other people with my family, I had to get rid of them. For me to be quote a good son, a good brother, a good family member. I was going to have to lower my ambition.

I was going to have to say and do things I didn’t disagree. I didn’t agree with. I just thought this is stupid, so I cut them loose, made more money than all of them put together, but they still hatin, because it took me a really long time to understand this. I got out when your tribe wants you to be in regardless, if being in is counterproductive, it’s unhealthy! They want you in in a minute that they see that you trying to climb out of the barrel that you’re trying to run off the flood station.

Don’t even tell on you at Glendon master Linda, he in the middle, the feel he heading for the fence master, yet fence master, he hopped the fence as he go. You want me to get the dogs to see. He’s not happy that I escaped he’s upset because he didn’t escape so he’s going to do every thing in his power to make sure that I get back on the plantation to be there right. Next to him see people have been programmed to be more proactive in destruction than building instead of him.

Like you, you you going to try to escape him on Thursday night yeah man, yeah, yeah, all right, so I’ll be look at no, no! No! No! No! He get that information he going to go, tell master cuz, he’s afraid to come off the plantation cuz. The plantation is all he knows. He don’t know anything about this new world. He don’t know anything about the graduation and levels of classes. He ain’t trying to you know, what’s a good example of this, anyone see Shawshank Redemption.

Remember that Brooks was here doing kind of prison, but because he had been institutionalized and many people have been institutionalized, he did not know how to respond to freedom. He didn’t know how to deal with this because he had been institutionalized in a negative dynamic that he could not divorce himself from, and many of you have that similar dynamic. For let’s say, let’s say you live in New York: you live in California, you live in Chicago Rhett’s high, but instead of saying, okay, I’m going to make a choice here, either I’m going to leave I’m going to buckle down and make the money to live.

How I want to here it’s a choice and many people. Instead of making those choices to leave or stay there, they complain and then they let you state and they gang up and it’s like hey. We need to reduce rent ain’t happening, rent ain’t going down unless it’s a recession, that’s the only way rents going down, so you got ta make the choice. You got to be real clear on what you want. If you want a million dollar business, you need to do the math then figure out how your skill sets can mirror or match up with a product or service to make that money most people star businesses, don’t do the math.

They don’t have any clue. This is like it did. They go out there and fail man. You ain’t going to start no business again that that’s just that’s some wacky stuff man. You know these people who starting businesses, are they getting help from government these immigrants yeah they getting loans, no interest loans. Me. I was out there by myself. I couldn’t make it. You know it’s just ain’t. It ain’t right for the average man, it’s just ain’t ready.

You know I have a term for that. It’s called loser speak if you’re speaking like that to yourself, you are a loser and you’re going to indoctrinate your children with that loser mindset cuz, I don’t care how poor you are. I don’t care how much you don’t have if you don’t change that mindset you’re going to give that to your kids and you’re, going to create this generation of the generation after generation of low expectations and poverty and low income people.

That’s going to be your inheritance for your children. Now there are some good parents out there who know they ignant and they lie. Look. I don’t want you to be like me, I’m going to send you over here to be with these people, so they can teach you better than I can, because I don’t have the skills. That’s a good parent, that’s a great parent. It doesn’t take a lot of money to be a great parent. It just take a lot of common sense.

You don’t have to be rich, but you can enrich your children by pushing them to do shit. You couldn’t do and a lot of people they. They only want their kids to be successful. They don’t want their children to be more successful. Then that’s the dysfunction that goes and a lot of families that, if you’re doing better than your parents, your parents may hate. Now, if you got a good parents, they’re going to be like, I am so proud of you up.

That’s my son, that’s my daughter and then you’ve got those hey the Gators, those hater hate machines. You ain’t going to be nothing! I wish. I never had you. You ain’t been nothing but misery and pain to me, you got people with parents like that and these people in the world of hurt and they walking in pain, and it makes it very hard for them to be clear because they’re trying to deal with. Why didn’t my mom? Why didn’t my dad want me? This is why you know, even with my jacked-up situation, I make it very clear that I would love to been her father in case she sees this one day and she’s feeling some kind of way.

She’ll know the truth, but there’s a lot of bad parents out there cuz they don’t want their kids to do better name because they weren’t clear, so they pass on this lack of clarity to their children. It’s amazing how this goes down. So, let’s get into how to get clear first, you got ta, be honest with yourself real. On its bluntly, honest second, you got to start taking massive action as soon as possible, nothing’s going to happen without massive action.

You can know you have a problem. You can start working on it, but without massive action, then it’s going to happen and we’re getting close to this recession. 15. 20 months. I think of a be honest. You need to start preparing like yesterday, because during this next recession, those who are prepared and going to get wealthier. This is, I think, it’s just a cycle. That’s set up. It’s like we’re going to milk it on the high side, we’re going to milk it on the low side.

These people are very clear what they want, they’re very clear of their objectives, they’re very clear on the outcome. They have no problems saying this is what I want. So the third thing you need to do is to write down what you want once again. The third thing you need to do is write down what you want, because this is a funny thing about writing down your goals. You’ll have your goal in your head.

Right and you’ll put it on paper and it’ll look wack and that’s good, because if you cannot fully articulate your goal and desires to yourself on paper, then your subconscious mind can’t kick in and take over. So by writing this all. This is very unclear and you write it and you rewrite it and you rewrite it and you rewrite it and you rewrite it it to become so clear that anyone can understand it.

It has to be clear and it has to be simple to you. So that’s what you have to do be honest with yourself. Take massive action and write down your desires and you know: go back and read the article script script your days, because if you get in the habit and once again you don’t have to be a writer – and you know that no one’s going to see this. But you get a lot of people, you don’t have to be Hemingway.

You just have to be able to write in an intelligent manner to program your subconscious mind, because if you write this every day, you start taking massive action and you’re very honest with yourself you’re, going to start to see that things that you want to manifest in Your life they’re just going to start popping up they’re going to start coming people going to start sending you money, people going like you know like man, I need a truck even like hey um.

I know this is strange, but my dad he’s got a truck. He just wants it gone. You know anyone who needs a truck. These things will start to happen to you, because you’ve programmed your subconscious mind to reach out and pull them to you. But long as you look there’s a part of the Manos spirita app. So we hate these low expectation having people these whiners these losers, the it’s just ridiculous. It’s just ridiculous! How bad these folks think life is when in life, because they’re unclear how they go about life.

That’s the bad part, but life ain’t! Bad! Oh, just wait! Just wait because I was having this car. I was posting stuff on the CNN post and I didn’t even collab them one by one because they were stupid and I just like. I see who’s going to be in the first culling based upon these low IQ responses, because any fool can leave a derogatory comment under a pen name under an avatar, and I saw some really jacked up avatar.

So I know that these people they’re not progressive people and they’re, just members of the echo chamber and I’m just laughing, because I really don’t like Trump, but some of his policies have benefited me like a mofo. If I make the same money I made last year, I’m getting the 14 % raise, that is significant people and get 14 % raises people getting 3 1 point 5 to 3 percent, 3 percent. Being very rare, 3 % over $ 1,000 is 300 ain’t.

A lot of money you might get like a $ 2,400 raise if you get 3 %, you get 1.5 % you get like Twitter and feed up, which is eaten up by inflation. It is Wow, so once again be honest with yourself. Take massive action. Write it down now, number four is going to be you’re going to have to visit, drive experience what you want, you will have to visit, drive and experience what you want now. Let’s say you want to live in California.

You need to go ahead and get yourself a plane ticket go to California on a vacation two or three days, and do that four or five times and see how it feels before. Just like I’m going to move California, I sold everything I’m going, then you get out there and you hate it. People do that stuff to Atlanta all the time they come here. Streets paid for gold. Unless you were coming here with a business and some money, it’s going to be hard for you player playing it’s going to be very, very hard, but you you have people out here who tend to romanticize things.

So you really want this thing to manifest in your life. You need to go visit it you need to touch it. You need to feel it. You need to taste it because that’s walking on faith. It’s like okay. I can’t do it now, but I can do it later. A lot of you too scared to even go. You know how many of y’all are like this. When I was a kid, I used to go look at stuff and I don’t have any money. I remember. I was in Hawaii and I looked at this million dollar property.

I just look I’m in the military. I just want to look at this house. I can’t afford it right now. Maybe the future they’re okay, they were cool with letting me walk around this little black kid from Alabama at Schofield, Barracks and they’re very nice to me cuz. It was honest, so you could just go ahead and like have one look at this house, go the Ferrari. Dealership, look! Here’s the deal. I don’t have the money I’m going to give the Ferrari some point in the future, and I just want to try bit more likely they’re going to let you drive it they’re going to let you drive it more likely.

You didn’t know it because the good salespeople never know they never know. When that person’s going to hit big and come back and remember and see when you’re down, you remember all the people that were nice to you cause they ain’t that many becomes very clear. There’s a lot of clarity with that. I can count on one hand the people who came to visit me in this boardinghouse we’re still friends today, one hand, so everybody wants people to be nice and down for them, but they never been nice and down for anybody.

It’s just funny once again has clarity, so one of the things that you have to do – and this is the fifth thing you need to meditate on what you want be honest, massive action write it down visit, it drive it taste it and number five meditate on It now here’s the the bad news, it probably ain’t going to happen quick. Sometimes it can happen quick, but I’m not even going to set you up for the okey doke.

It may be a year or two, but what you’re doing is reprogramming your mind, not to be negative. You’re reprogramming your mind for success, because once you become very clear on some stuff and like someone can wake you up in the middle of night, like hey, what are you doing? Well, I’m creating an online platform to teach millions of people how they become successful. Cuz see that’s the sixth thing you got to break it down to where it’s one sentence.

What are you doing break it down in one sentence? Clarity, maybe a paragraph. You know if it’s complex, but it needs to be some that you can spit out in. Like 10 seconds and that death is one of the issues here, because a lot of you’re just not clear because a lot of you are consuming hustler porn, a lot of you are addicted to hustler porn. I was going on Instagram and I saw Ray J and his wife. I didn’t know he was married and he’s on this plane right.

He and his family, his daughter, I’m just sitting there like paint that just don’t see one. You know how much it is to charter a plane. If you get turned a prop, those ones were propellers. It’s like four thousand dollars an hour just for one of those. You know like Taylor, Swift, she’s, taking a private jet here and there it’s 40. You know with her entourage. She could be like $ 150,000, but she’s going to go to this venue and make three four five: six million, so that’s easily absorbed, but just to get on a private plane just to go to California, because you flex him.

That’s the one of the fastest ways to go broke. If, even if you do have a lot of money, I was coming back and I thought you mean Dupree up the first class. He was a four or five seats ahead of me. I didn’t recognize him at first and then the stewardess she had to take back his louis vuitton case and stuff, and you know Jermaine has made a lot of money. He flying first-class, these charter flights.

I see a lot of people flexing like that and oh, if you, if you’re the learjet – and this is the one without the props – and this is one of the bigger ones with the long range a Learjet could be nine and fifty nine to thirteen thousand dollars Per operating hour, so if you relieve here and go to Europe and that’s ten hours hundred G’s right, there hundred G’s other people out of these planes that happen for a reason, is every time that plane is in the air.

It’s costing a lot of money but they’re making a lot of money because you know I know, grant Cardinals got a plane. But unless I get to the point where I’m speaking and doing all this stuff, it makes no sense for me to go get a plane. None, even if I have 50 million it still wouldn’t make any sense for me good point, if I have a hundred million still wouldn’t make sense still. Wouldn’t that make sense.

You know if I was to get a plane, because I like flying – and I got my pilot’s license. Okay, that’s different, but just to be flexing, I’m seeing some silly silly silly stuff on the Internet’s. So this is it that’s what you need to be clear and take those six steps. Read this article ten times, because each time you read it you’re going to get something even more from this article. Well, this livestream alright! So for those of you who are still here, go below and enroll in game 105 and the art of holding this is going to teach you how to secure and protect your person as a male, and it’s going to give you some manhood lessons.

Now, let’s be clear, because someone sent me something silly like $ 99 for both courses, mm-hmm be real, clear with y’all, see clear clarity; clarity, it’s 99 bucks for 20 months, because you’re going to get two collection of courses and not just one course and you’re going To need a lot of game stuff, you’re, not getting anywhere else, so just so, you know before you click that button. It’s going to be two platforms.

It’s going to be a lot of content. It’s going to be a lot of things to help you protect yourself against this unfair system because I’m living witness. You know I even deleted to comment because she was going in cuz. You know listen. You know I touched on this in the beginning, but there’s a lot of people who feel they you as a man, regardless of what a woman does you need to do the correct thing, even if she’s doing the incorrect thing.

I don’t believe in that I believe in holding these women accountable, which means bad things going to happen, because until more bad things happen, a lot of these women are just going to keep acting the fool, because the expectation is for you to be the steady, stable Man doing the right thing: well, they doing the wrong thing. I guarantee you. She thought that I was going to lay down and let her collect child support and not seize my kid and not be a guiding fire figure and not be a father and just send her a check oops because see.

I was real clear when that, before you even stepped in that courtroom, it’s like ain’t paying. I was 100 percent clear, and this is a good lesson for you, because when you get really clear on the outcome that you want, even if you don’t know how you’re going to achieve that outcome, your chances for success are about 95 %. If you stick it out, I didn’t know how it’s going to get that thing dismissed.

I just knew that I was putting my head. I got ta feel clear on that outcome. I learned the game so go below enroll, because this is going to be some that you can use for the rest of your life because they a lot of people, and these are the short-term people. These are the the hustler porn addicts they want to spend. Ninety nine bucks and make it two hundred thousand dollars. If you really know about business, you know if I had a course that you can make 200 grand a year, of course, would be legitimately worth 20 to 40 grand, maybe fifty legitimately so think about that.

But over time, there’s two G’s: you spend essentially what you up as a retainer for an attorney that will not get you what you want you could be set, and especially for you, young cats, who are not in these situations and one of the things you have To do is be proactive because many of you are trying to you’re closing the barn door after the horse has been gone for an hour like bingo, really doing good.

So that’s it all right! So go ahead! Go below get game 105. The art of holding next week, I’m going to be adding people because you’ll sign up through the game game 105 so that you’ll have all that stuff open to you and then next week, I’m going to add people to the art of Hold’em. All right! So y’all have a good evening read a little football relax chill out and I’ll see you guys tomorrow. What’s going on, this is a little different, but I thought I would explain to you guys what the new situation is.

It’s digital education: how to make money online! I’m finally getting around to teaching the things that I do or currently doing, and this is going to be hustlers kung-fu life skills isn’t going anywhere, I’m going to go through what’s happening with that tomorrow. But what I’m going to do is this is going to be my main focus, the rest of the year in 2020. What this is cuz you know, there’s so many people who talk about how to make money online and you’ll have an FBA course or you have a how to run ads course, but there is no comprehensive curriculum.

That’s going to answer all of your questions, I’m in a clique, foremost group, and I just look at all the questions that people are asking and just they just don’t have the comprehensive online education. So what I’m putting together – and this is from learning from this – this is B school for hustlers. Funny thing is, I created this about three years ago and I created a stripe account for it and the stripe account was still open.

So apparently they don’t have a problem with B school for hustlers. So in any case we could get around that. But let me take you through the whole process now this will include an updated version of the art of holding and I’m going to get into that. So you’ve got two ways to get in there. Sixteen hundred one and done and eighteen times 125 per month, so you’ve got two ways to get in here and this pricing is just going to be available while I’m beginning, because once I build out a course and the course is done, then I’m going to raise The price of this, because this is the there’s – not much they’re pricing with more to come, so one of the things that you know we’re going to do and let’s see really don’t want to be there.

Let’s do this: let’s go to B school for hustlers, like that. You like that you were the lion, the zebras, the money go, get that money, that’s the world! We live in alright; here it is so what we’re going to talk about is this is going to include nine courses. Once again, the courses are not done, as these courses come online like how the market and sell on YouTube. That will be a course, and you know it’s not 100 percent ready and how to make more money from broke-dick Danny to paper.

See that’s going to be a course. The strategic holding company had to set up and deploy there’s going to be a ton of information from the art of holding plus additional information going forward. The Google last course how to run successful and profitable ads how to create and sell online courses for funding profit. The hustlers mind set course, have a change: your thinking for abundance, I’m going to go deep there, how to make money with content, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

The money management course how to prep your financial life for happiness and joy and the money game how to play and win so what you’re going to be doing is getting cuz. I don’t really know how long it’s going to take me to build out all these courses, and you know, need to get rid of that because, because I’m already got I’m adding stuff here and I need to go ahead and change that, because I will have people Trying to get into this, but I’m going to teach you everything you need to know to set up a rugged, durable online business, because one of the things is like with these other courses and they’re good courses – they’re, not bad, but the thing is you’re not giving The full deal you’re not getting a comprehensive, so we’re going to do this, for because I’m going to add more to this to nothing that just get rid of that free.

But essentially this is going to be everything you need to start a successful online business or a collection of online businesses, because the Google ass course cuz. You know I don’t know how to do Facebook ads, but I know how to do Google ads. So I’m going to do a course on that. I know how to sell and create online courses. I’m going to do a course on that. I got the money, management thing and they’ll have that market that sell on YouTube.

Do a course on that: how to make money with content, I’m going to lay out some stuff that you know many people don’t understand, and this is just going to be fun. I could build this out and maybe three months I could build it out in six months, I’m giving myself six months to build this out. So you will have these courses, they will be done, they’ll be available. You will be able to use this information to make money pretty much if you’re, on a payment plan before you pay for this.

I want you to think about that because it’s going to be like an online school, you know and I’m thinking about adding some more stuff to it, and I will say this that if I add any more stuff to it before 2020, that also will be included In the pricing that I put out because there’s some stuff, I’m all because you know I’m thinking this is pretty much it. This is the things that I do. These are the things I know how to do these, the things I make money with and if I add anything else that will be part of this deal and once again the pricing is: there’s not much there.

The money management, how to prep your financial life and happiness and joy – that’s going to be done very quickly, and that’s going to be your first course and what’s going to be different about this, then Hustler’s kung-fu life skills is you’re going to do the money management Course first you’re going to do the hustlers mindset course. Second, then you’re going to do how to make more money from broke, big Danny to pay Percy third and then we’re going to get into the strategic holding company.

There will be a certain sequence that you will take these courses in when they make sense, because let’s take the money management course, what’s the use in you making money if you’re just going to blow a big willy style, if you’re just going to not properly do What you need to do you? It’s just you know, you’re, going to create more problems for yourself, you go out and you start making more money and you have bad money management habits.

You’re going to like maybe develop a drug dependency problem like the article I put on disruptive mail, you may be going out buying hookers and blow and think that’s a good idea where to put the money versus putting the money into long-term asset building processes. So that’s going to be the first course everyone’s going to take that and you get all of this and I will go ahead and stress as I build these out, I’m going to change the price of the offer right.

This pricing is, you, know, cuz, I’m pretty much going to do the hustlers at course. After the money management course, then we’re going to get how to make more money from broke. Dick paper see I’m pretty much going to go through those really quickly. I might get those done before the end of the year and then the strategic holding company I’ve got probably 75 % of the content already. So that’s going to go very fast, so there will be a lot here for you to do, learn and process and begin doing very, very quickly, very, very quickly.

So one of the things that once you guys to understand is for you, folks who are going to take advantage of the payment plan. I made the payment plan very affordable, you’re, going to get all of this stuff before you finish paying. So fortunately, when I do payment plans, I have a very good. You know: high completion rate, most people are on the boat, so I’m going to trust you guys to be honorable and also something else, that’s going to happen now.

This isn’t the t-shirt that isn’t the t-shirt, I’m going to craft a designer and we’re going to come up with a digital citizen, t-shirt and that’s also included in the course it may be a long sleeve. I may do a long sleeve, I’m going to work on that tomorrow, but I feel that this is a welder, rounded curriculum for you to make money online, because I know alive, you don’t want to do YouTube, but I’m telling you the power of YouTube is sick.

I mean you know, let’s just keep the honest, like my main blog ain’t, really doing the YouTube thing, but just on the Adsense, you know level I do 1,500 to 3,000 a month and my blog really ain’t bump in the way that you know cuz. This is the reason I’m starting new blogs cuz. I started one new blog, I’m going to start some more because the algorithm is favoring. New blogs, like you wouldn’t believe, and you know, like disruptive they’ll disruptive mail, makes consistent money and I’m taking some of the new training that I had and I’m applying that to disruptive mail and I’m starting to see results so in how to make money with content.

We’re going to discuss how to create the right type of content, because you got ta have the right stuff. So this is the New Deal, and this is a combination because I woke up this morning really early and I started working on this and all this happened today. I built this out today. I strategize said I’ve been really really thinking about it. In my mind, I’ve been thinking about it and now that you know it’s fully out of my head, I felt very productive.

I felt very energized. I felt really really good that this thing is done, so this is what’s going to drop. This is what’s going to happen in the link it will be below because you will be taking the money management course there’s already content. There that’s training already there and I’ll get that finished before you can go through the whole course, and we will get this, so this is what it is and if you want to start an online business, you know, like I said, there’s a few other courses.

I’m thinking about doing, but I haven’t committed to them so they’re not there, but if I do at these courses before the in you know, because it will be before the end 20. 20. I will include that in this offer the t-shirt. We will be having webinars that there’s a lot of stuff because, like I’m going back to how I used to do it so we’re going to have webinars where you could come in and ask questions, it will not be live streams on YouTube and we will be Able to chop this up so, like I said I felt very, very productive.

I feel that this is going to be amazing for you, because you know the Google ass course I mean. If you’re going to create any kind of website, you got to learn how to run ads. Yes, you can get organic traffic, but it is super slow and you know getting order and organic traffic can take years and hands down, because you you will, you will actually start. You know seeing me run ads and stuff, because I’ve got a budget, I’m going to start running ads and I’m going to do a course after I get to running this so and you know how to create and sell online courses for fun and profit.

That’s going to be a winning class, so there’s a ton of value here for you. If you want to start an online business and for those folks who don’t want the whole thing as each course gets built out, then that will be made available to you and it ain’t going to be cheap, like your best bang is to get on the payment Plan or to get the sixteen hundred dollar deal now, that’s your best deal all right. This is Glyndon and we’ll see you guys later.

If you want to be part of this experience, this monumental educational experience, the link is below so with that I’ll talk to you guys later,

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How to Make Easy Online Income / Travel Full Time or Earn from Home

Se obrací na sociální sítě jako, je Instagram Facebook YouTube aby, začali cestovat, My jsme ale, začali cestovat bez použití, jediného z, těchto online nástrojů, Můžeš být normální osoba nikoliv hvězda na socální síti, a vydělávat peníze na cestách Když jsem opustila, domov, tak, jsem, začala cestovat na plný; Úvazek ale za cenu pracování 24/7 Vedla jsem tůry v, Africe a byla to úžasná zkušenost Všechny moje výdaje byly pokryty, a měla jsem možnost vidět, hodně z, tohoto kontinentu, Byla to úžasná příležitost ale, měla, jsem, daleko, méně, svobody, než, jako, digitální, nomád, Laďa, přistoupil k, příjmu a Cestování naprosto jinak On cíleně vyhledával, práce, v, různých odvětvích v, zahraničí, o kterých se chtěl víc naučit, a takhle se vystavil velkému množství řemesel, a komunit Rotoval práci, a cestování což není ideální protože jsi pořád, uvězněný v, práci aby, sis, pokryl, další, výlet, Jak, si tohle uvědomil; Tak začal pracovat na online videjích, o všem spojeném s, focením Jako, Photoshop retušování, a následně, je začal prodávat na jeho webu Tohle, mu, dalo, daleko, větší, svobodu, cestovat, Jakmile jsme se rozhodli žít, spolu, život, v, dodávce pro nás byl nejlepší kompromis, pro levné snadné, a mezinárodní cestování Dále se soustředíme na práce které můžeme, dělat z, našich laptopů, My aktuálně žijeme, a cestujeme v naší vyrobené dodávce takže naše životní náklady jako, páru, jsou, někde, okolo $ 1200 USD Život v, dodávce umožňuje snadný, a praktický způsob cestování, Plus můžeme zůstat komfortní produktivní, a udržet náklady Nízko Pro pokrytí našich nákladů na cestách, pracuji 15 hodin týdně vyučováním angličtiny na internetu Mám placeno zhruba $ 22 na hodinu, a firma pro kterou pracuji se jmenuje GoGoKid studenti jsou z, Číny, a my article, chatujeme přes online systém firmy Tahle práce mi umožňuje tvořit, si svůj Vlastní rozvrh což, je zásadní když cestujeme Takže jak to funguje že si buď mám několik dní volna, a nebo si vezmu víc hodin jestliže chci mít větší výplatu Pro přístup na internet si kupuji lokální sim karty, a naplním je daty, Je to překvapivě velice levné když, si Kupuji turistické balíčky Vytvořím si v telefonu hotspot přímo do laptopu a použiju, auto jako pojízdnou kancelář Připojení, je dostatečně silné s 4G nebo LTE abych mohla mít, tyto, konverzace, živě, Je to opravdu ideální mít, možnost, být, v, pohybu zaparkovat pracovat, a pokračovat v, našem týdnu Kvalifikovat.

Se pro tuto práci musíš být, buď z, Kanady, nebo, USA, Musíš taky, mít 4 roky na vysoké škole Nemusí to být pedagogická ale, zkušenost, je pro ně důležitá takže tě ocení vyšší hodinovou mzdou Pohovor, je docela rychlý, a dostaneš všechny podklady potřebné pro výuku Pro mě tohle Není cílová práce ale, spíše, přechodná, Rozhodně, je ale, velkým požehnáním, a pokrývá nám náklady už delší dobu Pracuji pro GoGoKid už asi rok, a jeden z, nejlepších aspektů, je neuvěřitelný kompromis života, a práce Umožnila nám mít tato cestovní dobrodružství, a hodně času na relaxaci, a cenu obětování Pouze 15 hodin týdně práci Jestli máš zájem pracovat pro GoGoKid nebo se, o tom více dozvědět napiš mi zprávu na Instagram @ curlyhaircamping, a já ti dám všechny informace, o kterých vím včetně celého přehledu, o průběhu pohovoru Nechám, můj, kód, můj, referenční, kód, dole v, popisu videa, Včetně referenčního odkazu Vždy preferují lidi na pohovory kteří byli doporučeni Teď, když, máme, hlavní, náklady pokryty se můžeme věnovat odvětví, pro které máme, největší vášeň, Pro nás to vždy bylo focení videa, a vzdělávání Tenhle životní styl nás určitě inspiroval, a motivoval, a my ho chceme sdílet s.

Kýmkoliv chdo, je ochotný poslouchat Jsme na cestách už roky, a proto cítíme že máme určitou znalost se kterou můžeme přispět k online komunitě, Nedávno jsme zjistili že YouTube, může, být super zdroj příjmu pro kohokoliv koho baví tvorba videa, Ať, už, natáčíme, vzdělávací, videa, o cestování na plný; Úvazek DIY projektech nebo informativním blogu YouTube, je dobrá platforma pro kterou rádi pracujeme.

My si na YouTube nevyděláváme na živobytí ale rozhodně to je krásná pomoc takže prosím nepřeskakujte reklamy na našem kanálu odměňuje nás to za dobře provedenou práci Dlouhodobé cestování bude pouze fungovat jestli si to budeš přát, Je nepřeberné množství možností jak online; tak, v, zahraničí a není to Pouze digitální marketing, Ať už pracuješ pro sebe ostatní nebo od obou trochu buď kreativní, a uvidíš svět v, krátké době Moc díky za sledování Jestli máš zájem, zjistit, kde, právě parkujeme, a něco více, o životě v, dodávce ujisti se že mě budeš sledovat na Instagramu, pod jménem, Curlyhaircamping Jestli chceš vidět zákulicí videí jako, je tohle focení, a elektrických kolech; tak sleduj Laďu jako Panorama_mann Jestli, máš, navíc, nějaký extra čas, tak mrkni na nějaká další videa na našem kanálu Díky, moc, za, sledování, uvidíme, se, v, dalším, videu,

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Multiple income streams ideas – How Internet Marketers Make Money

I think you should consider in your business and when people think about making money online, they oftentimes get overwhelmed or confused what it’s all about and, like we talked about so many times before, it’s about selling something you have to give something in return. You know for money right, so people want this and you get this, it’s it’s so basic, and so how? How do you do that? How you know what can you sell and the three types of methods I use is Kindle or like ebooks? I do affiliate marketing and I have my own products now.

All of these versions are all these methods are something that refers to take it out products. Okay, so in this case you know we’re selling ebooks on Amazon for $ 2.99 and actually I’m also doing paperbacks paperbacks for round yeah. Like ten bucks, you might be asking you know, are you doing physical products? Well, you know Amazon takes care of this. I never have to do anything extra except you know, create paperback version like a format and Amazon takes care for the rest.

So it’s just a really fast method to like leverage your already made books, and then you might, you know like ask: why should you do came to isn’t just for writers or people that are skilled with writing? Absolutely not everybody can do this. You actually should not, or you know you don’t have to be a writer, because you should you, you can go into the nonfiction niche and sell all kinds of books and have them written for you or or easily write them yourself.

I teach people how to. I show them how they can get that books created, even though they’re, not a writer. Why I promote this method is because it’s a really simple and easy way to break into making money on line making money. It’s a really good point of entry. If you haven’t made a dollar before a lot of people, you know start here and because it’s easy, it’s simplified Amazon takes care of the traffic.

You just have to focus on creating really simple ebooks, and then you upload it to Amazon and basically that’s it. You don’t have to it’s basically hands-off after that, and I was making money in my first month doing this and it kind of clarifies – and you know you know, realizes or makes you believe that this is possible. You know the first dollar we always talk about. The first dollar is the hardest one.

You know when people have already made one dollar they’re kind of think like well. Why can’t I make ten or why can’t I make you know a hundred, so it’s all about you know just breaking into the game, and this is a really good way of doing that, because it doesn’t require a lot of investment and you can actually create ebooks For free and if you can create something and sell it and there’s no cost of producing it, I mean how many books can you create? So and the thing is, you know, a lot of people are making 1k a month.

I would say, with this kind of business: it’s I I mean it’s possible to go. Well, I would say it’s like anywhere between 1k to 10k. A month is a lot of people are, is having this kind of success. All right, I would say, you’re – probably not going to go much further than 100k a year, then a lot of you know people making 501k. There are some people, I’ve heard of some people that are making thirty to forty K a month, but that’s an exception.

Okay, now with affiliate marketing, I think you know you have a much higher profit market margin. You know you’re, not selling $ 2.99 ebooks you, you are selling products that cost anywhere from it b-47 up to could be anywhere up to maybe you know 197. In case you would be doing high ticket affiliate marketing, then it’s possible to promote products that cost up to two thousand dollars and in that case, you’re getting a lot more for each commission, and this is the reason I moved into affiliate marketing.

Basically, because Kindle is you know, Amazon owns kimple. There are a lot of variables in this kind of business like you have to in many cases, if you want to reviews for your books, you have to hire bas. Amazon is always changing the terms, and you know that everything has its pros and cons. So, even though it’s really simple and easy, it has, of course, some downsides and that’s why a lot of people move into affiliate marketing.

They maybe start promoting their success and and courses on simple, I mean I I’m doing that and they can make high commissions and they can make more money, and I would say there is more control, you’re, not as restricted as with you know, a Kindle business yeah. You can diversify a little bit more you’re still on the product creators terms, you’re, promoting somebody else’s product, of course, and that person of course sets the terms you know he sets the price the Commission you get and basically how you can promote the product.

How and when he can pull the plug, of course on the product if he wants, but in my case you know you can have, you can be promoting a lot of these products and I it’s just more control than Kindle and where you can take affiliate marketing. I mean you can be doing, I would say, 1 to 2 million a year and then you know having your own product. I mean this is how the the big guys on the internet – the big goes.

I don’t know what’s this supposed to be, but I guess this is a guy with a you know. What is it called the Kings where you know the crown you know having your own product. That’s that all teammates control you set the terms you set the price. You can charge at anything you, you know anything, you desire, you can charge twenty thousand. If you want. If you have that kind of you know, high-priced item like maybe coaching or something it can be an online course, you can charge $ 1,000 for it.

You set the terms use of the terms on how you promote it. Basically, it’s more control, it’s more more secure, ready and yeah you’re, not limited by other people as much. You know you can put it up on any platform. You, like you of course, can promote it yourself and then get you know: 100 percent of the sale, because you don’t have to pay affiliates or you can don’t have to pay any fees or well. Maybe there’s like a small fee to PayPal stripe.

But basically you know once your product is done. You know it’s almost 100 percent profits. If you manage to sell it yourself, of course, so you can see how this here is much more powerful than perhaps getting you know. Fifty fifty percent commission of a forty seven dollar product and when you could be getting one hundred percent for let’s say two hundred ninety seven dollars, like my my online course: first lost profits.

So if you want the ultimate business, you the ultimate freedom, the ultimate security and the ultimate authority, because people look at you with much more authority when you have your own product, I mean doing affiliate. Marketing is really lucrative, but there are just so many people. So many sharks fighting in the same pool that I mean this can be, of course tough it. This requires work, and so you see how this goes.

You know people go into this. They move on to affiliate marketing and eventually you know you won’t be over here. I’m not saying you know, like I said these numbers are theoretical, but in my opinion, and with all the things that I have been you know looking at online, all the people I follow and I see what’s happening then this is something that I would say was Not something that is impossible, I mean with your own product, I mean 1 million and beyond you know, sky’s the limit, that’s supposed to be a cloud and Sun alright.

So this is this is online marketing. This is making money online. Of course, there are other ways. Also, I mean I’m not saying you can’t make money with cryptocurrency or or some kind of other methods, but basically you know this is what you should be looking into these other main ones. Having these three income streams I mean you could have. Of course, this would be a one income stream. You could have, of course, a lot of campaigns, affiliate marketing campaigns.

You could have a lot of products and that way you can have five 10 20 income streams. They say that you know the average millionaire has seven. So I would mix these ones up and you could be on your way to financial security. You know pretty fast alright, so this was today’s article. I hope you know this made some sense to you. If it did, then please, like the article and hit subscribe and talk later,

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Passive Income Ideas For Beginners 2019 & How I Made $1,200 Per Month In Passive Income In 6 Months!

This has actually been something that has been on my mind for, like the last week and a half So this weekend I was on. I was reading tons of blogs. I’ve just wanted to like first figure out.

Okay, like I already know, a lot of different ways and strategy to create passive income, But I was like there’s got to be other ways that I’m missing, So I always like to look out and see like okay in five ten years from now. Okay Is what I’m doing today going to get me to the point where I want to be in five to ten years and if it’s not, Then I like to readjust sorry situate and then just kind of move forward from there.

Okay, so like actually one of my mentors, he had this really good comment that I’ve always remembered I’ve always really liked, and it was in in five years or 10 years or 20 years or whatever. It is. Okay, no matter what There’s one truth and you’re going to be in ten years, You’re going to be ten years older, Okay, so doesn’t matter like what you do you’re always going to be ten years older, So it really depends on what you do today.

This is going to change the course of where you’re going to be in ten years from now So passive income or residual income. Basically, a quick explanation. Definition is you’re, not trading time for money. Right, Like you, obviously got to go put in some hours and some work to actually get to that point where you’re creating passive income. But it’s something we’re like you: can do the work once: okay, it or invest the money once and then you’re paid out long-term Over a longer period of time.

So I was just kind of like thinking about that. I’m just like okay. What like, what number, what I have to get to, if, like I, was living my dream lifestyle? How can I go through and create passive income to get to that point, and the thing is guys with this: This is not a get-rich-quick. This is more of the long-term and, if you’re, slowly, building like if each year, you add another five hundred dollars or even a thousand dollars of passive income to your Life, then think about that.

If you’re doing a thousand dollars every single year, it’s really not that much, But after ten years, you’re having ten thousand dollars per month of passive income coming in. So at that point honestly, like I mean that’s a six-figure income, You can literally quit your job. You can do what you really love, And so that’s what I like kind of mentality that I like to think of like Okay. What’s that number I need to get to and what are the things that I need to do to be able to get to that passive income Number that I can just live a completely carefree life.

They don’t have to worry about. You know financial things and money. Coming in and I could just do what I love right like you – can go through and start a new business, you could go and you know have a passion or hobby or any Of that stuff. So just a couple of things that just a couple of examples of different passive income. So one thing like you hear there is the term residual income. One thing that I think of always is network marketing, multi-level marketing.

So you’ve got like the big companies like Amway Nu Skin, There’s a tons of other ones out there, which I don’t you know. I don’t necessarily focus on that, But another method is going through and investing in real estate, so it could be residential real estate. It could be commercial real estate, It could be, you know, storage units, It could be billboards where you go through and let’s say you go and buy a single-family home Right or even in a multi-family home, and you pay.

You know – Let’s say it’s a $ 200,000 home And your mortgage on that is, let’s say, a thousand bucks and you’re able to get fifteen to eighteen hundred dollars a month. Rent Then you’re making the difference Right So like no matter what you’re doing You’re, making five to eight hundred dollars and obviously a lot of us can, you know Not a lot, but some of that’s going to go towards taxes. Some of it’s going to go towards like repairs and upgrades and just keepin kind of like all that property management stuff going on.

But you know you’re, making a good five hundred dollars of passive income that you’re making that only because you’ve Invested that money. Now, as I was thinking about all this stuff, One key concept I was thinking was like one: Not everyone’s got. You know 100 200 thousand dollars to go, throw into real estate And, yes, you can go through and you can get started with no money down. There’s a lot of different like plans and strategies, but I was trying to figure out like things that you can get started with with very little money or even started with with no money But might be more of a time.

Investment, because pretty much what I’ve learned is everything in life. You either get there faster via money or it’s going to take a little bit of time of your personal time, your sweat equity of going through and investing that time into Some sort of business. To get that investment get that return on that investment Right, So I’ve got real estate. You’ve got kind of like that network marketing.

There’s a I was reading some blah. They were talking about peer-to-peer lending, which I don’t know, I’m not a huge fan on that. I’m probably kind of more of a skeptic on that, but there’s a site that they talked about. It’s called Lending Club calm, so you guys can go check that out. I actually didn’t go check that out, but on some of the sites I was reading, they said you can get about a six to ten percent return on your money and You can invest as little as a few hundred dollars or even a thousand bucks.

So if you got kind of got less money and you want to go through and go do that route, Then obviously that’s something you can go through and make happen also investing in stocks. But one thing guys: I want to share with you guys What I what I think that I want to go through and continue to grow and continue to do and Creating that passive income for my life and something that, like in five to ten years, It’s still Going to benefit me – and I don’t have to have the high cost of even property tax like real estate or you know It’s going to be something that can serve me for years to come and that is going through and continuing one To build.

My youtube blog. So right here that you guys are reading and then second I’m thinking about starting a blog to go through and have similar content that I like share on the blog or Share on my youtube blog, But put it on the blog. Because sometimes people like to read articles other people just more like to read or like to look at pictures and so kind of having those two aspects to be able to go through And make money and grow my email list, Okay, Cuz an email list – is actually Something that can create a lot of passive income Where you go through.

You start build an email list. If you get a thousand people on that email list And you’ve got a product, you got your own products. You’ve got affiliate products, So affiliate product is basically someone else’s products, but they’ll pay you a twenty-five to fifty to seventy-five percent commission to go through and promote their product, which is kind of nice, because You don’t have to worry about the product development and their sites.

Like Commission Junction Clickbank, where there’s tons of products in all these different markets that you can go through and promote now the reason why I, like a blog and I like a YouTube blog so much this goes back to when I was first getting into old digital Marketing space and I Started up a dental website and promote that dental website. I started a dental YouTube blog Okay and this is dead YouTube blog.

I was going through and targeting keywords like dental implants, teeth, whitening, cost of dental implants. Like all these different keywords – and The idea was to have people find my articles because they were searching on YouTube or Google or something like that, find the articles, and then they would eventually go to my blog now. The wonderful thing about this is unlike a Facebook, post or even an Instagram post, which those are both great platforms to go through and build a following on, but You make that Instagram post and three days later, It’s so deep in the newsfeed that it’s really not Going to benefit you, Okay, Whereas if you go through and make a youtube article just like this one or if you make a blog and you have a blog Post and you’re targeting specific keywords So like, for example, this one: how to create passive income for dummies And 20:18, Then that’s something that people are going to actually type in the search engine: Okay And then in five years, ten years and all that stuff.

From now. If it’s ranking in the search engine, People are still going to find that Okay, so that is Passive income that you go through and you’re able to make. So you go through that, basically is an asset that you have That absolutely never dies. Okay, so like, unlike I kind of call that virtual real estate right So you’ve got a blog post, which is kind of like a plot of land. Okay, that you own or a YouTube articles like another little plot of land that you own And if you guys put ads on it or if you go through – and you have you know, An opt-in to your email list and you’re selling other products.

These are just different little ways to go through and monetize this following and this blog that you’re creating And remember guys, like you got to think a long term Right. So many people get into it and they’re like I didn’t make money the first month. I didn’t make money the second month the third month and they just kind of quit, Whereas like if, over the course of a year, You could just make an extra 500 bucks a month.

You grow that 500 bucks a month. That’s six thousand dollars for the year right. That’s pretty nice! That’s like that is a that’s a hefty car payment right there, five hundred dollars a month. Okay! So that’s the way you just kind of got to think about this passive income and these different strategies, where you don’t have to have a Ton of money to go through and invest into real estate. But if you put in the sweat equity, the labor Go through and figure out, learn a skill like how to go through and start and grow a YouTube Channel how to go through and start and grow a blog.

How to go through and start building an email list and sell Affiliate products just different things like that, there’s so much free material all over the internet on how to start a blog, how to start a YouTube blog, how to start an Email list how to go Through and promote Affiliates products, because a lot of times the product owners, if you are an affiliate, They have a ton of free, coaching and free training just to give you because they want you to promote their own products right.

So It’s a great way to go through, create a article how to whatever okay and then five years down the road, if someone’s looking to go through and how to create passive income or how to Run a Facebook ad or how to do whatever they’re going to See that same article that you ranked So many years pass like I’ve got articles that I put up in January of this year, because that’s when I started really getting serious with my youtube blog and now they’ve got about 30,000 views, whereas that first day or those First, two days, They maybe only got like a hundred – maybe two hundred views.

Okay, So it’s just all that attention that builds up and you’re able to go through and create passive income. In the last six months, I’ve been able to grow this YouTube blog to making about twelve hundred dollars a month, a passive income. So Just think about it. I mean obviously that’s a little bit quicker than most people, because I’ve got somewhat small Channel. Still It’s about 8,000 subscribers, twelve hundred dollars a month, Whereas I know other people who have bigger blogs than I do like I’ve got.

A friend he’s got a blog with 300,000 subscribers and he’s only making about three thousand dollars in passive income, and that’s because the audience is just different right, so He’s going after an audience That is just always on YouTube and they’re, just kind of like read it Seen all these different ads, Whereas, like the audience that I target, is more business owners. You know real estate agents is people that are a little bit higher quality Of value to YouTube and to advertise when they’re going through and displaying their ads.

So, anyway, guys hoping this was helpful as far as like some different ways to go through And create passive income for your life and just think of that long-term mindset. Okay in five years in ten years, in like 15 years, What can you do? This may be adding $ 100 a month, a passive income to your life, So you’re adding $ 100 a passive income every single month by the end of the year after 12 months, You’re at 1200 dollars a month, a passive income.

Okay and yes, it’s not completely replacing your full-time job right now, But give it a couple years, give it three to five years and that completely replaces your full-time income, where, if you wanted to quit your job and focus a hundred percent full on on, You know, Creating a YouTube blog or creating a blog or any of these different things You go through, create that passive income and then the money you’re making from that you can go through and invest into real estate.

You can invest into stocks. You can invest in just a bunch of different things, But the key is you just got to start small, You got to start somewhere and the best time to start is right now, because you know, if you go down five years from now, Then you’re like man. I should have started creating passive income because believe me at some point, There’s going to be a time in your life or you’re like man.

I wish I had more passive income when you get to be about 50, 55, 60, 65 And you’re thinking about retirement you’re, going to wish that you had started earlier of creating that passive income So that you can go through and support your lifestyle. What, however, grandiose you want it to be, or, however, just small and simple Just be able to have that money coming in, so you don’t ever have to worry about finances ever again.

Alright, so you know you guys, if you guys enjoyed this article and you want me to make more articles about creating passive income and how to Do it with a youtube blog or a blog or different things like that drop, a comment down below, or Even just Kind of even building an email list and I’m more than happy to create more articles of how I’ve gone through and created Different passive income streams for myself and my life, my business and I want to be able to go through and share those with you Guys.

100 % free here on this blog, because I’m just I’m here to support you guys, I’m here to help you guys with everything that you’re doing So. If you guys, like this article, go ahead, give it a thumbs up. Also, if you’re brand new here make sure you guys subscribe, because we launch new articles every single week, how to generate more leads, make more money and Grow your business right. So thanks so much guys for reading – and I see you all later –

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