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How To Do Long Tail Keyword Research For Google SEO

Everybody goes oh when I start to talk about this, but it’s something that can really change your life. I just wrote a post about this on my website and I of course use long tail keywords in my keywords. So Google SEO things like that.

So let’s talk about at 40,000 feet what longtail keywords are because there was a gal in a Facebook group. The other day and she had written a post and I’m going to say I’m using my friend barb grassy as my goat, that she’s the book loss and she helps writers. She helps edit book. She helps coach writers, she’s except successful author herself, and so I figure if barb doesn’t know how to do SEO. Longtail SEO, then, who does so longtail SEO means kind of you’re going to go for the shortest version of the biggest keyword you can pick? Okay, so I’ll give you an example from my site when I started my website years ago, I was trying to rank for real estate marketing and or let’s go back to marketing right like I was trying to rank for marketing and there’s no way, I’m going to Rank in Google for the term marketing because there’s a lot more bigger sites that can rank for that, but even real estate marketing.

You know if you do a search for real estate marketing, because marketing people do marketing there’s um million there’s over 1 billion results for real estate marketing, okay, and so I I knew I to do some other things. That would help me rank for longer. Tail keywords like real estate, marketing marketing to a farm, real estate, marketing, funny realtor postcards real estate marketing how to get your first listing like those are all longer terms now.

Would I use real estate marketing every single time heck? No, I would say marketing your real estate business, how to succeed at real estate at your real estate, marketing how Realtors well you’re not supposed to use Realtors. I got in trouble for that one. You got to read your chart, your trademark keyword terms, but so real estate marketing. So you have real estate marketing strategy tools, ideas.

So then you can go even longer right, so real if real estate marketing was your logging. It like your shortest long-term keyword, then you would add things on the end, so we’re going to go with Barb’s and we’re going to yell at her. So I found this on her site. How do I start my book and I’m sure that this is super super interesting to her people, and I love that she’s answering a question that her readership or the people that she meets in public or her coaching clients house.

So this is probably I do this too. I’m like okay, I get to ask this question a thousand times. I want to answer this question. How do I start my book, but from a standpoint of Google, if you go and figure out, I use a tool called ubersuggest, it’s free and what they do. Is they pull in the Google search volume? So I did a search for how do I start my book and this was closest to it. How do I begin to write a book so for D and then, let’s see if we have how to start, how do I start a book? Thirty? How do I start my book ten? So those are searches per month, so I wan na help barb get right.

So that’s excellent! That’s going to be like part of her title, but we need to get her longer like more search volume. Keywords in her long tail. So, let’s, let’s sort this by search volume, can we search it by search flight filter results? Oh find keywords within search results. That’s awesome! Oh, and it’s an order by search form. It is in order by search volume, okay, so uh, okay. So how to write a book? How to write a book is our very, very, very best volume, 40,000 searches a month.

So we got how I’m going to write little notes over here right, I’m going to do this, how to write a book. So now, let’s find out from Google how competitive that search term is because probably other people know about it: how to write a book right how to write a book. There’s a 64 million different how to write a book results, and that is, if you put the quotations around it, it forces you to it forces Google to just look up in that exact order right.

So if we took them off so there’s a million how to write a books, there’s a billion how to write a book results, so we can’t really probably compete with that very well right. So, let’s add a word nonfiction right: how to write enough fiction book. How to write a nonfiction book now we’re down to 54 million results, which is still a lot, admittedly, but there’s only a hundred and sixteen thousand how to write a nonfiction book.

So we went from billions to hundreds of thousands, so I would say we could start with how to write a non-fiction book right whoa. We could do write a nonfiction book how to so. We just moved our how-to over how to get started right just by changing that. How do I start my book right like? How do I start? My book is not good, but how do write a nonfiction book now, let’s see uber, suggests write a nonfiction book.

It’s Lincoln it’s thinking now, isn’t this fun the best two seconds to figure this out a nonfiction book? Oh start it right. We want to filter it by words that have right in it how to write a book. So that was our 40,000 book. I write a novel: how to write an e-book, how to write a book, so we still have our how to write a book, how to write a book now. Is it an order right so she may want to. This.

Is it this is where it gets super exciting how to write a book for nonfiction authors right? She may want to write a big giant post. That is all about how to write a book for nonfiction authors right. So here’s my thing: this would be her bullseye. So this would be how to write a book for nonfiction authors. That is just blatantly going after the highest level of SEO longtail keyword that we think we can get.

Then she would say, write a nonfiction book how to get started. That would be one of these supporting posts. She would link back to that. She has other she’s other posts that are titled poorly, that we will go look at. She has a lot of words here, she’s writer, so she can. She can write some words. Girlfriend doesn’t have a problem with that choose one: how long should you book B so then she would do a writing non-fiction.

How long should your book be, which is slightly different right, writing nonfiction, is different from write. A nonfiction book people ask me all the time. So if I get a longtail keyword, should I do that one over and over and over again – and the answer is no like – that would be the most boring thing and you would only be trying to get that one tiny, long-term keyword search, let’s see what I Don’t want to know what shoes one is except the worst title ever Barbara Grassi.

You know I love you. Okay, write a book. He had ideas for as a marketing tool. Okay, so this is kind of about marketing. So we’re going to say, writing a nun. Now we got write a nonfiction book, write, nonfiction, writing, nonfiction and writing a non-fiction book to market your business right, and so now we have our three posts that we can try to get to how to write a book for nonfiction authors right and as we do More and more content with those longtail keywords on our website or on our blog most people have a wordpress or maybe a square skate space at this point.

But as you write more and more of those, you will go up so in my first example where I was telling you minis talking to us in my first example when I was telling you about my how to marketing to a farm or how to you know, Do a funny, realtor, postcards and stuff like that, what happened was I wrote enough different posts that were about real estate marketing? That, eventually, Google began to give me credit, but in the meantime I got Google traffic from those littler posts and my blog started to grow and I started to gain Authority.

So that is how you do. Longtail research in a super super easy to step way. Hoover suggests find a better search term that has more searches and then do a search on Google to find out what kind of results they get. Oh, I forgot one more thing: ooh. This is very exciting, so you can also do this. So if you say nonfiction, I don’t think it’s going to be in there. I think we got to do nonfiction, author Association, nonfiction authors, but let’s say right oops.

If I could type I would be unstoppable, oh shoot. Now we have to I’m glad that happened, though. So because I did that write a nonfiction book search, we need to do a incognito window, so I’m on a Mac. So I do control shift to control, shift command and just look up non opening on an incognito women window. So we’re going to go. Google right and then we’re going to say, write a book in a month in 30 days, so obviously, obviously there’s a lot of quickness around like that would be some good topics.

You could use right ain’t, let’s see what happens if we do nonfiction book outline. Oh, my gosh. She could do a an outline business plan. That’s nonprofit business plan. So let’s see write a nonfiction book fast, there’s fast again, it seems to be writing a nut seed. Now this is where now we’re crossing over to the other word. So we went from write to writing writing a nonfiction book for the first time.

That’s a really good one, and so, as you do this you’re going to be able to find these things in Google and just start writing them down. Everybody wants to make this so hard. Google tells us exactly how to do it, and this is how I do my research. Now I have all kinds of expensive keyword tools. I love SEM rush with the rest of us. I love you know the Google Keyword planner, but nowadays you can really start to get those super high level keywords right from Google just from showing the search and then doing a little research so hopefully helps Tara, Jacobsen marketing artfully.

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