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Social Media Collateral For Branding, Scaling, and Cross Promotion

So the other day, a friend of mine, we has a record studio, was promoting a new album by one of the young women that supported there, and they put out this wonderful youtube article that had a kind of a blah who sticks at capture where she was Thinking of playing piano is playing violin, they did a great job of that and it allows for him to cross-promote and do some advanced promotion as well as to get the word out about her album.

But when we’re talking about social media, we really have a chance. Kick things up a notch, but definitely the idea of putting pieces out there and something like YouTube that people can readily reshare absolutely a part of that strategy. But where are other opportunities for doing that hook? We’re hitting construction and reduced speed. So there are some opportunities and I wanted to talk about those, namely around imagery and audio article clips, first of all imagery.

So if you have a website – and you should, if you are doing anything for products, services, etc, on that website, you have the opportunity to provide a landing spot for providing imagery for people who might be power users of your products or services who might be fans Of it – and we can do that by creating a simple tab like share and then providing imagery that beauty of that is that you are able to create imagery that really targets and portrays the messaging exactly as you want it, you can put it out there.

You can download that they can share that on venues like Twitter, on Instagram, Facebook and others even snapchat, and it’s going to again have that imagery in a way that may convey some textual content. You can also underneath the imagery provide copy and paste material, so the people will have stuff with you know, pointing to lengths, etc. That you ask them to. It provides a great venue for that, but you can even take it a step beyond just simple on simple imagery: think of audio right or article in this case.

So my friend had posted on YouTube, which is great because you can then take that and share it out to twitter share it out to Facebook. But it’s limited: what’s one of the biggest venues now for people looking for visual imagery right, whether it be article or still picture Instagram, so on Instagram, if you want to do article for a person, must upload the article content themselves and their limited to one minute Or less so think about something like where he has this article beautifully done.

I mean it was awesome, but instead also providing on a share area, a condensed version where you bring that down to a you know less than a minute where you can have an intro. Maybe, with some textual content, it’s a music fades in and then, as it fades out, some other attacks and maybe a pointer to length, etc and again, as you post, that in your share area, making it available for people to download and reuse your now providing another Way for them to do some social media around things that get them excited in, at the same time, you’re providing a high quality piece of content that really target the branding and outreach that you’re trying to accomplish.

So you can do that with article finally textual content. You know doing that in a news and shared area where you may have content, where you say. Look if you want to talk to here’s our latest effort hears this and that create some content that they can write. You know readily copy and paste within an intro and access to their own blog post or something else, facebook, post and again possible subsequent supporting imagery article you’ve provided another great way to do that.

The point is you want to make it easy in all these cases? For people to readily share your content to cross-promote, it’s that domino effect right. One Domino knocks down another knocks down another, so provide content. That’s readily accessed by your users, by your fans by people who you know helping you with promotions by possibly news outlet create that content. You know a lot of companies have been doing a very formalized area for years.

They’ve had repressed the leaves for this. For that, but it’s taking it one step further with an eye toward social media. You should be really looking at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, snapchat and beauty with snapchat. Now it keeps going to upload images and articles so think about that as you’re doing a campaign as you want to cross, promote products, services, events and other things that are out there create readily reusable collateral that people can use you’re going to see the benefits of It and also promote it yourself with that.

This is Michael on to go Mikey G 360 edition preparing to hit the truck, stop a little job, a little coffee and a little gas, but you have a great day take care, as always ciao

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