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10 Mistakes With EVERY Content Marketing Strategy ( + How to Avoid Them! )

My name is Jude and welcome back to my blog, we’re about to dive right in I’m, actually not going to do a long intro. You guys, probably sick of this. Every other marketer on YouTube is probably going to go like yeah yeah by my course. No, it’s not that article. I want to give you guys the absolute truth. If you’re nudists blog, I basically consult lots of companies on how to grow their social media, to increase their sales and throughout that process I learned and saw so many things wrong.

That could actually just be smaller things you haven’t thought of that could just change your trajectory of your brand and I made a list we’re going to dive right into the first one, no bullshit. I don’t think I’d like this article. The way this articles going to work is, I have a checklist of 10 things. I know you guys are very busy people, but I recommend, saying to the very end of this article he’s actually giving away new template checklist to optimize your content.

You don’t want to miss anything so we’re about to dive right in okay, guys we’re going to do this together, so open up your phone go on your social media, Instagram you to Twitter or Facebook, and let’s do this so first thing you might be doing wrong – Is if you don’t have social proof, but here’s the thing when you hear me talking about social proof, the media thought is oh, do I have enough followers for people to care just follow.

That’s not what I’m saying I’m not saying social proof. It needs to be a number on a screen, however. Yes, it does help, but a lot of you guys are missing a bigger thing, which is the whole idea of social proof. Right is to build trust with your customer to build trust with you guys, but the thing is, you can also do it in other ways like, for example, hosting reviews hosting testimonials screenshots.

I’r just happy people loving your content. Those are way great ways. You can use a social proof, even if you don’t have a large following for longest time. On my account, I didn’t have tens of thousands of followers yet actually, a year ago before I did all this marketing consulting companies, I only had a thousand followers. I did experience like a seven hundred percent increase in my brand over the past year, but that was because I was screenshotting your guys’s testimonials.

I like to share what you guys think about my content. Feedback is important because other people can see it it’ll be like. Oh shit, I really trust this person because Sally thinks so too, as humans were honestly, such big fan Wagoner’s, like whatever’s cool, we just kind of pivot. So if you can do that with your brand in a way, that’s subtle, not just showing your followers, but maybe just showing hey.

These are 20 people that love my content. These are a screenshot of happy comments or my last post. That is a huge indication that you’re using social proof to build trust, okay, cool. So the second problem is, if you don’t bring value to the table first, this is all about reciprocity actually back in the way I was on at Europe tour meeting you guys salting and doing a little business trip, so it’s kind of nice to be back.

I’r on this like rooftop thing but like I don’t think I’m supposed to be here. So if there’s any time throw this article that I get kicked out will happen anyways step two. If you don’t bring value to the table first, I think a lot of times as brands. We always always always want our followers. Just like this thing for us right, like hey straighten this pose. Hey comment: go buy this product swipe up, but we forget.

We have to do the first initiation of the relationship you guys love my analogy of dating and, like literally social media is just dating online. I’r not joking like if you’re going to tinder you’re good at Instagram. Actually don’t put me on that, I might be. I might not be a good analogy. What I’m trying to say is in like a relationship when you want it so interest to someone you don’t just wait for them to come to you right.

Maybe you show a little flirting right. You should text them, something you send them by DM same with here. You want to flirt with your audience. So if you’re not flirting with your audience, if you’re not deeming them, if you’re not saying hey thanks so much for reading, if you’re, not literally going one-on-one and telling your customers or followers, I know on this page, we might be on different points of our career.

Maybe you’re an influencer, maybe you own a company, but the idea. It’s the same, like whatever you do on social media. You need a build that hey. I scratch your back. You scratch mine. The best example of this is when you do a free gift, if you can give your followers something like hey. Thank you so much for being here. Here’s a contest, that’s the best way for me to show thankfulness and gratefulness very down third thing: you’re, probably messing up on is not being a likeable brand.

I know that sounds really weird you’re, like hey Jade. What does that mean? I like my brand. Why can’t people like mine, I’m not saying likeability, is like you love the product? The product, I’m sure you guys are extremely proud of, is solid, and what I’m talking about is if your brand presence online isn’t likable. The way it can be. Likable is actually showed that hey there’s bigger purpose to it as humans psychologically.

We just like doing something that benefits others. I got deep down court. My like really tense stressed heart. I just I just want to help everyone right. Like I love business, I love sales and marketing, but other than a like. I just want to give if it can give people the idea that your account is there’s bigger, meaning, for example, if you have charity, work right, a lot of brands. These days donate half the proceeds to a good charity.

They believe in the is believe in what I’ve seen done wrong a lot. A lot of you guys are doing wrong. It’s just thinking that it’s enough to have good content, marketing and a beautiful layout right. There needs to be bigger why you need to have an ethos to your brand? Why is the purpose? You know why you’re creating a product and that’s the biggest thing so make sure you? I spent time on your about me page.

If you have a website just make sure you spend a lot of time of your brand story, neither have a bigger picture. Fourth thing is: if you don’t have a squad name now, I’m not saying you have to call everyone. The domination you guys know on this blog, you guys are my loves and I call you the domination because my last name is Dharma wanza and it seems to work that way. But a lot of you guys are messing up because there’s huge opportunity, when you call your followers a name because it gets community, it gets you both like I would have become part of the squad.

The best example is wood brands or accountant, ambassador programs, or when youtubers call their YouTube squad a family name right. It’s important to build a tribe because that’s keep the loyalty. This thing, you’re, probably messing up on, is way too many offers. What I’m saying, and on every single entry of post or youtube article or just everything you know that youtuber that always says hey guys, make sure you like subscribe comment like notification box before the article even started, make sure you have a single call to action.

I’r not joking make it simple make it straight to the point. If you have an Instagram post, make sure you say hey swipe up, that’s it keep it simple. People are confused as fuck, I’m not joking. One of the brand’s I was working with. I know it’s under disclosure, I can say the name, but they had like the sales page, and there was a 40 million call to action. It was like PI this product, oh by the way, sign up for email by the way.

Do this do that and when it’s a cold lead when it’s someone who doesn’t know you again back to dating analogy you’re not going to marry someone on the first date, I don’t know, does any anyone, I’m still learning. I don’t know about you, but you probably want to go on multiple dates before you say hey. I love you. Let’s do this forever right. So actually, why am I doing dating Louise, I’m literally sick? It’s important to be simple.

Okay, think about the most important offer. A big question I like to ask myself is: what is the one goal I want to achieve? Oh you guys. We are halfway through this article. I hope you guys are enjoying it. I really love making these articles because I feel like a lot of us on this journey, the same. Thank you for reading so far. Actually, I was just kind of editing some of the content with my Europe meetups and it might both of mine that I have this community online.

I actually have like a lot of the Sun, I’m saying. Is it stuff I use for my own account, and I do want to share everything I know and everything learned so, if you’re so far enjoying it, and you want to follow my journey, make sure you, like this article and eat the subscribe button? We do a lot of content about social media growth, personal branding, all that jazz I’d love to have you here for forever.

Maybe we could get married like in a social media way like not not actually but anyways. That’s the article! Ok! 6! You try to solve too many problems at once. What I’m trying to say is if you’re, making content, that’s valuable right, maybe you’re making an Instagram post with a selfie and a long caption, but it’s too long. Okay. I know you tell you guys to write your hearts out, write paragraphs, that’s great, but there’s a certain stage where you want to make it simple, because when you trying to solve too many poems at once, you can diffuse your audience.

You could use the people. What’s the ideal goal you just want to solve one problem and offer one product that is, for example, if maybe you’re a fitness influencer and the problem is losing weight. You have one solution to it and you have hey. This is the one offer which is subscribe to my you 7th mistake: is you don’t format your content, so super simple all should link below a article on how to format your captions right.

I’r telling you going back to kind of these past three steps, which is kind of the main theme is: keep it simple. Keep it easy to read I’ve seen so many instagramers literally have like this block of text. That is okay, I’m not saying don’t write a lot. What I’m saying is chunk it down check out my Instagram guys, like I make sure I put value out there, that’s long and thorough, but I really break it down with these bullets.

Eighth mistake is being too similar to your competitors, your explore page and there’s only 40 comedians answer your convenience, then just save skin. I know pasty Lele pons, actually, genetic loci lives in this complex, but I’ve just seen so many Instagram comedians do the same skit over and over again, and it’s just getting old similar to your cat summer to any other people in your industry. Do some research on supply and demand see what’s out there? I think a lot of times.

Yes, you can coffee and get inspired, but it’s important to add your own voice. So I think the best thing you can do is just ask yourself: what’s the difference between me and competitor, a remember that repeated yourself every day it will help you create more innovative ideas and creative content it for curious. Another example of this situation actually on my blog, is if you’re reading this maybe you’ve seen so many people like this face, teach Instagram or teach YouTube, and it’s it’s you’re, not getting the results.

You’re wanting see the difference on my blog and that I try to separate myself. Is I don’t want? I don’t want bullshit, you know like. I just want to give you guys a truth. I don’t really believe in showing a lot of fake influence or lifestyle. All I do, for you guys, is show you the tools and process that I have learned and succeed it from on YouTube. So you know, like think about ways you can actually maybe change your product and maybe just the way you mess yourself.

So that’s a little secret that I use with my blog all right guys. We have two more if you’re sober right here reading this yo. Congratulations, you you’re, probably about to making looky this check. I’r not joking, but this checklist took a long time to just figure out and I’ve seen it’s helped a lot of people so we’re going to dive to the ninth thing. These last two are the ones I wanted to save actually towards the end of this article.

A lot of you guys over staff or have a mistake which is not having urgency in your content. Okay, it’s the thing! Yes, you should be consistent, but it’s okay to not be consistent. There’s something mysterious and sexy when you don’t post or when you kind of have a pattern, that’s unpredictable when you’re unpredictable the audience is curious and want to know what’s next right, for example, if you’re someone who posts on schedule every day perfect.

But there comes the time where maybe you need to stop posting for a week or maybe a couple of time where you did pivot and do something a little different. I mean let’s take Jake Paul, for example, he has so many countless scandals. Everyone has a different opinion on him, but that’s what makes him interesting there’s something polarizing about being urged at being weird being inconsistent. People can’t predict you, people can’t say what he’s going to do next, which is why people follow him so similar to your brand’s.

Maybe maybe, if you feel like it, you don’t have to post every single day. I kid you not guys number nine is probably I think, one of the most important ones. It’s a little tricky, but I’m here with you. Let me know if you have a question and I’ll get back to you. Okay, the ten thing is, if you don’t have a clear voice, so here’s the thing, what I mean by clear voice is one thing which is don’t pivot away from your ethos.

Your Y, your purpose, a lot of brands and personalities really just mess up because I start losing their identity. I’ve seen many scales when you start losing, who you are what your purpose is what you will bring to this planet. It gets really easy to start saying things I might offend people. Audiences might say. Who is this there’s a thing you guys reputation? Is everything pay, so what I’m trying to tell you guys? Maybe all of these points are confusing.

It’s a lot to focus on one thing, which is don’t ever feather away from your purpose. If you start losing, who you are as a brand, your audience also will be confused right. So an example of this is, if we start chasing numbers and bullshit KPIs. I KPI by the way, is a key performance index. It’s over a lot of brands use to measure success anyways, so you chase a number like a million followers in Instagram and that’s all you want and you’ll do anything to get there, but maybe it the cost of it is you have to do some really whack Things like really bullshit things in the community really horrible things that say on the internet and at the end of the day it will ruin your reputation.

So what you get a million followers by you yourself, don’t accomplish your purpose, so my biggest thing is half with single voice, a voice of hey. This is my mission. You know, I think you guys should spend more time on your account saying what do I really want to achieve out of my account and I feel like once you focus on that all these other ten checklists will come together. What I want you guys do is check the link below.

What’s going to happen, is there’s actually a check, this I’m made of for y’all to kind of run through every single posts. So before you do something for our you reach a campaign, you kind of go through this checklist and say: hey, am I moving forward and my reputation do it? Am I fucking up call it’s free. A lot of these other marketers are in charge. You probably a grand for a shout out to the common winner too.

We comment on the supposed to be true the next step, so I’ve been doing a thing where I’ve been shining on you guys. Whoever comments on my past article today, if you want to be the next comment winner on my next article, just comment below actually a question. You have what your thoughts are and I’ll feature you next time, but the key. Is you guys if you’re someone who maybe is like hey J? This is super cool? I won a pie brand, but I don’t have enough time.

I actually do a lot of marketing strategy and I’m opening a few more clients for the month of September. In October. I’r an influencer who helps brands generate millions and millions of impressions if you’re out there and you would like or how I actually I’m an email below. You can contact me for more. But if that’s not you and you’re just here for a good time, that’s totally cool. I love you so much.

I literally don’t want anything from you guys, but to give you value and help you out as much as possible. So leave me a question and I’ll get back to you soon. I hope you guys, like this article and make sure you got post notifications. If you want to see my next content yeah, no seriously guys, I’m just super excited for the next product launch is my app is very well on its way. Coming out. We just launched its version 1.

02. Our beta group and so yeah super excited you so much by the way, if you’re someone who really was carrying on in mental health and my last article when I was talking about like my shading problems. Thank you so much, I’m doing a lot better. Ever since I landed in LA from Europe, my stomach he’s been actually functioning. So thank you for all the prayers. Thank you for all the blessings and thank you for just caring.

Please you guys. I’r fucking, though anyways domination, I actually have a meeting to run to. I love you so so much I’ll catch you guys in the next one, by the way, guys we actually didn’t get caught by security guard to fill up here. I don’t think it’s legal! It’s just like this is probably reserved for another meeting. That’s like going on right there at this apartment building so like. I think we good we good.

She all right, love! You

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