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Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz – Review

Now I want you to just Understand one thing: okay, Well, a couple of things. So the first thing is: I’m not asking you to pay me any money.

What I’m about to recommend to You is like gold, gold dust, And it is as rare as rocking Horse poo and it’s by far in a way one of the best Investments, I’ve ever ever ever ever ever made in my business In terms of just…. If I take all of my courses, And articles that I’ve readed and books that I’ve read and just squash all of that together this one single purchase, One single purchase that I’m about to tell you about, And I’ve got it right here Is and I’m not on a Commission, either by the way, is by far and away the best.

Investment I’ve ever made with any of my money And it’s got nothing really to do with sort of marketing or anything. Like that, well, it kinda has But really what I’m about to show you. If you buy this thing and don’t forget you’re Not buying it for me And I’ll explain all of that in a second, So I want to show you that This is totally impartial. What I’m about to tell you about, But it has transformed me and my business And the way I think about my business.

The way that I think about My customers, my clients, The way that I talk to my market, the way that I present my products – This is by far and away Probably the best thing – and I shouldn’t be telling you this – I shouldn’t – be telling You about this thing, I should kinda just keep this to myself and for the lucky few people Who’ve already got this thing, Maybe I’ll do that? Actually, maybe I will just keep it for me All for me And no that’d be daft.

That’d be totally selfish. If I did that So here it is okay, So here is the next thing, and now I know that when I show you this thing, okay, That – and I tell how much It’s going to cost you, it’s really not very much! Money, if you think about it, But for what it is, it’s a lot of money – And this is just a simple mind – set thing that you’ve got ta get around. I know that, probably for every 100 people that I share this with I reckon only maybe one or two or three people: maybe five people will ever go out and buy this thing And more fool.

The 95 per cent of people who won’t go out and buy this thing. Okay And don’t forget, this is not my product. This is somebody else’s product. There is no benefit to Me doing this whatsoever Beyond being abundant and giving You, the best possible start that you can with your business. Okay, So remember that When I turn this round, This thing round this book – And I show you the Title I already want you to be making a commitment to Yourself that you’re going to go and buy this thing.

Okay, It’s not ridiculous sums of money; It costs less than it does to Work with me put it that way, But it will add an enormous Amount of value to your life, And so when I show it to You when I show it to you, I want you to have Already made a commitment that you’re going to buy this thing. Okay, Now this book you can Only get it in America from a company in America, It’s the author’s wife who Has made this book available.

‘Cause? The author has sadly passed away. It was a while ago now, But he sadly passed away, But she has made this book Available to the wider market through an American company, It’s going to cost you It’s going to cost you I say: cost you! The investment that you’re going to make in this book is 155 dollars. Okay, So it’s 125 dollars for the Book 30 dollars shipping And I’m going to put a link in Below it’s no affiliate, I don’t get any commission for This or anything like that, But I want you to make a Commitment you’re going to buy this because for 155 dollars, the Knowledge, which is in here is absolutely second to none from an advertising perspective and Understanding your audience and learning how to articulate What it is that you do and get that message: Across to your clients, And the reason why I’m Kinda, showing this to people is because I manage to kind Of articulate what I do, everybody gets.

What Fearless Business is about They get what I’m about. Okay, Most of it has come through. Reading this book – okay, Most of it, has come Through reading this book, And it totally transformed The way that I thought about my audience that I thought about how sophisticated my audience were, What my purpose is here: And how I serve my audience and how to attract them ultimately. And when you understand The concept in this book and bearing in mind it Was written in 1967, okay And If you’re, into advertising, marketing, copywriting or anything of that ilk? If you haven’t got a copy of this, then there is something Categorically wrong with you And if you’re going to employ Somebody who is into marketing if they have never heard of this book again there is something Categorically wrong with oh, I nearly gave it away there.

There’s something Categorically wrong with them And they’re not going to You shouldn’t be working with them: okay, Since I’ve read this book and I’ve understood marketing advertising and things like that better, Like the nice thing as well, is like the internet has been Around for thirty years and think of all the Internet marketing experts and gurus who’ve popped up since then, Even myself included You know within that, But I hope that you can See that I’m abundant with my content, Bearing in mind that the Internet didn’t exist in 1967.

Obviously, When this book was written, You know,’cause, the internet came about in sort of 1989 1990 People didn’t really get Into internet marketing, until the late’90s and Early 2000s properly, So all of the concepts in This book usurp the internet And the simple fact of the matter is: there’s so much confusion out there about marketing and advertising and how to attract customers And all sorts of things like that That actually, if you Go back to pre-internet, you get the real gold.

Basically, You get the stuff that Goes back to basics, And if you understand what’s in this book, if you get it and you apply some of it when you’re writing your content, I can guarantee categorically guarantee that you will end getting more business than you got prior to owning this book. So that’s why 155 dollars might Sound expensive for a book but you’re not paying for the paper you’re, not paying for the Smart hardback cover You are paying for the Information and the knowledge that is inside this book, So here it is, It’s Breakthrough.

Advertising By Eugene M. Schwartz Written in 1967, okay, It’s got tonnes of really great examples. It talks about market sophistication How sophisticated Customers are at what point in the buying journey. They are How you should approach and talk to them What words you should use, How you should construct headlines and all sorts of things like that. It’s a good good, 250 pages, long, There’s examples in There of different sort of adverts that used to Work incredibly well, There’s a whole load of theory in here, And it is by far and away like, I said, the best single investment That you can make in a book, but not just in a book but in your in your business knowledge, Okay, This book, it may be even better than me and everything that I know.

Okay – And I know what’s inside here. If you read this and you Get it and you apply it Trust me this will accelerate Your business faster than anything else, you know Faster than any of those experts and gurus and apps and Facebook ads and all of that other whizzy stuff. That is out there. Okay. So how do you get hold of a copy of the Breakthrough Advertising? You can go to Amazon if you try and get it through Amazon it’ll Cost you a 1000 dollars, not 155 dollars delivered So probably wouldn’t Advise going to Amazon, What you can do, though, is Brian Kurtz, who is, he was a great friend of Eugene Schwartz, So Eugene Schwartz, Mrs Schwartz approached Brian and said: look I wan na Make this book available So they’ve Brian, is a great marketer.

He has a brilliant business. Called Titans Marketing So I’ll put a link in the comments as well attached to this article, But what you can do, if you just Google Breakthrough Advertising and then Titans Marketing It’ll pop up with a link And you can go and order your copy there And it’ll take seven To ten days to arrive, but trust me that’ll be The best by far and away the best 155 dollars that You could ever use up Now.

Some of you are thinking Robin this is a shit tip You’re like telling me To go and buy a book, that’s going to solve my problems, But when you get this You’ll understand why And like I said, there’ll Be one in a 100 people who will actually go out and buy this. So if you go and buy This just pop email me I wan na know if you buy this book, I wan na know when you get it I wan na know. It arrives on your doorstep and I wan na know when you’ve opened it and read it and tag me.

In some of the posts that you write as a result, Of reading this book – And I will personally Critique any copy which you or any post, which you put Out there that you’ve used And help you through Starting to unpack some of the learnings in this book, And it’s my little promise to you So go and get it Breakthrough Advertising, Let me know when you’ve done that Best investment you will ever make. You will never need to Really probably buy any other business books Apart from Online Business.

Startup Take Your Shot and my other three books perhaps, But do me a favour? Do Mrs Schawrtz a favour as well and Brian Kurtz, and go and grab yourself a copy of Breakthrough Advertising. It will transform your Business and your life Trust me, That’s it so I’ll be coming. Back with another tip, I guess another thing soon So keep an eye out for those, And I hope you find this Helpful trust me go and buy it.

That’s all I’m going to say