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He. Let me write sales page coffee, please, I’m tired of listening and reading to these comments and emails across different mediums on internet same to me now. This surprises me honestly: let’s, let’s try to revisit the school of honesty once and for all. There are three basic skills that every digital marketer needs to learn in order to really become a marketing genius.

Okay, these are number one copywriting number two sales funnels and number three feed drag right. If you are one of these aspiring digital marketers who wants to learn these skills, then don’t wander around, because I am here to help you out. Okay, now you must be wondering who the hell am. I my name is karma. That means I have seven plus years if marketing experience – and you know I have been to longer in the field to actually know all these things, my you know so far with the help of the written copy which I have done on various products and services which I’ve been associated with, I have been able to generate more than 1.

5 million dollars in sales online and I doing short span of three years. Okay, my last written copy has gone on to generate more than a quarter million dollars. It has gone on to generate more than hundred thousand dollars from direct cold ads. Okay, my emails are generated more than two hundred thousand dollars worth of revenue for my companies. This means that you can be a short of one thing that god of noses killed even in deep sleep, so you don’t need to go anywhere around because I’m proud to present to you walls that sell program.

Now this program is designed in a manner and it will let you sell anything online with the help of words you write, even if you have a learn, English exam. Yes, that’s true! Now you know back in time when we were young and we were you know not really experienced in this field. So what we used to do is we use to outsource our copywriting so much and so forth that on one of the sales pages we we gave $ 3,000 firfer copywriter to write that sales page and an upsell page.

That’s it just two pages three thousand dollars. That is where we realize the importance of the scale which is copywriting, and that is where I actually started. Testing right. So copywriting is very, very highly sought after skill in the market, and you can do with these things. With the help of copywriting, you can actually learn to read your buyers mind because of the research and the personas which we have ended develop.

Then you can easily go ahead. You know write high converting sales pages. You can write high converting emails. You can write high converting ads and, moreover, what you can do is you can start a copywriting agency to where, in your writing copy for your clients and not just for yourself. That’s why it’s such a highly sought after scale right, but there are very few people on the internet who actually know the value of copywriting.

Rather, a lot of people would actually confuse copywriting with content. Writing – and you know these content writers, people who actually write blogs – would actually boost about that. They are the copywriter and they know nothing about copywriting because content writing this meant to engage the audience. Okay, whereas copywriting is meant to sell okay, so obviously something that brings in more revenue has more things at stake.

So that is why you know bad people of our generation are lost and they would even know the meaning of copywriting. I’m here to end 10,000 people lovin. This skill learn master the skill before you know it really becomes extinct like dinosaurs. So if you are one of those people who would like to learn this skill, highly sort of the skill of copywriting and favor, your worries for a lifetime of actually you know, writing those words which are going to sell you things on the internet and become successful.

Then you need not wait because you can go ahead and you can check out all the modules that I am covering. In my words that said program, okay and I really really look after the foreword to actually see you inside the program. So this is my formal invitation to you, I’m going to close this program whenever, whenever I am going to get like as soon as I get thousand students and post that I’m going to go ahead and close this program, so you need to act fast.

You need to see all the details on the page and if it is something you looking for and if it is something that is going to help you to become successful, then make sure to enroll and let’s catch up inside the Cobra. Thank you so much as we got starting off I’ll, see you on the inside


Online Marketing


So today we’re going to talk about the copywriting different types of copywriting jobs available, hi copywriting is highest pay highest. Paying job then how I came across cooperative so basically well, then, what is the difference between the copywriting and corner writing? So copywriting is business lee.

If you consider any type of business, every business needs a copywriter. I mean this is one of the thing that cannot be made into automated, or you cannot just to copy from some awesome or the sources and directly put into your website. You need a specific or you need a copywriter and if you’re thinking about to start in the copywriting, then this article is going to helpful, for you consider any business, mind, consider any email list consider and the self self self sense page or consider any product on The amazon or consider product any product, digital product, they all need a copywriter, and if you take, if cooperating in it is it is, if you want to describe, then it is something that you sell, through only words like you cannot directly say that okay, this is My product, by no one go, no one is going to buy it.

You have to understand the psychology, you understand the mindset, and this is what what copyrighted to so. Copyright is, basically, whatever you see on the sales page or whatever you so see on the website. So before purchasing you, you before you purchase anything, you see something written that so all these come under the copywriting. So there is different. I population available in the copywriting whether it is personal, personal branding, personal finance, medical engineering, a lot of different types of jobs available in the copywriting.

You know one of the best thing about copywriting. Is you don’t need any equipment, like literally you just need a lot of an internet in the laptop? You just need only your word file or Word document fight. You don’t need a article, editing, software or audio editing software or any Photoshop application. You just need word document, that’s what all need for the copyright. This is the reason you can think about the copywriting as your business as its don’t need any huge equipment, so you don’t need much enjoyment in it.

So next hope I come across cooperating. So there was a time when I was working with one of my international client and he used to sell the products, but he was directly selling. He was not understanding the customer behavior. Then I read about this and I started searching on it. Then I started experimenting with his email list. Then I started experimenting with his different types of products and to say literally blew up, and this is where I understood that copywriting is going to be the one of the important profit any of the business.

Whether you take a local business, whether you take a international business, all business need a copywriter and that’s when I started to understand the power of copywriting. It’s simply it’s simply. You have to sell through your words. I mean whatever you write there because of that you you product gets old. So this is why the copywriting is important in any of the business to start with the copywriter.

You don’t need expensive equipments. Also, you don’t need certificates from the big university. I mean there was a time that certificates were rather well. Now I don’t think any go to the any field certificates, how much valuable what matters is, how you bring the results or what you brings on the table. That’s what all three are you matters so in the copywriting? You don’t need any expensive course or any certificate from the Institute.

You just need a passion for writing. Then, when you, when you come across the passion for you and you understand, okay, you can start writing. Then you don’t need like there are the free tools available. You can learn from that. So when you, if you have passion of writing, then you can definitely think about copywriting for your business or copywriting as a freelancer or computer to sell your services as a copywriter.

So when you understand computer, you just have to understand some basic things like strategy: how to that even emails at ko sequence, whatever to write in the emails or what should be the tactics to used on the self itself cells page to sell any of the product. You just have to understand the psychology. Let’s talk about the psychology understand that psychology plays a very important role in any business.

If you understand in the customer really really well, then literally, you can manipulate your whole business to the next level, like. I personally believe that almost 70 to 80 percent rule like it by the psychology, if you understand really good, that, how is your end customer working? What is your thoughts process of your end customer? Then you literally, you can nail any business, whether it’s your online business or physical business or whatever business you have.

You can nail it just by understanding the human behavior so start understanding all this factor, then you just have to learn little bit of strategies. Little bit of tech stick that works in the copywriter. Then you are all set to start your copywriting business. The next part is building your portfolio. Unless and until you have a portfolio or a website, the no one will know you. No one will know you.

Obviously, if you don’t have online places, go on social media be active, whether it’s Facebook, Linkedin Instagram or any other website, where terminal with any other website. You want to go, go and be active. Talk about your things, talk about your business and less until people know about you there you never take any action or they will never take any services from you. So you have to start building your portfolio, whether it’s or whether it’s in PDF or whether it’s on your website or social media and so broad feel like if, if any author comes to my social media, social media accounts, they know that I do book review.

So they directly, they directly become my clients. So this is how I leveraged my social media to a business spot. So you have to understand if you want to get started with the copywriting, your content or your social media should be leveraged around those topics that any client indirectly comes to your stay social media. Then they will know okay. This is the right kind of that. I need for my business so start building your portfolio start building your website and initially it’s not necessary to have a website.

But you need a social media presence where you talk about all these tactics or the strategies or you are as a copywriter, don’t directly sell or don’t never ask that I am a copywriter. Give me a job. This is the one of the like one of the silly mistake, any freelance or duty you when I see a lot of freelance of that directly say that I am a feel, so I want a job I mean no one is going to give you a job Directly by this, you have to understand the psychology of the end customer, whether it’s your client or if it is your customer.

If I were that guy, I will never sell all. I will never services sell my directly services to anyone. I will rather all the benefits around it and automatically that customer or the class other that stranger comes to become certain clients. So I understand all those things and start building your portfolio. You are starting. Obviously you have to work for free. If you don’t have experience, but when you get some kind of experience, you can start charging from the basic, but see copywriting is something that is in the return from and no one can know any much.

They don’t know any automated. We cannot replace this. So, even if, after five or ten years, if everything also becomes the automated copywriting cannot be become active automated because psychology changes every 10 years or every decades psychologist changes new as a new generation comes, they tends to have a different type of psychological than the previous One so understanding those type of psychology or the customer and the copywriting business changes.

So this is something you can leverage for a longer time. If you are really interested in the writing, you can think about it. You can start working on it. So after that start writing your own sales page, like you, have to sell yourself but not directly ads are selling, or you cannot say that I feel that this is my service entities. You have to understand how to write yourself page sales page. I mean start.

Writing your own self space that, if you, if that’s a sales page ads as read by someone else, they can directly hire. You now think about the different type of perspective, think about the different type of human behavior and start working on your own self space that how, in the customer or in client, will look at yourself page and they will hire you think about all this factor and Start working on simply so, ok, you must think you may say that sales job I don’t want to go into send so believe me says, is the skills that you have to learn, whether you are a marketer, whether you are a freelancer, whether you are a copywriter, Whether you are a businessman whether you want to start your own business, sell skills need to build an it’s very simple, whether you apply for the job you have to sell yourself.

Whether you apply for any Institute you have to sell yourself understand self sells is a one of the important storm in any type of the business and in copywriting. This is the one of the important type. Unless you understand selling selling prospect, you will never sell any product to anyone, so this is all set. I guess I have covered almost all the things like first understand the copywriting then start working on the copywriting next experiment with the copywriting then get works like when you work for free, get them testimonials, get a article testimonial or written testimonial from them, and you can Show it in your portfolio or you can show it in a website after that experiment to a lot of things understand different types of perspective, then build your own sales page or the portfolio.

So you can show to your custom show to your clients and, after that, almost all the things I have covered in the copywriting. If you want to get started with the copper ending hit, hit a comment and hit a like button and put a comment that if you wanted to work with this field, then I might make another 3-4 article series on this, because I already doing it. I know that what benefits it, how to convert your future son to benefit – and there are some tactics and strategies that that works for me, that might work for you.

I was because this is not a saturated phase also have made. There are others jobs also that if you are not into copywriting there, I have made a different article that I used to being jobs that you can think about it. Like. I have shared everything in that previous article. You can go read that article. You will have understanding what type of job jobs in 21 century you can do or you can get highly paid so with that cell.

Thank you all so much and see you in the next article